Best Portable Beach Lounge Chair for Nice Beach Days

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Best Portable Beach Lounge Chair

All packed on your sunscreen and swimsuit, and you're ready to head down the coast! There's no better way to spend the long summer days than to lounge on the beach while sipping on some piña colada. On the other hand, you might not enjoy it much if you're not seated so comfortably. So do you have the best portable beach lounge chair for some seaside relaxation?

There’s nothing relaxing about getting sand literally everywhere. So to keep yourself a little cleaner and more comfortable, a quality beach chair better be right under sunscreen on your must-have list for the day. The best beach chairs are lightweight, give you the much-needed lift, and come with back and head support.

Most also come with handy extras features like a large storage pocket, drink holder, cup holder, built-in coolers, and even places to put your phone or e-reader safely. If you're ready for some fun at the beach, have your personal foldable or backpack chair that's easy to carry and saves you the overpriced rental charges in some vacation destinations.

What Is The Difference Between Camping and Beach Chairs?

The standard chairs are not foldable or portable compared to the camping and beach chairs.

So the typical difference between a camping chair and a beach chair is that; the traditional camp-style chair doesn't support zero-gravity features and is not built for the soft sand, so basically, any chair that's portable, lightweight, and foldable is a camp-style chair.

However, a beach chair provides extra functionality like giving zero-gravity, having a broad area for legs meant for the soft sand. Others also come with a more incredible canopy, multiple side pockets for beverages.

Why Are Beach Chairs Built So Low To The Ground?

Unlike other outdoor chairs, beach chairs are built to stand balanced on the sand. For this reason, the manufacturers build them to stand so low to the ground so your chair won’t flip you over onto the sand as you're moving around the seat.

Should Beach Chairs Ever Get Wet?

Yes, beach chairs will get wet, no matter what type of beach chair you have, especially if you leave them outside in the rain. On the good side, this will not damage the chair unless it's made of wood. Additionally, dry the wet chairs under the sun.

What is the best portable beach lounge chair?

1. Coleman Camping-Style Chair

Coleman Cooler Quad Portable Camping Chair, Blue
  • Camping chair combines a cOuncey design with a convenient built in...
  • Built in 4 can cooler pouch keeps cold drinks within reach
  • Fully cushioned seat and back provide support and comfort
  • Mesh cup holder and side pocket for quick access to personal items
  • Collapsible, folding design is easy to store and transport

Here's an affordable beach seat option that's compact and that gives you a decent level of comfort. The Coleman Oversized Quad chair comes with a cooler, folds flat, and has adjustable armrests that work with several different reclining positions.

It comes with a 4-can cooler pouch, decent cup holder, and a side pocket that gives you quick access to your items, such as your cell phone. This is a classic camp chair that's fully cushioned, provides fantastic lower back support and comfort.

What's even cooler, this beach chair comes with a specially designed carrier bag for portability included in the package. It folds up flat, making it easy to transport and store. It has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and is overall the best beach chair that is versatile enough to double up as a great camp chair.

Key Specifications:

  • Type: Compact foldable camp/beach chair
  • Material: Steel and Polyester
  • Age range: Adult
  • Sport type: Camp/ hiking and beach lounging
  • Maximum weight: Up to 300lbs
  • Item weight: 10 pounds
  • Lounge chair with a roomy 24 inches seating space that's extra-wide for additional comfort for more prominent people
  • Built-in armrest with multiple beverage holders
  • Built-in 4-can cooler pouch
  • High-quality, durable fabric, and materials
  • Multiple mesh cup holders
  • Foldable, extremely compact, and can be easily stored on the rear seat of the car
  • Affordable for a steel frame beach chair
  • Exceeding the weight limit might cause it to crack pretty quick

2. RIO Beach Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair

Rio Beach 4-Position Backpack Lace-Up Suspension Folding Beach Chair,...
  • The Rio Beach backpack chair offers hands-free portability and is...
  • Adjustable, backpack shoulder strap with large storage pouch. Patented...
  • Flexible suspension design supports and conforms to your body
  • 4-position easy-adjust recline options
  • Lightweight, rust-proof aluminum frame. Weighs only 8 lbs

No doubt that the best beach chair is one that will blend both form and function, and the Rio backpack beach chair certainly doesn’t disappoint on both fronts. It weighs just 8 pounds to give a lightweight, rust-proof aluminum beach chair that's so easy to carry around, compared to those that tip the scales between 15-20 pounds.

It has a practical, flexible suspension design that conforms to your body and offers you maximum support. These two features make this beach chair an excellent option for everyone, particularly elderly adults who require more support than the standard chair offers and who can't lug around hefty chairs.

There are plenty more additional comfort features such as a 4-position recline and an adjustable pillow in case you fell asleep. It also comes with a large storage pouch at the back to carry all your essentials and a handy cup holder. You don't need to worry about its portability since when folded, it has a padded, adjustable carrying strap, and the chair makes the best backpack beach chair.

Key Features:

  • Type: Foldable beach chair
  • Material: Aluminum and Polyester
  • Age range: Adult
  • Maximum weight: Up to 240 Pounds
  • Item weight: 8 pounds
  • Lightweight aluminum frame at just 8 pounds
  • Four-position recline for additional comfort
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Large storage pouch at the back
  • Adjustable carry strap for a backpack-style portability
  • Relatively pricey

3. Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Backpack Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Backpack Beach Chair,...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BEACH CHAIR: Easily adjusts to 5 seating positions,...
  • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL: Features a towel bar on the back of the beach...
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Beach chair frame is constructed of durable...
  • PINCH-FREE SEAT ADJUSTMENTS: 5-position easy-adjust recline options....
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Includes a mesh pocuh located on the side of the...

The Tommy Bahama beach chair is a unique and incredibly functional little beach chair that's thoughtfully designed. It comes complete with a 5-position easy-to-adjust recline feature, a folding towel bar at the back, and a bottle opener that has you all set up and ready to sunbathe. The recline feature can be activated in seconds using its safe-adjust technology, which helps ensure that your fingers are never trapped in the bracket.

The Tommy Bahama beach chair consists of a durable rust-proof aluminum frame that makes it solid and durable while weighing 7.5 pounds. Its lightweight aspect also makes it easy to transport. 

You can use the mesh pouch on the side to keep your cell phone close by, while the insulated cup holder helps ensure that your drinks stay cool. Since it can fold completely flat, it can be carried like a rucksack, making it a brilliant choice if you want to walk further out to find a quiet and secluded spot away from the busier part of the beach. Overall, it's one of the best folding beach chair options.

Key Features:

  • Type: Foldable beach chair
  • Material: Polyester and aluminum
  • Age range: Adult
  • Maximum weight: Up to 250 Pounds
  • Item weight: 7.5 Pounds
  • Backpack straps and backpack style for easy transportation
  • Towel bar that can be folded at the back
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Large mesh pocket
  • Insulated pouch and cup holder
  • Relatively pricey

4. Picnic Time Fusion Folding Chair

ONIVA - a Picnic Time brand - Fusion Camping Chair with Side Table and...
  • THE PERFECT OUTDOOR CHAIR - Our original design, folding outdoor...
  • COMFORT IS KEY - Features comfy ribbed padded 19-1/2 inch wide seat...
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES - Fold-out side table with expandable shelves,...
  • COOLER POWER - Detachable insulated cooler, with folding backpack...

If you need a beach chair that can fit in a little more stuff with extra storage for a perfect beach day out, this is a great place to start. This beach chair lets you store different gear or equipment that also makes it an excellent lawn chair.

This versatile outdoor folding chair definitely covers your needs on different fronts, including at the beach, park, or at a tailgate event. It has a fold-out side table that comes with expandable shelves, an excellent fold for holding things like books, food, drinks, tablets, or a camera.

The insulated cooler is detachable, electronics pocket and built-in fabric loops at the back help secure an umbrella. It folds down to a backpack strap system for easy portability.

Key Features:

  • Type: Foldable backpack beach chair
  • Material: Aluminum and polyester
  • Age range: Adult
  • Maximum weight: Up to 350 pounds
  • Item weight: 14 pounds
  • Massive and multiple storage options to keep most of your stuff organized
  • Padded backpack straps to comfortably transport it
  • Side-mounted and detachable 24+1-can cooler with backpack straps
  • A return policy that's viable for the first 30 days of purchase
  • Built to carry heavy people up to a maximum of 350 pounds
  • Separately sold umbrella
  • Relatively pricey

5. Baby Delight Go With Me Kid's Beach Chair

Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Portable Chair, Indoor and Outdoor,...
  • YOUR ON-THE-GO SOLUTION: Life takes you many different places, so we...
  • EXTENDED USE: As your child gets older, the chair continues to fit...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Comes with a removeable snack tray and sun canopy....
  • SAFE AND SECURE - Our strong and stable flared legs system keeps the...
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Our strong and stable flared legs system keeps the...

If your kids are going to tag along on the trip, you'll need the best beach chairs for children, and the Baby Delight Go With Me chair is an option that you really can’t beat. It may not look much like your classic beach chair, but it's more functional and suitable for a whole range of other outdoor activities that include camping.

It's quite an investment compared to the other aforementioned classic models, but it's well it’s worth it. This is a versatile use chair that will grow with your little one until they’re ready for an adult beach chair. It’s suitable for children as young as 3 months and kids who weigh a maximum of 75 pounds.

While the baby is still young, the 5-point removable harness keeps them all comfortable and secure. And as your baby grows, this seat morphs for more functionality.

It has 2 leg holes and support that let the baby comfortably stand. Once the baby is much more extensive, you can convert the chair back into a regular beach seat. It has additional features: a removable meals tray for meals on the go, a sun canopy for extra sun protection, and a carry bag for easy transportation.

Key Features:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Age range: 3 months- 75 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 75 pounds
  • Item weight: 7.5 Pounds
  • 5-point removable harness for more functionality
  • Multiple configurations that work with the 3 child growth stages; sitting, standing, and as a big kid
  • Patented 2-leg hole design with support as the baby grows5-point removable harness to help keep baby safe and comfortable
  • Loaded with features including a removable snack tray, a sun canopy, and carry bag
  • Versatile design that's great for different outdoor activities like camping, beach, sporting events, etc.
  • Durable indoor/outdoor fabric
  • Detachable snack trap
  • Relatively pricey

6. Bliss Hammocks GFC-452WSR 30" Wide XL Zero-Gravity Chair

Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray,...
  • Zero-gravity outdoor recliner chair provides a stress-free weightless...
  • Adjustable sun shade offers protection from the sun; drink tray...
  • Seating made of woven PVC coated polyester for versatility and...
  • Reclines and locks in any position for personalized comfort; padded...
  • Folds instantly to 6.25" x 38" x 26" for easy storage or transport;...

If you are hoping to get a bigger beach chair with rigid construction and that delivers excellent comfort, then the Bliss Hammocks beach chair is undoubtedly a good option. In addition, it gives a zero gravity option with a canopy to protect from UVB rays.

Key Features:

  • Type: Folding
  • Material: Alloy steel and PVC coated polyester
  • Maximum weight: Up to 360 lbs
  • Item weight: 27.4 Pounds
  • Built using high-quality materials for durability
  • An additional awning is available for protection from the sun
  • Great comfort throughout the day
  • The reclining position locks into any position for extra comfort
  • Padded ergonomic headrest
  • Adjustable sunshade
  • Includes drink tray that can be placed on either side
  • Doesn’t have additional storage pouches

7. Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair, Blue
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps provided in...
  • SUN PROTECTION: Patented adjustable canopy for sun protection lowers...
  • DURABLE, QUALITY FABRIC: Breathable 600 x 300 denier polyester fabric...
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION: At only 9 lbs., the canopy chair is easy to...
  • SUPPORTIVE OUTDOOR CHAIR: Constructed with a sturdy steel frame with...

For maximum UV protection, this highly ranked chair comes with a built-in canopy. The sunshade gives a UPF 50+ protection whenever needed.

Its heavy-duty steel frame assures you of durability and stability for years. When it's time to leave, you only need to fold it up and put it into its storage bag for easy portability.

Key Features:

  • Type: Foldable beach chair
  • Material: Steel and polyester
  • Age range: Adult
  • Maximum weight: 225 Pounds
  • Item weight: 9 lb
  • Adjustable patented canopy for protection from the sun
  • Durable and breathable polyester fabric that's stain, and moisture resistant for durability and comfort
  • Easily portable at only 9 lbs.
  • It's easy to transport with the included carry bag
  • Sturdy steel frame with a higher arched back
  • 22.5-inch wide seat for full comfort
  • 2 mesh cup holders
  • 18.5 inches (47 cm) above ground which is quite high for the beach

8. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and...
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE: The easy to adjust recliner hinges have 3 options,...
  • FULL COVERAGE UMBRELLA UPF 50 plus PROTECTION; The Sport Brella will...
  • REFRESHMENTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Built in insulated pocket, cup...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, STRONG, AND EASY TO STORE: Made of ultra strong,...
  • JUST THE RIGHT FIT: This ultra comfortable, lightweight, Sport Brella...

The Sport Brella recliner beach chair stands out for its swiveling adjustable umbrella, making it easy to protect you from the sun. Its comfort features allow anybody of any size to adjust it to their specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Type: Recliner beach chair
  • Age range: Adult
  • Material: Stainless Steel and polyester
  • Maximum weight capacity: Up to 250 lbs
  • Item weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Recline Options: 3 recline positions
  • 3-position recliner beach seat
  • Customizable footrest
  • Swiveling umbrella for UPF 50+ protection
  • Insulated pouch and cup holder
  • Storage pocket for up to four drinks
  • Removable umbrella and detachable footrest
  • Heavier than other beach chairs
  • Requires a little more care as you pack

What to Consider for the Best Portable Beach Lounge Chair?

A) What Weight and Is It Portable?

A comfortable beach chair should be sturdy enough to comfortably support you while being lightweight and easily portable. Even the lightest chairs can start to feel a little too heavy if you need to carry them over a long distance, so also consider how far from the parking lot you are planning to kick back and relax.

When beach chairs fold into their carrying bag, their physical dimensions make a significant difference in how portable they get. Some models fold and completely lay flat, which comes in handy for storage at home. However, they can also be too wide to carry over your shoulders comfortably.

These chairs often come with a shoulder strap or use the frame as a handle, and some upscale models come with backpack straps for the best backpack chair that you can carry on your back. For the ultimate lightweight beach chair that's easy to carry, always go for a chair that folds in itself in a torpedo shape and nicely fits into its carrying bag.

B) Is It Stable?

If the chair has wonky legs, it will likely tip over, and this is not what you want to carry on your beach trips as you're out on an adventure. Its leg design and style construction will dictate how stable the chair will be. The traditional camping chairs are incredibly stable on almost all terrains.

The ultralight models are pretty easy to carry, but if you lean in too much on the edge of their super-thin legs, it will tip over, and your face will be in the sand before you know it. On the other hand, a low-profile beach chair will come with a broad base for excellent stability in theory.

To make sure you don’t hit the floor, always consider its weight capacity (some can hold as much as 350 pounds) and the design of its legs.

C) Is It Comfortable?

The traditional paper-thin canvas was replaced by a soft yet strong synthetic material that still surprisingly offers an outstanding comfort level, even on standard models. In addition, some chairs come with breathable polyester mesh fabric panels that help prevent the build-up of sweat, even on a hot beach trip.

Some come with cushioned armrests or an in-built neck and headrest pillow for exceptional comfort. In addition, a more comprehensive seat section and higher back panel offer more support than a smaller one would.

D) What Material and Is It Durable?

The best beach chairs are constructed using different materials, all of which come with distinct benefits. Aluminum is the most used material for most ultra-lightweight beach chairs since it weighs next to nothing even when folding chairs are folded.

Additionally, the dynamic construction of aluminum chairs makes them relatively easy to carry. Still, they are more prone to dents and scratches compared to the ones that are made using heavier metals. Steel offers more durability than aluminum counterparts, but this often comes with a higher price tag on the beach chairs' cost.

D) Any Extra Features?

Every beach vacation needs a compact chair that's also an all-in-one chair that offers more than just seating on the beach. This is why all the best beach chairs come packed full of useful additional features. For example, even the basic beach chairs have a built-in cup holder to keep all your cold drinks close by.

Some more upscale models come with added insulation to ensure that your drinks stay ice cold despite the weather. Some additional features include pouches and panels to hold books, magazines, cell phones, in-built head pillows, and neck rests.

Some also come with multi-position reclining back panels that define the luxury and comfort of a folding chair. Some chairs are also designed to lie flat entirely, while others come with individual canopies for protection from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Portable Beach Lounge Chair

1. Can zero-gravity chairs be used at the beach?

Zero-gravity chairs can be an excellent pick for the beach, but not all of them are. Typically, the versatile zero-gravity chair designed for use at the beach is made of a rigid, weather/water-resistant, and super comfortable material. But some of these come a little too heavy and can't be used as beach chairs.

2. Can camp chairs be used at the beach?

Yes, a camping chair can be used at the beach. But whether your camping chair will give you the comfort of the best beach chair depends on factors such as the ability to recline your chair, level of comfort, and sturdiness on the sand.

3. Can you sleep on your stomach on a zero-gravity chair?

No, you can't since it doesn't completely go flat. It's pretty comfortable, but it won't allow you to sleep on your stomach.

4. Do aluminum beach lounge chairs rust?

Aluminum frames are a popular material used to make beach chairs more affordable than wood iterations, but aluminum tends to rust. Moisture is the leading reason why aluminum-frame chairs corrode in rust.

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