Best Vacuum for Small Apartment Spaces & Studios

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Best Vacuum for Small Apartment

Honestly, not many people get the butterflies and all excited when it comes to cleaning. Sadly, managing small spaces doesn't mean that they won't get just as quickly dusty as the big spaces. This is where the best vacuum for small apartment spaces comes in.

Essentially, a good vacuum cleaner should take the hard work out of cleaning and daily chores. And living in a small apartment means that you can't just pick any vacuum. Instead, you'll need the best vacuums for small spaces that also come with special cleaning equipment that can get into all the little nooks and crannies.


What Are the Types of Vacuums Cleaners?

a) Stick Vacuum

A stick vacuum will typically cost more than the traditional vacuum cleaner, but they are also by far the most convenient. They're compact but built with high suction power and almost always come with mountable docks that make them easy to store.

Another great benefit to getting stick vacuum cleaners is how versatile they are. Most can be converted into a handheld vacuum or a cordless stick vacuum. Stick vacuums also commonly come with multi-purpose attachments.

  • They're compact
  • They're versatile
  • They come with cordless options
  • Most are wall-mountable
  • Relatively pricey
  • Need to be charged
  • Not as durable as the traditional vacuum cleaner model

b) Canister Vacuum

A canister vacuum cleaner will not cost you as much, but it'll still give you great value. Unfortunately, many small homeowners would overlook it because it's commonly believed that the canister vacuum comes in a shape that makes it difficult to stow. But on the contrary, canister vacuums can be dismantled, which gives you an advantage over the other vacuums.

Canister vacuums are versatile since they come with a good number of useful attachments that you can use on various surfaces and tight spots. They're lighter and more portable than upright vacuums but don't lack suction power.

  • It can be easily dismantled
  • Included attachments making it versatile
  • Reasonably in price
  • Lightweight
  • Has the highest capacity
  • Will need to be assembly
  • Not as ergonomic

c) Robot Vacuum

Robotic vacuums are as advanced as they get. They're small in size, so storage shouldn't be a problem at all. Also, since they're programmed to do all of the work, you won't need to move a muscle with a robot vacuum cleaner.

Some features include being able to schedule, remote control and monitor some automatic floor adjustments and in-built safety features. They're much quieter when compared to larger vacuums, but unfortunately, they're not as versatile.

  • Automation of functions
  • Quiter
  • Being able to schedule, remote control and monitor
  • Easily stored
  • Need to be charged
  • Small dust cup capacity
  • For bare floors only

d) Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are probably the easiest to store because they'll fit almost anywhere. Like stick vacuums, they're wall-mountable, and some come with table-top stations for easier access. Handheld vacuums are perfect for minimal cleaning tasks but are not intended for deep floor cleaning.

So, if you don't have much space, or a huge budget to work with, these are a great option. They're the most affordable vacuum cleaners in the market and will go a long way if you use them as intended.

  • Affordable
  • Easiest storage
  • Portable
  • Cordless vacuum option available.
  • Small dust collection capacity
  • Need to be charged
  • Not best for deep cleaning

What Are the Benefits of Having the Best Vacuum for Small Apartments?

  • Save you money long-term - stick vacuum will use less electricity while the canisters will save you money on tools and attachments. Of all vacuum cleaners, handhelds are the most affordable
  • Use up less energy - since compact vacuum cleaners are lighter and much easier to operate in a smaller space, then you'll spend so little time cleaning
  • Environmental-friendly - Cordless vacuums run on batteries and mostly will use reusable dust bags or filters since they have a much lower capacity
  • Durability - since less frequent use will help prolong the vacuum's lifespan. You won't need to pay for the replacement parts and repairs as often

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1. EUREKA NEC222 HyperClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

EUREKA NEC222 HyperClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Deep Ocean , Blue
  • 220W Powerful Suction: Powered by the latest digital motor technology,...
  • 30 Minutes Long Lasting Runtime: Enjoy up to 30 minutes of fade-free...
  • Grab & Go: The cordless design makes the Hyper Clean, easy to use and...
  • Lightweight: At only 6.5 pounds, you can easily use this stick vacuum...
  • Easy-to-Empty: No need to touch the dirt. There are two options for...

Here's one of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners built for all your needs. It works great on everything, including carpets and car interiors. With a 220-watt motor, it will last you a good 30 minutes run. Then, just with the push of a button, you can boost it to MAX mode for that extra cleaning power.

The Eureka NEC222 HyperClean cordless vacuum only weighs 6.5 pounds and has a quick and easy assembly that converts it into a handheld vacuum. It also has a dust cup release button and a washable anti-allergen filter, making it much easier to maintain. In addition, unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners, it has 2 more accessories, namely the crevice tool and the 2-in-1 upholstery tool. Overall, it gives value to money.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 11x 11 x 44.3 inches
  • Weight - 6.5 pounds
  • Power - 220 watts
  • Features - Handheld convertible cleaner,30 minutes run time, LED headlight, MAX mode, rubber wheels
  • Accessories -2-in-1 upholstery tool, crevice tool, washable anti-allergen filter
  • Incredibly lightweight since it only weighs 6.5 pounds
  • When dealing with stubborn dirt or simply faster, more efficient cleaning MAX Mode extra suction boost
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the release button for the dust cup
  • Great for carpet cleaning
  • Relatively more affordable compared to the high-range stick vacuums
  • It's not designed for the hard floors or larger debris, like the cat litter
  • Prolonged use will not have it work best

2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Up to 60 minutes run time when using a non-motorized tool. Cyclone...
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums...
  • Lightweight and versatile, to clean right through the home....
  • Up to 40 minutes of fade-free power with the soft Roller cleaner head...
  • Torque drive cleaner head – Up to 20 minutes of fade-free power (in...

Dyson is another great brand that gives the best vacuums, and the Dyson V10 is an absolute favorite among many. When charged, it has enough power to give you at least an hour's worth of suction. In addition, it comes with a Torque Drive cleaner head for deeper cleansing and penetration on carpets, while the soft roller is perfect for your hard floors.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 cordless stick vacuum cleaner also comes with a Dyson ball multi-floor setting and 3 power modes you can choose from. It can easily be docked or mounted, so it also helps on saving space too. It can just as easily be converted into a handheld cordless vacuum.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 9.5x 10.1 ix49.2 inches
  • Weight - 5.9 pounds
  • Power - 525 watts with a maximum of 150 air watts
  • Features - Handheld convertible, 60 minutes run time, torque drive cleaner head, soft roller brush, 3 suction modes
  • Accessories- a mini soft dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool, mini motorized tool, wall-mountable charging dock
  • With the Torque drive cleaner head, it is designed to dig deep into the carpet fibers for deeper and effective cleaning
  • Included is a wall mount that makes it easy to install and use as a convenient charging station that saves on space as well
  • The one hour run time is more than sufficient for small apartments and exceeds the run time you'd get with other stick cordless vacuum
  • Boosting its suction power mode drains the vacuum's battery
  • The finicky dust cup is a little hard to remove at first and might need some practice

3. Siamrose Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Handheld Vacuum Cordless 8Kpa Strong Suction Powered by Li-ion Battery...
  • STRONG SUCTION:Handheld vacuum utilizes 120W super high power motor...
  • SUPER LONG RUNNING TIME:Handheld vacuum only takes 3 hours to be fully...
  • ALL-ROUND CLEANING:Mini vacuum with 3 different types of...
  • EASY TO CLEAN:The detachable translucent and click-off dirt tank...
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION:Handheld vacuum with the temperature protection,...

Homeowners looking to save on space, effort, and money should consider this handheld vacuum. It's a budget-friendly pick that gives value for money. As the best handheld vacuum on the list, it comes in an ergonomic design that's built to clean all types of surfaces and liquids.

The Siamrose cordless handheld vacuum comes with a long extension power cord and battery with an indicator light that lasts up to 30 minutes. It's a powerful handheld vacuum with an impressive suction power at 8000 pascals and a washable HEPA filter. It also has a few handy accessories, including an auxiliary joint, brush suction nozzle, crevice attachment, and extension hose.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 15.31 x 4.96 x 4.92 inches
  • Weight - 1.78 pounds
  • Power - 120 watts
  • Features - Washable HEPA filter filtration system
  • Accessories - auxiliary joint, brush suction nozzle, crevice attachment, and extension hose
  • Versatile handheld vacuum with a wet/dry capacity; that can also clean spills.
  • Handheld vacuum with a long extension power cord that makes the big difference in what and how you clean
  • Comes with a HEPA filter filtration system
  • A powerful vacuum and also a great budget option
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has great performance
  • 20 minutes runtime of so it may need to be constantly re-charged
  • Quite small in size

4. Shark HV322 Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum

Shark HV322 Rocket Pet Plus Corded Stick Vacuum with LED Headlights,...
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Thorough deep carpet cleaning, and powerful pet hair...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT VERSATILITY: Ultra-lightweight and converts into a...
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Includes specialized pet tools that capture embedded...
  • XL DUST CUP CAPACITY: The 0.68-quart dust cup allows for extended...
  • LED HEADLIGHTS: Powerful lights on the handheld vacuum and nozzle...

This Shark vacuum weighs approximately 9 pounds and can be converted into a handheld vacuum with a pet-multi tool and a duster crevice tool. Of all shark vacuums, it is the most multi-purpose and versatile vacuum that's most recommended to pet owners of all shark vacuums. In addition, it has additional features that include an extra-large dust cup, swivel steering, and LED headlights.

This corded vacuum model is designed to retain its suction power and is suitable to remove pet hair on all types of floors. Additional accessories include a wall mount and the Hard Floor Hero attachment.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 10.25 x 13 x 47.5 inches
  • Power - 500 Watts
  • Weight - 9.1 pounds
  • Features - Advanced swivel steering, handheld convertible vacuum, LED headlights, and an extra-large dust cup
  • Accessories - Pet multi-tool, Hard Floor Hero attachment, duster crevice tool and wall mount
  • Designed to help pet owners to tidy up after pets, upholstery and furniture
  • Comes with a crevice tool that helps you reach all the tricky spots
  • The Hard Floor Hero attachment cleans up all the fine and stubborn dirt on both smooth and hard floors
  • Easy Swivel steering control that comes in handy in all the cramped spots
  • It's relatively quite loud
  • It's not as easy to operate, so that it may take some getting used

5. Atrix Turbo Red AHC-1 Portable Canister Vacuum

Atrix AHC-1 HEPA Canister Vacuum, Standard Bundle, Turbo Red
  • 3 VARIABLE SPEED SUCTION - Unlike most small vacuum cleaners, the...
  • TELESCOPIC METAL WAND - The small commercial vacuum includes a...
  • PACKED WITH ATTACHMENTS - This vacuum product includes: The Turbo Red...
  • PERFECT VACUUM FOR HOME AND OFFICE - The lightweight, portable, and...

The Atrix Turbo Red AHC-1 portable canister vacuum is a canister vacuum that's built not to take up as much space and has all the great features you'd need to vacuum in a small appartment efficiently. It's a bagged vacuum that makes an excellent option for deep cleaning since it has a HEPA filter and a variable speed motor that gives you more control and makes versatile cleaning much more accessible.

Aside from the HEPA filter, it's a small canister vacuum that's multi-surface and can be used on upholstery and fabrics. It weighs 10.9 pounds, has hassle-free storage and a telescopic wand with 17 settings. Unlike other bagged vacuums, it also comes with an indicator light that notifies you when the bag needs some maintenance.

Buyers also get a whole array of attachments, including a floor nozzle, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, turbo brush, and dust brush.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 18 x 8.5 x 12 inches
  • Power - 1400 watts
  • Weight - 10.9 pounds
  • Features - HEPA filters, dust bag indicator light, variable speed motor, and telescopic wand
  • Accessories - upholstery nozzle, floor tool, turbo brush, round dust brush, accessory holder, HEPA exhaust motor filter, crevice nozzle, 2 HEPA bags and cover, internal pre-motor filter and cover
  • Quite versatile since you get more accessories for hard floors, fabrics, carpet floors or tight spots
  • Compact so storage is easy
  • A small bagged vacuum that does a great job in deep cleaning with all the tools, including HEPA filtration
  •  Surprisingly loud
  • Heats up quickly, so you cannot use it for extended periods without breaks

6. Shark IonFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Ultra-Light Cordless Vacuum, IF251, Blue...
  • Hassle-free runtime
  • 2X ION Power Pack System
  • MultiFLEX Technology folds over for compact, free-standing storage and...
  • DuoClean Technology a combination of bristle brush and soft roller...
  • Floor-to-ceiling versatility. MultiFLEX Technology allows you to store...

The Shark IonFlex 2X DuoClean cordless vacuum comes with a backup battery which results in more run time. This means that you can use one of the batteries while the other is charging. In addition, this Shark model has many features that include a Multi-Flex technology for high maneuverability, a DuoClean Technology and a smart response system for a deep clean on carpets and hard floors.

You also get a duster crevice tool, the upholstery tool and all the charging components you'll need.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 13.4 x 10.2 x 45.9 inches
  • Power - 300 watts / 115 air watts
  • Weight - 8.7 pounds
  • Features - MultiFlex technology, handheld convertible, DuoClean technology, smart response system, Ion power pack
  • Accessories - upholstery and duster crevice tool
  • Longer run time with batteries that can be alternated
  • Runs on a battery pack that you can alternate on
  • Depending on the setting, each battery lasts a maximum of 23 min
  • MultiFlex technology so the wand of the stick vacuum is bendable to increases the overall maneuverability
  • DuoClean technology that preserves the condition of both carpets and hard floors
  • Some attachments are flimsy and difficult to connect
  • Dust cup can't disconnect for rinsing

7. Eufy by Anker Boost IQ RoboVac

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Super-Slim RoboVac: Our slimmer RoboVac is only 2.85", operates...
  • BoostIQ Technology: RoboVac automatically increases suction power...
  • A Quiet Clean: Vacuums for up to 100 minutes** on hardwood floors with...
  • Special Features: Equipped with an anti-scratch tempered glass-top...
  • What You Get: RoboVac 11S, remote control (2 AAA batteries included),...

For effortless cleaning, this robot vacuum is built to take care of floor cleaning efficiently. With 1300 pascals of suction and up to 100 minutes run time, it's small enough to clean under furniture and comes with advanced features for easy cleaning. Unlike other robot vacuums, with protective sensors that prevent falls and bumps, it also comes with an anti-scratch cover and a self-charging machine.

With accessories that include extra filters, a cleaning tool, remote control with batteries, 4 side brushes and cable ties, it is built to be compact and use up minimal closet space.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches
  • Power - 15 watts / Battery: 2600mAh Li-ion, DC14.4V
  • Weight - 5.85 pounds
  • Features - anti-drop technology, remote control, anti-bump technology, 4 brush modes, and 55 decibels
  • Accessories - Cable ties, 4 side brushes, cleaning tool, extra HEPA filters, and remote control with batteries
  • Quiet and effective operation at only 55 decibels
  • Cleaning modes on the robot vacuum that let you choose between auto, spot, edge or single room mode for precise cleaning
  • Saves you the cleaning effort
  • Lets you adjust your robot vacuum remotely
  • Vacuum's sensors don't work efficiently on dark floors
  • Like most robot vacuums, every once in a while, it might get stuck

8. Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum with TruePet Mini...
  • Portable and ultra-lightweight. Less than 4 pounds in total
  • True Pet Motorized Brush for handheld deep cleaning
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup. No bag needed and empties with the touch of a...
  • 15-foot-long power cord You never have to recharge, while giving you...
  • Powerful cleaning from start to finish.Amperage (amps):3.4

Here's another bagless vacuum cleaner, the Shark Rocket hand vacuum cleaner that's versatile, compact and can; efficiently perform everyday cleaning tasks, including dusting and removing pet hair. It comes with an impressive number of attachments that would include a crevice tool, a small motorized brush that's meant for power cleaning, a short extension hose, and a soft dusting brush.

A motorized brush that is especially effective on dust, pet hair, and dirt tends to cling to low pile carpets and upholstery. It has a nozzle that can change positions to clean horizontally and vertically. The nozzle attachment makes Shark Rocket a great purchase compared to other hand vacuums. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a floor attachment, so it's only suitable for the above-the-floor type of cleaning.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 9.65 x 4.92 x 13.58 inches
  • Power - 400 Watts
  • Weight -3.7 pounds
  • Unique Feature - Portable, pet hair, corded, bagless vacuum
  • Accessories - 12-inch crevice tool, dusting brush, TruePet motorized brush, extended stretch hose
  • Like other bagless vacuums, it saves money on maintenance costs since you don't have to buy the replacement bags and filters
  • Ultra-weight at only 3.7 pounds.
  • Corded so you can take as much time as you'd need
  • Motorized brush for deep cleaning
  • Accessible to the empty dirt cup
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Doesn't lose suction even when the dust cup is full
  • The 15-foot cord is not long enough
  • Non-detachable dust container

What Factors Should You Consider for the Best Vacuum for Small Apartment?

A) What Size?

Having a small apartment means you have limited or small space for storage, so you don't want a vacuum cleaner that can't comfortably fit in the available space in your home. For this reason, size is the first thing you should consider. Of course, it might e easier to determine the size if you're picking from a brick and mortar store, but it can be a bit difficult to gauge as you shop online, which is why dimensions are always listed for your convenience.

B) Is It Versatile/Multi-purpose?

Getting a versatile machine means you won't need different tools for each cleaning job, so the best vacuum cleaners for small apartments will help you save on cash and storage space. Vacuums for multiple surfaces are the most widespread.

C) Easy to Store?

Always consider how simple it will be to store or stow your vacuum cleaner. Additionally, don't forget to account for the components and attachments that are used. The best vacuums for small spaces should be less of a hassle to manage than the rigid models or those that need to be assembled.

D) Is It Portable?

The need for portability may not arise while inside the apartment, but also consider how it will get there. For example, delivering a heavy or oversized vacuum might be problematic if you live in a small apartment in a high-rise building. Always consider the best lightweight vacuum.

E) How Loud Is It?

It is essential to consider how much noise the vacuum cleaner will make, especially living with others in a small apartment. Although, ideally, standard vacuums will register approximately 70 decibels, getting something quieter will be the most ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Vacuum for Small Apartment

1. How to best vacuum the tight corners?

One simple hack is by squeezing a paper towel roll onto the end of the vacuum's hose (this will work for most vacuum cleaners), then use its hack attachment to fit it into the tight spaces. This allows it to vacuum the hard-to-reach places that even the narrow nozzle attachments can't handle.

2. How should you fit the vacuum attachment?

Depending on the specific vacuum cleaner, start by folding and squishing one of the ends of the long cardboard tube. This will help you slide the attachment into the end of your vacuum cleaner hose. There won't be any need to tape it to secure it, as long as you have gotten it to fit snugly. The vacuum suction will do most of the work in holding it in place once it's up and running.

3. Where should you put a robotic vacuum?

Ideally, it should be placed up against a wall or even on the ground to help the robotic vacuum cleaner easily situate itself without you doing that. If you can, make sure that the place is in an area that's about 2 feet away from other objects on either side and 4 feet across from furniture that includes tables, chairs and also the stairs.

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