Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair Review

Christopher Knight Home Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair, White

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  • 39.5"D x 26.75"W x 37.75"H, Seat: 20"D x 23.25"W x 17.25"H
  • Neutral white color will suit any decor
  • Frame engineered of sturdy solid stainless steel
  • Buttery soft and high quality bonded leather adds a stylish quality
  • Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair has been designed to be a stylish yet relaxing chaise lounge with unique modern design. This elegant chair has a solid stainless steel frame serving as a base for extra comfortable soft leather cushion. The seat cushions & the backrest are one piece containing high density polyurethane foam. Bonded leather was used to upholstering the cushions' frame. This rocker chair can be used in both residential & commercial applications and would look marvelous in any indoor setting including: living area, office, etc. This lounge chair doubles as a rocker while maintaining the beauty of modern design. Barcelona-City would add style & is a wonderful ad

I was reading through online articles recently when one on Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair review described the peace and comfort you get when you choose the right chair for day to day activities such as reading or writing or office work that are often so engaging and mentally draining.

The value of a comfortable rocking chair

Everybody dreams about those serene moments where sit home, in office or out there comfortably to enjoy the lovely weather. These comfy moments are often hard to come by, but can also be derived from very simple things in life such as a comfortable rocking chair. The photos on display were very attractive that they stuck on my mind. Since that day, every time I visit furniture stores I always look around for what may look like that awesome piece. I was never pleased with the chairs I saw there; so I went back looking for the same article and gladly, I got useful information on where I can get the same type.

Delivery and quality features

I made an order online and within a couple of days, it was delivered to my door. After unpacking it, it took me a couple of minutes to assemble it. Everything fitted well and the final piece was the most amazing thing I had seen; better than the photos I had seen. The styling was unique and attractive. The build was strong, well-constructed and sturdy. When I sat on it, the feel was way more than what I had envisioned after reading the reviews. I had long dreamt of a rocker but always thought I could not afford. When I first looked at this kind, the high quality and aesthetic touch looked much more expensive than it really is.

My experience

Christopher Knight Home Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair, White

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After rocking my whole afternoon, I already felt like I had derived the value of my money in just one day! My rocker looked perfectly well in my study room but I used to also move around since it is light. I could take it to the balcony for some fresh air, to the living room for some peaceful time with family. It also only recently that I bought two more of this kind; for the shade outside and one for my wife who is a great fan of reading for long hours This elegant chair also came with a solid stainless steel frame for the base giving stability for my weight. I keep on re-reading the Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair review that evoked my interest and from the photos, I think mine is even better!

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