Best Pillow Top Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

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Sleeping on a pillow-top mattress could be compared to sleeping on a cloud. The best pillow top mattress has a plush layer of cushioning material to add that extra touch of luxury. A happy medium for people who love the feel of the traditional innerspring bed but want a plusher surface.

A pillow-top mattress gets the term from the extra layer that resembles a pillow. It is permanently attached on top of the outer cover and is a soft padding layer that is designed to cushion your curves, take pressure off your joints and spine for a restful sleep. The soft padding is usually between 2-4 inches thick and consists of polyfoam, memory foam, fiberfill, cotton, or latex.

Other than pressure relief or bounce, they also help isolate motion transfer vital for the people who share a bed. Pillow-top mattresses are generally more affordable compared to the other mattress models.

Here are the top scorers of pillow-top mattress brands and models best suited for different sleeping positions, weights, and different people.


The Best Pillow Top Mattress Options for You

1. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Full Mattress - Luxury Hybrid Mattress with 6 Premium...
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  • STAY COOL THROUGH THE NIGHT - Gel-infused memory foam does double...
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The DreamCloud hybrid luxury mattress with quality construction and materials comes at a lower price than most luxury hybrids. This rates it as a top scorer and the best pillow-top mattress in the hybrid section. The hybrid term comes from the fact that it uses polyfoam, memory foam, and pocketed coils.

DreamCloud mattress has a medium-firm feel that measures 14 inches thick and is a high-profile model that will require sheets with deeper pockets. The extra cushioning works well for individuals who struggle to get into or out of a low bed. The cashmere blend cover with quilted polyfoam cushions gives the top a soft, breathable, thermoregulating property that wicks away excessive heat and also extends into the winter to keep the sleeper warmer.

Next, it has a gel-infused memory foam layer engineered to relieve the pressure positions and not retain body heat. Polyfoam is the transition layer that gives deeper contouring and prevents you from sinking further against the coil core. The coil core has individually wrapped springs, and each coil can move on its own to curb motion transfer between the springs.

This also gives it excellent airflow that allows heat to dissipate. The final conventional foam layer supports the coil layer system. Both memory foam layers isolate motion, while the pocketed coil gives the mattress a bouncier feel for extra motion shift.

This construction relieves pressure, shapes into the sleeper’s body while spreading out their body weight to help reduce aches, and offers a strong temperature regulation for those who tend to sleep hot. The memory foam layer provides light contouring and great support for most side sleepers, while the medium-firm feel and thick coil core provide proper spinal alignment, which is great for most back sleepers since they won't sink in too deep.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress gives stable support that prevents a stomach sleeper’s midsection from sinking in too deep and helps sleepers across all weight groups to maintain a better spinal alignment. This makes the DreamCloud a versatile mattress that works for a wide variety of sleepers and one that's even suitable for couples with different ways of sleeping and body sizes.

Many couples will find the bounce from the coil layer quite beneficial for sex. The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is also relatively quiet to give a more discreet sexual experience.

The DreamCloud pillow-top mattress gives a 365-night trial and the trial period begins 30 days after delivery. This gives sleepers time to adjust to the new mattress. The DreamCloud hybrid luxury mattress comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • It works for people looking for both bounce and pressure relief
  • It works for couples with varying body weights and sleep preferences
  • It is a luxury hybrid that comes at an affordable price
  • It works for shoppers who still haven't decided and prefer an exceptionally long sleep trial
  • It works for all sleepers
  • The construction prevents sinking in too much, has enough contouring and pressure relief
  • The regulated motion shift works well for people who are easily awoken by their partner's movement
  • The thermoregulation property works for people who regularly sleep warm and helps keep people warm in the winter
  • It has a quilted cover that contains foam and cashmere for extra cosiness and moisture-wicking
  • It comes with a generous one-year sleep trial and lifetime warranty
  • It doesn't work best for people with heavyweight

2. Saatva Luxury Innerspring Mattress

Saatva hybrid innerspring mattress also uses a combination of materials that also include an extra comfort layer with fiberfill and a support system of hourglass coils. The Saatva mattress brand comes in 3 firmness options and 2 height options.

It has a knit cover that's made from organic cotton that is soft to the touch and allows airflow into the mattress. All 3 firmness levels have a similar comfort system that includes a Euro-top with a sawn-in cushion. Beneath the Euro-top layer is a .625-inch polyfoam layer and a thin 0.375-inch memory foam to support your lumbar region for an improved spinal alignment.

The coil gauge not only makes this Euro-style pillow top mattress more durable, while the memory foam lumbar pad prevents the sleeper’s midsection from excessively sinking in for an extra spinal alignment, while the layer of pocketed coils provides deeper contouring to help spread the body's weight across a wide area.

The Euro-top cushion uses polyfoam and fibre, which is more breathable than regular memory foam. The Saatva Mattress also has a sturdy edge that allows you to sit or sleep near the perimeter without feeling like you're going to roll off with the excessive sinkage. 

The sturdy edge, responsiveness and traction also make this mattress the best pillow top mattress in the Euro-top mattresses category for sexual activity compared to other hybrid pillow-top mattresses in the market. The two-coil layer gives an extra bounce which couples will find quite beneficial as well. The sturdy edge also allows you to use the full surface of the mattress.

The Plush Soft version is best suited for side sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds, while those who weigh 130-230 pounds should consider the Luxury Firm Saatva version as their best bet. It also has a softer polyfoam for pressure relief but has a firmer feel. Side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds should go for the Luxury Firm Saatva version.

Back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds have both the Plush Soft and Firm Saatva models to meet their needs. Back sleepers that weigh 130-230 pounds will likely find the Firm Saatva as their best combination of support, firmness, and contour. Sleepers who sleep on their back and weigh more than 230 pounds will find the Luxury Firm version to have the right amount of firmness and support that they would need.

Stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds can use both the Plush pillow-top soft version and Firm versions, depending on their firmness preferences. Stomach sleepers who weigh 130-230 pounds should strongly consider either the Luxury Firm and Firm versions of the Saatva. In contrast, those who sleep on their stomachs and weigh more than 230 pounds should consider the Luxury Firm version.

The Saatva pillow top mattress comes with a 180-night trial and the trial period begins on the delivery day. The Saatva mattress comes with a non-prorated 15-year warranty.

  • It is best for people who prefer highly responsive mattresses
  • It has thermo-regulation properties for hot sleepers
  • It has different firmness and thickness options
  • It is available in different heights options
  • It has different options suited for different types of sleepers and different body weights
  • It has a 3-inch Euro-top layer that gives an extra luxurious cushion for side sleepers
  • It has 2 layers of coil to enhance responsiveness and breathability
  • It is an ideal choice among the Euro-top mattresses for couples that prefer a combination of pressure relief and bounce
  • It has a controlled motion shift that is ideal for individuals who are easily awoken by their partner's movement
  • It doesn't isolate as much motion as some hybrids in the market but is likely to be sufficient for most people

3. Beautyrest Black Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress

Beautyrest Black Natasha Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress, Queen
  • Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology provide Enhanced conformability and...
  • Surface Cool Plus Fiber Located at the surface of the bed this layer...
  • Micro Diamond Memory Foam This foam utilizes the conductive properties...
  • Air-cool Beauty Edge Enhances airflow through the mattress and offers...
  • 10 year Limited Warranty Guaranteed long-lasting durability

Beautyrest Black mattress is a hybrid luxury mattress that comes with optional add-ons and upgrades that change how the mattress performs in terms of pressure point relief and temperature regulation. Each model variation comes with a BlackICE fabric cover that contains SilkAir Fiber for maximum breathability, and that helps the mattress regulate temperature.

Beneath the fabric cover, the Beautyrest mattress has a unique comfort system, 3 layers of polyfoam and a layer of gel-infused foam to give a medium pillow top mattress. Each variation has the same support core with T3 pocketed coils that provide responsive support and prevent movement transfer across the mattress. The Beautyrest Black pillow-top mattresses have BeautyEdge support for a reinforced perimeter that prevents rolling off and makes it easier for you to get in and off the bed.

Its hybrid construction gives pressure relief on the spine, cushion points such as the shoulders and hips and evenly distributes weight. It also has highly responsive coils that adapt to the body's to keep the spine aligned and prevent morning aches.

The Beautyrest Black pillow-top mattress has breathable fibres and construction to wick away heat and moisture for a temperature neutral feel that dissipates heat which is a handy feature for hot sleepers. This pillow-top mattress has a medium-firm feel that is most ideal for side and back sleepers.

Couples benefit from the resilience, added bounce and ease of movement that make it easy to change positions during sex. The solid edge support is mostly beneficial for people who share a bed and want to use the mattress's entire surface area without feeling like they might roll over the edge. Beautyrest Black pillow-top mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

  • It is suited for people who prefer using a high-profile mattress
  • It has thermo-regulation properties sited for hot sleepers
  • It has several layers of foam cushion for contour
  • There are optional cooling upgrades that are available
  • It is sited for people who prioritise ease of movement in bed
  • It is great for people who share a bed and those who often sleep or sit on the edge of the bed
  • It has a mid-range firmness
  • It is ideal for both side and back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds
  • The price tag is not ideal for budget shoppers
  • It is not suited for people who weigh more than 230 pounds
  • It doesn't work so well for stomach sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds

4. Avocado Green Pillow-top Latex Mattress

The avocado pillow-top mattress is best known for its Green flagship hybrid mattress, also available in a Vegan option. It has a 2-inch Dunlop latex comfort pillow-top layer on top of a zoned support core, an 8-inch steel coil system and an additional 1-inch latex layer. The breathable core and coil system making it an ideal choice for heavier sleepers and customers seeking neck and back support.

A memory foam mattress may better serve light sleepers; however, Avocado’s coil-based core adequately offers movement isolation while the pillow-top add-on significantly absorbs motion thanks to its second comfort layer of latex foam. The Avocado mattress is a great choice for those who sleep hot thanks to its latex comfort layer and the coil-based support layer that allows free air circulation since latex doesn't retain as much body heat.

Thanks to latex’s natural density, this latex medium-firm mattress provides greater edge support than other models. The Avocado pillow-top mattress has a reinforced steel perimeter that offers strong support and balance that most people, especially couples who prefer some bounce and edge support without the noise associated, will appreciate.

  • It works for all sleepers include back and side sleepers
  • It works best for people who weigh above 130 pounds
  • It is best suited for people who tend to sleep hot
  • It prioritises and uses sustainable natural materials and green manufacturing practices
  • It works well for people who struggle with neck or back pain
  • It gives a medium-firm sleep surface
  • It is a soft but supportive mattress
  • Avocado Green mattress may not provide the best support for sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds
  • Some people may find the sleep surface too firm
  • It is slightly more expensive compared to other hybrid modelsIt is not best suited for heavier stomach sleepers

5. Bear Pillow-top Mattress 

Bear Mattress - Queen - Cooling Comfort, Contouring Pressure Relief &...
  • CELLIANT TECHNOLOGY: Scientifically proven to improve muscle recovery...
  • 4 TYPES OF FOAM: Proprietary memory foam technology & mattress design...
  • UNIVERSAL COMFORT: Specially adapts to body weight, shape and sleeping...
  • RECOVER FROM YOUR DAY, EVERY NIGHT: The mattress of choice for...
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY: Buy with confidence, CertiPUR-US certified & Made in...

The Bear mattress is an affordable all-foam pillow-top bed mattress. It ranks as one of the best memory foam mattresses with an all-foam 10-inch thickness construction composed of the 3 different types of foam respectively; memory foam, transition layer, dense support foam. It has a celliant woven cover that wraps the thick foam layers.

Celliant is FDA-recognized as a wellness material clinically proven to promote blood flow, and for this reason, the company designed this new pillow-top mattress majorly for athletes and people with active lifestyles. This medium-soft/medium-firm mattress is most suited for stomach and back sleepers but doesn't work best for heavier people (250 lb+) since it's a 10-inch all-foam bed. Generally, mattresses with coils are best suited for heavier people.

Its construction limits motion well, which works well for couples who don't want to be bothered by the other person’s movements firmer design. It is a plush pillow-top foam mattress that has great edge support.

  • It is an affordable option
  • It is an all-foam pillow-top mattress
  • It works pretty well for back and stomach sleepers
  • It is one of the best pillow-top mattresses for athletes and people with an active lifestyle in the mattress industry
  • It is a great plush pillow
  • Memory foam pillow-tops are not best suited for heavyweight individuals
  • It's not best suited for side sleeping

Factors to Consider to Buy the Best Pillow Top Mattress

A. Sleeping Position

Getting the best pillow-top mattress depends on your sleeping position. But generally, pillow-top mattresses are best for back and side sleepers due to the plush, conforming, comfortable feel.

B. Mattress Type

Most pillow-top mattresses are either innerspring mattresses or hybrid models. Both come with an innerspring support core; however, hybrids have a thicker comfort layer on top of the pillow-top.

C. Contouring

 Pillow-top mattresses largely conform to the body, forming a cushion that relieves the pressure points.

D. Quality Materials

 The quality of pillow-top mattresses varies greatly depending on the materials used. Poor-quality foams start to break down after a few years, while latex and higher-quality foams are more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Pillow Top Mattresses

1. Pillow-tops vs euro-tops?

Euro-top pillow-top mattresses fall under a type of pillow-tops that are integrated into the mattress. More pillow-top mattresses have piping to differentiate them from standard comfort layers but have edges stitched into the mattress. Like most standard pillow-tops, Euro-tops can be 2-4 inches thick. 

2. What types of mattresses have a pillow-top?

Pillow-tops are found exclusively on innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses have a significant comfort layer on an innerspring support core, made with a pocketed coil system. Hybrids combine the bounce, support, and cooling properties of an innerspring layer with the conforming pressure relief makeup of foam or latex.

 Innerspring mattresses are almost entirely made of coils and are one of the most budget-friendly pillow-top mattress choices that give that high-end feel without having to break the bank.

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