Best Slide-in Gas Range Cooktops for your New Kitchen

 August 17, 2021

By  Tim Parry

While shopping for the best slide-in gas range for your kitchen isn't something you'll do every day, you'll probably do so once or twice. So if you've started looking at brands, features, and options, you'll quickly learn how many there are to consider.

The finest piece of advice you will receive is to start by thinking about what you enjoy cooking the most. Then, how do you cook a quick weeknight meal, and how can this appliance help you do both? The next step is to choose between slide-in ranges and freestanding ranges.

Both offer the same features, capacities, and cooking energy. However, slide-in gas ranges provide the best cooktop power and elegance. They have a built-in look and tend to be very fully featured, with front controls and no backguard.

What is a slide-in gas range?

The visual elegance of the best slide-in gas range is unrivaled. For a low-profile, built-in look, the gas slide-in range is designed to nestle into your cabinets. Because the controls are in the front, there is no need to reach over hot, boiling pans to access them.

Without the back panel, the backsplash has the potential to be the star of the show. Slide-in gas ranges are also intended to have a tiny overlap on either side of the countertop, resulting in a seamless transition from counter to stove.

It gives your range a built-in, unique look, plus it's easy to clean, and there won't be any drips or spills down the sides. Today's slide-in gas ranges are a modern and stylish option for well-designed kitchens that emphasize intentional design's clean lines. Below are some examples to help you narrow down your choices and choose the best slide-in gas range for you.

Best Slide-in Gas Range

1. Empava 36" Built-in Tempered Glass Gas Cooktops

Empava 36" Bulit-in Tempered Glass Gas Cooktops 5 Italy Imported Sabaf...
  • Product Dimensions: 35.43 in. W x 20.67 in. D x 2.4 in. H | Cutout...
  • LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same maximum...
  • The 5 World Class Made in Italy SABAF burner gas cooktops by Empava...
  • Enjoy minimal cleanup with sealed burners to prevent food from falling...
  • The durable knobs and laser cut full-width edge-to-edge heavy cast...

A liquefied petroleum gas conversion kit is included in the Empava 36-inch tempered glass cooktop modern design. A flame-out failure system (FFD) for thermocouples is also included. It comes with five burners with a total of 12000 BTU+10000 BTU+6500 BTU+6500 BTU+4000 BTU. The natural gas (NG) nozzles are pre-installed and can be replaced with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) nozzles to satisfy your specific demands.

The Pipe is not included in the package. The features are 110V voltage, a pulse ignition, a built-in installation, 4 Feet of cable length, tempered glass material with a 32.83 in. L x 18.66 in. W cut-out size and product size of 35.43 in. L x 20.67 in. W x 2.4 in. H (approximately). It ranges from 24-36 inches.

Empava appliances provide you the best gas cooking experience possible. They are easy to install, intended for the modern home, loaded with features, and fully equipped for safety and functionality. Add the best gas ranges to your kitchens today to make cooking easy.

Made entirely of high-quality tempered glass. Heavy-duty grates are included for long-term use and durability. It will last for many years as a dependable cooktop. There are four distinct burner sizes a triple ring burner 12000 BTU, a rapid burner 10000 BTU, two semi-rapid burners 6500 BTU, and an auxiliary burner 4000 BTU simmering, boiling, frying, and so on.

The dishwasher-safe knobs and laser-cut strong continuous cast-iron grates are cleaned for hassle-free, easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition, a thermocouple flame-out fault system guarantees that the gas is instantly shut off when no flame is detected, preventing gas leakage.

  • It is used in several settings, including RVs and small kitchens.
  • Any Empava 24/30 in. under-counter single wall oven is installed above it.
  • It prevents gas leaks with the advanced auto shut-off protection technology
  • It has sealed gas burners that prevent food from falling into them; hence minimum cleanup
  • The tempered glass surface is stain and heat-discoloration-resistant, ensuring you have a long-lasting cooktop
  • The flame isn't adjustable; it stays on high

2. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30'' Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30'' Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel, 5...
  • 5 Burners
  • Angled Front Controls: Easy to use angled front controls
  • Continuous corner-to-corner grates: Move Heavy Pots & Pans without...
  • Dishwasher-safe cast iron grates: Easy to Clean with dishwasher-safe...
  • 450 To 18,000-BTU Center Burner

Frigidaire is the best gas range cooktop with five Burners. The angled front controls are simple to use. It has continuous corner-to-corner grates so you can move heavy pots and pans without lifting them. The grates can be washed in the dishwasher, making cleaning a breeze. The dimensions of a 450 to 18,000 BTU Center Burner (WHD) 30" X 4 1/4" X 21 3/4".

A great product that is easy to install. The pressure regulator is recommended for both natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The oval center burner is great, and the use of space allows for multiple burner use without feeling crowded.

It does everything you need it to do the way you want it to do it. It is sleek and modern looking. Very easy to light and clean. The burners are very powerful on high but can also turn down to a perfect low simmer.

  • Great cooktop with good quality compared to more expensive models
  • It is very easy to clean and light
  • It is easy to install and fits the dimensions of a 30-inch cut-out perfectly.
  • It is sturdy and durable hence worth the purchase
  • You can easily shift the flame from high to low to suit your needs
  • If you have walled cabinets underneath, you will need at least 3 inches of space on the sides for the anchors to fit

3. 24" Built-in Gas Cooktop, GASLAND Chef GH60SF 4 Burner

24" Built-in Gas Cooktop, GASLAND Chef GH60SF 4 Burner Gas Stovetop,...
  • 🎁【Stainless Steel Finish】The 4-burner built in gas stovetop is...
  • 🎁【4 Powerful Cooking Burners】This dropin 24-inch gas cooker...
  • 🎁【2 Convertible Gas Supply + Electric Ignition Design】This dual...
  • 🎁【Thermocouple Protection + ETL Certification】This 24 inches...

The 4-burner built-in gas stovetop features 2 heavy-duty cast iron grates, 4 melt-proof bakelite knobs, and black burner covers. After cooking, it's quite simple to clean. The built-in dimensions are 22.1" x 18.9", while the overall product dimensions are 22.8" x 19.7" x 3.9". It's ideal for a variety of kitchen types.

This 24-inch gas range has four sealed high-efficiency burners. A 2,800BTU, two 5,000BTU, and a 9,500BTU wok burner to handle various gas cooking tasks. Both natural and liquid propane are used on this dual-fuel stove.

Although a propane conversion kit is available, the default setup is for natural gas. The 120V AC power is used for the automatic electric pulse igniting. (Includes a 55.1" chord plug) Two alternative gas supply options, as well as the electric ignition, will make your life easier.

It comes with a CSA-certified gas pressure regulator for usage in the United States and Canada. In addition, the flame-out failure device system (FFD) will automatically shut off the gas if a flame is not detected to safeguard your safety in an emergency.

  • Includes a certified gas pressure regulator, assuring a safe and dependable product your family
  • Heavy-duty grates are included for long-term use and durability
  • Gasland chef's gas stovetop and cooktop offer an affordable option to a high-quality gas cooking device
  • This device is easy to install with a simple LP gas conversion kit and is ready for natural gas installation
  • This model has a stainless steel top for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • You have to replace the burner nozzles it comes with

4. Gas Stove Cooktop 2 Burners, 12 Inches Portable Stainless Steel

Gas Stove Gas Cooktop 2 Burners,12 Inches Portable Stainless Steel...
  • ★【Effortless Cleaning】 Built to last Stainless Steel cooktop...
  • ★【2 Powerful Cooking Burners】This 12-inch gas cooktop features 2...
  • ★【2 Convertible Gas Supply and Electric Ignition Design】This...
  • ★【Thermocouple Protection】The thermocouple flame-out failure...
  • ★【2-Year Quality Warranty】We provide the 24-month warranty for...

The surface is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. With sealed burners that prevent food from falling into them for minimum cleanup. It's ideal for RVs, apartments, outdoor use, and more, with modern and attractive finishes that work as well as they look.

Two sealed high-efficiency burners are included in this 12-inch cooktop. A 5,000BTU semi-rapid burner and an 8,500BTU rapid burner that can handle a variety of cooking tasks. This dual-fuel gas range works with both natural gas and liquid propane.

Although a propane conversion kit is available, the default setup is for natural gas. The 110V AC power is used for the automatic electric pulse igniting. Two alternative gas supply options, as well as the electric ignition, will make your life easier. If a flame is not detected, the flame-out failure device system (FFD) automatically shut off the gas to safeguard your safety in an emergency.

  • It is aesthetically pleasing and works well
  • It is easy to install as LPG is pre-installed
  • It is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The FFD automatically shut off the gas for your safety when no flame is detected
  • It is affordable and arrives in a good condition
  • It has limited burners

5. Empava 36" Slide-In Freestanding Single Oven Gas with 5

Empava 36" Slide-In Freestanding Single Oven Ga with 5 Sealed Burner...
  • The freestanding gas range offers the heavy-duty cast iron grates and...
  • LPG/NG convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the powerful BTU...
  • Built-in digital display timer (Up to 12Hour 59Minutes Max) and...
  • Premium brushed stainless steel gas range offers a extra-large 3.9 cu....
  • The powerful convection cooking system circulates heated air over,...

The heavy-duty cast-iron grates and four distinct burner sizes spread uniform heat. LPG/NG convertible gives NG/LPG gas cooktops a significant BTU boost. The SABAF burners, made in Italy, have advanced auto shut-off protection technology to prevent gas leaks.

The built-in digital display timer (up to 12 hours and 59 minutes max) and temperature (150°F to 475°F max) assist you in cooking properly and precisely. The oven will automatically switch off after your preset time has expired, so relax and enjoy your rare free time!

This premium brushed stainless steel gas range has a 3.9 cu. ft. oven space, two removable oven racks for easy cleaning, and four adjustable rack positions to accommodate various food sizes like a double oven. So make your oven into a turkey roaster for Thanksgiving.

The wide oven window and halogen oven lights on the best slide-in gas range allow you to see your food while cooking without opening the door. In addition, the ergonomic knobs and triple-layer tempered glass contribute to the external design's eye-catching appearance.

Product dimensions are 35.4 in. L x 25.3 in. W x 35.82 in. H and cut-out dimensions are 34.5 in. L x 24.4 W. A 15 amps breaker required, pre-installed 110v power cord, preset natural gas, with 2 years US-based manufacturer warranty. It also includes the regulator gas pipe adapter with washer and LP/natural gas nozzles.

  • The top of the gas cooker is composed of durable stainless steel
  • It is stain and heat discoloration resistant
  • It has five distinct burners that distribute uniform heat
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with the dishwasher-safe knobs
  • Has a flame-out fault system that prevents gas leakage
  • The round burner plates have a deep narrow circle that is almost impossible to get into to wipe up spills

What is the Best Slide-in Gas Range?

1. Cooking Power and Range

Your slide-in range needs to be able to cook to match its modern look and flair. The power of a single cooking element is usually measured in BTU, which measures how much heat output the heating element can handle.

The most powerful household burners have a maximum BTU output of roughly 20,000. Low-temperature simmering is essential for jobs like melting chocolate or butter and warming dishes over low heat. You'll want to be sure the stove you purchase is reliable on both ends of the heat spectrum.

2. Size

If you're not doing a complete makeover and the slide-in range needs to fit into a specific place in your kitchen, the size of your gas range is especially crucial to consider. In addition, you'll want to take additional attention if you're switching from freestanding stoves to slide-in ranges.

Make sure you know the dimensions of your room and the type you want and remember that the slide-top borders will have to overlap the countertop's top. Finally, don't forget about depth. A slide-in range's built-in look won't matter if it protrudes several inches from the front of your cabinets.

3. Reliability

There's no avoiding the fact that certain brands provide slide-in ranges that last longer. It all boils down to high-quality materials, advanced production techniques, and a commitment to ensure that their goods perform as well 1,000 times as they do the first. According to both actual users and reviewers, stick with brands with a proven track record of customer happiness and dependability.

4. Features

It's not only about the ability to cook. So how does your stove fare in terms of extra features that make cooking easier, more convenient, and enjoyable? Flexible controls, WiFi connectivity, customized indicators, and bespoke built-in cooking programs are some examples.

5. Design

The best gas ranges appear professional. It is especially true of slide-in gas ranges, which are popular due to their modern appearance and design. You'll want to make sure they're visually appealing because they take up so much space in your kitchen. There are many different designs, finishes, and styles to select from, so decide what you want and buy the best gas ranges based on that.

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