Best Stamping Tools for Leather Value-Addition

 October 26, 2021

By  Tim Parry

Leather is a trustworthy and durable material for personal items such as bags, belts, wallets, sheaths, and watch wristbands. Most commonly, you will find leather items with decorative or branding imprints, and you might have wondered how they are made. Precisely, stamping tools for leather are the equipment used to add value to most leather products.

Accordingly, we have put together a detailed buying guide for the best leather stamping equipment. Nonetheless, let's first better understand the concept of leather stamping kits to help you make a wise search in the market.

What kind of tools can be used for stamping?

What Are Leather Stamping Tools?

Stamping tools for leather are metal rods uniquely designed to make imprints on leather for branding or adding style to your leatherworks. Leather stamping tools are approximately 6 inches in length, and their bases are uniquely shaped to leave a permanent impression when thumped on leather. Depending on different leather stamping techniques, you can find this equipment in different materials for thick and effective stamping.

Basically, leather imprints are made by tapping the stamp heads with a hammer or mallet to force the stamp bases to make an engraved pattern on your leather material. Having understood the idea behind the leather stamping equipment, let's look at the five best products in this category.

1. BIGTEDDY Leather Different Shape Stamp Punch Set

BIGTEDDY - 20PCs Leather Different Shape Stamp Punch Set Saddle Making...
  • Easy-To-Do stamps for beginner and professionals, can carve out the...
  • Professional tools for leather craft working, create your own vintage,...
  • Made by durable solid metal
  • A great gift for leather craft lover
  • Size : 10.5cm / 4.1''

Our top pick for the best stamping tools for leather is the BIGTEDDY set of leather shape stamps. Specifically, you can shop for these 20 pieces of popular creative shape stamps as you start your leather crafting endeavors. In addition, this stamping set is ideal for both professionals and beginners because of its easy-to-use nature. You can enjoy longer durability with this set due to its solid metal material.

Furthermore, using its common stamping patterns, as a professional, you can make stylish and vintage patterns. If you are looking to gift a leatherworks enthusiast, this would be the perfect gift. Generally, any leatherworker can enjoy the crisp edges on this equipment for making perfect and beautiful leather patterns.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable composition
  • Ideal for a starter kit
  • Some stamp patterns make dull punches

2. Amazon Basics Metal Alphabet And Number Stamp Kit Tools

Amazon Basics Metal Alphabet And Number Stamp Kit Tools Set With Wood...
  • Stamp kit for creating permanent hand-stamped imprints; 5/16-inch...
  • Includes upper-case A-Z letters, 0-9 numbers, and “&” symbol for...
  • Works with metal, leather, wood, clay, and more; great for a variety...
  • Made from durable alloy steel with a sand-blasted finish for strength...
  • Wooden storage box included

Secondly, you can also shop for the Amazon Basics stamping tool kit. This stamping kit is ideal for making permanent leather hand imprints. Specifically, its pattern varieties include A-Z alphabets, '&' symbol for versatility, and 0-9 numerics. Moreover, you can use this stamping kit on other materials besides leather, including clay and wood.

These Amazon Basics stamping items are made with a durable steel alloy reinforced with a sand-blasted fill and finish for clear imprints even after long utility. Subsequently, you can use this kit for a long time for consistent leatherwork outcomes. To add to these items' bargain, they come in a wooden box for a great storage container and organizer.

  • Versatile applications
  • Durable for consistent results
  • Diverse alpha-numeric stamp patterns
  • Hard to useKeys require more punching force.

3. OwnMy Capital Letters Leather Stamps

OwnMy Capital Letters Stamp Set, 1/2” / 13mm Alphabet Stamp Tools...
  • Suitable for handmade Leather jacket, bags, shoes, belt, wallet, watch...
  • Letter and Number stamp set is made of strong alloy steel for powerful...
  • You can make clear and accurate stamping results with less time and...
  • Stamp Handle Length: 95mm / 3.7"; Letter Stamp measures 15mm x 15mm /...
  • Each package included a handle and 26 PCS 13mm Capital Letters. (NOT...

In your search for leather stamping tool choices, you can also consider applying this OwnMy stamping kit. This equipment is designed with alpha-numerical pattern stamps made out of strong steel alloy for increased durability. Fortunately, because of the sturdy composition material, you can be sure the leather imprints you make with this kit will be accurate and long-lasting.

Most suitably, you can use this effective stamping kit on handmade leather bags, jackets, wallets, shoes, belts, embellishments, and watch wristbands. Nonetheless, these versatile settings are only ideal for leather and shouldn't be used on wood or metal. Additionally, you can enjoy its effortless and accurate stamping within less time. Generally, this kit is ideal for leather crafting for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Takes less energy and time to make imprints
  • Versatile for crafting diverse handmade leather items
  • Durable material
  • Long-lasting imprints
  • Diverse alpha-numerical patterns
  • Defective stamp handles

4. UOOU 26 Pcs Leather Stamping Tools Set

26 Pcs Leather Stamping Tools Sets, Different Shape Pressing Punch...
  • ★Leather Working Stamping Tools Kit: Our leather tools kit includes...
  • ★High-Quality Carving Stamps Kit: Stainless steel material,...
  • ★26 Pcs Leather Tooling Stamps Set: 6 pcs special shape stamping...
  • ★Leather Working Stamping for Tooling: It is suitable for beginners...
  • ★Leather Stamping Tools Function: Professional leather stamping...

Another great choice for a leather stamping tool kit is this UOOU stamping gear. This kit will make your search for leather stamping equipment simpler with its diversified 26 stamping equipment. Specifically, this kit has carving stamps that are ideal for use by both DIY amateurs and professionals. Additionally, this stamping equipment is made from high-grade stainless steel that cannot rust, has no burr, and has a smooth surface.

Moreover, your search for stamping versatility will end with its kit due to its clear texture and beautiful patterns meant to be used diversely. You can also benefit from its 6pieces of special stamping designs alongside its non-slip texture and elegant color theme. Also, this kit is ideal for a cold stamp on wet leather and is easy to use by simply using a carving hammer until your imprint is perfect. In addition, it is ideal for more personalized use on leather wallets, bags, and belts.

  • Inexpensive but with some low-quality stamps.

5. OWDEN Professional Alphabet Stamp Tool Set for Leathercraft

OWDEN Professional 27 Pieces Alphabet Stamp Tool Set for Leathercraft...
  • OWDEN Professional 27 Pieces Alphabet(LETTER) stamping set for...
  • 26 Pieces alphabet (A,B,C,D,E........X,Y,Z ), with a steel handle.
  • This stamping kit suitable for use on the lather products with...
  • Generally used for vegetable tanned leather with a thickness of more...
  • Choose me and let us work together to complete a great artwork, Trust...

If you are a serious leatherwork professional, we recommend this incredible OWDEN stamping kit. Specifically, this kit has a fill of 27 letter stamps which are 19 mm tall. Additionally, the handles on this stamping equipment are made of steel, and the stamps can be used to make leather products with greetings and names.

As a professional leatherworker, you won't struggle to make imprints with this OWDEN equipment because all your need is to use a hammer on wet leather until you are satisfied with the imprint. Subsequently, the imprints made using this kit are long-lasting, with a thickness of over 1.5 mm. With the OWDEN kit to complete your search for leather stamping hardware, you can trust these appliances to provide you with great leather artwork.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Full alphabet stamp patterns for versatile name and greetings imprints
  • Thick, long-lasting imprints
  • Not ideal for hot stamping
  • Uneven letters

Types of Stamping Leather Tools

Different leatherworkers choose to use different stamping tools, which are categorized as either shapes or carvings. Choosing either of these types primarily depends on your preferred crafting choice.

Carving Stamps

Carving crafting tools are commonly used on Sheridan style and floral leather crafts. Specifically, carving craft stamps are used together with accentuating category shop swivel knives for in-depth stamps. Some of the common carving stamps include camouflage, shader, bevelers, seeder, veiner stamps, background, and figure carving.

Shape Stamps

Alternatively, you can use shape stamping tools that make more specific, repetitive patterns, geometric designs, and recognizable shapes. You can use shape stamps alongside carving stamps to create more unique and artistic pieces or by themselves. The most commonly used shape stamps include flowers, hearts, peace signs, numbers, and leaves.  

Techniques for Stamping Leather

Whether you are using a spring-loaded ball stamp or a fully manual stamp, there are different techniques for stamping leather. Particularly, the highlighted techniques are resourceful to know for a beginner as they seek to identify their preferred leather stamping technique.

1. Hot Stamping

This first stamping method requires the input of a press machine. Primarily, the main considerations for this method to succeed include pressure applied on leather, heat, and the pressing frequency applied on leather material. As you use this technique, it is preferred that you try a few hot stamps on a separate piece of leather before you stamp your main project.

2. Cold Stamp on Dry Leather

Secondly, you can also cold stamp your dry leather. Specifically, you will require to apply the stamping tool on the leather grain side using a pressing mallet. Regarding the stamp size used in this technique, you should apply a smaller stamp size for crisp and clean leather stamp choices.

3. Cold Stamp on Wet Leather

You can also apply the cold stamp on wet leather, especially for vegetable-tanned leather. This technique is the most common among most leatherworkers, and the engravements it makes are quite permanent. The reason for this is because wet leather is pliable and soft to receive a full stamping impression. Before you undertake this technique, you will need to wet your leather and gently tap with a mallet to stamp your preferred impressions.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Stamping Tools for Leather

Leatherwork by itself has the feel of class, and with the styling of stamping tools, your leather can even look better branded and more classy. Nonetheless, not all stamping tools for leather are made equally. So as you look for the best leather stamping tools category, shop wisely as you check the following considerations.

1. Composition

This first consideration basically refers to the material used to make your leather stamping tools. Understandably, you can find leather stamping equipment made out of stainless steel, plated stainless steel, brass, or high carbon steel. Below is a brief analysis of each of the different materials:

  • Stainless Steel – Tools made from stainless steel can last many years with minimal abrasion. Additionally, a pack of stainless steel is also easy to maintain and clean.
  • Brass – As you search for impressive stamping tools, brass fits the bill of attractive aesthetics, but it is tougher to maintain. Ideally, brass is very soft, unlike stainless steel, and can easily break when dropped on hard surfaces. Therefore, it calls for more care when handling a pack of brass equipment.
  • Plated Stainless Steel – Thirdly, some equipment is coated with stainless steel, but their core is not stainless steel. The plating is mainly for the appearance and color that give the shopper the impression of durability. Today, plated stainless steel leather stamps are the cheapest, but you will eventually suffer the flaking off of the coating.
  • High Carbon Steel – As you shop and search for leather stamping tools, you can also find high-carbon steel items. This material also has a very attractive impression but is also difficult to maintain. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly apply light oil coats to avoid rusting.

Ideally, it would help if you bought leather stamping tools made out of stainless steel or carbon steel for their effectiveness. Particularly, stainless steel has the best durability outcomes, unlike tools with a chrome fill or leather-finished equipment that wear out faster and have less impressive outcomes.

2. Condition

Also, it is important to consider the condition of your stamping hand tools. Precisely, you should ensure that your leather tools are rust-free, clean, and damage-free. Despite buying a used or new set of stamping equipment, you shouldn't compromise on their condition.

For instance, it would be detrimental if you purchased a tool with a faulty spring-loaded ball handle, especially if you bought a used set. Unfortunately, if that's the case, you will have to spend more by preferring to buy a new set. If your stamping equipment also has swivel knives, they should also be sharp enough for quality leatherwork.

3. Quality

Quality is another important consideration for stamping equipment if you are seeking high-grade leather engravements. Considering that leather stamping equipment often comes in sets, they are usually mass-produced, laser engraved, or CNC machined. However, in some cases, you can find some made one at a go using hand tools.

In most cases, mass production can cause tools to have irregular edges, whereas sharp and crisp engravements are required on leather. Preferably, we recommend getting handmade stamping equipment because they are meticulously made to feature various distinctions with the appropriate edges. Generally, to avoid poor leatherwork impressions, you should ensure that the corners, exteriors, ridges, and interior of tools are made to your preference before buying.

4. Price

Lastly, on our shopping guide for the best leather stamping tools, we also recommend that you consider the price of your select pack of stamping equipment. In most cases, mass-produced category shop leather stamps are best for budget-conscious shopping. Also, brass leather stamps are typically cheap because they are produced using CNC machines.

Progressively, handmade shop sets are more expensive due to the inputted precision during their making. However, if you are a beginner, you can start with a basic stamping set and improve as your go. Fortunately, a set of 7 to 15 stamping equipment is adequate for DIY or initial stages since trying out the different designs is more important than quality at these levels. Eventually, as you seek quality leatherworks, higher prices often justify quality stamps.

Frequently Asked Questions on Stamping Tools for Leather

1. What is the best leather for stamping?

The best leather for stamping is the chrome-tanned type which is pliable and softer. Using this type of leather, you can easily hand-make products such as shoes that can be comfortable while walking. Additionally, vegetable-tanned leather tends to be stiffer and ideal for carving equipment with shape-holding capabilities such as sheaths.

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