The 9 Best High Waist Yoga Pants – Review 2023!

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You know that really accomplished feeling you get after an intense workout? The kind where your body is shaking and you’re dripping with sweat? That kind of accomplishment is unlike no other! For someone who may be on the slightly less athletic side like me, you’ll agree with that statement.

Even if fitness is not your forte, but something you enjoy doing anyway, then you won’t be a stranger to the feeling of pure joy once your workout is finished – right?! Despite this, there are some ways that can make your workout even more pleasurable. Perhaps even make you almost sad once it’s over.

You don’t believe me? Well, would you believe a gorgeous pair of figure-hugging, figure-firming yoga pants? I know I will. Any workout is made so much better when I know that my workout outfit is pretty and modern. It somehow manages to increase the motivation, or lack thereof, and make the idea of exercise that much more appealing.

What’s even better than just a pretty outfit is a reliable pair of high waist yoga pants. The comfortable, yet stylish kind that you wouldn’t mind being seen wearing in public. You know the kind?

In this article, I’m going to be sharing the best tips for purchasing high waist yoga pants, the best ones for all shapes and sizes and how you can wear them every day too! Make sure to check out check out our other lifestyle-posts, such as Best Hairdryers for damaged hair!

Best high waist yoga pants for every day

Since athleisure became an acceptable style of everyday wear, yoga pants have been a go-to for many women daily. It makes the process of getting ready in the morning that much quicker. And with the right pair, you can be assured they’ll look and feel good.

If you’re looking for a pair that you can wear on days where you aren’t planning on working out, a good tip is to go for a pair with a solid colour. Having a solid colour means that they’ll look casual and you can pair them with most tops and trainers. However, you can still choose a colour that’s fun. It definitely doesn’t have to be boring black all the time.

This pretty pair of Alo yoga pants is so stunning with its pastel pink shade. It’s neutral enough to wear everyday but still fun enough to love your outfit. This shade can be worn with most colours and even tops and trainers with print. The solid pink colour allows you the freedom with your outfit while still looking presentable and casual. 

Seamless high waist yoga pants – are they worth it?

So, what exactly does seamless mean? Basically, it is clothing that doesn’t have any visible stitches or seams. The seams are where two pieces are fabric are joined together. You can imagine how smooth a pair of tights will feel without any stitching on the sides! Precisely one of the reasons why they’re so popular.

Wearing seamless garments can be beneficial in a few ways. Firstly, they can prove to be extremely comfortable. The seamless factor makes the garment lighter than usual, often resulting in a more comfortable fit. Secondly, no stitching means that the possibility of chafing is diminished. Chafing can be a real annoyance when it starts burning and itching. Definitely not a sensation I want to feel, especially during a workout!

Now that you’ve got the basics of seamless yoga pants down, here are some favourites…

This Moyooga pair has all the benefits above, plus it’s more durable because it can’t tear at the seams. This is possibly one of the greatest advantages of investing in a seamless pair. You can rest assured you’ll use them for many years to come! The print on this specific set of yoga pants is camo-like, but in a grey and black combination. It’s a fun print while still being fairly neutral, if that’s more your taste.

For a different option, these Aurique seamless leggings are also extremely practical. They are seamless on the outer legs, though the seams are visible on the inner thigh. The inclusion of a slight seam won’t subtract from the lightweight factor, however. It simply gives it a bit of edge to have the seamless aspect everywhere but the inner legs. Also, keep in mind the colour block design of these leggings. Because of the blocks’ placement, the leggings can look quite slimming! Something to enjoy alongside the other seamless benefits! 

The best high waist yoga pants for working out

As I mentioned in the beginning, sometimes you want to throw on a pair of yoga pants only to do some errands. And in today’s world, that’s completely acceptable! Yet, when it comes to using yoga pants for actually working out, you may want to try something more resistant.

You can really have a lot of fun when choosing workout leggings. Whether you work out at home, in the gym or in a park, you’re likely to end up sweating. My tip is to choose fun leggings that are breathable too – you don’t want to suffocate your skin…

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This pair of Teeki yoga pants is such a fun option to choose! They have a beautiful blend of oranges, pinks and purples mixed together, mimicking a dramatic sunset. Talk about keeping the serenity alive even after your yoga session! What’s extremely special about this pair too is that they’re made from recycled plastic.

The Teeki line is renowned for their sustainable garments that absorb moisture and are breathable. These are certainly elements you want when exercising. My final mention on these pants is the fact that the print would disguise any traces of sweat anyway. So, between the moisture wicking and the print, you’re safe. 

For working out, you can also select capri-style yoga pants. That is, ones that stop just above the ankle. The Beyond Yoga Capri Leggings will work really nicely if that’s a style you’re into. And even though it might seem insignificant, having that open space from your ankles down, can be a game changer in the heat.

This capri pair are very fast drying, meaning even your hardest workouts won’t leave you sweat-stained for too long! Plus, they are soft and have a good stretch. Definitely worth looking into for your next intense training session.

The best tummy control high waist yoga pants for extra support

You know some days you just wake up feeling bloated or simply put, not your best? We all experience them whether we like it or not. But luckily, it’s only a side effect of being human! And like with many things in life, it can be helped.

Majority of the yoga pants on the market are very figure-hugging. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from experiencing the joy in pretty fitness clothing! That’s why there’s things like tummy control that you can find in leggings. It’s a common thing for women to feel insecure at the gym, as unfortunate as that is. But with pants that are designed with a certain insecurity in mind, you’ll never think twice about it.

If this sounds like something you’d benefit from, the Neleus Tummy Control high waist pair is recommended. These come in a few different colours, which is really nice if you don’t want plain black or grey. The high waistband is thick enough, so it covers a good amount of the stomach; ultimately what you’d want in a tummy control design. The waistband width is created with comfortability in mind, plus it sucks everything in!

With tummy control yoga pants, you still want to make sure they’ve got a quality stretch to them. This will make working out less intimidating too as your pants will be flexible to accommodate you and your moves. The Yunoga Soft High Waisted pants are a definite must-have in this case. The material almost acts like a second skin and the waistband is designed in a way that flatters your curves. The waistband is also seamless, which adds to a more streamlined appearance on your stomach. With a pair of pants such as this, who wouldn’t want to workout every day?! 

Best High Waist Yoga pants for shorter people

Everyone has a unique shape and size, and taste in styles also differ. When choosing yoga pants, it’s crucial to be aware of your own size and preferences in style. Not that there’s a set rule book of what body size must wear what style. Definitely not! It’s all up to what you enjoy and feel the most comfortable in. With that being said, there are some tips that can be followed if you’re feeling a little lost! Here are the top picks:

If you are on the shorter side, picking yoga pants can be slightly difficult. If you choose a capri pair, you may risk looking shorter as they cut your leg off at a strange length. I would say stick to yoga pants that reach past your ankles as that can help to elongate the legs. The top pick for this category is the Yogaliscious Ultra Soft leggings. They can be found in a selection of colours too, meaning you don’t have to stick to neutrals if you don’t want to.

These leggings can be so handy if you’re wanting to make your shorter legs appear longer. The high waist cinches in your waist, which adds to the illusion of height. Plus, the length of the pants can even go into your trainers, and that’s a top trick for faking leg “extensions”. We all want super long legs anyway, don’t we?! A little extra touch on these pants is the wide pocket for keys or your phone. It’s cleverly hidden by the waistband! 

Best High Waist Yoga pants for tall people

On the other side of the scale are the tall people. Now they may not want short legs, but perhaps elongating them more is not desirable. For these people, capri yoga pants are an extremely sophisticated option. The capri style will let them show off their legs, without wearing shorts. It’s the perfect in between.

The top pick for capri yoga pants is the Core 10 Capri Legging. This one in particular is a gorgeous turquoise shade that is bound to make anyone happy when wearing them. Though not only that, they will flatter any person with decent height. They come just past the knees, so they’re great for people who don’t want to wear shorts, but still want to have some leg showing. And in terms of tall people, these won’t cut their legs off at a strange length. The open area between the knee and foot is more flattering than it would be on shorter people. 

Best Yoga Pants for plus size and large people

The top yoga pants pick is this Tactical Pro Supply pair. The design on these is firstly something worth mentioning. It has a unique print of the American flag, which is done in a very rock n’ roll way! For plus size people, these could certainly be the answer to a smooth workout. The material is breathable, and it removes moisture from the body. That alone is one of the greatest features in any workout gear! In addition, the material is extremely durable.

At the end of the day, yoga pants are a personal choice. Whatever feels right is the pair you should wear. Don’t be afraid to be bold in colours and rock those leggings wherever you go. Be it in the gym for your workout or at the mall for your errands! If you know somesones size, yoga pants is also a perfect gift for any occasion!

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