Best Leather Ipad Air 4 Case For Added Durability

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Best Leather iPad Air 4 Case

Some iPads are compatible with every case made for their series. Accessories such as hard cases protect your iPad from cracking, scratches, or scuffing if mishandled. We have all had a phone or iPad fall. Trust us; your expensive gadgets require protection. Replacing parts is not only expensive; it is completely avoidable with the best leather iPad Air 4 case.

What Is An iPad Case?

If you need to go everywhere with your iPad, you might need a shock-absorbent iPad air 4 case. An iPad case is much like the case you buy for your phone. For most iPads, you require heavy-duty protection. Therefore, an iPad case is a case or a cover that helps enhance the iPad's functionality by protecting it from damage.

There are different types of iPad cases. Some cases are a fold-type with a built-in stand and others that are only a back cover without a stand. Before you chose a cover, you should know how much abuse your iPad can withstand and what you do for a living. Some people prefer to have a caseless iPad, as they only use their iPad on cushioned areas such as the bed or sofa.

The best thing about iPad cases is that you can get them in any variety. From rugged cases and ultra-thin folio cover to a back cover that will make your iPad basically shatterproof. Ipad air 4 cases are available at multiple retailers that sell Apple products both online and physically. In addition, most iPad cases offer drop protection.

Here are some of the iPad covers we have analyzed for your perusal, complete with case features and what makes them unique.

What is the Best Leather Case Cover for iPad air 4?

1) DTTO Premium Leather Case

DTTO for New iPad Air 5th/4th Generation Case 2022/2020 with Pencil...
  • Compatible Devices - Designed for the Apple iPad Air 5/iPad Air 4...
  • Premium Material - Made of premium synthetic leather for the...
  • Apple Pencil Holder - Built-in pencil holder support 2nd Gen pencil...
  • Multi Function - Built-in leather hand strap (one-handed operation),...
  • Lifetime Warranty - DTTO offers lifetime free replacement for your...

This DTTO premium leather case is made from faux leather and polyurethane leather. Its multi-functional features on the front pocket allow you to store important documents in it. Furthermore, it is designed to be non-slip with added protection against dropping. It also features precise cutouts in the right places and is only compatible with the iPad Air 4.

It is also equipped with an apple pencil holder alongside the precise cutouts for the volume buttons. The ridges for standing up the iPad are deep enough so that it does not slide out and collapse as you watch a movie or during a presentation. Either way, your iPad air will still fit snuggly into this synthetic leather case.

We also noticed the rubber frame on the outside of the frame. Rubber is a good shock absorber and will prevent your iPad air from getting dents on the edges. It also supports wireless charging alongside its built-in pencil holder. Finally, a leather hand strap is helpful, especially if you are clumsy and tend to drop stuff.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Multi-functional
  • Durable
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Auto sleep function
  • Easy to clean
  • Thick padding for added protection
  • Easy to use
  • Bulky and heavy

2) ESR Slim Smart Case for iPad Air 4

ESR Case for iPad Air 5 (2022)/iPad Air 4 Case (2020) 10.9 Inch, Slim...
  • Compatibility: only compatible with iPad Air 5th Generation (2022) and...
  • Grippy Protection: flexible back and rubberized cover provide...
  • Trifold Stand: magnetic front cover can be folded into two stand...
  • Instant Auto Sleep/Wake: strong magnets ensure ultra-responsive auto...
  • Supports Pencil Charging: specially-designed thin sidewall allows you...

The ESR slim smart case lives up to its name. With wireless charging for apple pencil, it is not surprising that the case is only compatible with iPad air 4. It is one of the best iPad Air cases for apple pencil support. This smart cover has a tri-fold case which can be folded into two positions for viewing the screen or typing.

Your iPad Air 4 is well protected with a grippy hardcover. Furthermore, it is one of the best iPad Air cases for an enhanced grip and protection from damage. The cutouts are accurate, and it is no problem to access features such as the volume buttons. In addition, it is easier to pair the apple pencil via the side of the iPad.

The front cover fits snugly and will securely lock to the front easily. The edges of the case around the screen and the cutout for the camera are slightly raised, offering a measure of protection from accidental drops. Surprisingly, the case is thin and not bulky. This makes it the perfect portable companion.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Classy
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Good fit for iPad air
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to install
  • Offers camera protection
  • No clip to secure apple pencil

3) Urban Armor Gear UAG Folio iPad

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Protective Folio iPad Pro Case 12.9-inch (3rd...
  • Compatible with iPad Pro 12. 9-Inch (3rd Gen, 2018) Model numbers:...
  • Feather-light composite construction with impact resistant soft core
  • Water resistant soft Tactile grip material with adjustable stand with...
  • Built-in Apple Pencil holder and compatible with Apple Pencil...
  • Meets military drop test standards (MIL STD 810G 516. 6)

This is the only iPad Air and iPad Pro cover on this list that meets the military drop-test standards. It is also water-resistant and has an adjustable stand. It is a rugged case that protects your iPad and will not add much bulk to it. Furthermore, your iPad Air will fit well in it with its industrial and rugged looks.

It also includes an apple pencil holder and is compatible with the apple pencil. All these features with only a small increase in the overall size. The outside of this rugged case offers multiple ridges for slip protection. The iPad air cover is relatively stable on flat surfaces and won't flip once it is folded into a triangle position.

Furthermore, it has adjustable viewing angles for your comfort in whatever position you decide to lie or sit in. The built-in magnetic strip on the front helps the flexible TPU cover close with a satisfying snap. The cover can also hold the iPad at multiple angles without a problem. This slim case is relatively lightweight.

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy build
  • Strong grip
  • Easy to use
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Unsuitable for official purposes

4) Fintie Leather Slim Case for iPad Air 4

Fintie Rotating Case for iPad Air 5th Generation (2022) / iPad Air 4th...
  • Exclusively designed for iPad Air 5th Generation 2022 (Model Number:...
  • 360 degree rotating structure in the case for flexible landscape and...
  • Built-in pencil holder, grab your 2nd gen pencil effortlessly whenever...
  • Seamlessly works with Pencil 2nd Gen magnetic and wireless charging...
  • Dual Layer hard interior cover and premium synthetic leather exterior...

The snap-n-roll 360-degree rotating case is an interesting addition to this iPad air 4 cover. It allows you multi-touch gestures and landscape and portrait viewing. Furthermore, the iPad air covers come in a variety of colors and styles. This is the best leather iPad air 4 case if you want a sleek yet functional design.

The dual layers of leather coated with strong materials ensure to protect the iPad air itself and cover against scratches and scruffs. It also seamlessly works with apple pencil and has wireless charging when the iPad air is on. Additionally, your device is easily put on sleep mode or automatically wakened when you need to use it.

This iPad air cover also converts into a stand to hold your iPad air up for many hours of hands-free use, like making video calls. Its hard shell protects the iPad air from damage even when it falls. Additionally, the case does not get damaged easily. The apple logo is also clearly visible. It is a pretty sturdy leather case with good stitching at a very affordable price.

  • Sturdy build
  • Sleek
  • Affordable
  • Good detailing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Various colors available
  • On-time delivery
  • Touch ID doesn't work well

5) Zugu Alpha Case

ZUGU CASE - 2018/2020 iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd/4th Gen) - Ultra Slim...
  • “NOT CHEAP... BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY!” - ​You’ve already...
  • Designed Specifically for the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 inch (4th Gen) Model...

You would normally expect to have a bulky cover for your iPad air. However, there is another option. One that leaves out all the bulk. It is the alpha case. The TPU frame has been dropped several times to come up with an iPad air case that won't crack and can withstand years of battery and abuse. You will not have to frequently change your iPad air case once you purchase this.

It has a specific recessed holder to store the apple pencil as it charges. For being deceptively thin, it sure can take many drops. On the other hand, drops of up to 5 feet on concrete are pretty high. This iPad Air case also has faux leather and microfiber on the inner lining to offer additional cushioning. Furthermore, the TPU shell also offers resistance towards impact.

The iPad air cover has adjustable viewing angles so that you can engage with your iPad screen in any position and at any time. It is great for the outdoors too. The magnetic kickstand attached at the back doubles up as a refrigerator mount.

  • Stylish
  • Easy to install
  • Offers great protection
  • Sturdy build
  • Tough
  • Light
  • Compact
  • Expensive

iPad Case VS iPad Cover

There are differences in the functionality between cases and covers. Without a doubt, an iPad air cover or case is protective of your gadget. iPad Air cases are available in multiple forms, which we will look at. Furthermore, a comparison between cases and covers will help you in your decision when you are shopping for a case or cover.

a) Screen Protection

iPads are great, and best of all, they are portable. Who doesn't want a portable computer? It's smaller than a laptop, and it can fit in a women's handbag or men's briefcase very easily. Furthermore, you don't need to charge it too often. Depending on your usage, it is able to hold a charge longer than its laptop counterpart.

The iPad screen, however, is very delicate. It can scratch from a hard fabric rubbing on it. A built-in screen protector is no exception. Scratches from keys can render it useless. An iPad case only protects the back, while an iPad cover protects the whole iPad. If you are looking for the screen protection factor, then an iPad air cover is the way to go.

b) Flexibility

The main usefulness of a cover is to convert it into a stand where your iPad can rest on. You should ensure they have additional features such as a built-in pencil holder, apple pencil, apple pencil holder, or an apple magic keyboard when getting a case or cover. Additional features sell on the functionality of your iPad model.

iPad users also know that the best iPad air covers even have features such as photo enhancing lenses. For this reason, the flap that converts into a stand is super helpful. You will find yourself using it more often compared to when you didn't know the feature existed. Either way, it is an underrated feature with unbeatable functionality. iPad covers are the way to go.

c) Drop Protection

Because of their sleek design, iPads are prone to drop damage. They have a smooth feel and a slim build. This, more than anything, makes them super slippery. Between a cover and a case, you obviously want a durable case to protect your iPad from damage when you drop it. Sometimes we are just clumsy. At the same time, we also want beauty.

In this case, both a cover and a case for iPad air will do the trick. Case features will protect against scuffs and damage on the edges. A cover will guard against the screen cracking. The best leather iPad air 4 case protects your iPad from severe damage. However, over a long period of time, some damage to your iPad is expected.

d) Bulk

Between cases and covers, one offers too much bulk. Our guess is with the iPad air cover. While covers offer a ton of functionality and additional features like the apple pencil holder, they are also very bulky. The leather and the flap that acts as a stand, and the additional features, such as auto sleep, improve the functionality but take up space.

For this reason, covers tend to be bulky. On the other hand, cases are sleek and unproblematic. They don't have many additional features compared to covers, but they are sleek. In this category, cases win because they don't add much heft to your iPad air. The best iPad Air cases are sleek in design, weightless, and have added grip.

e) Longevity

Both cases and covers for iPad air 4 are built to last. However, like all things, they are also prone to everyday wear and tear. This happens more often than usual. Especially if you are always on the go, your case or cover will be of excellent service for a while. However, you will need to replace the case for iPad air once it starts to deteriorate.

Anything with movable parts will always wear down. The movable flap that turns into an adjustable stand on iPad covers is usually the first to start disintegrating. The leather case front cover develops cracks and soon detaches from the cover itself. In this instance, the case for iPad air takes the day, with no movable parts.

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