Pegasi 2 vs Luminette 3 – Best Light Therapy Glasses Review 2021

 February 2, 2021

By  Tim Parry

Considering the constant evolution of technology these days and the role it plays in our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that our well-being is also affected in one way or another. It has come to a point where the concerns we have now are virtually non-existent in the past like health problems and lifestyle hazards.

Fortunately, the advancement in technology also paves the way for devices that address these concerns the best way possible. Such is the case for sleep disorders and the device that could help solve it best – light therapy glasses.

How can light therapy glasses help me?

If you’ve been on the fence about getting help for your difficulties in sleeping, you’ve probably thought this question a lot to yourself. “How can light therapy glasses help me?”

These glasses are meticulously designed to provide the user with benefits from light therapy or phototherapy. Light therapy, as the name suggests, is the scientific use of light to treat a medical condition. Most of the time, it is used to address problems when a person’s internal circadian rhythm is not aligned to the natural patterns of light and darkness.

You would likely fall into the category of people who could benefit greatly from light therapy glasses if you exhibit symptoms of mood disorder, difficulties in sleeping, and jet lag. They also work for those who are on shifting schedules at work, those who are often exposed to the light from computer or laptop screens and mobile devices, as well as those who live in the northern hemisphere where days are usually longer than nights. Do not be suprised of what aids there are for everything – take hairloss as an aexample. We wrote a long piece on “Hair Growth Systems” which can help people re-generate their hair.

What are the benefits of light therapy glasses?

Fortunately, light therapy is now made more accessible even without the need to go to hospitals or a specialist’s clinic regularly. With the help of light therapy glasses, people have a more convenient way to work on their difficulties within the comforts of their homes or even wherever they prefer.

With regular use, light therapy glasses can improve the quality of sleep, improve one’s mood, treat winter blues, and fight jet lag. Users attest that light therapy glasses have shown positive effects in addressing their difficulty falling asleep, difficulty waking up, lack of deep restorative sleep, and lack of energy brought about by the poor quality of sleep.

On a greater scale, users of therapy glasses also enjoy other benefits such as improved mood and more alert brain function, which are also often associated with good sleeping habits. We recommend this great reserach paper on the benefit of light therapy glasses.

How much does light therapy glasses cost?

A quality brand of light therapy glasses may cost a couple of hundred dollars to as much as $300.

Although the price may seem a bit too steep to some, avid users of the device agree that it is worth the investment; especially so if it manages to address sleeping problems that could eventually take a toll on one’s health if left untreated.

For others who are not willing to spend a lot of money on light therapy glasses, though, there are also options that go as low as $75 with pretty much the same benefits as the pricier ones.

The battle of top brands: Pegasi 2 vs Luminette 3 Review

Two of the most highly talked about brands of light therapy glasses today are Pegasi and Luminette. These two companies have been in the industry for so long that thousands of consumers have benefitted from their patented technology.

But for those who are just finding their way through the world of light therapy glasses, here are reviews of the two products that could help you make your mind on which product to get.

Pegasi 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses

PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Your Sleep in 7 Days,...
  • 【SPECIAL BLUE-GREEN LIGHT】PEGASI II features the wavelengths of...
  • 【SOLVE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS】PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II can help...
  • 【EASY TO USE】Drug-free.You only need to wear PEGASI light therapy...
  • 【SAFE FOR YOUR EYES】PEGASI is a member of the US National Sleep...
  • 【Traveling Case Included】Upgraded 2.0 Version with new Carrying...

Value for Money:  4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Overview: Pegasi 2 boasts research-backed technology with its use of green and blue light in treating sleep problems without compromising comfort. The wavelengths between green and blue light are seen to be as equally effective as 10,000 lux white light.

Its benefits are lumped in three main categories – improving sleep, boosting energy, and beating jet lag – with claims of significant changes showing just after 7 days of use.


These Pegasi 2 light therapy glasses are known for their feather-light weight, which means users won’t have problems wearing it for 30 minutes daily or even while performing daily activities such as running, exercising, or earing. Its collapsible frame and the complementary traveling case also allow for more convenient use. Moreover, users can switch different modes using the Pegasi Sleep App via Bluetooth.


Some users report to have seen significant improvement after more than 7 days of using the Pegasi 2.

Product Variants: This particular version of the Pegasi glasses is available in two variants – black and white. Both colors look classy and elegant no matter where you wear them to.

Luminette 3 Light Therapy Glasses

Luminette 3 - World's first Light Therapy Glasses - Over 100,000...
  • ☀️ NEW MODEL : Slimmer design (- 0.39 inch) ; Lighter (- 0.42 oz)...
  • ☀️ PATENTED LIGHTING SYSTEM : Thanks to its patented illumination...
  • ☀️ EQUIVALENT TO A 10,000 LUX LAMP : The light emitted is a...
  • ☀️ LONGER AUTONOMY : Luminette is rechargeable by micro-usb cable;...
  • ☀️ SAFE AND CERTIFIED: Luminette is manufactured in Belgium....

Value for Money: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Overview: Luminette 3 is the newest model from this Belgian brand that has catered to over 70,000 users since 2006. It comes with a slimmer design than its predecessor, a lighter frame, and a more convenient on/off button with the same level of effectiveness.

It uses blue-enriched white light in three various intensities, which, studies show, is more beneficial than a 10,000-lux lamp. With its patented optical technology, the Luminette 3 ensures that the beam of light comes from a top-down angle that mirrors the way natural light falls on the eyes.

Some of its benefits include the improvement of sleep quality, regaining energy in the day, and beating winter blues. A great tip would be to simultaneously use a modern rocking chair for ultimate experience.


Catering to users who are always on the move, the Luminette 3 comes with a rechargeable micro-USB cable with one charge lasting for a total of 10 sessions. These light therapy glasses also automatically shut down as soon as a session ends, so users can simply take them off as soon as they’re done with the day’s treatment.


Some users of the Luminette 3 have complained about challenges in adjusting the glasses to fit them perfectly.

Product Variants: The Luminette 3 is only available in white.

Other recommendations

AYO Light Therapy Glasses

AYO: Premium Light Therapy | Sleep Better - Boost Energy - Beat Jet...
  • ✔ POWERFUL ENERGIZER - Meet AYO, premium light therapy glasses...
  • ✔ ALL NATURAL SLEEP IMPROVEMENT LIGHT - AYO’s sleeping aid light...
  • ✔ JET LAG PREVENTION - This compact light therapy solution allows...
  • ✔ PROVEN, SAFE, AND CERTIFIED – The AYO LED light glasses are a...

Known as one of the best-selling light therapy glasses on Amazon, AYO Light Therapy Glasses have cemented its place in the market as a trusted brand by consumers.

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Overview: The award-winning AYO Light Therapy Glasses are ergonomically designed to provide gentle exposure to a blue-turquoise light without affecting their lifestyle. It is so light (1.1 ounces) that it almost feels nothing when worn.


These glasses are best paired with smart programs that are easily accessible through the goAYO app. Programs are specially designed to target common problems – Energy, Sleep, and Travel.


It takes as much as 14 days to start seeing significant changes with the AYO Light Therapy Glasses, which can be quite long compared to other rival brands.

Product Variants: The AYO Light Therapy Glasses are only available in white with blue side trimmings.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses - Best Budget Option for Light Therapy Glasses

Of course, not everybody can afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for light therapy glasses. This is where Timer Plus proves to be a great option for its sheer affordability.

Value for Money: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Overview: Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses use two types of light for different concerns. The blue light helps address problems in the user’s sleep cycle by boosting alertness, helping memory and cognitive functions, and elevating mood.

The red light, on the other hand, is best used during the evenings due to the lower color temperature.


Timer Plus comes with a rechargeable micro-USB cable, allowing you to use the device whenever, wherever. It also features blue-light blocking lenses that help alleviate discomfort due to prolonged use of computers and mobile gadgets. The glasses work effectively even without a compatible app or software.


Battery life may not last as long as advertised, while some users complained about the nosepiece being a little uncomfortable.

Product Variants: The Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are only available in black.

Why we would recommend light therapy glasses when being i.e. sad

Light therapy glasses are highly recommended for people who are suffering from the effects of a messed-up body clock. Although it doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal to some when they experience difficulties in sleeping or constantly notice depleted energy, it does wreak havoc to one’s overall health.

Consistent use of light therapy glasses has proven to be beneficial in correcting the internal circadian rhythm and helping you recover energy, especially in the morning. But aside from helping you enjoy a restful sleep, the effects of light therapy glasses also extend to your ability to perform daily tasks with ease.

Moreover, it can be greatly beneficial for people who have shifting schedules at work, those who live in the northern hemisphere, as well as those who are often traveling to different time zones. Combine these with a weighted blanket, and you will probably see results pretty fast.

Why adding sound therapy to light therapy glasses could work for you to improve sleep

While light therapy is already effective as it is with the use of specialized glasses, the inclusion of sound therapy could also work wonders for users.

Also known as vibrational medicine or sound healing, sound therapy is a great way to put you in a relaxed state and further stimulate healing.

If you have been using light therapy glasses for quite a while and have yet to see significant improvement in your sleeping patterns and energy levels, consider adding sound therapy to your home treatment to improve your body’s reaction to therapy.

However, do remember that while light therapy glasses and sound therapy are generally well-accepted, it is still best recommended to consult specialists and discontinue use if there is any form of discomfort.

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