Best Leather Rifle Sling for Comfortable All-Day Walks

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Best Leather Rifle Sling

Whether you are in the military or looking for a hunting rifle, you need a sling that provides as much comfort as durability, and there's a big difference between a decent sling that will get you by and a great sling that will last for years. The nicely built leather slings are the best for hunting rifles, and they will save you a lot of money since you don't have to replace them often. The high-quality leather slings will also save you from potential pain, and since they are more versatile, they will do more than go over a shoulder and are also designed to be more comfortable.

What is a Leather Rifle Sling?

A leather rifle sling is a strap type or harness designed to conveniently conveniently conveniently allow shooters to carry their firearm on their bodies. These slings help in a greater hit probability as they allow a firearm to be more stable and braced during aiming. Leather rifle slings have a significant appeal to hunters as a perfectly made leather sling will beat any other kind of sling both in its appearance and usefulness.

When choosing the best, ensure you consider the advancement in new materials, technology, and adaptations such as stretching as a good rifle sling will provide you with the ability to carry your rifle over a long duration and for farther distance without feeling muscle soreness or a negative strain like a traditional rifle gun sling would give you.

However, finding a quality product nowadays can be daunting as few manufacturers manufacture real leather slings for use. Therefore, we have compiled the best leather rifle slings with their pros and cons. After that, we have included a detailed buying guide for you to know what to look out for when shopping for the best leather rifle sling.

What is the best rifle sling for mountain hunting?

1. Raiseek Rifle Sling

Raiseek Rifle Sling Buffalo Hide Leather Sling with Swivels, Durable...
  • Made of buffalo hide leather with quality stitching. It is comfortable...
  • Brown Color: Classic look and tough gun sling; The color gives it a...
  • 1 Inch wide sling; All metal hardware, Raiseek gun sling is fitted...
  • Real metal fasteners; The gun sling length is adjustable, and it is...
  • These metal sling swivels open/close smoothly and mount securely....

Raiseek is the rifle sling you seek in the sea of options. Raiseek is the best hunting sling because it keeps the rifle snug at a ready position. You can comfortably go hunting knowing that your aim is only as good as you can take it without any obstructions from the sling. Raiseek ensures you hold the rifle properly as all the best slings should. Raiseek is a sling you must own as a gun accessory because of a stable shooting platform. The high-quality sling is affordable and easy to strap on without any challenges.

Raiseek is a leather hunting rifle sling. Hunting rifle slings have a lot of requirements that they need to meet, and Raiseek meets them all. As the best hunting rifle sling, Raiseek makes hunting possible for days. The tension from aiming will only stay on the target at the end of your shot. The shoulder strap is wide enough to distribute the weight evenly on your body. The pressure is significantly reduced when the strap is wide enough, and Raiseek offers you all the comfort you need.

Raiseek is made of buffalo leather, and you are guaranteed that the shoulder strap will last longer than any other alternative. Raiseek is an excellent sling to use as a mountain sling because of the demanding terrain and constant movement as you go about hunting. The hunting sling has metal swivels that are smooth and easy to mount. Raiseek is the hunting rifle to take your game to the next level.

  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Strong buffalo leather
  • Affordable sling
  • Leather requires a lot of maintenance.

2. Nohma Leather Hunting Rifle Sling

Nohma Leather Buffalo Leather Rifle Gun Sling, Crazy Horse / Brown...
  • Made in the USA
  • COLOR: Crazy Horse/Brown
  • 1" in width Gun Sling, with Black Screws
  • Leather Rifle Sling is Handcrafted by Amish, from Buffalo Hide Leather
  • Swivel not included with Rifle Sling

Hunting equipment has a standard feature that is common among all the components: reliability. The best rifle sling is a reliable sling, and Nohma is one such sling. The hunting rifle sling is handmade with precision and does not have the flaws you often find in factory-made slings. Nohma sling is obtained from buffalo leather, which is unique and stronger than other leather forms. As a result, Nohma is a sling that will not let you down when it counts the most.

Nohma sling can handle large guns because it is adjustable from 30 to 42 inches. The adjustable length is ideal for persons of any age, height and body size. You can count on Nohma to fit correctly without sabotaging your aim. The sling ensures that different people can use a gun without any discomfort. When hunting in the mountains, carrying a gun should not be a hassle because it quickly becomes heavy. Nohma is a premium handle that offers you a great hunting time in the mountains, keeping the gun discreet until such a time when you will need the gun.

  • Comfortable hunting rifle sling
  • Premium buffalo hide
  • Adjustable length
  • Good sling for any body size
  • Best sling for different guns
  • No swivels included

3. US Springfield WWI 1907 Pattern Leather Sling

U.S. Springfield WWI 1907 Pattern Leather Sling - Leather & Brass
  • 1.25 inches wide. Top quality genuine leather, brass clips and leather...
  • Double Point Sling (Amazon marketplace compliant).
  • Leather color may vary due to dyeing and natural color variation.
  • Reproduction sling correct for WWI 1903 Springfield Rifle or the WWII...
  • Replicated WWI markings.

Genuine leather, keeper loops and brass clips sound like what I want on my gun sling. The double-point sling has replicated WWI markings, keeping the classic touch and the authenticity of the sling alive. The hunting rifle sling has a strap width of 1.25 inches, enough to prevent any potential shoulder pain. US Springfield leather sling is excellent for the avid hunter who wants to try out the WWII M1 Garand Rifle.

The rifle sling has a rugged construction that is durable and will see you through many trophies. The surface is a bit rough and wear-resistant, offering just enough grip during your aim and preventing any unnecessary slippage. The leather hunting sling is the shooting aid you have been looking for all this while, and you can count on the two connection points to hold without faltering.

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • The sling fits most carriers
  • Rough undersurface acts as non-slip grippers
  • Great for heavy guns
  • Color may vary due to dyeing.

4. Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling

Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling, Crazy...
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • BF500 Rifle Sling, is handmade from premium Buffalo Leather for...
  • Padded and suede lined shoulder support for no-slip and added comfort...
  • This Leather Rifle Sling is handcrafted by Amish, guarantees a...
  • Accent stitching adds style and strengths to the leather rifle sling.

Nahoma Padded Leather Sling is an Amish handmade rifle sling and is among the best rifle slings you will find in the market today. Norma Leather makes this product using buffalo hide leather. Also, she has excellent stitching, resulting in a beautiful weathered brown leather-look giving an old classical rifle sling look. It comes with real metal fasteners that allow any fine adjustment with your guns of different sizes and is a great fit for all hunting rifles types.

Nahoma Padded Leather Sling adjusts from 30” to 42,” which ensures extreme durability, and maintaining leather sling will ensure you get the most out of this buffalo leather sling. Apart from being a very functional sling, it includes a nice pad with suede back into it for additional comfort and also has some black screws that can be used in both ends to attach swivels. Norma leather Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling gives the best value for money, and you will not find any other leather-made rifle sling close to this carry-strap

  • USA Amish handmade rifle sling and this guarantees the best quality
  • Suitable for all hunting rifle types and also shotguns
  • Snug fit and won't slip off during any rapid and heavy movement
  • Made of original buffalo hide leather giving it an old school look
  • The gorgeous hunting rifle sling is extremely durable
  • Padded sling with a suede-back, and this makes it super comfortable to carry a heavy classical lever action rifle or a semi-automatic rifle for a long time
  • Easy fitting and adjustment
  • It does not include swivels

5. Tas Trost Leather Rifle Sling

The Tas Trost shoulder leather hunting sling is the one sling that every hunter needs. The sling comes in handy for different rifles and has features that make every shot a worthy take. Tas Trost will make any game toast in no time. The sling has a cartridge holder, and you do not have to worry about running out of rounds. The bullets will be there with you when you need them at a moment's notice. The padded strap is the most comfortable of all hunting rifle slings and is, therefore, the best hunting rifle sling to bring with you to a mountain hunt.

The Tas Trost sling attaches to the gun firmly, making your aim clinical, and the deer better be practicing its runs and maneuvers. With the Tas Trost sling, you will not need any camouflage patterns because it is better for the target to understand why the shot was so good. Tas Trost has features that add to your convenience while in the mountains. A small bag on the sling gives you the space to include a telescope wipe so that your vision is well taken care of while on the hunt. The bag is easy to open, as it closes using a magnetic flap that requires only one hand to get the job done.

Buy Tas Trost today and get the experience of having a worthy mountain hunting partner.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Bullet slots
  • Small carry bag included
  • Padded strap
  • Great for heavy rifles
  • High-quality leather
  • Leather is not good with water.

6. Butler Creek Cobra Sling

Butler Creek Cobra Sling 36" x 1" Padded Tan
  • Wide, flexible shoulder pad.
  • Western-style stitching.
  • Brass hardware

Butler and the cobra have one thing in common; precision. Hunting in the mountains is one of the trickiest sports you can ever try. Apart from the elements, the terrain is against you in all the ways you can imagine. Therefore, you need to have a strap you can count on to make your hunting easy and enjoyable. The challenge should be the target and not the gun itself. Reliable hunting rifle slings are difficult to find, but you have to look no further with the Butler Creek on your gun.

Butler Creek is one of the best hunting rifle slings, and rightfully so. The sling is soft and will not hurt your shoulders even after long hunting hours. You can be assured of competition-grade performance with the strap on your shoulders. Butler holds the rifle securely, making deer hunting a breeze. An old Butler will function as a new rifle sling because of its durability and reliability. You can be sure that the rifle will bring your trophies and those of your grandchildren home. Butler Creek is the negative answer to the deer's prayers, delivering precise and decisive shots.

  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Secure carry
  • Beautiful design
  • Precise stitching
  • Durable
  • Suede leather is high maintenance.

7. Free2Buy Rifle Sling Gun Shoulder Genuine Leather

Rifle Sling Gun Shoulder Genuine Leather Adjustable Belt for Hunting...
  • ✅ Build to Last: This handcrafted rifle sling is made of Premium...
  • ✅ The gun sling length is adjustable: 37 1/2" to 39 3/8". Width is 1...
  • ✅ Adjust to fit your body and comfort level and go. The adjustable...
  • ✅ Choose the color you like it is сomes in Black and Brown colors.
  • ✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Free2Buy Rifle Sling is a handcrafted leather rifle gun sling made of premium quality genuine leather, and therefore it's super durable and will give long service to any user. The gun sling has an adjustable sling length between 37 and 39 inches with a width of 1&1/4 inches, where the width of the connection to the swivel is 5/8 inches.

Free2Buy Rifle Sling features a beautiful leather material, and also the leatherwork is great, adding to the durability of the gun sling. It easily adjusts to fit your comfort level, and body and the adjustable gun sling is suitable for use in rifles or shotguns and can be used for tactical shooting sports or hunting. However, according to some of the Free2Buy Rifle leather rifle sling reviews, it is quite short for some users and doesn't adjust the best, but it works great for others.

  • Versatile
  • Durable as it built to last thanks to the premium quality leather
  • Adjustable to fit your body and comfort level
  • Suitable for rifles and shotguns ad can be used in hunting, sports protection accessories, tactical shooting sports
  • Quite short and not the most adjustable

8. Detroit Leather Shop USA Handmade Rifle Sling with Swivel

Detroit Leather Shop USA Handmade Slider Buckle Rifle Sling 1.25" Wide...
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily and quickly adjust the length using only one hand by moving...
  • 1.25 inches wide which is sturdier and more comfortable to use than...
  • Premium buffalo leather stronger than cowhide yet still flexible

Detroit Leather Shop handmade rifle sling is one of the best products famous for its aesthetic products. The handmade leather sling features an artistic design and a beautiful brown color with black metals, giving the rifle sling a classic vintage look. All the metallic parts, including the screw, swivel, buckles, were made with solid brass with a black oxide finish, and the thick is quite thick, and it fits most needs.

Detroit Leather Shop handmade rifle is made with buffalo leather, which helps enrich its built-in quality, and you can find it attached to your body thanks to the 1.25 inches. It is a no-drill leather rifle sling meaning all holes have been made using a hand punch and a maul, and thanks to the beeswax and natural oil finishing, you get a beautiful look with this fine leather rifle sling. It makes the best leather rifle sling for walnut or mahogany-made classical lever-action rifle.

  • Genuine buffalo hide leather that has an extraordinary finish
  • It has a solid seasoning that makes the shoulder carry strong but still flexible
  • Has a gorgeous look thanks to the black metal and brown finest leather combination
  • Comfortable even though it's not a padded leather rifle
  • The gun sling has additional holes for a better adjustment
  • Includes swivels and is extendable from 2.5 feet to 3 feet
  • The gun sling does not relieve the heaviness of your rifle.

9. Custom Leather Rifle Sling- Cobra Style Hand tooled by Ozark Mountain Leather

Leather Rifle Sling Customizable -padded- Cobra Style Hand tooled...
  • Chicago screws are included for attachment to the rifle sling swivels...
  • Fits 1-inch sling swivels . See other listing if your gun does not...
  • The color of this listing is the Austin Brown Color. We also sell...
  • Cobra Style sling. 3 inches at the widest point and tappers down....
  • PLEASE***** Double check the spelling. We are not responsible for...

Ozark Mountain Leather is always among the top names when looking for a high-quality custom leather rifle sling, and it's popular for its beautifully crafted leather-made rifle slings. The company makes their slings manually and only use hand tools with no machines at all, and one of their most popular slings is the Cobra rifle sling, a two-point leather rifle gun sling. The Cobra Style rifle sling can be ordered either in plain or customized, and they also have a tooled and non-tooled leather version.

For customization, you can get up to ten characters written on the sling as all the cutting, piercing, sawing, and customization are done using bare hands, leaving a wonderful yet artistic beauty that will impress anyone. The Cobra-sIn addition, the sling is very comfortable to carry as it's only sewn on its backside, and the sewing ensures it is grippy, and it won't slip off your shoulder easily. At the same time, it lightens the weight of your normal-sized long rifle.

Ozark Mountain Leather Cobra-style sling ensures extreme durability thanks to the 42-inch long and 7/8-inch wide with a 3-inch wide on the padded part. It also includes solid brass Chicago screws that fit 1-inch swivels, and the length is easily adjustable, unlike other rifle slings.

  • The Cobra rifle sling doesn't slip off your shoulders
  • The custom leather rifle sling is made with a solid genuine leather material
  • Comfortable and suitable for long-distance carrying
  • It is an excellent leather sling, especially for the youth
  • Suede-lined shoulder pads on the backside for extra comfort and minimizes slippage.
  • Beautifully handcrafted sling makes great make great groomsmen gifts or corporate gifts for a hunter in your life.
  • Not suitable if you are not into classic looks

10. Mossy Oak Mason Creek Leather Sling

Mossy Oak Mason Creek Leather Sling, Pink
  • Suede leather on front and back
  • Heavy duty design
  • Sling swivels included

Mossy Oak Mason Creek Leather Sling is the best single-point leather sling that is highly functional and adds some character to the traditionally styled riles. The high-quality genuine leather suits perfectly gun like a Martin for a great price and an immaculate color and stitching. Since it's a single-point sling, it's easy to carry around and allows a user to use it when going around easily.

Mossy Oak Mason Creek Leather Sling is well-made and has enough length to accommodate bigger guns as the gun sling stays in its place thanks to the material and construction. The gun sling can be attached to any shotgun or rifle, but it works best for rifles, and it's adjustable and allows change in length from 31 inches to 39 inches. Additionally, it does not use permanent rivets, and therefore you can remove the strap from the swivels, and with a one-inch width, it also has a comfortable padded area that will rest on your shoulder.

  • Well-price for a genuine leather rifle gun sling
  • Stylish with a tough design
  • Adjustable up to 39 inches
  • High-quality with durable construction and made of a good material
  • A padded area that rests on your shoulder for maximum comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Not the most suitable for a big guy as it's on the shorter side
  • Lead has been used in its design
  • The leather strap keeper is not made of genuine leather.

What Are Some Reasons You Need a Leather Rifle Sling?

a). Better Mobility of the Rifle

These wonderfully crafted leather gun slings usually come with single, double, and triple attachment points, and you may need to put these slings on the strong shoulder side on the shooting shoulder. Rifle slings guarantee that your rifle gains a significant amount of mobility, and when shooting, the sling provides support to your rifle.

b). Ease of Use

The main reason for using a classic sling is to carry your rifle since carrying it with bare hands might be tiring and unsafe. With these slings, your hands can be free, and they will perform any regular activities as you need them to, and you can even run comfortably with free hands.

Keeping in mind that the average rifle is moderately heavy. The slings usually ease up carrying them significantly and come to your rescue for long outings where you may need to carry your rifle all day.

c). Accurate Shooting

You can t accurately shoot thanks to the adequate support from the sling as it enhances the accuracy of shooting. After all, when using a rifle, you can't afford to compromise your accuracy since it could eventually be a matter of life and death. This is why you need to check brands manufacturing leather slings carefully. They will give you proper functional value and aesthetics, and your rifle slings will go a long way in influencing your overall shooting experience.

What are the Types of Slings?

a). Single Point Sling

These sling types attach to only one part of the weapon, and this is a straightforward style as it's easy to wear and adjust. Most of the time, these leather rifle slings usually attach to the back of the firearm and may have a leather loop that weaves around the body and goes over one arm and under the other.

It is the cheapest type of sling, and it allows the transition of shoulder to shoulder when you need it and allows a huge range of movement. Therefore, you can easily use it to shoot around barriers, and they won't get tangled up. However, these single-point slings move too much since they bounce and frequently sway, meaning you could get hit a few times with the heavy weapon in some ways that you want. A single-point sling is not the best option if you are moving or climbing a lot because your weapon will move around a lot against your body.

b). Double or Two Point Slings

The double rifle gun sling is the most popular, and this type attaches in two places of your rifle and is designed for maximum stability and comfort. These types are mainly used for hunting and tactical activities as they give plenty of support and adjustment, and they don't allow your weapon to move around, and it will stay tight against your body.

The two-point sling makes a great hunting rifle. As you climb over obstacles, carry the deer, or set the camp, you can easily adjust what you need to without worrying about your weapon bouncing around. Even though these two-point slings may limit your flexibility to a certain point, you will experience the hits to the body with the adjustable slings. However, keep in mind that they won't allow the transition without removing the sling and rifle off your body.

c). Three-Point Slings

These slings don't make the best hunting rifle slings because of limited flexibility, and even though they were the first tactical slings, they have become less popular as the years have gone by. A three-point sling will sit across your body just like a double sling, but it has an extra loop in the middle, and these slings are supportive and perfect for heavier weapons such as AR 10.

Three-point leather rifle slings offer more control over your weapon even when you let it hand, and for people using a full-sized rifle, a three-point sling will offer more support. However, these slings may feature too many straps, and they may get tangled up in your gear if you are not careful, and you will have to adjust each strap individually, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Factors to Consider the Best Leather Rifle Sling

When shopping for a leather rifle sling, there are a few factors you should consider, and they include:

1. Design

Most rifle slings are designed to accommodate different body types, and this means that they are adjustable as you wouldn't want a sling that might be too tight, especially for body armor.

2. Comfort

For a heavy weapon, you will want to choose wide slings that will handle the weight evenly, and this reduces the stress on your shoulder and prevents the sling from digging into your shoulder. Some slings have been designed for heavier rifles, which means that they may have padding on the shoulder area of the sling. The padding makes you more comfortable, especially if you are carrying an AR, AR 10, or a heavy shotgun. When looking for a leather sling, choose padded leather rifle slings even though many leather rifle slings offer comfort, whether padded or not.

3. Purpose

What you need for your leather rifle sling will determine the one you should opt for because the one that fits heavy-duty sling over tough terrain is not the same as hunting. If you are looking for a defense sling or carry sling, you need a strong sling that will be easy to put on and off.

Hunting leather rifle slings usually prioritize comfort over convenience. However, if you need a sling for a heavy-duty grade weapon, it should be comfortable and adjustable.

4. Authenticity

The market is filled with different types of artificial leather products. Even though most manufacturers may claim the genuineness of their product, they may not be using high-quality genuine leather. Some like the World War Supply Black Leather Military Style Sling are a replica of rifle slings originally used in World War 2. They are a two-piece sling adjustable made from genuine leather suits and may come with sewn keepers and copper rivets. So one of the first things to decide is whether you want a genuine quality leather or a look-alike, which will help you decide the budget.

5. Seasoning and finishing of the leather

The performance of the best leather rifle slings, in the long run, will depend on the finishing of the leather and how well seasoned it is, and if it has fine finishing. If you intend on buying it online, choose your product wisely and ensure you check all the leather rifle sling reviews to avoid ending up with a sling with a bad treatment that will soon get wasted.

6. Weather resistance

Extreme weather resistance is an important factor to consider, especially for use with a hunting rifle. As hunting mostly occurs in the winter, your leather sling should be able to handle and withstand extremely cold temperatures. Otherwise, the leather sling may get stiff during hunting and become inconvenient, and eventually, the leather will erode and become unstable.

In addition, ensure your leather sling is water resilient or water-resistant since, during hunting, your leather rifle sling may be exposed to water for a longer period. However, keep in mind that most artificial-made products are not completely impenetrable.

7. Scent-Free

The best leather rifle slings usually don't smell when hunting, but artificial leather slings are more prone to odor if they aren't treated properly. So look for a sling that has scent-free features to avoid smelling any scents.

8. Price

The budget is always a major factor for any purchase, and leather-made products are usually more expensive than other slings as leather cant be produced in a factory. Sometimes, the price may go up thanks to additional accessories like a leather storing hoop to keep it unused. Therefore, according to your budget, check for the best, but remember that the cheapest leather sling will not have the best quality of genuine leather when it comes to leather slings.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Leather Rifle Sling

1. How long should a leather rifle sling be?

The length of the leather rifle will depend on the user and the type of gun the strap is intended for. A heavily built person will not use the same strap length as a lightly built person. Some features are standard whether you are sourcing for a double strap sling or a regular sling. The length of the sling will vary according to the rifle type, and the lengths include:

a). Hunting rifles

These rifles should use adjustable 36-inch slings, but you may need a 45-inch sling because of the extra length.

b). Bracing for shots. AR/AK style rifles

These types should use the 50-inch slings for the low carry technique and a 45-inch sling for the tactical carry.

c). Shotguns

Shotguns should use 45-inch slings. However, it is better to buy an adjustable sling that can work on different rifles.

2. How Do you adjust a black leather rifle sling?

The modern two-point rifle slings of the tactical type usually come with an in-built feature for adjusting your length, which allows a user to adjust the sling length quickly. To adjust your sling length, you can:

  • Open the rifle sling
  • Stick your head and support arm through
  • The sling should be pointing down to the left for right-handed shooters
  • Then adjust it according to your height and chest size where the sling should hang comfortably, which should not be too tight or too loose.

Mountain Hunting Tips

i) Feeding Ground

You will not go hunting at the peak of Mount Everest because it is inhabitable for any animals. You will be the prey there. After identifying the animal you want on your grill, it is time to find the possible locations to find the prey. Having the best hunting rifle sling holding the most lethal gun will not help if there is nothing to shoot. Find the feeding patterns of the deers and know when to visit the deer. A good hunter does not go rampaging towards the prey. You are going home with fewer bullets and no meat if you do.

Once you have a good idea about the feeding patterns and grounds, it is time to get into your element and release some souls into the next world. If you are going to make some kills, make every move count. The kill happens long before you pull the trigger.

ii) Pick Your Strap Well

Picking your strap well will be the difference between grilling and sitting sadly like a loser after missed kills. There are many kinds of straps that you can choose from, and you can not go wrong if you know what you are looking for. A strap with nylon webbing will see the sling last you a long time to come. Durable nylon straps like the Allen rifle sling or the Claw rifle sling will do a great job of holding your gear when you need to take the shot.

Leather straps are the best because they are durable and robust. You can count leather to last decades without losing its reliability if well taken care of. The thing with leather is that there is a lot of maintenance that has to be done. You can get away with a few things when it comes to leather, but not for long.

The sling length matters a lot because you will require the sling to fit both the gun and your body. Adjustable slings do a great job of being versatile. You can buy one reliable sling instead of many unreliable slings. Having a sling that you are used to is excellent and makes your hunting about the prey, not about making adjustments.

iii) Know the Funnels

What if, instead of going for the prey, you let them come straight to you. Knowing the funnels is what laying traps are all about. Only that this time, you are the trap, and your bite will take the prey with a heavenly surprise. The prey will form some patterns dictated by nature and the terrain. The deer will avoid more steep terrain and will prefer the gentler landscape. With that information, you can make out the prey's paths. Then, instead of going after the prey, you can sit back and wait to point your nozzle at an unsuspecting animal.

iv) Carry Water

Mountain hunting is exciting that you might forget that scaling the mountain is hiking despite the motive. Going up the mountain can be a bit tasking and physical. Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself while you are there. Water is the one thing you can not afford to forget.

v) Communication

The thing about mountains is sometimes the network is poor. Before hunting in the mountains, ensure someone knows where you are. Even if you are a bunch of friends and not alone, someone needs to know where you are. If no one knows where you are, you might turn into prey pretty fast. You have watched enough documentaries and movies to know this.

vi) Know Where You Are

The easiest thing to do in a forest is to get lost. Anyone can do it. You, however, should be smart enough to know that it gets tricky when you are out there. Tag along with someone familiar with the terrain, or carry a map with you. Do not go somewhere you are unsure about. You do not need the gun to protect yourself, but you soon will, if not keep track of the path. The GPS should be your friend when going mountain hunting.

Final Word

Walk for very long, and even a straw will be the heaviest thing you ever carried. Having a good rifle sling is a non-negotiable for a mountain hunter because you will need to come out of the hunt with no shoulder pain. Regardless of the gun you have, the sling is the sure way to get maximum comfort, and that is why instead of a cotton or a nylon sling, go for a leather sling. 

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