Best TV Wall Mount for Mounting Small and Large TV Screens

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It has been many years since flat screens took the place of immense cathode-ray televisions. Now that you have a new flat screen, consider how much your viewing pleasure could improve if the TV was off the media center or the console and mounted up on your wall. Besides, whether you want to add an aspect of stylish flair to your room or low on space, if you intend to mount your TV up on the wall, you will need the best TV wall mount on the market.

What is the best type of TV wall mount?

Why Do You Need a TV Wall Mount?

TV wall mounts are durable frames constructed from reinforced steel and usually use the mounting hole patterns made at the back of your flat-screen TV to hold and grip the TV in place, attaching it to the wall. Mounting your TV on a wall not only frees up space and prevents the TV from tipping over but also looks nice.

Additionally, the best TV mounts usually allow you to enhance your TV setup with increased comfort, better viewing angles, and even enhanced safety. A TV mount can as well help keep your flat screen out of the way till you're ready to watch it.

Now that you know why a TV wall mount is crucial, let's check out the best TV wall mounts and other important information before committing to buy.

1. Mounting Dream Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount for 37-70 Inches TVs, MD2268-LK

Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall...
  • [Wall TV mount with Patented Design] The Mounting Dream TV wall mount...
  • [Space Saving] This wall mount offers a great space saving solution...
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If you think you have to rob a bank to get the benefits of a tilting TV mount, then you haven't tried the Mounting Dream Universal Tilt Wall Mount. The MD2268-LK wall mount has many features, which is why it's the best-selling TV mount on Amazon. For example, you can freely adjust the tilt of the mounted television to 8 degrees to help you find the best viewing angle. Also, it's easy to mount and comes with decent instruction, plus comes with a Torpedo level and concrete anchors are available on request.

Additionally, these TV mount is not for drywall installation only. It comes with quick-release straps making it easier to get ports at the back of the TV, something not most cheap tilt mounts offer. This wall mount will work with virtually any TV, with support for several TV sizes, a weight limit of 132 pounds, and VESA patterns from 200 mm x 100 mm to 600mm x 400 mm.

The MD2268-LK is a low-profile TV wall mount. When you place your television close to wall 1. 5-inch, you will be saving space greatly with a stylish appearance. When installing, ensure you spend enough time adjusting the level to get it right.

  • Comes with a cheap price tag
  • Can support different TV sizes
  • Can withstand a lot of weight; 132 pounds
  • Offer great customer service
  • Limited tilt

2. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount for Most 32-55 Inch TV, (FMD2380)

Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Wall Mount for Most 32-55 inch TV, Some up...
  • UNIVERSAL TV MOUNT: TV wall mount fits for most of 32-55" TVs up to 99...
  • UPGRADE VIEWING EXPERIENCE: This full motion TV mount tilts TV up 5°...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: TV wall mounts with clear instruction and hardware...
  • HEAVY-DUTY UNIT: TV wall mount swivel and tilt designed with 6...
  • US-BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We are glad to answer your pre-purchase and...

If you're looking for the best TV wall mount that's heavy-duty in nature, count on the Mounting Dream FMD2380 TV Wall Mount. Robot welding technology makes this wall mount strong and safe. As a result, it's one of the best full motion mounts on the market. Besides, it allows you to pull the television up to 15.2 inches from the wall, and you can tilt and swivel it; 15 degrees down or 5 degrees up or swivel up to 45 degrees right or left.

The TV mount is easy to mount and comes with decent instruction and hardware. It has a +/-3° post-installation adjustment which allows perfect TV leveling. Concrete anchors are available on request. Moreover, this wall mount will work with screens between 32 to 55 inches, a weight limit of 99 pounds, and VESA patterns up to 400mm x 400 mm. Besides, this wall mount's profile is fairly slim, leaving about 3" between the TV and the wall when pushed back. Also, you can adjust the mounted television to about 3 degrees to achieve a perfect viewing level.

  • Easy to install and comes with decent instructions to follow when installing
  • Strong and safe wall mount made from heavy-duty materials
  • Has a weight limit of 99 pounds so it can handle a good number of TVs
  • Offer great customer service
  • The tilt sags sometimes.

3. Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Articulating Arms

Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms Swivels...
  • TV Mount Compatibility - TVs wall mount fits SAMSUNG, SONY, LG, VIZIO,...
  • Full Motion for Optimal Viewing - Our articulating arm mount tilts...
  • Universal Monitor Wall Mount - ideal for large computer monitors,...
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If you're looking for the best TV wall mount that can support smaller TVs, count on the Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount. This wall mount can support the screen from 13 inches to 42 inches securely to the mounting base. In addition, the base is usually compatible with VESA mounting holes of 75 by 75, 100 by 100, 100 by 200, 200 by 100, 200 by 200 millimeters. The articulating arm usually extends from 2.2 " to 14.5" to provide 20° of tilt and 360° of swivel.

The package comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide and hardware needed for easy, single stud installation. The hardware simplifies the placement of the TV on the wall. It also features a removable TV plate designed for single-person installation and helps you install the wall mount without much effort. Plus, you can install it on wood studs, concrete, or brick.

  • Easy to install, one fit person can install alone
  • Ideal wall mount for smaller TVs
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Offer great customer service
  • It sometimes rotates uncontrollably.

4. ECHOGEAR (EGLF2) Full Motion Wall Mount for Big TVs Up to 90 inches

ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount for Large TVs Up to 90" - Full Motion with...
  • Designed to accommodate almost any VESA pattern, this mount is...
  • Use the included drilling template & extensive hardware pack to get...
  • We never skip leg day. Our heavy-gauge steel supports TVs up to 90" or...
  • Pull your TV out 22" away from the wall and point it anywhere in the...
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If you're looking for the best TV wall mount that can hold up to 90 inches, look no further than the ECHOGEAR (EGLF2) Full Motion Wall Mount. This articulating TV wall mount has the flexibility you want in this mount type. It's designed to accommodate virtually any VESA pattern and is compatible will all major brands, including Sony, TCL, LG, Vizio, Samsung, and more. Also, it works with televisions from 42 inches to 90 inches and can support up to 125 pounds.

Additionally, this articulating wall pulls your television out 22-inches away from the wall and point it to any of your favorite side of the room with 130 degrees of smooth swivel and retracts back 2.4 inches from the wall for the real slim classy look. Also, you can tilt it 15 degrees, allowing you to get the perfect viewing angle from different seating locations.

You can install this wall mount on wall studs that are either 16 inches or 24 inches apart. Besides, the wall mount features important post-installation leveling for small adjustments. Also, the EGLF2 wall mount works with VESA patterns from 200 mm x 100 mm to 600 mm x 400 mm.

  • Extends up to 22 inches allowing you to change the viewing angle when you feel like
  • Ideal for large TV screens
  • Offers a wide range of motion
  • Has a weight limit of 125 pounds so it can handle a good number of TVs
  • Sticks out only 2.4 inches from the wall

What Are the Main Types of TV Wall Mounts?

Though there are many options available on the market, we will look at the three key styles of TV wall mounts: Full motion TV wall mount, tilting TV wall mount and fixed TV wall mount. The main differences amount these types of TV wall mounts are mostly based on their flexibility.

1. Full motion TV wall mount

These full motion TV wall mounts are also referred to as articulating TV wall mounts which usually allow total freedom to position the TV. You can pull it some inches out from the wall, angle it from one side to another or adjust it any way ( up and down). So, if you like watching the TV from different spots in the room, want an adjustable screen to block glare, or are wise to mount it in a corner, look no further but the full-motion mount.

Nonetheless, full-motion mounts don't offer a flush fit since they require space to allow for full movement. Most models usually create a gap of some inches between the wall and the mount. It is essential to ensure that all cables and cords have enough space to remain in place even when the TV is pulled out far as much as the mount allows. Moreover, full-motion TV mounts are usually among the expensive options.

2. Tilting mount

Tilting TV wall mounts usually adjust the angle of the screen between 5 and 15 degrees, up and down. However, they don't allow side-to-side positioning. To allow adequate space for tilting, expect this wall mount to hold the TV around 2" away from the wall.

Additionally, tilting TV wall mounts are an ideal option for you if you always sit in the same spot facing the television but need to hang the TV a bit higher than eye level. These wall mounts also offer a little flexibility to avoid glare from room lights or windows.

3. Fixed TV wall mount

Fixed TV wall mounts are usually the cheapest and simplest type. These wall mounts grip and holds the television closely flush against the wall, offering a clean, modern look to a room. However, the angle of the TV screen cannot be adjusted or tilted, and the screen is always parallel to the wall.

When the television must be mounted close to the window, closing the window shades can prevent brightness from reflecting on the screen. A fixed mount also limits access to the back of the TV. So, if the ports or cables behind the television need to be regularly reached, a fixed amount might not be the best option.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best TV Wall Mount

1. Wall type

When shopping for the best TV mount, it's advisable to consider your wall type first since a proper anchoring system is usually subjected to the wall's construction. For example, masonry walls like concrete block poured concrete, brick, and stone usually require masonry anchors. Conversely, walls with regularly spaced studs or wooden walls screw directly into the studs. Also, hollow walls like drywall or paneling where studs aren't available usually require specialty anchors.

2. Size & weight capacity

When looking for the best TV mount, you need to consider the size and weight capacity. The packaging usually indicates the TV sizes and how much weight the mount can securely support. In addition, the right wall mounts are UL-certified, showing they've passed thorough testing to prove they are fit to hold the weight they claim.

So, it is crucial not to withhold by purchasing a TV mount suitable for a smaller or lighter TV than the intended to hang. An undersized mount might end up sagging under the load, or even worst, s TV could come crashing to the floor if the mount detaches or breaks from the wall.

If the television's weight is unknown, you can check the manufacturer's website under the specifications. And when it comes to size, keep in mind that TV screen sizes are not measured vertically or horizontally across the screen; they are usually measured diagonally from corner to corner.

3. The material of the wall mount

It's important to confirm the material of the wall mount you intend to buy since the construction and material of any wall mount usually contribute to its strength and durability, which are important to safely hanging a TV on a wall. Also, the material affects the cost, while some materials tend to be better suited for supporting larger TVs. Most wall mounts are made of either alloy steel or iron.

  • Alloy steel is sturdy, stiff, and quite lightweight. Steel usually makes it likely to use a lighter frame for mounting heavy and large TVs.
  • Iron is cheap, sturdy, and functional; however, pound for pound, it's not as sturdy as steel. It works perfectly for all TVs except the largest and heaviest ones.

4. Level adjustment

Though wall TV mounts are relatively simple, a few additional features might be handy. When looking for the best TV wall mount, check whether it comes with a level adjustment which usually allows for tweaking the mounted TV slightly to ensure that it is completely level.

Another feature to check out is height adjustment that offers one inch or more wiggle space to move your mounted television up or down once installed. Moreover, other wall mounts have channels or clips to hold cords and wires aligned, though you might prefer covering the cables and cords with a cable concealer.

5. VESA mounting interface

Lastly, don't forget to check out the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) interface, a square or rectangular pattern of mounting holes usually found on the back of the TV. These mounting holes must fit the corresponding screw holes on the wall mount. Most wall mounts hold a wide range of VESA patterns.

Additionally, a television's VESA size is either in the owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. However, if no on either of them, follow these simple steps to determine the size. First, measure from center to a center horizontal distance of the upper holes. Next, measure from the center of an upper hole the vertical distance to the center of the lower hole. These two figures are in millimeters and are shown on mounting brackets by the horizontal and vertical measurements.

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