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Best Outdoor TV

Suppose you live in a rural area with no access or limited access to regular cable tv. In that case, a high-quality outdoor tv antenna will allow you to watch your favorite tv shows without interruptions or disturbances, and now you can cut the cord. While you may be skeptical if outdoor TV antennas work, they are a great solution for your entertainment. They can pull a range of channels, including national, public broadcasting, and public channels. Read on to understand more about outdoor antennas.


What is an Outdoor TV Antenna?

An outdoor antenna provides a long-range signal reception that enables you to watch your favorite shows and also allows you to access plenty of free HDTV channels. It acts as a free tv alternative to free yourself of the paid streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and many more. Depending on the brand, the mile range varies, and the broadcast channels as some may have UHF, VHF, and HDTV while some may have a single broadcast channel. Additionally, they are easy to install, and you can choose to employ a handyperson or install them yourself so long as you don't fear heights.

To help you find the best outdoor tv antennas, we have researched and compiled a list of the best outdoor TV antennas with their pros and cons, and we have included a buying guide to help you navigate the buying process.

What is the best outdoor tv?

1. RCA Yagi HD Antenna

RCA Compact Outdoor or Attic Yagi TV Antenna – HD Antenna with Super...
  • Enjoy top-rated HDTV network programming on channels like CBS, NBC,...
  • Receives TV broadcasts including 4K, 8K and 1080 HDTV for...
  • Withstands tough outdoor conditions with durable construction and...
  • Easy installation with pre-assembled design, easy-lock fold-out UHF...
  • The free RCA Signal Finder app is your digital compass that guides you...

RCA Yagi HD Antenna is an outdoor antenna that picks up signals from a broadcast tower 70 miles away, and it is one of the best outdoor antennas you can add for a great experience. The outdoor antenna is built durably. The antennas survive all bad weather conditions without affecting their performance. A cross-phase and multi-element design guarantee superior HD reception, which ensures you get more channels. ABC CBS

The RCA Yagi HDTV antenna is made with a fold-out design with mounting hardware, a transformer, and a mast that offers high flexibility in the installation process. This antenna allows you to watch HD TV channels broadcasted by your local station, and it has been designed to pick the major TV networks and give you a strong signal for the ultra high-frequency programming broadcast.

  • VHF/UHF reception with a 70-mile range
  • It occupies less space than other Yagi-style antennas
  • Supports both the 4K HD and 1080p signal format and has a great signal strength
  • Best reception thanks to the cross-phase multi-element design for a top-notch
  • It comes in a preassembled design with an easy-lock fold-out reflector and snap-lock elements
  • It includes some mounting hardware
  • Weather-proof
  • RCA signal finder app
  • The antenna signal strength may vary depending on the location
  • The 70-mile range have a reception that varies in other areas

2. Antennas Direct DB8e

Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna, 70 Miles Range,...
  • Country of origin : Taiwan
  • Special Brackets Allow The 2 Antenna Panels To Target Broadcast Towers...
  • Great For Outdoor & Attic Use
  • Beam angle is 24.5 degree at 470 MHz to 16.3 degree at 698 MHz, range...

Antennas Direct DB8e, an 8 Element Bowtie HDTV Antenna, is an outdoor HDTV antenna that is one of the most powerful in its range, and it's capable of picking up signals with a 70-mile range. The outdoor antenna is four antennas in one, and the Bowtie's shape will give it a multi-directional element. As a result, it picks up a better signal even when it's from a remote television broadcast TV antenna popular in remote and rural areas and some suburban areas.

Antennas Direct DB8e, 8 Element Bowtie indoor antenna has a 1.6-inch diameter, 30-inch tall in a powder-coated steel tube. The antenna features a base configured versatilely, allowing it to pivot for flat, vertical, or angled use. Additionally, you get mounting hardware and an adjustable mast clasp that withstands all weather conditions and gives you a low total ownership cost since it doesn't depreciate under the weather elements. There is also a 90-day warranty on the parts, and it comes with weather lag bolts and sealing tape, making your installation job easier.

  • 70-mile range
  • Weatherproof
  • You can send signals to all your indoor TV sets with the signal routing through the standard coaxial cable.
  • It does not need a pre-amplifier in most situations
  • High antenna gain and broad reception of the UHF channels
  • It lacks a VHF reception that is a separate element for receiving VHF available.

3. Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna -...
  • The future of Free HDTV replaces large unsightly outdoor antennas
  • Antennas will vary on reception in regards to placement of the antenna...
  • Dual band VHF/UHF driven element with integrated reflector
  • State of the art ultra low noise split band digital amplifier
  • Compact sleek design with flex mount system-Designed & assembled in...

Winegard FlatWave FL6550A is the best outdoor TV antenna for cord-cutters, and it combines some of the best features at an affordable price. Among the features is the new technology with an ultra-low noise split band digital amplifier that delivers signals to rivals from your cable TV. In addition, the mile range FlatWave antenna allows you access to various free HDTV programming from some stations broadcasting signals in VHF and UHF form to as far as 60 miles away from your home.

Winegard FlatWave FL6550A will give you the best range with the power antenna connected, and even without pugging the component in, you are guaranteed to get signals up to a 35-mile range. Additionally, it's small in size, weighing only 2.92 pounds, and it will not look so big when mounted on your roof. Also, no USB connection is needed as you can connect it directly to your TV using a standard coaxial cable. Winegard Elite is another UHF VHF HDTV antenna you can opt for if not on a budget.

  • It features a flex mount system
  • Weatherproof
  • The out antenna is compact and will not look extremely big when on your roof.
  • It features the latest technology of the ultra-noise split band
  • Quick and easy installation
  • It features a versatile USB output
  • The antenna signal varies depending on where its placed

4. Matis Store Outdoor TV Antenna

LG 27GP850-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor 27” QHD (2560 x 1440) Nano IPS...
  • 27” QHD (2560 x 1440) Nano IPS Display.Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Viewing Angle is 178˚(R/L), 178˚(U/D); Brightness is 320cd/m²;...
  • IPS 1ms (GtG) Response Time and 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium
  • DCI-P3 98% Color Gamut with HDR 10

Matis Store Outdoor TV Antenna is a 150-mile range amplified HDTV antenna, and the long-range signal can receive about 98% of the signal, which is better than other antenna systems. In addition, the 150-mile range receives high-definition broadcast tv signals that fully support HDTV, 4K, 1080i, 1080p, and 720p, and you will not need to pay any additional cable and satellite fees.

With a range of 150 miles away, the long-range outdoor antennas feature a built-in amplifier with a 360-degree rotation, and it alos comes with a 33 feet HDTV antenna coax cable that is very durable and will not get destroyed by any bad weather. In addition, the outdoor antenna includes an easy-to-use user manual that will help you easily install your outdoor antenna where you will use the coax cable to connect to your TV, perform a channel scan and enjoy some local channels within minutes.

  • The long-range outdoor HDTV antenna receives 98% of the signal
  • It comes with a patented Loop ClearStream construction that provides a wide frequency range
  • An easy to use manual
  • Durable coax cable
  • High definition broadcast signals
  • It is among outdoor antennas that take a long while to put together

5. Channel Master Digital Advantage Directional Outdoor TV Antenna

Channel Master outdoor antenna will provide a range claim for antenna, and it oversells your product's capability, and it's not the case with the Channel Master Digital Advantage. With a 60-mile range, it picks up UHF, VHF, and HD channels so long as it's lined up properly with broadcast towers and supports uncompressed 1080i. As a result, a 1080p HDTV will broadcast and deliver superior audio and video quality. In addition, the directional line-of-sight outdoor antenna will receive high-definition and digital signals from one direction, and it is optimized for high UHF and VHF signals.

At almost 8-feet long, a large size, quality components guarantee the antenna will provide a clear broadcast to your TV. However, this Channel Master outdoor antenna does not include a coaxial cable, and you will need to purchase it to complete the installation process. It can be installed on masts, roofs, chimneys, eaves for optimal signal reception.

  • Weatherproof and sturdy
  • It can be optimized for UHF frequencies, and it can receive high VHF
  • The outdoor antenna is reliable, and the 60 miles reception range with a high 12 dB antenna gain
  • Multi-directional and it can receive digital tv signals at a 180-degrees
  • Easy installation since it comes pre-assembled
  • No reception of low VHF frequencies as it is is designed for UHF signals
  • It is quite expensive in its range, and if on a budget, this 60 miles outdoor antenna is not the best

How does an outdoor TV antenna work?

TV broadcast towers work by transmitting VHF and UHF signals through airwaves, and your outdoor TV antenna will intercept the signals and send them to your TV. Your TV will translate the UHF and VHF signals into an audio format and video that you see on the screen. A TV antenna has been built to accept VHF, UHF signals, and tv stations will put out these VHF&UHF signals through transmission towers located on the roof of the station or somewhere high like on top of a hill.

However, the outdoor antenna doesn't translate signals into audio or videos, which is up to your television. All it does is ensuring your short or long-range signal arrives safely from its transmission tower and gets sent along.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Best Outdoor TV Antenna

1. Antenna Size and Height

When looking for the best outdoor TV antenna, the height and size will affect how well the device works as the signal waves the antenna may pick up may be blocked by large obstructions such as mountains, tall buildings, and large depressions. Therefore, it would be best to purchase antennas that will increase the height of your antenna or that are large, as a tall antenna will most likely pick up a quality signal and improve your reception.

2. Available Signals

Before making your purchase, you need to make sure there are available signals, and you can check online for available sites in your address, zip code city, and location you are in. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) site is an example of a site you can check for the direction and location of a tower, and this will help you find the best outdoor antenna for your needs.

3. Non-amplified or amplified

Tv signals from your outdoor antenna become weaker as its traveling through your coax cable to your network tuner or Tv, and your cable runs are too far; you may need to split the signal into one or more locations, and the TV signal may become too weak, and you may need an amplifier. Many outdoor tv antennas come with built-in amplification that enhances the sound and picture. Still, the issue with over-amplification is that it may worsen the reception condition and amplify noise on any incoming signal.

Most amplified indoor antennas are recommended for uses with a distance of 40 miles or greater than your transmission tower.

4. Multidirectional or Directional Antennas

Multi-directional antennas receive signals from different directions simultaneously, unlike a directional antenna that will point in a single direction. Notably, if you are not keen on a perfect reception and you would rather buy a set-and-forget style than opt for an omnidirectional antenna, as they don't need to be pointed directly at a broadcast tower to get the best reception.

These antennas are round like a disc and feature antenna elements to draw reception from any direction. However, omnidirectional antennas have shorter ranges than directional antennas, and the style might be a good option if you are less than 100 miles from a broadcast tower.

5. Access to Channels

The number of channels differs in rural areas and suburban areas, and you need to find out how many TV channels you will have access to. Your location from the broadcast tower, height, type of residence, and the height you would install your choice of the best TV antenna.

6. Cabling

A TV signal will travel from the source to your TV through a coaxial cable, and not all cables are of high quality. There are available in various grades where RG-6 is sufficient for standard TV reception, and RG-11 is the most suitable for HD signal. So whether you subscribe to an HD signal mindset, using the HD-ready coaxial cable will offer the best pathway for your antenna's signal to travel to your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Outdoor TV Antennas

1. How will I get the best outdoor antenna reception?

You will need to direct your antenna to the strongest transmitter in your location for the best reception. You may also need to raise the outdoor antenna a bit higher to capture all the strong VHF/UHF signals in your area, especially if you live in a depression or a valley.

2. Can I use an indoor TV antenna outside?

Yes, but indoor antennas will work outside; they are not water-resistant and will not sustain outdoor conditions. Therefore, outdoor tv antennas are the most suitable option for they are robust and will transmit the signal powerfully to your TV.

3. Is it true that aluminum foil will boost your antenna signal?

Yes, aluminum foil on your antenna will increase the conductive area, allowing your outdoor antenna to capture a crystal clear VHF/UHF signal. But, notably, it's unlikely that if you wrap your antenna with aluminum foil, it will work past a strong windstorm.

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