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The calming music, the pleasant smell, the tangible serenity that fills every spa – you all know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing as soothing as a spa filled with all these things. But sometimes it can become a pricey hobby to maintain, or life can become too hectic to even make it there anymore.

This is exactly why home spas are becoming so desirable. You get the calmness that a spa delivers, but in your own, private sanctuary.

There are so many products out there that can help you create the home spa of your dreams! Long gone are the days of rushing between meetings just to make your 4pm pedicure appointment or having to cancel it more than once because you just cannot get there.

In this article, we’re going to help you find the spa products that are perfect for your home spa, making every night a possible luxury spa night for you! If you need inspiration on Hair Products to go along - check out our review on hair products here!


What are the best cheap spa products on a budget?

One of the best and easiest ways to feel relaxed starts with the feet. You know how tired your feet feel after a long day. Whether you’re running around, standing for the majority of the day, or even just at a desk but with painful heels on, your feet take a lot of the pressure for you. This is why it’s so important to look after them!

The most obvious way to do this is with a pedicure. But that costs times and money. So, instead of having to book appointments way in advance, why not try out a Foot Bath/Spa Massager. The name alone makes me feel deeply relaxed already!

This is one of the best products you can own. It’s the perfect size to be able to store easily in a cupboard for when you’re not using it, and when it’s time for your spa night, it’s super portable to set up anywhere you like!

The temperature can be set to your liking, the massage rollers automatically set you up for maximum tranquility, and the bubbles are strong enough to hit the points in your feet where you’d have acupuncture. These three elements combined make for the perfect home spa addition! 

Another spa product for those of you on a budget is this Nano Mist Face Steamer. Nothing screams luxury more than having your own space to do facials whenever you wish! This facial mist steamer releases negative ions that are amazing at boosting the skin’s cells, making your face appear brighter and more awake.

The Nano mist performs different to normal water because it seeps further into the skin, essentially creating a better barrier of hydration. That’s something I like to hear! This product has a mirror attached to it that flips open so you can see exactly where the mist is going and what it’s doing to your skin. It’s a real plus when items like this have built-in mirrors as I think most of us would like to see what we’re doing without a hassle.

What products do I need for a spa at home?

The fantastic thing about an at-home spa is that it’s completely customizable to what you like and the treatments that you’d typically spend your money on in normal spas. Thus, there’s no set list of what your at-home spa should include. However, in saying this, there are a couple of suggestions that may be good to start off with, which may also help with the overwhelm of so many choices.

Something that can focus on relaxing the whole body, without needing several different parts or complicated connections, is a massage chair. If anyone asked for one thing in their home to help with relaxation, I would suggest this, hands down!

This Shiatsu Massage Cushion has four nodes that move up and down your back, either your full back, upper or lower. The nodes are heated up and can be set to an intensity that suits you. For your thighs and hips, the seat itself has a vibration that can also be customized to your preferred intensity, allowing your lower body to enjoy some relaxation too.

The heating function of this massage chair is a huge bonus if you’re someone who struggles with muscle or joint pain. Instead of having to warm up a heat pack in the microwave every 15 minutes, a turn on the massage chair will be so beneficial and allow much needed relief for you. Heat is the most ideal when trying to heal anything. 

The second product that would fall into my “beginner home spa suggestions” would be this Paraffin Wax Machine for Hands and Feet. This may sound like something completely bizarre to you, but the results speak for themselves!

What this does is basically provide you with the softest skin possible. You put the paraffin wax into the warmer and wait for the wax to be completely melted – about 25 minutes. You put your hand in once it’s all melted, and then you apply the gloves provided. After 10-15 minutes, you remove the gloves and the wax to reveal your silky, smooth and crack-free skin. You can do this with your feet as well to get rid of any dryness and cracks.

For someone who struggles with dry skin like myself, this paraffin wax machine is a product I wish I had known about years ago! Who doesn’t want skin as soft as a baby’s bottom?! 

The most essential luxury spa product according to us!

If you have ever been to the gym and gone into the sauna for a few minutes, you will know that when you come out, you feel like you’ve breathed new life into yourself, right? It feels like your whole body has been detoxified and you’ve sweated out all the gross things.

Well, you don’t even need to use the gym or a spa’s sauna anymore. Your luxury at-home spa product is a portable sauna that can be placed anywhere in your house! Imagine being in your sauna while watching your favourite TV series. Guess what? You don’t need to imagine anymore…

This KUPPET Portable Infrared Home Spa uses its infrared technology to help relieve your body of any toxins, helps with your blood circulation, and can even be beneficial for aches and pains. It’s an amazing product to invest in because of the benefits it provides. On those days where you just feel like coming home to relax, but you still feel the need to break a sweat, 10 minutes in the sauna is on par with a half an hour jog!

The home sauna is made out of fabric that suppresses any hint of heat loss and it’s easily foldable to put away when you aren’t using it. That’s convenience right there! As we are mentioning in our article on Hair Dryers for damaged hair, the details is whats important. 

Something as unique as this infrared home sauna will make your luxury spa night feel so similar to being in a professional spa. Especially if you couple this with your facial mist machine and a 10-minute foot spa massager, you won’t ever need to leave home for a treatment again!

Perfect at-home day spa kit

As exciting as it is to get your hands on one of these items mentioned above, you may still want to add in some other products that will officially complete your at-home spa. This isn’t to say that you need absolutely everything available, but the perfect, all-rounder home spa kit does include some necessities that will work well when paired together.

Firstly, you need to incorporate a massage into your home-spa somehow. Even if that’s not in the form of a full-sized chair, nothing says spa more than a massage. For a smaller massage product to include in your kit, I would suggest this Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Pillow. Honestly, anything that resembles a pillow has my attention!

This massage pillow is extremely versatile and can be used on most of your body. It’s got eight nodes that are heated, so again it’s great to help with muscle pain or tension from a stressful day. This is a worthwhile product to add to your home spa kit because of its portability and the fact that it’s not designed for only one body part. 

The next must-have on the list is this Professional Electric Manicure and Pedicure Set. There’s something about getting your nails done that makes you feel put together and sophisticated. Because of that, it seems crazy not to include this.

There is one main component that is used to attach various different heads onto, depending on what step you want to do. It comes with a whole bunch of different shaped and sized attachments for buffing the nails, removing cuticles and ingrown nails, filing and trimming the nails, and everything else you could want in a nail set.

This machine also allows you to choose different speed settings, which is absolutely fantastic, because a lot of the time you get those machines that go at one, horribly fast speed and it makes it difficult to get anything done. The functions available on this are really unique, and therefore a definite must in your kit!  

The third and last essential product that will be a perfect addition to your home-spa kit is this Cordless Pore Cleanser and Exfoliator. When you go to the spa for a professional facial, they always use highly advanced technology to extract blemishes and blackheads, and sometimes you just want to do to that in the privacy of your own home. Cue this eDiva machine!

This tool uses a high frequency to be able to get deep into the pores to remove any dirt, and while it does this it also moisturizes the skin and lifts it. You get a mixture of different treatments in one, little device that’s also rechargeable. Convenience at its finest! In addition to all this good stuff, the high frequency also wakes up the skin’s water molecules, which ultimately helps with glowing, healthy skin. If that alone doesn’t captivate you, I don’t know what will!

Why we recommend a spa night at home by yourself

As glamorous as it is to visit fancy spas and get the most exclusive treatments, it isn’t always an option financially, plus with most people’s busy schedules, convenience is something that’s hugely sought after.

This is precisely why we recommend a luxury spa night at home. Life can be so rushed and sometimes it’s good to sit back, take a break, and pamper yourself in your pajamas in the lounge! The convenience of having your own home-spa products will make your life a lot less stressful and it’s wonderful to have the option of an instant spa treatment whenever you feel like it.

This is also something that can be very therapeutic for you, particularly if you stress easily and have a lot of tension or anxiety. When those things hit you, it’s best to give yourself space, a little bit of self-love, and a lot of luxurious pampering!

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