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best leather owb holster

An OWB holster is one of the most popular ways to carry your firearm. It allows for both open carry and concealed carry.

When searching for the best leather owb holster, you generally want a comfortable one, capable of retaining your weapon, made of durable material that's also soft enough such that it doesn't irritate your bare skin. Lastly, it should be designed for an easier draw of your firearm.

We reviewed the best leather OWB holsters and outlined features to consider when buying them


What Is A Leather OWB Holster?

An OWB holster ( outside the waistband) is designed to be worn on your belt between 3:00 and 4:30. It's a very popular style and comes in a wide variety of materials and configurations.

A leather owb holster is made from cowhide leather. Ideally, when looking for the best, you're looking for a comfortable holster capable of retaining your gun and made of premium material. In addition, there are more features to consider, such as ease of drawing your firearm and concealment.

Generally, these holsters are worn for open carry, but long clothing items like an untucked shirt or jacket can turn your gun into a concealed carry.

Below we've discussed our top picks of the best leather OWB holsters that are comfortable and easily concealable.

Is Owb Holster Good?

Best Leather OWB Holsters

1. Winthrop Holsters OWB Pancake Black Leather Holster

Winthrop Holsters OWB Pancake Black Leather Holster
  • Made from Premium Grade Hermann Oak 7-8oz Cow Hide
  • Wet molded to fit each firearm
  • Fits 1.5" wide standard gun belt
  • Lifetime warranty

The sleek black leather holster is designed to fit and has a carrying angle that is easy to adjust. Its made from premium Premium Grade Hermann Oak 7-8oz Cow Hide.

The leather holster is wet molded to fit most firearms without feeling too loose or too tight. It fits a 1.5" wide standard gun belt and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Sits high and tight
  • Excellent concealment holster
  • Comfortable to wear over clothes
  • Made of premium leather
  • Has a rough, sharp unfinished area that digs into your bare skin
  • Only designed for right-handed shooters

2. 1791 Gunleather 1911 Holster

1791 Gunleather 1911 Holster - Thumb Break Leather Holster - Cocked...
  • CUSTOM FIT: The BHX-1CL Cocked & Locked is compatible with the 1911 5...
  • CONCEALMENT & CONVENIENCE: 1791's 1911 leather holster is designed for...
  • PROTECTION & CRAFTSMANSHIP: 1791 Gunleather's 1911 Belt Holster is...
  • CUSTOM FIT: This 1911 leather pistol holster is custom made for an...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: All 1791 products are backed by our lifetime...

The 1791 leather holster is handcrafted to protect both you and your firearm at all times. It's the best leather owb holster if looking to achieve both concealment and convenience.

The leather holster comes in four color varieties, and the quality of the leather and stitching is as per the 1791 company's usual standard. The leather holster is well molded to carry the 1911 gun and features two belt holes on the slide side for adjustable cant.

The leather holster fits both  4 and 5-inch barrels and belts up to 1 & 3/4 inches. It has a thumb strap that fastens to the inside making the thumb release pretty quick to flip open.

  • Offers great retention
  • High quality and Well made
  • Heavy-duty holster
  • Fits like a glove
  • Trigger and thumb safety are covered when holstered
  • Multi-fit
  • It's a right-hand draw
  • Some reviews noted that the leather is too thick

3. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate 3 Slot OWB Leather Gun Belt Holster

The Ultimate 3 Slot OWB Leather Gun Belt Holster - Fits S&W...
  • FITS MOST FULL SIZE & COMPACT HANDGUNS IN 9MM, .40 & .45! Glock 17 /...

One of the key striking features of the leather holster is that its hand made. The high-quality leather holster is made of premium cowhide leather.

The leather gun belt holster uses a straight drop or butt-forward cant. Thus allowing you comfortably wear it strong-side, cross-draw or behind-the-hip.

It's the perfect holster for open or concealed carry. Additionally, its pre-curved to adjust close to the body while providing easy access.

Lastly, it can carry over 80 gun varieties.

  • Comfortable holster
  • Fits like a glove
  • Made of premium leather
  • Includes a sweat shield to avoid moisture and sweat on the gun
  • Doesn't irritate when worn on bare skin
  • The holster doesn't completely cover the trigger guard
  • Reholstering can be quite difficult

4. 1791 GunLeather 3-Way P365 Holster

1791 GunLeather 3-Way P365 Holster - OWB CCW Holster Ambidextrous -...
  • VERSATILITY: The 3 WAY holster allows for 3 different CCW positions....
  • COMFORT & QUALITY: Upgrade your carry to the 3-WAY leather gun...
  • CONCEALMENT & CONVENIENCE: Our Holster is designed for concealment and...
  • PROTECTION & CRAFTSMANSHIP: 1791 Gunleather's 3-WAY Holster is hand...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: All 1791 products are backed by our lifetime...

Designed to cater to veterans, law enforcement, sportsmen, hunters, and active service specialists, this is the best leather owb holster to balance quality and comfort.

The great leather holster is designed for versatility allowing 3 different CCW positions. The holes on both sides of the holster allow for Right or Left Handed OWB to carry in 3 different positions. It's also perfect for those who Cross Draw.

The holster is built ot be durable and is to meant to cater to your concealed carry needs. It has a quick draw design making it the leather gun holster for your everyday carry.

Lastly, the holster is handcrafted to protect both your and your firearm. It's great for weapons with barrels of 4 or 5 inches since it has the proper duration.

  • Has a snug fit
  • Handcrafted from high-quality leather
  • Designed for ambidextrous orientation
  • Great for 3 different CCW positions
  • Ideal for both open carry and concealed
  • The frame is slightly heavy
  • It can be quite tight at first

5. Desantis Speed Scabbard 

Desantis Speed Scabbard Holster Fits Shield Right Hand,...
  • Speed Scabbard Holster
  • Fits SW Shield
  • Black in color

When it comes to leather holsters, Desantis knows a thing or two of what they're doing. After all, they've established themselves as reputable manufacturers of holsters.

The Speed Scabbard features a pancake OWB style. However, its stunning black style is sure to catch your eye at first glance.

The holster allows for an uninterrupted draw, meaning a quick draw. Despite being striking to the eye, it is one of the most concealable holsters.

The downside is that it lacks a thumb break and has passive retention.

  • Extremely comfortable and easily concealable
  • The gun fits perfectly, and the holster holds its shape
  • It's easy to draw your gun
  • It doesn't have a thumb break

Features To Consider When Choosing Best Leather OWB Holster

a) Type of OWB Holster

There are two main types of OWB holsters. The differences between the two can be attributed to personal choice and how you prefer a gun belt.

i) Paddle Holsters

These holsters are popular among people who bring their weapons on and off during the day. Instead of getting a belt loop, the holster uses a wide piece of material that connects to the holster frame and is used to slip through the waistband to serve as an anchor.

It's great as it ensures you can quickly take your belt on and off but is a downside if planning to wear your belt all day and carry concealed. The holster is often awkward due to its wide paddle that feels rough and chafe against the skin.

It is also difficult to have a fast load paddle holster, making it more difficult to carry it concealed.

ii) Pancake holsters

The holster features a belt loop either immediately behind it or in line with the holster frame. It's supposed to be inserted into your belt and held as close as possible to your body. It's the best owb holster if planning to carry your weapon all day and are not particularly concerned about how long it takes to bring out your weapon.

For a concealed carry, pancake holsters tend to be superior since they give the slimmest appearance of all OWB holster styles.

The con is how long it takes the holsters to get on and off. You're likely to have to cut your belt halfway, loop it through the holster, and place it back on the belt.

b) Type of Material Used

i) Leather Holsters

A leather holster tends to be durable and sturdy, but you need to break it in. This can be time-consuming, but it makes your holster more comfortable for you and your gun.

A leather holster tends to be silent, making it a great choice for concealment.

Additionally, even when hard, a leather holster is generally more forgiving against the skin should you sustain a hard impact, such as a fall.

Lastly, leather holsters tend to mold to the contours of your body over time.

ii) Kydex Holsters

Kydex holsters don't need any breaking-in. They are sweatproof, meaning they keep moisture away from your weapon. Kydex is an extremely hard and rigid material; thus, if the holster is pressed against you by another person, whether intentionally or accidentally, you’ll feel it more with Kydex.

Kydex makes a sound when drawing a weapon, meaning you can't sneak around when using one.

iii) Nylon Holsters

Nylon holsters can be considered a balance between leather and Kydex. Nylon is a dependent and durable material, meaning your holster is will be made to last. Like Kydex, they don't need to be broken in.

Nylon tends to be generally comfortable, which is great if planning to wear your holster every day. In addition, it’s a slim and noiseless material, which makes it a logical choice for concealment.

c) Adjustability

Everyone has a different body structure. Hence when searching for the best owb holster, it's essential to find a leather holster that fits your body. In addition, it should feature flexible fabrics or interchangeable buttons or belt loops to suit your style of carrying.

Though OWB holsters present a few challenges, a little prior preparation can ensure that carriers can experience the benefits of carrying a weapon using this method.

d) Retention

It is also crucial to note that when searching for the best owb holsters made of leather, they should be capable of handling the weapon's weight when it's placed upside down. Generally, standard OWB holsters are equipped with a locking system that places friction on the trigger guard to guarantee that the gun remains in place.

e) Belt Type

When searching for the best leather owb holster, it's essential to ensure you wear a proper gun belt. Gun belts come in widths of 1¼, 1½, and 1¾ inches. Some are tapered in the front to a thinner width. Generally, they are double-thick leather or leather reinforced with a synthetic material. You can also find all-synthetic belts. A proper gun belt will support the gun's weight (unlike an ordinary belt), and they provide enough vertical leverage on the holster to prevent it from flopping away from the body.

f) Manufactured vs. Custom

The question lies should you get a manufactured holster or one that's handcrafted? The difference between the two is quite small. They both offer excellent quality; however, manufactured holsters lack the availability for unusual guns and tend to come in only one or at most two belt widths.

You can specify the custom touches you'd like and get them made in exotic leather with custom-made holsters. In addition, you can get the holster mated to precisely the correct belt width. You can usually get them modified to suit any specific fit issues you have. You can also get holsters with features that would be too expensive to manufacture in quantity.

Benefits of Carrying An OWB Holster

  • Accessibility: It lets you keep your weapon close for easy, immediate access.
  • Re-holstering: When you're out on the range, you require straightforward re-holstering. This is also beneficial for law enforcement when in a non-threatening situation. In addition, you don't have the pressure of the belt pulling them shut.
  • Ease of Use: The holsters are well suited for beginners and most users who wear guns for protection purposes. For instance, you don't need to worry about a concealed carry if looking to protect your property.
  • Open Carry Laws: Some states have open carry laws that dictate that users must make their guns visible if carrying them in public. There are certain circumstances where possessing a credible deterrent is prudent.
  • Comfort: With this style, you can carry it openly with no clothing restrictions. You can wear your normal size clothing, a tucked-in shirt, and go out without a jacket if you please. OWB holsters fit snugly against the torso with fore and aft belt loops to keep the firearm in place with even weight distribution.

Frequently Asked Question About Best Leather OWB Holster

a) What's the difference between an OWB holster and IWB Holster?

OWB holsters ( outside the waistband) are designed to be worn on your belt, normally between 3:00 and 4:30. In contrast, an IWB holster ( inside the waistband) is worn inside the pants and attached to the belt with loops or hooks. It offers the best form of concealment but requires pants that are about an inch more in the waist measurement than you normally wear. As a result, some people find them less comfortable than hip holsters and vice versa.

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