Best Energy Drink To Keep You Awake All Night

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best energy drink to keep you awake

Is there a time you needed to stay up but couldn't find the best energy drink to keep you awake? Or were you debating on which to pick because you wanted to go for a healthier option?

Worry less because this article is compiled to give you information on only the best energy drinks on the market that will keep you awake. We have combined each product with its pros and cons so that you choose your preference and beat that sleep and fatigue. But before that, let us define what an energy drink is.


What Is An Energy Drink?

An energy drink is a type of drink packed with caffeine, sugars, energizing vitamins and health-boosting adaptogens that give you energy for a short period. They also increase brain function and could help you stay awake. At the same time, some energy drinks have been compounded with health benefits such as green tea and sugar-free capabilities to keep your health on check.

Which Energy Drink is the Best To Keep me Awake?

Let us now look into the best energy drinks in the market that will help you stay awake.

1. Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar-Free

Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar Free Energy Drink, 16 Ounce (Pack of...
  • FULL FLAVOR, ZERO SUGAR: Zero Ultra has 10 calories and zero sugar,...
  • REFRESHING TASTE: Zero Ultra’s lighter tasting flavor profile is a...
  • UNLEASH THE ULTRA BEAST: Some people are impossible to please. As soon...
  • STOCK UP WITH A 24 PACK: For those looking for a Monster that’s...
  • Due to new FDA nutrition labeling requirements, product labels may...

If you are looking for a popular energy drink in the market, the monster energy drink zero ultra is the best for you. This drink has a refreshing taste packed with zero calories and is sugar-free in its every drop. It has a lighter tasting flavor that is less sweet, sparkling with a citrus tincture that delivers refreshments as it ought to. With 140mg of caffeine, it not only keeps you awake but also makes you enjoy any occasion.

  • Has a lot of sugar to give you energy.
  • Gives minimum caffeine but keeps you awake.
  • It's a trusted brand.
  • Many users have complained of counterfeits
  • Some users find the sugar levels too high.

2. VPX Bang RTD, Cotton Candy, 16 Fl. Oz

Bang Cotton Candy Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super...
  • Bang energy drinks deliver a safe, sugar-free, carb-free, crash-free,...
  • Studies suggest that the caffeine in Bang energy drinks increases...
  • Bang energy drinks have ZERO carbohydrates (“carbs”) — this...
  • Bang not only gives you energy, it also contains great ingredients...
  • Bang energy drinks are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, so they are...

If you want to maintain your health with excellent energy drinks, consider the Bang cotton candy energy drink. The drink gives you a safe, sugar-free, carb-free, and crushes-free energy drink experience. In addition, the caffeine in bang will help you stay awake because it increases mental focus, alertness and even adds up your physical energy.

Bang energy drinks are famous for having zero carbohydrates which help avert blood sugar levels that are familiar with other energy drinks, helping you avoid empty calories.

Apart from giving you energy, Bang contains excellent ingredients like essential amino acids and patented super creatine, the only form of creatine sustainable in liquid form for an extended time.

Lastly, bang energy drinks are gluten-free and vegan friendly, making them a healthy option for a lifestyle or diet.

Enjoy the cotton candy flavor for your sweet tooth with a drink that will not only keep you awake but give you a caffeine boost.

  • Has 75% of the caffeine you need to keep you awake.
  • It is sugar-free and calorie-free, suitable for people who are dieting.
  • Keeps you up for a long time than other brands.
  • Contains artificial sweeteners in place for sugars.-Sweeteners could be 600 times than regular sugar, so if you want some sugar rush, you can give it a try.
  • It's not good to consume lots of it since artificial sugar can destroy your gut bacteria.

3. Rockstar Energy Drink Pure Zero-Variety Pack

Rockstar Pure Zero Energy Drink,3 Flavor Pure Zero Variety Pack 1, 0...
  • Includes 12 (16oz) cans of Rockstar Energy Drink: 4 cans each of Pure...
  • ZERO EXCUSES: Zero sugar energy drink in a wide variety of flavors...
  • Keep the same great energy and delicious flavors you love without the...
  • >75mg caffeine has been shown to help improve attention.

The Rockstar energy drink comes in 12 cans of pure zero flavors. These flavors include tangerine, mango, guava, strawberry, lemon Pepino, watermelon and kiwi. Rockstar energy drink is sugar-free, fully charged with B-vitamins and formulated with guarana, taurine and more caffeine to help you stay awake. According to researchers, the caffeine in Rockstar energy drinks helps improve your attention.

  • Available in many flavors to choose your preference from.
  • Has B-vitamins and guarana to enhance the caffeine content, so you stay awake.
  • Contains an average amount of caffeine plus more sugars to boost your energy.
  • Has more caffeine than your usual cup of coffee, so be sure it will keep you awake.
  • It has 270 calories per can so if you are looking to lose weight, avoid it.
  • It has double times the amount of sugar you are supposed to consume in a day.
  • Avoid it for any side effects of too many sugars.

4. Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Energy Drink, 12 Fl Oz (24 pack)
  • Red Bull yellow edition's special formula contains ingredients of High...
  • One 8.4 fl oz can of Red Bull yellow Edition contains 80 mg of...
  • Red Bull yellow Edition energy drink is: wheat-free, gluten-free,...
  • Aluminum cans are forever recyclable, without any loss in quality
  • Case of twenty - four (6 packs of 4) 8.4 fl oz Red Bull drink yellow...

Red bull is a popular energy drink with a slogan of "wings when you need them." It comes in a case of twenty-four 12 fluid ounce red bull energy drink cans. Each can is packed with energy-giving ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, B vitamins and real sugars.

The cans are environmentally friendly since they are made of 100% recyclable aluminum materials. Inside every eight fl. oz red bull can is 80mg of caffeine, 26g of sugar and 117 calories. So if you are not looking for too much caffeine, then choose red bull to vitalize your body and mind by actually keeping you awake.

  • Lower caffeine compared to other energy drinks but still keeps you awake.
  • Budget-friendly when you buy the whole case.
  • Contains B-vitamins and taurine to enhance the taste of caffeine and break down proteins in your body to give you energy.
  • Some users complained that the taste was off.

5. Reign Total Body Fuel, Melon Mania Fitness And Performance Drink

Reign Total Body Fuel, Melon Mania, Fitness & Performance Drink, 16 Fl...
  • THE ULTIMATE FITNESS FOCUSED BEVERAGE - Blended with BCAAs, 300 mg of...
  • FULL MELON FLAVOR - Go crazy for delicious. Flavors of sweet...
  • POWER THROUGH YOUR WORKOUT - Reign Total Body Fuel provides multiple...
  • STOCK UP WITH A 12-PACK - For those who rule in the gym and beyond,...
  • Due to new FDA nutrition labeling requirements, product labels may...

This ultimate fitness beverage is made from a blend of BCAAs, 300MG of natural caffeine packed with CoQ10 and electrolytes. If you have an active lifestyle, then this could be your best choice. It offers fewer calories of about 10 with zero sugars, artificial flavors and colors. Reign is the ultimate fitness-focused beverage that supports your high-performance needs during workouts to give you the energy you need.

If you are in for a good flavor, then the sweet melon will suit you. It contains 300mg of natural caffeine that gives you energy through your workout and keeps you alert with your mind functioning.

Taking it before a workout session gives you a pre-workout boost and released energy throughout your workout. The BCAAs help muscles recover after a workout session. CoQ10 may give you more energy during a workout session, and B-vitamins may reduce fatigue, thus keeping you awake even after a tiresome training session.

  • Contains B-vitamins that reduce fatigue.
  • The BCAAs in help your muscles recover from heavy work.
  • Contains 300mg of caffeine that will keep you alert and not fall asleep.
  • Has fewer calories, zero sugars, artificial flavors and colors.
  • Has a lot of caffeine consumed per can which can have adverse side effects.

Key Ingredients In An Energy Drink That Keep You Awake

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks that help keep you awake after consumption. Some energy drinks are made using natural caffeine, while others use synthetic caffeine. It is a nervous system stimulant that stimulates your brain to keep you alert, awake and focused. If you are looking for energy drinks that will keep you awake, go for those with too much caffeine.

As much as caffeine will give you an energy boost, regulate the amount of intake because drinking too much caffeine will give you a caffeine overdose and might lead to caffeine addiction. The FDA has restrictions on how much caffeine everyone should consume. You should consume a maximum dose of 400mg of caffeine and 200mg at a sitting a day.

Caffeine overdose could cause significant side effects such as insomnia, lack of focus, headaches, nervousness and anxiety. In addition, if you have a high tolerance to caffeine, an energy drink will keep you awake only for a short period, while people with low tolerance keep caffeine in their bodies for a longer time and might extend staying awake.

2. Sugar Content

In as much as you want to stay awake, always go for the healthier option. Unfortunately, most energy drinks have high sugar content, and they could do you more harm than good. Before purchasing any energy drink, check the nutrition label to see how much sugar content is in the energy drink. According to the AHA, men and women should consume 36g/25g of sugar in a day, approximately 6 to 9 teaspoons of table sugar in one day.

Consuming too much sugar could cause side effects such as gaining weight, inflammation, mood swings and severe diabetes. There are a variety of energy drinks in the market that have zero sugar that you can choose from. Most of them have replaced sugar in energy drinks with artificial sweeteners.

3. Guarana

Guarana is a caffeine intensifier; it is an additive to energy drinks to enhance the caffeine content. If you are looking for a lot of energy boost, any drink with this content will suit you. There is no specification of guarana in regular caffeinated energy drinks, but 1g of guarana should be equivalent to 40mg.

4. Health-boosting Adaptogens

Some unique energy drinks are infused with antioxidants, minerals, and adaptogens that reduce muscle soreness, improve cognitive function, and beat restlessness. Unfortunately, they are rare to find because most of these energy drinks are under-dosed with low levels of these ingredients that you will not benefit from their effects.

5. Vitamins

Some energy drinks come with added vitamins and antioxidants but won't make a huge difference in energy. It is because most vitamins specified are vitamin B, the vitamins responsible for converting food to energy.

Vitamin B is included in most energy drinks because it helps our bodies break down the energy in the foods we consume. However, the vitamin B found in energy drinks does not help your body break down food into energy better because of its percentage in the drink. Thus, you can not enjoy its benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Energy Drinks To Keep You Awake.

1. Will Energy Drinks Keep Me Awake?

Staying awake using an energy drink depends on the caffeine and sugar ingredient content an energy drink has. For you to be awake for long hours after consuming a high percentage caffeinated energy drink, you should have low caffeine tolerance.

Consuming more caffeine means it does not do much in keeping you awake that is why you need to have frequent caffeine boosts because you have a high caffeine tolerance. So, to ensure you are awake for long hours, ensure you consume as much caffeine as instructed.

2. What Drinks Keep You Awake?

Some of the best drinks in the market that will help you stay awake are:

The monster energy drink with 160mg of caffeine and 54g of sugar per serving.

Rockstar energy drink that has 160mg of caffeine and 63mg of sugar per serving.

Bang energy drink that has 300mg of caffeine with zero sugar and is calorie-free.

These brands have catered for those who would love to go the healthy way and consume caffeine without sugars and those with sweet teeth who would love their drinks a little bit sugary but still perform the same function.

3. What Is The Half-life Of Caffeine?

The half-life of caffeine means the duration it will take on your system for it to wear off. Any caffeine takes 10 to 15 minutes to take effect in your body. When the amount of caffeine in your bloodstream decreases to half what it was at its peak, then we say it has reached its half-life.

If it occurs 3 to 6 hours after caffeine consumption, caffeine tolerance is a factor that can affect it. In addition, caffeine half-life may affect how fast you will fall asleep because if it takes 3 to 6 hrs in your body, then when taken early, it might wear off in your bloodstream.

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