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Cleaning can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you cook regularly, as it doesn't take much effort to make a stovetop dirty. Whether it's the spills, caked-on food, or grease, it can leave your stovetop looking messy and make one feel quite overwhelmed.

Luckily, that's where the best stove top cleaner comes in, as it can help break down the grime and grease and restore shine to your cooking surface. Ideally, you want a stovetop cleaner that is suitable for your stovetop. Additionally, the cleaner should tackle the problematic areas, dealing with grease or removing stuck-on grime.

Sometimes, when dealing with extra-tough, smeared crumbs and burns, elbow grease and a chemical cleaner alone are not enough to clean it. Hence, a cleaner that comes with a scrubbing pad and scraper is ideal for the removal of stubborn residue that typical kitchen cleaners can't break down

We reviewed our top picks of the best stovetops cleaners and outlined features to consider when buying them.


What Is A Stovetop Cleaner?

A stovetop cleaner is specially formulated to tackle debris and stains on cooking surfaces. The formula aids in removing greasy stains, stuck-on food, and grime and restores the shine on stovetops.

The cleaner can be used on various surfaces, including glass, induction, and ceramic stovetops, depending on the brand. In addition, some cleaners are versatile enough to be used to clean other appliances like drip pans, kitchen sinks, microwaves, etc.

Below, we've reviewed our top 5 picks of the best stovetop cleaners that are sure to leave your surfaces dazzling and looking almost brand new.

Best Stovetop Cleaners

1. Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit

Weiman Cooktop and Stove Top Cleaner Kit - Glass Cook Top Cleaner and...
  • REVITALIZE WITHOUT SCRATCHING: Non-abrasive cooktop pads help easily...
  • SHINE & PROTECT: Dramatically cleans, shines, and protects...
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: Leave a streak-free shine while removing...
  • USE ON: All major glass/ceramic cooktop manufactures including GE,...
  • 3 PIECE SET: This bundle includes (1) Cooktop Cream, (1) Razor –...

The Weiman Cooktop Cleaner will have you your stove and cooktop looking shiny and new.

The cooktop cleaner comes in a pack with non-abrasive cooktop pads that help to easily remove heavily burned foods, grime, and grease. What makes it the best stove top cleaner is that it does this without scratching your cooktop.

The microbead technology gives scrubbing power & leaves your cooktop surface with a shiny, almost new-like appearance. In addition, the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner kit protects the glass and ceramic cooktops, plus induction surfaces. All you need is to buff with a paper towel to get a shine.

The Weiman cooktop cleaner kit is also non-hazardoes, making it safe for use in households. The cooktop cleaner leaves a streak-free shine while removing splattered food, dirt, oily residue & watermarks.

The cooktop cleaner is safe to use a cool cooktop and should never be used on a hot surface.

  • It can be used on cooking surfaces
  • Leaves your cooktop surface looking like new and with a shine
  • Easy to use
  • Does require some little elbow grease for those tough stains
  • The razor blade can be quite tricky to navigate

2. Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Cerama Bryte Combo Kit Pads & Removes Tough Stains 0, 3 Piece Set, 4...
  • Contains: 1 - Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit, Kit Includes: 10 oz...
  • Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner is the number one cooktop cleaner formula...
  • Formulated for heavy-duty cleaning, removes burnt on foods without...
  • Does not contain plastic beads or dimethicone, Biodegradable by OECD...
  • Tested and qualified for CERAN by SCHOTT, the maker of the glass...

The Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner is the best stove top cleaner to deal with tough stains and versatility. With this cooktop cleaning kit, it doesn't matter whether your stovetop is ceramic, electric, or glass, as the non-abrasive formula is safe to use on all.

The Cerama Bryte Cooktop cleaning kit is formulated for heavy-duty cleaning; thus, it removes burnt food and stubborn residue without scratching, leaving your stovetop dazzling.

The Cooktop Cleaning Kit includes a scraper and cleaning pad. The scraper is specially designed to provide the perfect angle for effective cooktop cleaning and remove large, crusty areas of spilled food and stains. At the same time, the cleaning pad deals with the toughest stains while ensuring that the surface remains grime-free.

  • Has a pleasant scent
  • Leaves your stovetop surfaces shiny and with a brand-new like appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all stovetop surfaces ( especially ceramic cooktops)
  • Some users have noted that the razor scraper can live tiny cuts on the stovetop surface
  • It does take some elbow grease for the tough stains

3. Weiman Ceramic and Glass Cooktop Cleaner

Weiman Ceramic and Glass Disinfecting Stovetop Cleaner - 12 Ounce 2...
  • NEW DISINFECTING FORMULA: Our new formula keeps your stovetops...
  • WON'T SCRATCH SURFACES: This non-scratch and non-abrasive formula will...
  • CLEANS EVERYDAY KITCHEN MESSES: Remove grease, grime and stubborn...
  • STREAK-FREE FINISH: Make cleanup easier with a brilliant shine that...
  • FOR USE ON: Stovetops, microwave ovens, glass surfaces, stainless...

This is the best stove top cleaner if looking to restore the shine of your current stovetop.

The stovetop cleaner is specially formulated for use on glass and ceramic cooktops. It may not be ideal for getting rid of the toughest stains, but you can be sure that your stovetop will have a dazzling shine once you're done cleaning.

The stovetop cleaner protects the glass and ceramic surfaces on ranges. It's non-abrasive and simple to use. Additionally, the glass cleaner is perfect for everyday spills and cleaning glass cooktops and ceramic surfaces.

The Weiman cleaner comes in an easy-to-use trigger spray bottle that allows you to dispense the solution exactly where you want. In addition, the formula is safe for glass and ceramic cooktops.

  • Effective at cleaning glass cooktops and ceramic surfaces
  • Easy to use with the trigger spray bottle
  • It restores a shine to your stovetop
  • Not ideal for dealing with tough stains

4. Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner Spray (2 Pack) Cleans and Degreases...
  • GRILL & SMOKER CLEANER : Super-strength gel cleans your grill and is...
  • GREASE REMOVER: Quickly cleans and removes grease from your grill and...
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Super-strength gel is biodegradable and reduces...
  • WORKS ON: Caked-on food, baked-on deposits, carbon and grease, do not...
  • SAFE FOR USE ON: On metals, cooking grates/racks, drip pans, Weber,...

It's not just stovetops that struggle with tough stains, drip pans, grills, and grates also catch grease splatters and food remnants. These can appliances can be especially tricky to clean because all the grease tends to stick together.

Nevertheless, the formula is specially designed to tackle tough stains and remove grease with the Goo Gone Grill Grate Cleaner. In addition, it's biodegradable, making it suitable for outdoor barbecue grill surfaces, and helps reduce smoke flare-ups. The grease remover can also be used to remove caked-on food and baked-on deposits. It's, however, not suitable for use on aluminum or faux stainless steel.

  • Effective at removing grease from drip pans, grates, and grills
  • It's easy to clean with the spray bottle
  • Not suitable for use on aluminum or faux stainless steel

5. BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cooktop Cleaner Kit

If dealing with tough stains, this is the best stove top cleaner as it's sure to leave your stovetop clean and sparkling.

Bar Keeper's Friend Cooktop Cleaner pack is specially designed to cater to gas and glass stovetops. The stovetop cleaner can be used on radiant and halogen glass, ceramic cooktops, and glass cookware. It assures to gently removes food residue, stains, and fingerprints without scratching the cooking surface.

The Bar Keeper's Friend formula is non-toxic and doesn't contain any harsh ingredients like bleach. This makes it safe to use around pets. In addition, the stove cleaner comes with 2 non-abrasive cloths that are assured not to fall apart like sponges. The cloths can be used to clean hard water stains and marks from your stainless steel pots and pans.

Lastly, Bar Keeper's Friend Kit comes with a razor scraper that won't scratch your stovetop but helps remove burnt food stains from the stovetop surfaces. It also comes with a detail brush set that allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas of your stovetop.

  • Leaves your glass cooktop looking shiny and new
  • The cloths can clean out hard water stains
  • The cleaner can clean out tough stains
  • The brush set is not durable

Features To Consider When Buying Best Stovetop Cleaner

a) Type of Cooking Surface

One of the first considerations before searching for the best stove top cleaner is being aware of the type of cooktop/stovetop you own. Certain stovetop cleaners are formulated to cater to all cooking surfaces, while others cater to specific surfaces. Hence, knowing your cooktop surface and if the product can cater to your surface is key. In addition, some surfaces are more sensitive than others, such as glass cooktops. Thus, finding a cleaning solution catered to your cooktop will ensure you get the desired results.

b) Versatility

Cooktop cleaners come in different forms. Some are formulated to tackle grease removal from drip pans, grills and gas grates, while others are designed to tackle stuck-on food or grime on a stove's surface. Deciding on a stove cleaner will depend on the need you want to tackle. Some cleaners are versatile in handling cleaning stovetops, cabinets, and any other kitchen appliances. In contrast, others are best suited for the stovetop alone. It's best to check the cleaner's capacity.

c) Check the pH level

Ideally, cooktop cleaners should be formulated with neutral pH levels. This allows the surfactant system in the cleaner to interact with the oils and dirt easily. This especially makes it effective in cleaning stainless steel cooking appliances.

A stovetop cleaner with a neutral pH is much more effective at cleaning hard stains and also doesn't leave scratches. It also tends to be more gentle on the stovetop.

d) Razor Scrapers and Cleaning Pads

Razor scrapers are essential in that they aid in cleaning stuck-on grime and food. In addition, the razor blade makes it easier to scrape away at the debris and stains that stick on the stove's surface.

On the other hand, a scrubbing pad makes it easier to scrub away at those dried and greasy stains. Ideally, you're looking for a scrubbing pad that will be gentle on your stove's surface, especially if you have a glass cooktop, as you don't want the risk of scratches.

Cleaning kits that feature these two make your cleaning a lot easier, plus they also tend to be more affordable, as you don't have to buy everything separately.

e) Easy To Use

Ideally, using your cooktop cleaner shouldn't be a hassle. There are various brands to choose from; hence, while deciding, ensure to read customer reviews on the ease of cleaning. The picks reviewed above are guaranteed to make your cleaning hassle-free, even with a few elbow greases here and there. Some stovetop cleaners tend to come in spray bottles, while others come in tins.

f) Safety

Safety is also a key priority when searching for the right stovetop cleaners.

The stovetop cleaner should be formulated with non-toxic chemicals that are not harmful to your health. They should, however, be strong enough to aid in cleaning and removing greasy stains.

Harsh chemicals can lead to skin irritation and further problems. Hence it's worth checking if the product is safe to use.

g) Durability

Ideally, you want a stovetop cleaner that can last you a while and is economical. Hence, always keep in mind that renowned brands rarely compromise on quality and will often consider the consumer’s needs to keep their goodwill. For instance, even though it's formulated for everyday cleaning doesn't mean it should end within a week. Instead, the cleaner should be able to last you a while and basically giving you the value of your money.

h) Budget Friendly

As with most products, keeping within your budget is important. When buying cleaning solutions, cheap doesn't necessarily equate to better. However, it's advisable to read customer reviews to gauge and get an idea of the product's value.

How To Clean A Glass Cooktop

Glass cooktops have risen in popularity over the years and have become a common feature in homes. They're smooth, flat, and designed to blend in with the kitchen counter. With the advancement of technology, they continue to evolve. For example, the latest electric stove can use induction cooking technology that can boil your water while keeping the cooking surface cool to the touch.

The biggest advantage and selling point of glass stovetops is that they're easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth and your choice of stovetop cleaner ( like the ones reviewed above).

For the tougher stains, a scraper is enough to do the trick. It lets you target the build and hard-to-clean edges and crevices. All you need to do is scrape slowly and carefully. Ensure not to press too hard and avoid holding the scraper at a high angle, so you don't accidentally crack the glass. Then, wipe the glass cooktop clean with a clean cloth.

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