How to Arrange Furniture in Small Living Room

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Any space in a home can offer a number of challenges, and small living rooms have a unique set of problems. These are the rooms that most of us will spend the majority of our time in, and they need to be welcoming. Furnishing a small living room can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Let’s take a look at how to arrange furniture in small living room spaces.

These methods are ideas that you can play around with and give your own unique and personal touch.

Wallpapers and Mirrors

If you’ve got a place that doesn’t have as many windows, you can use mirrors to create an airy and light effect. If you hang your mirror across a window, even better. You’ll reflect the view outside. You can give the room depth and light by using a bright pastel-colored wallpaper.

Hidden Storage

Because space could be a problem in a small room, use furniture that can double as a storage place. Use a small chest of drawers as a coffee table, for example. Utilize a bookcase as a way to decorate the room as well.

Use Smaller Furniture

You can skip big and lumpy sofas and go for small-scale furniture instead. Check out antique stores for good-quality furniture that won’t take up a lot of space. You will be able to find chairs and loveseats that will fit snugly.

Go for a Backless Sofa

This is a nice way to make the room not only feel different but also bigger than it actually is. A backless sofa can be placed in the middle of the room - great for when seating can be an issue.

Bring in Some Plants

Plants give a room a natural and lush feel. They also add some depth to a room, especially small ones. You can soften a corner by putting a plant in it. You could also use hanging plants if you don’t have surfaces to place them on.

Skip the Sofa Completely

If you really have little space, why not ditch the sofa or love seat? Instead, use three or four armchairs - they serve just as well for sitting.


You don’t have to fill your living room with furniture - only add what you will actually want to use. If you can, put your television set against the wall. Place seating and surfaces that you’ll need and skip the fancy stuff.


If you have nice and eye-catching decorations on your living room walls, the area will feel bigger. One of the biggest problems with small spaces is how suffocating they can feel. By creating the illusion of space, your place will feel more like a cozy home.


These ideas are just a few ways to get you into the mood to decorate and furnish your small living room. You can add your own ideas as well, creating a room that is truly yours. By making use of plants, mirrors, and color, you will have a small living room to be proud of.

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