The 5 Best Standing Floor Mirrors 2023 – [with Full Length Mirror Budget Option]

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After all the painstaking work you've put into finding, acquiring, and assembling pieces of furniture that best complement your house's overall theme, you have now come to the part where you shop for the often-neglected-but-equally-important accessories at home.

This category typically includes items that may not seem necessary but make all the difference in making your daily life convenient and fuss-free. A popular product on this list is the full-length mirror. And trust us, it's utterly different merchandise from a vanity mirror.


What is the best full length mirror?

This article delves into the world of free-standing mirrors and why you need to have one at home. Read along!

1. Crown Mark Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror 

This wooden Crown mirror is among Amazon's bestselling items, and it's easy to see why. It has a timeless finish and versatile design that effortlessly matches any style. In addition, the mirror is designed in such a way that allows you to flip it over for better angling and viewing.

The Crown Mark Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror is perfect if you are looking for a stylish standing design. This mirror is made with a rubberwood frame and has traditional molding with a solid finish making it super attractive.

This best-oversized mirror has dimensions of 71" H x 17.3" W x 1.9" D, which makes them perfect for a head-to-toe reflection. Also, if you are looking for a reasonably cheap or affordable mirror, this would be the best option. The full-length mirrors will provide accurate views regardless of the angle the mirror is positioned.

Amazingly you can purchase the mirror cheaply and still end up with a good-looking floor-length mirror. Additionally, this standing mirror will provide a complete view for any height. The product is offered in two shapes – oval and rectangular – and comes in six different colors – oval black, oval cherry, oval espresso, oval oak, oval white, brown.

  • This mirror is easy to assemble even without professional help.
  • Perfectly framed
  • Has a sleek and straightforward design
  • The mirror can be used on a carpeted floor
  • Matches perfectly any  aesthetic
  • Comes in two shapes, one with rectangular and rounded corners
  • Looks attractive
  • The design can be outdated and may not suit a house with contemporary styling

2. NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror

NeuType Full Length Mirror Floor Mirror with Standing Holder...
  • FULL-SIZE FLOOR MIRROR - Overall Size: The mirror measures H-65" X...
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - The frame is made of durable anti-rust aluminum...
  • FLOOR STAND DESIGN & WALL-MOUNTED DESIGN – The mirror can lean...
  • FASHIONABLE DECOR DESIGN - Simple lines creates modern feeling. The...
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Suitable for bathrooms, the bedroom, living room,...

The NeuType Floor Mirror is the perfect option if you are looking to purchase a mirror that looks classy but is reasonably priced. This floor mirror is budget-friendly, simple and versatile enough to fit any space. Th mirror can be leaned against th wall, but it also has a standing mirror if you want it to be free-standing.

The standing mirror is 22 by 65 inches making it the perfect option if you want a mirror that will give you a head-to-toe. The standing mirror weighs 22 pounds meaning that this mirror could also be wall-mounted. The mirror has silk and slim design with an aluminum frame and comes with different finishes.

The fantastic thing is that this floor mirror is constructed using shatterproof glass, making it a worthwhile purchase. The mirror is high quality and provides enough space for everyone, including tall persons. The wall-mounted or standing mirror features an alloy frame with luxurious goldish, making it very attractive. Furthermore, this oversized mirror is available in different styles like silver, black, minimalist wood, or a backlight.

This floor mirror will function as a mirror and add decor to your room to give it an elevated look. The floor will look like an ordinary mirror at first glance, but it has hanging hooks and rails. Additionally, it will blend effortlessly with any other decor in your house.

  • Come in a wide variety of styles
  • Made with shatterproof glass
  • Easy to install.
  • Looks great.
  • Serve as additional decor to elevate your space
  • Has a sleek and straightforward design
  • High quality for the price Safer and more reassuring.
  • This mirror does not come with feet or a stand

3. LVSOMT Full-Length Floor Mirror

LVSOMT Full Length Floor Mirror, Free Standing Body Mirror, Wall...
  • FULL LENGTH MIRROR - long and big enough for you to sweep your entire...
  • HIGH QUALITY FRAME - Aluminum Alloy thickened frame with delicate...
  • HD GLASS MIRROR - High-definition, clear silver glass, no oxidize and...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Wall Mirror Design & Floor Standing Mirror Design....
  • 100% SATISFACTION - Please rest assured to purchase! If the mirror is...

LVSOMT Full-Length Floor Mirror is long and big enough for everybody to provide a complete view. The floor mirror is fully functional and will add a decorative touch to your space. The mirror is most suitable for living rooms, closets, corridors or dressing areas.

The LVSOMT floor mirror is made with a high-quality frame from aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy thickened frame is sturdy, durable, safe, and eco-friendly. Plus, the frame gives the mirror a simple and elegant style.

This great mirror is made using an HD glass mirror which gives the mirror high definition and provides a well-lit reflection. Furthermore, the grills are shatterproof and explosion-proof, preventing the glass from slashing if the glass is heated accidentally.

The floor mirror is easy to install, and you could use it as a wall mirror design or floor standing mirror design. In addition, the simple design of the floor mirror makes it perfect for any space.

  • It is a versatile mirror that will perfectly suit any room
  • Adds a decorative touch to your space
  • Safer for any home
  • Has a sleek and straightforward design
  • Matches perfectly any  aesthetic
  • Made with non breaking glass
  • Provides a full view
  • The design can be a bit outdated

4. Adesso WK2444-22 Alice Floor Mirror with Steel Finishing 

Adesso Alice Simple, Modern Full Length Mirror with Satin Steel...
  • 59" Height, 13.5" Width, 14.5" Depth
  • This full view mirror is perfect for capturing head to toe and...
  • Durable, stable & sturdy construction
  • Simple, modern design with bevel trim around the mirror
  • Folds 2" flat for convenient storage with easy open & unfold assembly

Adesso WK2444-22 Alice Floor Mirror is made with high-quality steel, and this mirror is resistant to rust and scratch as the powder-coated champagne finish gives it an elegant vibe. It is lightweight but sturdy and is sure to last. The product is also carefully designed to provide room for tilting, giving you a better full-length view of your reflection.

The Adesso WK2444-22 Alice full-length Floor Mirrors are preferred by most people looking for a metal mirror since they are sturdy and still look classy. Additionally, clients who have purchased this best full-length mirror say that the mirror is heavy, which most saw as a sign of quality.

This Adesso WK2444-22 Alice Floor Mirror has dimensions of 59" Height, 13.5" Width, and 14.5" Depth making it perfect for viewing your body from head to toe. Furthermore, this full-length view mirror will provide you with natural light and still serve as additional decor for your room.

The fantastic thing is that these full-length mirrors fold two inches flat to provide convenient storage. This mirror will be a convenient option if you are looking for a mirror for your walk-in closet. The mirror is pretty easy to clean and maintain

  • This mirror is straightforward to assemble and store if you have to.
  • In terms of care and cleaning, you need to use a microfiber cloth to dry the mirror, and a Q tip dipped in a cleaning solution for the edges.
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Perfect for a small space or a teen's room
  • Easy to install.
  • If you quickly get tired of plain-looking furniture, this mirror can look too simple and boring for you after a while.

5. Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Wood and Iron Hanging 

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Wood and Iron Hanging Wall Mirror,...
  • This bold, handsomely styled mirror features the natural look of wood...
  • Classic, modern and industrial touches help it blend anywhere
  • Glass, fir wood and iron with black finish
  • 13.75"W x 1.25"D x 42.25"H
  • Avoid moisture. Wipes clean with soft, dry cloth. Hanging hardware not...

Stone & Beam Wood and Iron Hanging are the best floor mirrors that perfectly match any space. This full-length mirror is arguably the best choice for anyone looking for a dressing mirror without spending a lot and losing precious floor space. The mirror is made from shatterproof mirror materials and a durable frame, and this product is sure to last you a long time.

These best full-length mirrors are handsomely designed and styled to fit seamlessly into just about any space. They have a natural look of wood that is cut in black iron. Moreover, it is designed with classic and modern touches, which helps it blend even better and gives it the ability to complement the aesthetic of your space.

The Stone & Beam Wood and Iron Hanging full-length mirrors are made with glass, iron with black finish and fir wood, making them an excellent additional decor to your room. Cleaning and maintaining this full-length floor mirror is easy, and you only need to wipe it using a soft dry cloth and avoid moisture.

The best part about these best full-length mirrors is that they come with hanging hardware, and they are easy to set up and use. Also, the leaning mirror will come fully assembled, offering quick installation.

  • Buyers can easily hang this mirror over the door
  • Reducing space consumption in your apartment.
  • It also comes fully assembled.
  • Comes with two door hangers and two wall mounts for quick wall mounting installation.
  • The mirror can be pretty slim, so there may not be enough space for more people to check their reflections.

6. A Frameless Mirror That's A Minimalist's Dream

Honyee Wall Mirror, Simple and Classic Full Length Mirror, Beveled...
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: This simple and classic frameless rectangular mirror...
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Our wall mounted mirror made of high quality floating...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The mirror is covered by explosion-proof backboard...
  • SAFE&EXQUISITE: The mirror is covered by explosion-proof board, more...
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: The package of the mirror is solid enough. If you...

The Honyee Full-Length Wall Mirror is another perfect option that you could opt for. It is the perfect option if you are looking for a frameless mirror with beveled edges and an arched top. The significant part is that the mirror can be leaned against the wall or wall-mounted for a clearer view.

This incredible mirror is 60 inches long and weighs 18 pounds making it super light. The arched top floor mirror comes with adhesives and screws to mount it on the wall. Most customers have left great reviews about this mirror for having the most outstanding design and super sturdy.

This wall-mounted mirror is made with high-quality annealed glass and a silver-backed glass panel that prevents the glass from misshaping or distortion. The high-quality material will also ensure that you get an accurate HD viewing. Also, th premium sliver backing will help improve the durability o the mirror in very high humidity environs.

The significant bit is that this arched mirror is pretty easy to install and comes with all the accessories needed for installation. Additionally, the floor mirrors are covered by an explosion-proof membrane that makes them more secure and solid.

  • Has an arched top that gives it an attractive look
  • Safer and more reassuring
  • Has a sleek and straightforward design
  • Matches perfectly any  aesthetic
  • Made with shatterproof glass
  • Provides a full view
  • This mirror does not come with feet or a stand, which means it is very dependent on a wall for support.

7. Kings Brand Furniture Modern Upholstered Tufted Floor Mirror

Kings Brand Furniture - Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor...
  • Kings Brand Furniture - Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor...
  • This vinyl upholstered frame is tufted with shiny crystal accents that...
  • The durable wood frame allows you to stand this mirror against a wall...
  • Use this tall rectangular floor mirror before leaving the house or...
  • Dimensions: 22.25"W x 63"H x 1.5"D. Fully assembled.

This upholstered mirror instantly brightens the look of a room and gives it a regal appeal. The tufted frame is accentuated with shiny crystal accents that make it an ideal choice for a luxurious accent wherever you put it in the house.

These best full-length mirrors are perfectly designed and styled to fit seamlessly into just about any space. The king brand floor mirror has a natural look that gives a classic and modern look that helps it blend even better and gives it the ability to complement the aesthetic of your space.

Most customers who have purchased the mirror have positive reviews for being super sturdy. The mirrors are ideal for children and teen rooms. The good thing is it fits perfectly in any space and provides a fabulous finish. Moreover, it will only take up very little space but looks beautiful and will provide a clear view from head to toe.

What's more, the floor mirror stands very sturdily and can still be used on a carpet. This modern upholstered mirror is available in five classic colors – beige, black, blue, white, and silver.

  • The mirror is wide enough to be used by more than one person, even with the thick wooden frame.
  • The faux leather fabric that covers the wooden frame lends an expensive character to the mirror while also keeping it slide-proof.
  • Looks attractive
  • Perfectly framed
  • Has a sleek and straightforward design
  • The mirror can be used on a carpeted floor
  • This mirror does not come with feet or a stand, which means it is very dependent on a wall for support.
  • You'd have to ensure the floor surface is not too slippery to prevent the mirror from slipping.

8. Langria Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Standing Organizer with Mirror 

LANGRIA Jewelry Cabinet Organizer with Full Length Mirror, 10 LEDs...
  • 【Top Quality for Durability】With spray painted surface the jewelry...
  • 【Auto LED Lights and Built-in Mirror】10 LED lights inside the...
  • 【Narrow Frame Full Length Mirror】With the large size full body...
  • 【Extended Depth for Large Storage Room】The jewelry mirror cabinet...
  • 【Wall mounted or over the door】The mirror jewelry cabinet comes in...

This full-length mirror features four different tilting positions, allowing you to find the best angle for your reflection. Other than accessories, it can also store cosmetics and other small trinkets that are best taken off the floor of any room to maintain tidiness.

Langria Lockable Jewelry Standing Organizer with Mirror is a perfect full-length mirror that will provide enough room to store your stuff like jewelry, umbrellas, bags or even tomorrow's outfit. Most people who have purchased this floor mirror have left great reviews. For example, a reviewer said, "This jewelry cabinet and floor mirror had plenty of room for all my jewelry." 

The best part is that these best floor mirrors come with a sleek full-length mirror that looks classy and fits perfectly in your bedroom space. Plus, the floor mirror comes with shelves that you will use to store your jewelry or tomorrow's outfit.

This mirror will not only provide a perfect view from head to toe but will also help keep your jewelry well organized. Plus, you can lock your stuff inside to keep them secure. The standing mirror is ideal for tight space but needs an elegant-looking floor mirror.

  • Extra storage space is always a welcome bonus significantly if it adds to the purpose of the furniture like this standing mirror with organizer.
  • It's an efficient space-saver for someone who has a lot of trinkets to organize.
  • It is an elegant-looking floor mirror.
  • Has a sleek and straightforward design
  • Comes with shelves that you will use to store your jewelry, other accessories on hooks or tomorrow's outfit.
  • Provides an accurate reflection regardless of the angle.
  • The style and function cater mainly to the ladies who need additional storage for their jewelry and other accessories.
  • It may not be ideal for a bachelor's pad or a boy's room.

Other Notable Mentions

1. IKEA KNAPPER Floor Mirror

IKEA KNAPPER Floor Mirror is another perfect option for anyone living in small spaces. This mirror is 63 inches on the front and is supported by a durable ornate frame. You can keep things simple with this floor mirror.

KNAPPER Mirror Ikea might look like an ordinary mirror at first glance, but it has hanging hooks and rails. The ornate frame also blends perfectly in any room and makes it look luxe and high-end. This KNAPPER Mirror Ikea has a wood finish that makes it super classy and attractive. Additionally, it has hanging racks that allow you to stow items like bags or umbrellas.

2. Mercury Row Martinsen

Mercury Row Martinsen floor mirror is a simple full-length mirror that will not detract you from other decors. The mercury row mirror will make your space appear bigger and brighter but is still very functional.

The Martinsen Mirror features a thin frame that is super durable. The frame comes in several colors that you could choose from, including black, white, gold and silver. In addition, this versatile mirror comes with a minimalistic stand that allows it to function as a free-standing unit.

3. POTTERY BARN Swivel Pinboard Mirror

POTTERY BARN Swivel Pinboard Mirror is another perfect option that you can purchase if you are looking for a mirror to use in small spaces. The modern and contemporary floor mirror is a perfect option if you are looking for a mirror for your kids or teens.

The swiveling can be mounted easily on the wall. Additionally, it has a spot the kids can store their jewelry and any other accessories they wish on the hooks.

4. Gallery Solutions Framed Floor Free Standing Mirror 

The Gallery solution framed floor standing mirror is a stylish, contemporary free standing mirror that is pretty affordable. The floor mirror is made with high-quality, durable, and highly effective materials.

This best full-length mirror is 57 inches tall and ideal for any bedroom space. The only downside is that the floor mirror takes up more space than other leaning or over the door mirrors. However, it will be a worthy investment if you have enough space.

5. Urban Outfitters Safi wood Floor Mirror

Urban Outfitters Safi wood Floor Mirror has an unconventional shape that will add a classy touch to your space. You can use th floor mirror in your bathroom, hallway and living room. This curved mirror is 38 inches wide and 62 inches tall, making it a perfect option for a full view.

The oval mirror is designed with a super durable wood frame. The quirky Safi wood Mirror is quite heavy, but you can be sure that it will add a touch of class to your room. The Urban Outfitters wood mirror is easy to install and will provide an accurate view.

Best Full-length Wall and Floor Mirror Buyer's Guide

Contrary to what most people would say, mirrors are not as straightforward as they seem to be. They may not be filled with ornaments or come in various colors all the time, but they have very distinct characteristics when compared to other mirrors on the market. And this is one of the reasons why you are encouraged to look up a buyer's guide for wall mirrors before heading out to get yourself one or two mirrors for the house. The same way you should reason when buying a coffee table!

When buying the best full-length mirror, the first thing you need to consider is the actual length. If you want it free-standing, there may not be an issue. But if you're thinking of hanging your full-length mirror on a wall or behind the door, you should first familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the space available.

Secondly, acquaint yourself with options for mirror frames and their corresponding widths. For example, a wider frame could mean a narrower mirror. So, if you don't want to compromise the mirror's width, it might be a good idea to get one with a slimmer frame.

In terms of materials and overall style, you can go all-out with a scene-stealing mirror with a wooden vintage style or go minimalistic with an industrial wall mirror made of steel. Totally up to you if you want to it outlandish or subtle.

Inspiration and Review of the Best Full-length Floor Mirrors

Now that you have an idea of what you should be looking for in a standing floor mirror, we tried to answer some of your most basic questions when it comes to mirror. Check out our reviews on some inspirations below.

1. What is the best full-length bedroom mirror?

Qualifying characteristics of the best full-length bedroom mirror depend on purchasing and how they want their mirrors to complement other furniture pieces at home. But most importantly, a full-length bedroom mirror should be able to provide a clear reflection of the person standing in front of it. And as much as possible, consume less space, especially in the bedroom.

A prime example is the bestselling piece of the Mirrotek Over-the-Door Mirror.

2. What is the best free-standing floor mirror?

A free-standing floor mirror is precisely that – a mirror that does not require any support because it can stand on its own. Typically, these mirrors come with a pair of feet or a back stand. It's a practical choice for homeowners who want to go for fuss-free interiors that won't just fall out of the blue or cause accidents, especially when kids are home.

When buying a free-standing floor mirror, the first thing you need to look for is whether the feet can adequately support the weight of the mirror-like the Crown Mark wooden bedroom floor mirror. This is especially true if your preferred item comes with a frame made with heavy materials or is simply massive in size.

3. Where can I find an industrial floor mirror online?

Over the last few years, industrial style in home interiors has become all the rage among consumers because of its classic appeal, flexibility, and durability. The aesthetic focuses on using functional materials that can easily be upcycled or give some warehouse feel, such as steel, wood, aluminum, iron, copper, tin, or stone.

When looking for industrial floor mirrors, a popular choice would be those with wooden frames. But if you want a more unique and barefaced appeal, opt for ones made of steel. And if you prefer scouring your options online, nothing beats Amazon as your go-to virtual source for high-quality industrial floor mirrors like this Adesso floor mirror.

4. What is the best full-length mirror for selfies?

Ah, the selfie generation. What purpose would full-length mirrors serve other than showing a reflection of yourself but aiding you in all those selfies, of course? But if you're on the lookout for a full-length mirror that would be perfect for those selfies, it should be eye-catching first and foremost. Unfortunately, it was probably not what Ikea had in mind when they started with their mirrors.

Luckily for you, there are tons of full-length mirror designs you can choose from, such as the tufted standing floor mirror from Kings Brand Furniture or a standing mirror with a built-in jewelry cabinet from Langria. Both products are perfect for selfies and do not compromise the quality of the mirror for face value.

5. Can I add unique full-length mirror lights?

Additionally, upping your selfie game would be so much easier if you had the tools to back you up. And now that you have found the perfect full-length mirror for selfies, getting mirror lights should be the next step.

Wondering if you can add unique lights to your best full-length mirror? Sure, you can! Take these DIY Vanity LED Lights Strip Kit, for example. The light kit is offered in sets of 10 and 14 bulbs that also include an intelligent dimmer switch which allows you to adjust the brightness level according to your preference.

Even better, these lights are straightforward to install because they don't require electrical wiring. All you need to do is peel off the adhesive covers and stick the bulbs onto your best full-length mirror. Voila! You have a mirror surrounded with LED lights perfect for selfies, vlogs, or simply aiding you while putting on makeup.

Final tips and conclusion

Finally, all full-length mirrors do not come with equal quality. So if you are looking to purchase mirrors with high durability, you will need to get high-quality mirrors. The list we have looked at in this article is some of the best full-length mirrors in the market.

Here are some of the few tips on how you could care for and clean your best full-length mirror.

  1. To clean your mirror, you must use a soft cloth and warm water. It is necessary to remember that you don't allow the mirror's edges to stay wet for long periods. Also, some mirrors will have instructions from the manufactures that they should only be cleaned using a soft dry cloth, be sure to follow the instructions.
  2. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners on the mirrors unless the guidebook allows you to.
  3. Do not spray your cleaners directly on the mirror. Instead, use a damp cloth with the mirror.
  4. Ensure that you completely dry the edges of the mirror. This way, the cleaner will not mess with the frames of your mirror.
  5. To keep your full-length mirror looking new, ensure that you clean them regularly using the correct products.


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