Best Drain Cleaner to Get Your Water Flowing Like A Charm

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Few things are as annoying as watching the water not drain from the bathroom floor or kitchen sink. You feel a mixture of frustration and anger. And if you're in a hurry, you may be tempted to uproot the whole house from its foundation. Luckily, you won't ever have to go through that ever again because we've got you covered with the best drain cleaner.


What is the best product to unclog drains?

What is A Drain Cleaner?

A drain cleaner is a chemical you use to unblock clogged wastewater drains like in your bathroom and kitchen sink. You can also use it to unblock sewer pipes. A cleaner is often used when the manual way of unblocking your drain fails.

Ensure that you read the instructions carefully and the product details to avoid using a product that can damage your pipes and drains. We've researched to get you the best cleaners in the market.

Let's get your drain unclogged and your water flowing.

What Are the Best Drain Cleaners?

1. Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover and Cleaner

Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover and Cleaner for Shower or Sink...
  • Formulated thick to dissolve the tough clogs fast
  • Cuts through standing water straight to the clog
  • Safe on PVC, metal pipes, garbage disposals and septic systems
  • More than just a hair clog remover - guaranteed to work or your money...
  • Removes and cleans clogs in all bathtubs, showers, and sinks

Drano is a very popular brand in the world of drain cleaners. The reason why it works great, and it's renowned as one of the best cleaners, is because it's an all-around clog remover that is affordable and works very effectively.

This Drano Max Gel Clog Remover is safe on metal pipes, PVC pipes, septic systems, and garbage disposals. You can use it to dissolve hair and soap scum clogs. This 80-ounce bottle contains a thick formula that dissolves clogs and cuts through standing water.

You can expect this best drain cleaner to work miracles on your drains. However, avoid using this cleaner in your toilet. This cleaner works for about 15 minutes. However, if your drain has tougher clogs, you can leave this cleaner on for longer.

Pour 1/5 of the bottle slowly into the drain and flush with hot water after the minutes have passed. If you feel that it needs a bit more work, you can repeat the process. Then, just like Liquid Plumr cleaner, you can get the 2-pack package.

  • Affordable
  • Highly effective
  • Works great on tough clogs
  • Can cut through standing water
  • Easy to use
  • Unsuitable for use in the toilet

2. Thrift Drain Cleaner

Thrift Marketing GIDDS-TY-0400879 Drain Cleaner 2 lb , White
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product adds a great value
  • This product is manufactured in United states
  • THRIFT works on drains, sewer lines, grease traps, and septic systems.
  • THRIFT will clean out a drain line in less than 60 seconds!

This drain opener dissolves any grease and hair in your drain within 60 seconds. It is odorless and comes as a 4-in one cleaner. It works great on grease traps, small drains, septic systems, and root control. This drain opener is safe to use on metal, porcelain, chrome, and plastic pipes.

You can also use it on fiberglass, fine plumbing fixtures, and acrylic materials. The non-acid formula means that it will not burn through your pipes. This drain opener also contains high amounts of sodium hydroxide. Expect this product to last for a long time.

You can use it in your kitchen and your toilet. If you've been struggling with hair clogs, you can consider this the hair clog eliminator.

  • Odorless
  • Works in 60 seconds
  • Very effective
  • Great value for money
  • Safe to use in the kitchen and toilet
  • Unsuitable for old cast-iron pipes

3. Comstar Pure Lye Bead Drain Opener

ComStar Pure Lye | 99% Pure Sodium Hydroxide Beads | Eco-Friendly,...
  • ComStar Pure Lye is an industrial-strength, eco-friendly, 99% pure...
  • This sodium hydroxide formula is the purest white, bead-size lye in...
  • This fantastic product clears clogged and slow-moving drains, grease...
  • ComStar Pure Lye does not stink or create fumes and has become a...
  • Crafters prefer ComStar Pure Lye’s small beads for soap making...

ComStar Pure Lye drain opener is a powerful clog remover that you can use to clear out grease traps, drains, roots, and septic systems. This best drain cleaner is an industrial-strength clog remover that is non-acidic. You can safely use it on chrome trim, fine fixtures, plastic, and metal pipes.

The formula of this clog remover is a pure white bead-size lye. This lye is sodium hydroxide. This natural drain opener is odorless and clears our slow-moving drains, septic systems, and grease traps without causing any harm to the materials.

It also doesn't harm your septic tank or cesspools. Thanks to the unique shape of this cleaner, you'll find that it sinks to the bottom of any standing water in your drain. Once it lands at the bottom, it will begin to attack any cause of the blockage in your drain.

This cleaner doesn't harm your septic tank or pipes and doesn't produce any fumes. You can also use this cleaner for commercial use in hospitals, schools, cafeterias, and restaurants. This cleaner also doesn't contain any water, fillers, or dye.

  • Safe to use on chrome trim, fine fixtures, and plastic pipes
  • It can be used in soap-making
  • Odorless and doesn't produce fumes
  • Has industrial-strength
  • Works in standing water
  • Doesn't harm your septic tank
  • Doesn't contain any dye, fillers, or water
  • Can clog your pipe if it doesn't fully dissolve

4. Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener | Drain Cleaner Hair Clog...
  • HIGH-DENSITY MAIN LINE DRAIN OPENER. Ultimate Main Line Opener’s...
  • NON-DAMAGING TO PIPES. Green Gobbler’s industrial-strength drain...
  • GUARANTEED, OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Green...

The Green Gobbler is a cleaner that is just as fast-acting as our first pick above. This Green Gobbler drain cleaner offers you the best performance you'll come across in these best drain cleaners of 2021. The thickened formula and high density make it sink to the bottom of the water.

Clogged drains don't stand a chance with this drain cleaner that deals with hair clog like a charm. Your drain will be back to normal once this cleaner settles to the bottom of your drain. After that, any drain clog caused by lint, oils, fats, and hair clog will be thoroughly eliminated.

Hair clogs will be easy to eliminate, and you won't have to manually remove hair clogs and put them in the garbage disposal. This Green Gobbler best drain cleaner is odorless, non-flammable, and safe to use. If you're dealing with a toilet on the first floor, pour the entire bottle down the drain.

For best results when using this Green Gobbler liquid drain cleaner, use it at night or during low-usage times. When dealing with clogged drains in the kitchen or bathroom, pour half the bottle into the drain clog. Just like the Liquid Plumr cleaner, these drain openers work very effectively.

  • Works on tough obstructions
  • Clears the mainline
  • Safe to use on pipes
  • Dissolves paper and organic material
  • Works effectively on hair and grease
  • Odorless and non-flammable
  • More expensive than the rest

5. Bio-Clean Drain Septic 2# Can

Bio-Clean Drain Septic 2# Can Cleans Drains- Septic Tanks - Grease...
  • Special combination of natural microbes and enzymes that DIGESTS dead...
  • Eliminates costly backups. Up to 100 Drain Treatments.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Multi Purpose. Kitchen sinks, showers, bath tubs, garbage disposals,...

Our final pick will work magic on your septic tank by clearing any accumulated material in the tank. This best drain cleaner works great when mixed with some warm water. The enzymes in this drain clog remover start to break down any waste they come into contact with.

These chemical drain openers have billions of bacteria, which doubles every 30 minutes that they are working. If gravity doesn't restrict them, these bacteria spread to your entire plumbing system and eliminate any organic matter.

This fast-acting drain cleaner deals will any dead organic matter in your plumbing system. It also removes any paper, soap scum, hair, and grease that could be plugging your drain lines. Just like any safe-to-use liquid drain cleaner we've looked at, this fast-acting drain cleaner doesn't harm your plastic pipe.

Another advantage is that this drain cleaner does not produce any fumes or heat. You don't have to use cable drains when you have this cleaner.

  • Does not produce heat or fumes
  • Easy to use
  • Safe on your plastic pipes
  • Great for commercial and residential use
  • Reduces any accumulated waste in your septic tank
  • Takes longer to deal with tough clogs

What Should You Consider When Buying A Drain Cleaner?

1. Type of Cleaner

There are three main types of drain cleaners that we'll look at below. However, before you settle on the cleaner you want, ensure that you know what type it is to know when and where to use it. Whether you want cleaners to use on your kitchen sink, bathroom, or garbage disposals, knowing which one works for your clogged drain will be a big help.

Check the product description if you're not sure what type it is. Once you chose your chemical drain cleaners, you can now get to work.

2. Budget

We've looked at several cleaners. While some cleaners are more affordable than others, you can be sure that you'll get what you're looking for at your budget. Don't go breaking the bank in a bid to get the best clogged drain cleaner for your drains.

Liquid Plumr and the other cleaners we've looked at today are all very efficient. However, we want you to get the best drain cleaner on your budget.

3. Amount

For most of these cleaners, you'll need to pour the whole bottle or half the bottle down the drain. Therefore, depending on how many clogged drains, you may need to get more than one bottle. Choose the best drain cleaner that will be enough to cater to all your needs.

What Are the Types of Drain Cleaners?

Before we dive into the types, it's important to check your home inspection report to determine the type of drain you have.

Let's dive in.

1. Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

These cleaners contain interesting enzyme-producing bacteria such as bacillus that often feed on clogs. These cleaners work best when used every month. They will prevent clogs and clear any existing clogs.

These drain cleaners work best on some soft matter like paper and hair. They are unsuitable for tougher materials like soap scum or grease. Expect these cleaners to take about 24 hours to kick in.

An advantage of these cleaners is that they are gentle and non-corrosive. As a result, you can safely use them on metal and older plastic drain pipes in showers, sinks, tubs, and toilets. In addition, you don't have to use protective wear while working with them as they are free from skin/eye irritants and harmful toxins.

2. Caustic Drain Cleaners

These drain cleaners are made from alkaline chemicals such as sodium hydroxide. You can use these cleaners to remove grease, food, and soap scum. These cleaners work by converting any clogged material in the drain into a soap-like substance that dissolves under any plain water.

You can expect these cleaners to work within 30 minutes. However, note that these cleaners don't work great in toilets as they aren't suited for paper materials. However, these cleaners will work well if your pipes are made of plastic or metal, such as copper or stainless steel.

Don't use them if your pipes are made of plastic and are more than 20 years old. These cleaners are less toxic than acidic cleaners, which we'll look at below. However, they are not as safe as our previous type and can irritate your eyes and burn your skin.

Therefore, wear safety glasses, cover your skin, and wear a respirator when using them. In addition, ensure that the gloves you use are made of chemical-resistant materials such as butyl.

3. Acidic Drain Cleaners

Our final type is these cleaners that are the most powerful of the bunch. These cleaners are made of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. These can clear soap scum, grease, food, hair, and any paper-based clogs. Within 15 minutes, you can expect your drain to be fully open.

You can use these cleaners in newer metal or paper-based pipes for your shower, tub, sink, and toilet drain. However, avoid using these cleaners on older metal or plastic pipes, especially stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum chrome.

Use safety gear while you handle these cleaners. Safety glasses, respirators, skin-covering clothing, and gloves are a must.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaners

1. Does baking soda and vinegar clean drains?

If you can't get one of these cleaners, you can use baking soda and vinegar as a natural drain cleaner. Pour both of these ingredients, and then pour boiling water down the drain.

The naturally bubbling reaction helps loosen the drain clog. You then pour boiling water to wash away the solution.

2. Why is drain cleaner so dangerous?

Some cleaners can produce dangerous fumes when used. Others like the acidic types can harm your skin and irritate your eyes. Depending on the type of cleaner it is and the chemical composition, ensure that you take the necessary precautions. 

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