ACME Furniture 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair Review

Acme Sharan Rocking Chair in Fabric and Cherry
  • Seat: Floral Fabric Cushion
  • Wood Frame
  • French Provencial Style.

After bumping into an article on the ACME Furniture 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair review, it evoked my interest in changing my furniture to better my comfort and concentration. The photos were so appealing that I decided to purchase one.

My experience with a rocking chair

Since my purchase, I have been spending a lot of time on books; cutting across all the genres from informative articles, science to fictional stories. I had not been on leave for three consecutive years and what a feeling! So far my leave days are going on smoothly that I finally feel it was worth the wait. I spend more than half of my days siting on my beautiful rocker and it is so blissful, more than I had imagined. Prior to my purchase, I could hardly sit an hour let alone concentrate on anything that much but with my cherry rocker, I can spend the entire afternoon reading and enjoying the weather on my sunroom.

The timely delivery and comfort

It is good that it came at a perfect time, when I need such comfort and peace. It is funny that at my age I was never used to naps, thanks to my busy work schedule but the smooth padding for the seat and back is very in this new rocker is very comfortable that I can’t help but doze of almost every afternoon. When I first saw it on the photos it looked smaller but when I unpacked and assembled it, it turned out big, fit for my size.

Special features and impression

Acme Sharan Rocking Chair in Fabric and Cherry
Seat: Floral Fabric Cushion; Wood Frame; French Provencial Style.

The wooden finish, sleek touch and cherry color ooze class from the look of it and that is probably the reason why all my visitors and friends have been complementing the look of my sunroom lately. Before I bought the other sets, I used to carry around to the seating and study rooms because I got used to it very fast that I could not stand any other chair especially in my study room where I spend a lot of time.

Generally, I am impressed with this piece of furniture that has rocked my leave days away and looking at the sturdy durable construction, I am certain that this will offer me exquisite comfort for the several years to come. I recently read the same site that had the ACME Furniture 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair review that informed me and I realized that there are other colors too! Maybe it’s time I give my entire living room that special décor before Easter holiday and probably convince the bosses to consider one for the office too!