Best Bear Spray For Self Defence In The Wild

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Best Bear Spray

Seeing a bear in the wild can be invigorating and scary. Therefore important to be equipped with the best bear spray in case you meet a charging bear. However, you should also note that bear attacks are extremely rare, but they do happen.


What is bear spray?

Bear spray is a nonlethal deterrent that is formulated to prevent aggressive bears from attacking you. Mostly the bear repellent reduces human injuries or deaths that are caused by bears. Bear repellant mostly utilized a fine cloud of capsicum that will reduce the ability to breathe, smell or even see, which ten gives you time to leave the area.

Getting the best bear spray is not as effortless as you may think; you will need to know the features of the spray you are purchasing has and still need to make a few considerations. Luckily, we have prepared a list of the five best bear sprays and a few factors to consider while purchasing.

Does Bear Spray Really Work?

1. SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray for Runners

SABRE Runner Pepper Gel, Maximum Police Strength OC Spray, Reflective...
  • TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS: SABRE is the #1 Pepper Spray brand trusted by...
  • 2X STRONGER: 4 out 10 violent crimes involve alcohol use by the...
  • 5X MORE PROTECTION: 42% of crimes are committed by multiple assailants...
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  • TRAINING VIDEOS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR SAFETY: In addition to your pepper...

SABRE RED Pepper Gel is the best bear spray that offers reliable and long-lasting protection in case of a bear encounter. The pepper gel has a great range, and it contains 35 bursts for protection during a bear encounter. It has 12 feet or 4-meter range for protection at a safe and secure distance.

The SABRE RED Pepper Gel is formulated with capsicum which makes it a super protector against bear attacks capsicum which makes it a super protector against bear attacks. The good part is, unlike the traditional pepper spray, this bear spray will only affect the target since it virtually reduces wind blowback.

Additionally, you are guaranteed maximum protection with this bear spray. It is lightweight and comes with an adjustable hand strap with a logo. Amazingly the packaging includes a free training video to help maximize personal safety.

  • Very effective bear spray
  • Meets all EPA guidelines
  • Good spray range
  • Six seconds of spray

2. Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray

Mace Brand Personal Security Products Guard Alaska Maximum Strength...
  • Accurate Protection – Accurate & Effective, The Mace Brand Bear...
  • Effects – The Oc Bear Safe Formula Is A Natural Ingredient Derived...
  • Stay Protected Outdoors: Always Stay Protected While Experiencing The...
  • Easy To Use – This Mace Brand Bear Spray Features A Finger Loop...
  • Net Weight: 260g

Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray is the best bear spray to offer maximum protection on a counter. This powerful pepper spray is one of the most known brands with a 35 feet range, and it has a 6 second spray time.

The Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray is formulated with oleoresin capsicum, making it a super protector against bear attacks. The best part is that this effective bear spray has a 4-year shelf life and is an EPA-approved bear spray.

Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray comes with a 9-ounce canister that creates a cloud of spray between you and the charging bear. Additionally, it is a lightweight option that will give you quick and easy access if you encounter a bear in the wild.

  • The high concentration makes it perfect for self-defense
  • Good spray range distance
  • Holstered
  • Expensive

3. Counter Assault Bear Spray

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
  • Hottest formula allowed by EPA at 2% capsaicin
  • Longest spray time and spray distance of 7.2 seconds; 30 ft. for 8.1...
  • Glow-in-the-dark safety tie

Counter Assault was the very first bear spray to get EPA approval. The bear spray is well known for its maximum strength since it is formulated with 2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoids. The counter-assault also has a maximum spray range of 30 feet, and it delivers a widely dispersed cloud of spray.

The Counter Assault bear spray comes with a 10 oz canister which lasts for 9.2 seconds before emptying. This counter-assault bear spray also comes with this amazing feature, glow in the dark, that allows you to use the bear spray even in the dar safely.

Additionally, this pepper spray has a longer shelf life than other options, and it also comes with a nylon holster with a belt loop.

  • Has 2% capsaicinoid that provides maximum strength
  • Protects against a bear attack
  • Come with safety caps that limit accidental discharge
  • Expensive

4. Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange

Udap Bear Spray Deterrent Safety Orange with Griz Guard Holster...
  • Most Powerful Bear Spray Fog
  • Developed By A Bear Attack Survivor
  • UDAP IS The Most Trusted Bear Spray Brand
  • Hottest Bear Spray Allowed By Law

Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange is the best bear spray with Griz Guard Holster's color, making it better than most bear repellents. This bear repellent is a 7.9 oz formula that comes in an easy-to-carry and portable container.

The Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange is sizable and offers a spray time of 7.5 seconds which reduces commensurately. In addition, this spray will spray up to a 35-foot range which makes it even more effective. Finally, the bear spray is formulated with 2% capsaicin content, giving it the maximum strength needed for a spray.

Additionally, this Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange is the best choice for those who love lightweight sprays. The spray also has great customer reviews indicating that it works effectively since it delivers short yet powerful bursts.

  • Highly visible safety-orange canister
  • Comes with a camouflage hip holster.
  • Affordable
  • 30-foot spray range that is efficient
  • Four seconds of spray

5. Guard Alaska Bear Spray with Nylon Holster

Guard Alaska Bear Spray with Nylon Holster
  • Size: 9 Ounce Supersize.
  • Range: Approximately 15-20 feet.
  • Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 2"
  • Größe: 9 Unze SuperSize.
  • Reichweite: ca. 15–20 Füße.

The Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Spray is another great spray that is super effective compared to the many other options in the market. The Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Spray offers an exceptional spraying range of up to 20 feet. And will provide 9-second continuous protection.

The Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Spray comes in a compact shape and size, making them super portable and safe to carry around as you walk in the wild. This is a perfect option if you deal with brown bears since it is not as powerful even though you are guaranteed effective protection.

The Guard Alaska 9 oz. The bear repellent spray comes with a metal belt clip holster. This is tested and proven among the few bear sprays that register to be more effective against all bear species.

  • Has 1.34% capsaicinoid that provides maximum strength
  • Environmentally safe product
  • Longer shelf life- Four-year shelf life
  • Heavier than other options

How To Use Bear Spray

If you have purchased the best bear spray and need to learn how to use the bear repellent, you need to read and understand the directions of the bear spray before you use it. Different bear sprays have different label instructions and spray methods depending on the brand, spray length and spray distance.

If you are in the wild and you encounter bears, be it brown bears, polar bears, or any other type of bear species, you should immediately arm yourself with the bear spray, and you should get ready to use the spray if the bear is closer than 15 meters or 50 feet. You can follow the following steps:

  1. First, ensure that you carry the spray bear within reach at all times. For example, you could use a chest or hip holster to make the bear spray easily accessible.
  2. If you spot a bear in the vicinity, first, you stand your ground and stay calm. Remember, if you make sudden moves, you will trigger the bear, which makes it aggressive.
  3. First, you will need to remove the safety clip or cap from the spray while the bear is still meters away.
  4. Then hold the spray canister with both hands up and ready to fire. Most bears will move away at this point, and you will not need to spray.
  5. If the bear still approaches you and is within 32 feet or 35 feet, you can aim at it directly and fire. The aim is to spray at the bear's head.
  6. If the bear is charging and moving towards you, stay calm and wait until it approaches you up to 20 feet before spraying the product again directly to its face.
  7. Now the bear will retreat; you will need to watch it for a few seconds and slowly move towards safety.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Bear Spray

1. Effectiveness

The very first factor that you should look at while purchasing a bear repellent is its effectiveness. You will choose a bear repellent that is at least 98 % effective; this way, you are guaranteed maximum protection if you are involved in an incident with bears.

Most bears in the market will claim u-p to 99 % effectiveness, and it can be hard t determine how effective they are if you have not used them. Therefore, you could go through some of the reviews from clients who have used the product; this way, you will understand how effective the product is.

2. Portability and Size

The other important factor you should consider is the portability, weight, and size of the spray since you will carry it around with a chest holster, hip holster, or belt holster. You will want to get a bear repellent that is super light since you do not want a spray that could cause fatigue due to its size of weight.

So you should look for a bear spray with a minimum of at least 7.9 oz and with a spray time of about 7 seconds if you are in a bear country. Additionally, with regards to portability, it is also crucial that you get a bear deterrent that is easy to remove, unlock and spray when need be.

3. Concentration

It is also important that as you purchase a bear deterrent, you check at its concentration. Most of the best bear sprays contain capsaicin, usually 1 or 2 %, 2 being the maximum amount allowable for maximum effectiveness.

3. Strength

In case you encounter a bear attack, you must have a strong bear deterrent. Most of the best bear sprays contain 2 capsaicin and related capsaicinoids (CRC), which will cause a burning sensation to the polar bears' eyes, mouth, nose, and skin that will eventually wear out. The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended that the maximum amount of capsaicin should be 2 percent. Remember, regular pepper sprays usually contain 0.2 percent of CRC content, and the higher the CRC content, the more potent and the more effective the bear spray.

4. Spray Distance

It is important that as you purchase the best bear spray, you consider how far the spray will project per fire. You will also have to consider the length and breadth of the same. It is recommended that you get the best bear repellent that projects or delivers the content in a cloud or cone pattern since you will have leeway when aiming.

It would help if you looked for a spray that has the maximum delivery range. The minimum spray distance length should be at least 25 feet, but ideally, you could get the ones that can deliver between 30 feet and 40 feet, up to 12 meters. This way, you are assured that the bear is few feet away.

5. Spray Duration

Spray duration is a very important factor that most people ignore. The spray duration is determined by two major things the output rate and its capacity. Most of the best sprays will load in less than 10 seconds. The shorter spray duration is usually between 5 to 8 seconds, and they will deliver a protection barrier much faster; however, have less time to adjust your aim. The longer spray duration is 8 to 12 seconds, and they will give you enough time to take and adjust your aim; however, they will take more time to put up a protective cloud. So you will choose the one that suits you best.

6. Legal Issues

Bear sprays are legal in most USA states, North America, and Canada. If you are in a bear country, you must get the best bear spray, especially hiking or hunting. However, it would help not assume that carrying bear spray is illegal in most cities, planes, and hiking destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Bear Sprays

1. How effective is Frontiersman bear spray?

The Frontiersman Bear Spray is super effective and will provide maximum protection. Frontiersman Bear Spray contains 2.0 % CRC, which is the maximum requirement by the EPA. The bear spray has a glow-in-the-dark trigger that works great for nighttime users. Moreover, the frontiersman bear spray is field-tested by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources.

2. Is bear spray better than pepper spray?

If you are looking for a spray to use in the wild, the best bear spray is a perfect option since it contains 3 million SHUs and will dispense within a wider range than pepper spray. The standard pepper spray has 1 million SHUs, which makes it a better option to use for self-defense on the day to day life.

3. Does bear spray work on humans?

A bear spray is meant to be sure in the wild and should not be used on humans or dogs. Bear spray is superintended as a pesticide by the EPA and is only approved to be used on an aggressive bear. If you spray it on a human, it could have bad side effects on the person's nose, eyes, and lungs.

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