The 6 Best Coffee Tables with Storage – Review 2021

 February 2, 2021

By  Tim Parry

A coffee table is often the center of the living room where people gather round to chat while having a coffee or tea or a cocktail. I know that I like to sit with my friends around the coffee table. However, it can also double up as a place for storage, something which can be very handy if you live in a small house or apartment. Even if you don’t, it’s a place here you can put things so they are not cluttering up the room

Coffee tables with storage come in all different guises. They can be round, square, oval or rectangle. They can have open storage or actual cupboards built in or the table can lift up which is a great concept. In this article, I will be showing you 6 of the best coffee tables out there, all to be found on Amazon.com.

You will probably be looking for a coffee table for either your living room or your family room. However, there are two different types of coffee table for these areas. In a family room, the kids might spill drinks or snacks on the table and play with their toys so it needs to be resilient. Wood is probably the better option and a table with storage is great for a place to put their toys. It is also a great way to optimize your living room, as we cover in this guide!

A glass table would look good in a living room although not in the family room as it could get scratched. Also, there is the danger of sharp corners where children could get hurt.

The next thing to look at is the type of material you would like. You want it to fit in with the rest of your furniture. If you want a small room to look bigger than it is, acrylic or glass are ideal. Metal, glass and acrylic all suit a modern room, while darker wood like walnut looks good in a traditional room.

Then you have to think about the shape of your coffee table. There is a great choice out there; round, oval, square, rectangular. A rectangular table would probably give you the most storage space. Trunks and ottomans also give you lots of space to hide away your books, CDs and DVDs.

Here we’re going to be looking at our 6 best coffee tables with storage.


Rectangle Lift Top Coffee Table


I have chosen a lift top coffee table as my top pick because they offer plenty of storage, both in the hidden compartment underneath the lid and on the bottom shelf. You can hide what you don’t want to be seen under the lid and keep books and magazines on the shelf.

Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table

Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment and...
  • ✔ 【2-Tier Lift-top Coffee Table】: The tabletop rises up forward...
  • ✔【Solid Lifting Mechanism】: Built-in soft open/close lifting...
  • ✔ 【Smooth Round Edges for Safety Protection】: Round corner...
  • ✔ 【100% Solid Wood Legs, Sturdy Construction】: Legs made of 100%...
  • ✔ 【Easy to Assemble, Buy with Confidence】: Clear instructions,...

This coffee table is very spacious, measuring 41.3” lengthways and 19.5” widthways. When it lifts up it can even be used as a dining table which is great if you want to watch TV while you eat or it can be used as a table for your laptop.

The top lifts up easily and smoothly. You won’t have to worry about trapping your fingers as it opens up slowly. Underneath the top, there is plenty of storage space for things that you want to be kept out of sight.  Below is an open shelf where you can put books and remote controls.

The corners are rounded, making it very safe. You don’t want to bump into sharp corners and get hurt. Kids are well known for rushing around so this coffee table is child-friendly.

It is made of 100% pine wood which is both durable and stable. It is easy to assemble and comes with a full set of instructions and tools.

Round Coffee Table with Storage

Because of their shape, round coffee tables tend to have a storage shelf underneath the table rather than cupboards. They are a great place to throw things you are don’t want to be seen.

I have found this great round coffee table with a shelf on the bottom.

Greenforest Coffee Table Industrial Wooden Design Metal Legs with Storage

GreenForest Coffee Table Round 35.8" Industrial 2-Tier Sofa Table with...
  • Coffee table with updated P2 particle board (not solid wood), compared...
  • 2-tier large coffee table give you more storage space, 35.83 inch wide...
  • Round coffee table with sturdy structure, supports up to 300lbs, will...
  • 3D mesh design for the second level shelf coffee table: we use the...
  • Easy to assemble industrial coffee table, the packaging contains all...

This is an oak table with a metal bottom shelf and sturdy metal legs. The storage shelf is spacious and the table measures 35.83” in width and 18.11” in height. It’s simply constructed yet elegant and chic. It is also very sturdy. The coffee table top will support up to a weight of 220 pounds while the storage shelf supports 110 pounds. The top of the table has been designed with 3D wood grain and is very attractive to the eye. While the actual table is wood, the structure has been made of strong metal. Instructions and tools are provided for putting the table together. It is very easy to assemble which is a bonus.

Square Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift-top tables aren’t always rectangular. There are also some other shapes around like square which is great if you haven’t got that much space. We have found a square table with lots of storage and bright colors to liven up any living room.

Sauder 420124 Viabella Lift Top Coffee Table

Sauder Viabella Lift Top Coffee Table, Antigua Chestnut finish
  • Split lift-top creates versatile work surface for working from home or...
  • Hidden storage beneath top because everyone needs a place to hide...
  • Graphic side panels feature colorful tile pattern for extra visual...
  • Finished on all sides for versatile placement anywhere in your home
  • Solid wood feet for long lasting durability

This coffee table measures 32.28” in length, 32.28” in width and 17.95” in height. Despite not being quite as big as the rectangular lift top coffee table, it still provides plenty of storage underneath the lid as the table has very short solid wooden feet. There isn’t a bottom shelf, but this doesn’t matter as there is enough storage inside the table.

If you are looking for bright colors, you won’t go far wrong with this coffee table. It has colorful tiles on each side of the table. In addition, the top and legs have an Antigua Chestnut finish. It would definitely suit a room with plain colors and would stand out as the focal point of the room.

The lift top will give you the opportunity to use the top as a multi-function workplace. You don’t just need to use it for afternoon tea. It can even be used for dinner or to work on your laptop.

It requires assembly, but instructions are included. What’s great also is that it has a 5- year warranty.

Alternative to Ikea Coffee Table

Yes, Ikea does make nice coffee tables, but they tend to be quite plain so what do you do if you want something a little more fancy? We think that you will like our choice of an alternative.

Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table  

Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood and Steel Coffee...
  • Rustic hardwood and industrial steel are a match made in heaven when...
  • Warm wood tones and dark steel patina create the look and feel of an...
  • Distressed, solid wood planked top and open shelf highlight the...
  • Solid steel angled legs and cross-bracing with exposed metal fasteners...

If you are looking for a coffee table which is a bit more rustic than a standard Ikea table look no further than this one. It has a wooden top and shelf below both of which aren’t quite smooth so it looks a little rustic. The corners aren’t sharp so it’s safe for children. It has very sturdy cross-braced steel legs which makes it stand out as something a little different. It has exposed metal fasteners and rivets giving it an architectural look.

The measurements are 48” long, 24” wide and 18” high. There is 10” between the shelves. There is plenty of room on the shelf for books, magazines and toys, keeping them all looking tidy.

Budget Coffee Table with Storage

Perhaps you’re on a tight budget but are still keen on getting a nice piece of furniture. We think that we have found the ideal product for you. It is elegant but is still reasonably priced.

Furinno 1179EX Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso

Furinno Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso
  • Simple stylish design, functional and suitable for any room.
  • Material: Engineered particle board.
  • Fits in your space, fits on your budget.
  • Sturdy on flat surface. Easy 10 minutes assembly. Please see...
  • Product Dimension: 35. 5(W)x21. 5(D)x16. 25(H) Inches

This coffee table has a bottom shelf for storing books, magazines and anything else you want. It is simply designed, but elegant at the same time. An added bonus is that it is made from particleboard which is 90 – 95% recycled from rubber trees. You will feel that you are doing something for the environment. The table is made in Malaysia under CARB regulations.

The table is durable and sturdy on a flat surface. It has rounded edges which help avoid injuries and are great if you have kids who are prone to rush around. It measures 35.5” long, 21.5” wide and 16.25”high so it’s not too large or too small. It would well suit an average-sized room.

It’s easy to clean. Just wipe down with a clean damp cloth. It’s easy to assemble too and instructions are included.

My Choice

It’s difficult to pick just one coffee table as there are so many lovely ones out there. I do like the lift top coffee tables as they are so versatile and have lots of storage space. However, we have already looked at 2 lift top tables so I have chosen a table which is different.

Vasagle Retro Coffee Table

VASAGLE Retro Coffee Table, Cocktail Table, Mid-Century Modern Accent...
  • Bring Back Good Style: Don't let good looking furniture be a thing of...
  • Gather All Around: Invite your friends and family for a fun night...
  • Quality Isn't Lost: The canted legs of this coffee table are solid...
  • Assembly Is an Easy Job: Clear instructions, numbered parts, and...
  • What You Get: A retro-inspired coffee table for a relaxing atmosphere...

I like this table because it has a mid-century design and is very retro. It would certainly stand out in your living room, togheter with your other retro furniture, such as a Retro Toaster ! It has a bottom shelf with 3 open entrances. There’s plenty of room to store things neatly. It has canted legs which are made of solid rubber wood which makes it very stable, especially as it is secured with both screws and wooden pegs. The rest of the table is made of particleboard which is very durable. It holds up to 110 pounds in weight. It is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions. It measures 39.4” in length, 19.7” in width and 17.8” in height so is a good size for most rooms.


There are a lot of coffee tables with storage out there to choose from and it can be a difficult decision to decide which to buy. Do you get one with a lift top or one with just a bottom shelf? Do you choose a rectangular one or square or round? What color would best suit your décor? The questions are endless, but I hope that I’ve given you a good range of coffee tables to choose from.

Tim Parry

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