Best Countersink Bit To Drill And Countersink Flawlessly

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When working with screws, you're likely to require a countersink to make the head of the screw flush with the surface.

Depending on your chosen material, the best countersink bit will enable you to drill countersinks or depressions/dents beautifully.

When shopping for a countersink drill bit set, you need to consider materials, drill bit type, flutes and shanks, and many more factors that we've listed in this article. We delve into these factors whilst also listing five of the best countersink drill bit sets that stand out.


Best Countersink Drill Bit Sets

1. Werkzeug Countersink Drill Bits Set

Werkzeug Countersink drill bit Set, Wood Drill Bit Set with One...
  • Countersink Drill : Countersink drill bits are made of high carbon...
  • Werkzeug Design: Come with a hey key, perfect to remove five bevel...
  • Three Pointed Design: Three Pointed design can quickly and accurately...
  • Five Edged Chamfer: Quickly discharge chips from the hole on both...
  • Enjoy Werkzeug Tool: The Countersink Drill Bit Set is includes 1 piece...

This is the best countersink bit set for woodworking and general DIY jobs. The countersink drill bit set is relatively low cost and comes with 7 pieces. The bits are made of high carbon steel hence offering hardness and wear resistance. In addition, they provide convenience and are fast to drill a hole.

This bit design comes with a hex key best suited to remove five bevel chamfer or adjust counter sleeve depth and drilling depth for screws of various lengths. The three-pointed design ensures edge sharpness and smooth drilling.

The bit also features a five-edged chamfer; hence, it can automatically discharge chips from the hole on both sides. As a result, it can effectively hinder the accumulation of debris retention, improving the drilling efficiency.

  • Affordable and offers great versatility
  • Durable construction
  • 3 point design ensures accurate positioning in wood, composites, and plastics
  • It can be used effectively in hand drills, pillar, and power drills
  • Not ideal for use on metals

2. CRL Weldon Countersink Set

CRL Weldon Countersink Set
  • Sizes for No. 6 to 16 Screws
  • Produce Smooth, Round Countersunk Holes Every Time
  • Best Countersinks Available for Aluminum

This is the best countersink bit set if you want to simple cross holes.

The CRL Weldon Countersink set has an 82 cutting angle and is ideally used for aluminum material. Its best suited for a 1/4 or 3/8-inch drill chuck since it has a 1/4-inch (round) shank diameter. Since these are common sizes, they can be used for a wide variety of countersink projects.

The four-piece set comes with no. 6 to 16 screw sizes, while the design of each bit creates a smoothly-finished hole after each drill. In addition, the design allows for less likelihood of edge splitting or burning.

  • Great for countersinking, especially with aluminum
  • Durable and well constructed
  • Less likelihood to split or burn a hole through the cutting edges
  • Quite pricey
  • Can leave burns if used on bamboo

3. Snappy Tools Countersink Drill Bit Set

Snappy Tools Quick-Change 5-Pc. Countersink Drill Bit Set. Proudly...
  • In one step, you can drill, countersink and counter bore the perfect...
  • Snappy Tools Countersinks will drill the pilot hole and countersink or...
  • Ideal for plugs or dowel buttons. The 1/4" hex shank can be used with...
  • Experience the higher quality of Snappy Tools. Combining higher...
  • Made in USA by Snappy; Includes 5 Gold Screw Countersinks: 5/64x3/8,...

The Snappy Tools Quick-Change Countersink Drill Bit Set affords you the convenience of drilling, counterboring, and countersinking for  #4, #6, #8, #10, or #12 screws.

These countersinks are designed to drill the pilot hole and countersink or counter-bore for screws in one step. This allows you to countersink to drive the head of the screw flush with or slightly below the surface.

The quick-change bits are made of steel hence assuring sturdiness and durability. They are best suited for plugs or dowel buttons. The 1/4" hex shank can be used with power drills and quick-change chucks.

  • The bits are easy to loosen and tighten
  • Durable
  • Features a quick change shank
  • It's easy to countersink and counterbore
  • Quite Expensive
  • Not ideal for professionals as it can be quite slow
  • The depth stop cannot be used to prevent countersinking

4. COMOWARE Countersink Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Countersink Drill Bit Set- 7 Pcs Counter Sinker Drill Bits...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of Industrial grade high carbon steel. Titanium...
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: 1/4 inch hex shank, fits most power tools. ALL...
  • EXCELLENT PUNCH: Perfect Helper Center Punch, Marks workpiece with a...
  • WIDELY USED: Great for wood openings, reaming, chamfering, screw head...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 6 pcs Drill bits size:6 mm(1/4''), 8 mm(5/16''), 9...

The Comoware countersink drill bit set consists of 7 bits that can work on wood chamfering, reaming, openings, head of the screws, etc.

The bit can be used on wooden planks, plywood, aluminum board, fiberboard, particleboard, plastic, PVC board, and other various soft material chamfers.

6 of the pieces are made of high-speed steel, while one of them is a 90° automated Center Punch composed of brass. This enables you to mark the point of your drilling spot accurately by creating a small dent or dimple on your object. The punch is 13cm long, possessing a diameter of 1.2cm, and the tip is made of carbon steel.

The rest of the bits feature five flutes for speedy, smooth, and efficient cutting.

Each has 1/4-inch hexagonal shanks that are compatible with most power drills while also providing a better grip. In addition, the bits are coated with titanium ensuring longer durability by protecting against rust.

  • Durable and made of high-quality materials
  • Versatile bits - Can be used on wood, metal, PVC, etc
  • Some reviews noted that their bits were dull

5. DEWALT Countersink Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Countersink Drill Bit Set #6, #8, #10, 3-Piece (DW2535)
  • The product is 3PC Countersink Set
  • Easy and simple use kit
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Drill, countersink and counterbore in one step
  • Four cutter countersink and tapered drill bit provide superior speed...

The countersink drill bill set comes with three pieces of countersink bits compatible with screw sizes of #10, #8, and #6.

The countersinks are composed of steel, making them durable. They feature diameters of 9/64, 11/64, and 3/16 inches, making them ideal for those particular screw sizes. In addition, the Black Oxide finish protects the drill bits from rusting and corrosion, ensuring a longer life of service.

The spiral tools feature four flutes with super-smooth cutting action for efficient waste removal. What's even better is that the utmost convenience the tool offers as you can drill, counterbore, and countersink all at once.

The tapered drill bits guarantee a stunning finish with a superior grip that you're unlikely to find from straight bits along with its four-cutter design. In addition, the nose of the bits is nickel plated to ensure resistance against rust.

  • Affordable
  • Versatile and super convenient tool -
  • Equipped with a hex shank locking system to ensure drill bits stay in place during use
  • Tapered drill bits and four-blade countersink make for fast cutting in wood, plastics, and most composites.
  • Drill bits are replaceable
  • Pilot bits are less durable
  • Quality control concerns

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Best Countersink Drill Bit

a) Shank Type and Size

When searching for the best countersink drill bits, it's essential to know if you require a round shank or hex shank.

Round shanks are compatible with various drill brands, so if you're not exactly sure what you'll be working on, it may be advisable to go with this type for ease of adaptability. The downside is that round shanks tend to get de-chucked easily.

On the other hand, a hex shank can fit specialty drills and has better stability compared to round ones. This is because they are easier to lock into place. If you have a handheld or drill press that can accept hex types, it's best to go with them. Drilling tougher materials such as metals requires more force, so heavy-duty countersink bits need to possess an enhanced grip. Hence, making a hex shank ideal for such cases.

Other types of shanks, such as 3 flats, ensure that the countersink bits are non-slip. While regular twisted countersink bits usually have shank sizes that are similar to their diameter. The thicker and more premium end ones tend to possess relatively smaller shanks than their diameter to provide you the convenience of using them with the same tool.

b) The Included Pieces and Sizes

It's advisable to know the sizes of the countersink drill bits your need in a pack.

Most countersink drill bit sets contain about five pieces, but some have more depending on usage. There are also drill bits with engraved sizes, so you can easily know which bit to grab without checking the fit in the case.

c) Types of Countersink Drill Bits

You'll majorly come across these four types when searching for the best countersink drill bit:

i) Standard

These countersink bits have a cone-shaped tip and cutting flutes that extend down the sides. They are designed for countersinking an existing drill hole. Variations of this type of countersink bit are available for drilling all materials.

ii) All-in-one

These countersinks bits have a hole in the center that often allows for depth stop and a smaller diameter (pilot) drill bit. They can drill the initial hole and counterbore it. Since the pilot drill is usually HSS or black oxide, they are usually used for drilling wood and other “soft” materials, not cast iron or steel. If the pilot drill bit has spurs or a point on the end, it's designed for woodworking only.

iii) Tapered 

Some pilot drill bits are tapered, which is generally claimed to make for faster, smoother drilling. The countersink bit provides a larger “grip” area for a tapered screw – which allows for durable and sturdier fixing – as long as you accurately match diameter and depth to the size of the screw you’re using.

iv) Cross-hole 

These countersinks don't have flutes but a single hole drilled through the head at a 45° dangle. Although termed as a “countersink,” they are actually used for deburring existing holes, usually in various types of sheet metal.

d) Countersink Angle

Most countersink drill bits tend to have an 82-degree angle; however, angles can differ between sets.

Some drill bits sets are 90 degrees, so it depends on your needs for the projects you intend to carry out.

When searching for the best countersink bit, it's important to consider that the angle should be in line with the screw head as it will assist the screw-in fitting in more perfectly, enabling all parts of the screw top to be supported.

You're likely to come across six variants of the angles, including 120°, 110°, 100°, 90°, 82°, & 60°. 

e) Case Design

A durable case can be worth the investment as you need to keep your best countersink drill bit sets organized. It is advisable to consider cases made of metal or aluminum over plastic because they are likely to survive as the material is shock-proof.

f) Type of Composition Material

Countersink drill bits are made of metals; however, there is a wide array to select from. Each type and finishing comes with its advantages and downsides and makes them suited for specific objects.

You're likely to come across the following while shopping for the best countersink bit:

i) Carbon Steel 

A countersink drill bit composed of carbon steel is ideal for drilling through wood or similar materials. However, if intending to drill metals, steer away from this option as carbon steel though strong, tend to heat up too fast.

ii) Cobalt

Countersink drill bit sets made of cobalt are extremely strong and durable. They are basically composed of cobalt and super strong steel alloy, which results in an ultra-strong material. In addition, the material can handle heat well in that it has the capacity to spread it evenly, which makes it durable. This is the best countersink bit for drilling strong metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

iii) HHS (High-Speed Steel)

A counter drill bit set made of high-speed steel is of better quality than carbon steel drill bits. This countersink bit set comprises a mixture of molybdenum or tungsten and alloy metals and can endure and deal with heat far better than carbon steel.

It is ideal for wood and drilling through fiberglass, PVC, and even soft metals.

iv) HHS Black Oxide

A countersink drill bit set with a black oxide finish is ideal if your work environment is humid or more wed. The coating protects the bits against rusting or corrosion but also amps durability.

It is perfect for drilling materials such as soft or hardwoods, metals, PVC, fiberglass, etc.

v) HHS Titanium

Titanium-coated drill bit set results in lower friction levels, thus ensuring that the bit points remain sharp longer; hence they can be used more. In addition, this makes them more cost-effective and durable.

vi) Tungsten Carbides

Countersink drill bit sets composed of this material tend to be sturdier and are best suited for drilling through ceramic tiles, masonry, etc.

They're, however, not advisable for wood or metals as much.

This is mainly because- though harder than high-speed steel, countersink drill bits of this material tend to be weaker, which is not an ideal feature for drilling metals or wood.

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