The 5 Best Hairdryers for Damaged Hair Review & Guide 2023

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Hands down the top pick right now as far as hairdryers go! Drybar is renowned for their beautiful blowouts and ease with creating shiny locks, and with this incredible tool, they’ve brought the same level of professionalism into the comfort of your own home.

This hairdryer is designed with every type of hair in mind, to please every individual woman. Two nozzles, a wider and a narrower one, deliver greater accuracy depending on the look you want to achieve. The wider nozzle allows the air to reach more hair at once, while the narrower one perfects smaller sections with rigour.

Keep reading for more details on this winning hairdryer.

A hairdryer is a necessity that every woman should own. Whether you’ve got short hair or long tresses, hairdryers are so versatile in their abilities. From creating sleek, straight looks, to the most voluminous styles that are salon-worthy, choosing the right hairdryer can become one of the best decisions you’ll make. Seriously!

When you wake in the morning and your hair isn’t cooperating with you, the day can almost already be ticked off as a waste, seeing as when you feel bad about your hair, you typically feel bad about everything else too. The right hairdryer and an extra 20 minutes of prep in your morning routine can fix that.

Hairdryers that deliver shine and silkiness are bound to perk you up and change your outlook on the day ahead immediately. For that reason, these are the ones I’d 100% recommend in an instant…

Important tips when drying damaged hair

There’s a reason why some tools are more expensive than others, and that’s because the technology that is used in more expensive hairdryers is generally included to provide more protection against damage to your hair. Another important topic that we adressed is hair straightener for damaged hair.

We all know that heat is a significant culprit in the drying out and damaging of hair, though precautionary features are being incorporated in many professional hairdryers nowadays, making it less of a risk to use hairdryers on the daily.

However, something you should always do before blow drying your hair is to apply a heat protectant. This will ensure an added layer of protection to your already damaged hair. In conjunction to this, the lower heat settings can be used before you move onto the higher settings. Start off by drying the hair on a lower heat to avoid losing more moisture.

For a hairdryer with a large range of heat settings, the BabylissPro Nano hairdryer is an amazing choice. This hairdryer has six heat settings! That’s a very good range for anyone, but especially those who already have damaged hair and would particularly like to have a lot of control over how much heat they’re applying.

There’s also a cool press button, which is a beneficial function to use over all your hair once it’s completely dry. What this does is lock in the volume and style that you’ve created, so you don’t have to worry about your hair dropping in the day.

Is an ionic hairdryer safe?

Before explaining the safety aspect of an ionic hairdryer, it would make sense to explain what it actually is! An ionic hairdryer is unique because of how it releases negative ions as it blows out air. These ions come into contact with the water molecules in your hair and when this happens, the water evaporates quicker, essentially drying your hair faster.

Ionic hairdryers are a favourite for hair stylists because of the speed at which they do their job, and they are also known to aid in maintaining healthy hair. They do this by assisting in your hair cuticles remaining closed during the drying process, which means you don’t lose much moisture. Two big pluses in one tool!

The only downside to ionic hairdryers and a potential safety hazard is their release of ozone and electromagnetic fields. However, these are produced in very small amounts and much of it can be bypassed if used correctly. That is, in a well aerated room. Yet, normal hairdryers carry some dangers as well, so it really depends on your personal choice.

This Sam Villa Light Ionic hairdryer is a good choice in terms of an ionic hairdryer that will give you that shiny, frizz-free blowout we all crave. In addition, if the sound of hairdryers gets too much for you sometimes (I can relate) then this one will be up your alley as it’s praised for its silent application. That’s a definite win!

I also can’t not mention the fact that this tool is incredibly lightweight, and for those with significantly thick hair, this Babyliss hairdryer will save your arms much aches and pain.

Can an old hairdryer damage your hair?

When it comes to the age of your hairdryer, the older it is doesn’t necessarily mean the more dangerous it is or the more prone it is to breaking. What’s important comes down to the way you look after it. With that being said, an old hairdryer that’s properly cared for and stored will not be any more damaging to your hair than a newer one.

Though that’s not to say that newer hairdryers don’t have extra features that provide more precautionary measures that older technology didn’t provide. A good example is the automatic switch that’s built into newer models that senses when the hairdryer overheats and automatically causes the power to trip, effectively turning off the tool before it causes any damage.

Another thing that you might want to look out for in older hairdryers that could potentially harm your hair is the dust that accumulates inside if it doesn’t have a filter to capture it. This can be a worry in terms of your hairdryer overheating, therefore overheating your hair and possibly sizzling it. Not fun!

A fabulous hairdryer I would suggest if you are on the hunt for a newer model that will guarantee safety is the Honeycomb Ceramic Real Infrared hairdryer. The special thing about this hairdryer is the honeycomb-shaped heating element that helps to evenly blow the heat onto the hair, while the infrared technology heals the scalp. Have you heard of anything more intriguing?!

Basically, this means it’s a great hairdryer for already damaged hair and can help in stopping the loss of hair. It’s like the cherry on top!

My pick for the best budget hairdryer for damaged hair

When it comes to your hair and its protection and health, you can’t really put a price on it. Your hair is a part of you that you should invest in, otherwise why else would you spend the time styling it so gorgeously?!

Although, while I say this, I know that beauty tools can be expensive, but there are still some gems out there that won’t completely break the bank, yet still deliver the look you want.

This BERTA Negative Ionic hairdryer is definitely a huge bargain in terms of what you’re getting. There are three temperature settings on this one, so you still have a good option of preferred heat and its also got a cool shot button to set your blow out for the day.

This hairdryer comes with attachments too which is pretty awesome. Four separate attachments that can be used to create bouncy waves or glossy, straight strands – the choice is up to you. This is definitely my pick for a budget buy!

Can I use the same hairdryer I use for damaged hair for dry hair as well?

The top pick at the beginning of this article mentioned Drybar’s Buttercup hairdryer. Now, this is a top pick for a reason. It’s an ionic hairdryer, meaning that its negative ions hit the hair and they secure the hair cuticle so that the moisture is locked in. With regards to already damaged and dry hair, this is something that would be very beneficial to you.

Most of the time, the tools that are recommended to use on damaged hair will be equally good to use on dry hair. There’s absolutely no reason to have two different hairdryers for damaged and dry hair.

Back to the Drybar Buttercup hairdryer, the three heat settings are accommodated by two power settings. When you’re concerned about using the hairdryer on damaged and dry hair, being able to choose the power at which the air blows out is very useful. Having the air blow at a lower power and a lower heat is the prime option for your dry and damaged hair. You won’t have to worry about hair feeling like dull, hard straw again! This hairdryer is fantastic if you’re looking for something trendy, great quality and has convenient features. Plus, it’s yellow. Yellow is one of the happiest colours – you can’t be sad when picking this tool up!

How often should I use a hairdryer if I have damaged hair?

As with any heat tool, too much of it can start to take its toll on your hair, and if you hair’s already damaged, even more so. Of course, with all these exciting hairdryers that have been mentioned, there’s many features that are in place to try and lessen any potential damage from the heat.

Though this isn’t to say that you have to stay away from your hairdryer most days of the week – let’s be real, is that even possible? No.

This is why it’s vital that you make sure you’ve got a quality heat protectant to apply before you do your hair.

Another thing to try is to use your hairdryer on a lower heat. For women with thicker, curlier hair, this may not be a viable option though. If that’s the case with you, you must try your best to go through each section of hair as few times as possible.

And lastly, if your hair is severely damaged, I would suggest trying to keep your blow out as fresh as possible for a couple of days so that you only have to use the hairdryer every second day or so.

As you can see, the technology that’s going into hairdryers in this day and age is really something to be excited about. The easier it’s getting to create a salon-like blow wave at home, with the silkiness and gloss that comes with it.

Take your time in choosing the hairdryer that’s right for you. Like I said, it will possibly be the best decision you make if you choose wisely. With so many amazing options, it will probably be difficult to make the wrong decision anyway. Happy hairdrying!

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