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Some people love rain, and others don’t. Whether you love a rainy day or two, no one could stop it from pouring. So, do you think your umbrella, rain boots, and raincoat are enough to keep you dry? Will you still head out for the day, despite the rain, and have fun? Do you wish to be an icon of unique, functional fashion?

If you are among those who wear weather protection gear and does not let rain, snow, and other elements stop you from getting out, then you came to the right place! Mind that we may earn commission as you purchase from the Amazon affiliate link.

Take our word for it. With a pair of waterproof sneakers, you can stay dry, comfortable, and stylish without minding the weather. You can head your way from a sporty icon into a business casual one in just one pair of sneakers.

What to Look for In Waterproof Sneakers

When choosing a waterproof sneakers footwear style, you need to consider several factors like the company to ensure that you will end up with the best ones. These features include:

Waterproof Protection

Ever heard about gore-tex? Walking or running in the elements like mud or snow requires more protection than usual. That is because even a few amounts of moisture can already cause huge issues. So, make sure to look for waterproof sneakers that are both watertight, breathable, and has gore-tex properties as possible.


Go for the company that manufactures the best sneakers that allow your feet to breathe. Word has it that these shoes for men are made from a nylon mesh fabric to keep your foot dry and cool. Look also for gore-tex, which is a microporous membrane. With gore-tex, air flows freely while keeping the water out. Choosing sneakers with low gore-tex also means that you can let sweat escape without letting moisture to penetrate the fabric of the footwear.

Comfort support and cushioning

It’s a nice idea to look for water repellent footwear that comes with EVA midsole cushioning, especially the midsoles, to ensure shock absorption while preventing unnecessary strains. If you run with high power, then the midsole should provide more stability. That way, your foot is prevented from rolling inwards.


How often do you walk or run? For instance, if you are hitting the parks or sidewalks a couple of times per week, you will need to wear the best sneakers that have plenty of support and cushioning other than a waterproof membrane.

Durable and Tough Tread System

You need the best waterproof shoes with lugs or a tread system that can completely support you, which will depend upon the types of surfaces you want to walk or run on. For instance, if you are a suburban runner or urban runner, then you will require a lot of shock absorption with a stable and smooth ride.

However, if you prefer walking and running on trails or on the road, shoes with a lug and plenty of traction support are best for you. These best sneakers can tackle both soft and uneven surfaces.


Another important feature that your Wellington boot options should have is the removable pad of foam inside it. The inside of your sneakers needs to be perfectly cushioned to the shape of your foot to achieve the sock-like feel. While you have dry feet, you also feel completely comfortable.


Durability is especially important if you plan to go travel or go hiking in a rugged terrain with your waterproof shoes for men. Make sure to find durable gum rubber outsole, which can stay put on rough surfaces and protect your feet against any harm.

Additionally, look for the abrasion-resistant outer mesh. This feature is known to protect the foot while walking, running, or hiking. Then, foam pucks also improve protection and comfort.


This is another deciding factor when choosing waterproof hiking shoes. Additional weight can make your sneakers more stable. However, it can compromise efficiency and speed. So, it is best to look for a responsive and lightweight waterproof shoe. Fortunately, many footwear companies nowadays use materials that can protect users against different elements without adding extra ounces to the shoe.

What are the Best Waterproof Sneakers

While most people are fans of Adidas, New Balance, Verge 2 0, Veja SDU, and other footgear brands, there are other shoes that are worth the try.

We give you a list of the best waterproof sneakers. Read further and see the one that suits your requirements.

1. Vessi Cityscape - Best Overall

Just a couple of years ago, the Vessi brand introduced shoes with waterproof protection, light, and neutral designs on the market. These sneakers are made from 100% vegan materials.

Out of Vessi’s brand collection, the Cityscape is the most popular among couriers and backpackers. The sneakers are made with knit for complete waterproof protection while letting your feet breathe. With the signature extra wide lace placements, rest assured that it’s a lot easier for you to adjust the lace. They are lightweight so that you can move comfortably and confidently.

These knit waterproof shoes are very cozy and can keep your foot 100% dry from the elements. Midnight black is one of the popular colors, but you can also try the other three different like gray, white, and green. Plus, Vesssi shoes for men have three different styles.

As an incredible walking shoe Vessi Cityscape is comfortable to wear. They keep your foot warm and toasty against snow or rain. However, this model is an everyday walking shoe, so it is not designed for doing technical sports or running where special support and grip are present.

While Vessi Cityscape is not for trail running or hiking, this walking sneaker is perfect for casual days. In fact, you can wear it around the city, on your paddleboard, or in the gym. This waterproof footwear is also ideal for walking the dog through the dewy, wet grass in parks, or down at the beach. In terms of fit, the Cityscape from Amazon is super spot-on.

  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • The sole is big enough to deliver support
  • 100% vegan and lightweight
  • Keep feet dry and cool.
  • The inner lining is waterproof.
  • Variety of sizes, style, and colors
  • Half sizes are not available.
  • Shipping is limited to select countries.

2. On Cloud Waterproof Sneakers

On-Running Mens Cloud Waterproof Forest/Lunar Running Shoe - 8.5
  • Fabric: Lightweight knit
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof material, Lightly cushioned collar with heel loop,...
  • Signature speed-lacing system, additional laces included

The On Cloud Waterproof Sneakers are designed for those who always on the move in the urban environments, be it in cold winter or wet months. If you are a fan of Adidas or Verge 2 0 because of their gore-tex properties, you will also like the waterproof properties of these shoes

In terms of fit and design, the On Cloud shoes do not have much stretch or flex in the upper materials due to their waterproof and firmness properties. That way, getting your shoe size right is easy. The fit and feel of these shoe brands provide extra support in the upper and more cushioning under-foot.

This best men waterproof lifestyle/running shoe looks classy. It has a mixed texture and different matte/reflective properties carried by every patch of the material in the construction of the upper. On the back of the shoe, you will find a sizeable finger loop combined with an elasticated lacing system. As a result, slipping on in wet and cold conditions is fast and easy. The outsole used on this sneaker is ideal for speed training, which helps you run much faster.

When to the outer mesh material, it is fully waterproof to help you run even during wet and cold winter months. While the shoes will keep your foot warm, the upper is not quire breathable. Some areas on the upper are protected with the strips of “no-sew-foil” that can firmly hold the fabrics together for increased durability.

  • Has extra support in the upper and more cushioning under-foot
  • Classy style and design
  • The elasticated lacing system is combined with a sizeable finger loop.
  • Has reflective properties
  • Fully waterproof outer mesh material
  • Has inner sock to keep the forefoot snug and reduce any chaffing
  • It has soft rubber strips to keep the feet in place while walking or running.
  • The outsole is ideal for speed training.
  • The toe box is big enough.
  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • The upper walls will feel a bit stiff at first.
  • Not very breathable

3. Forsake Range Low

Forsake Range Low – Men’s Waterproof Leather Approach Sneaker (11...
  • WATERPROOF/BREATHABLE. The Range Low sneaker features an internal...
  • VIBRAM MEGAGRIP OUTSOLE. The Vibram Megagrip compound provides the...
  • HIKING ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCE. A composite shank offers support on...
  • ODOR-RESISTANT FOOTBEDS to keep you comfortable in any environment....
  • FULL GRAIN LEATHER, nubuck leather and a breathable micro mesh combine...

If you are looking for quality waterproof lines of shoes at a price range that will not hurt your pocket, then the Forsake Range Low sneaker is a great company for you. The brand creates footwear dedicated to the adventure and outdoor market. The Range line of collection from Amazon is designed for urban explorers as well as travelers on a budget.

These waterproof shoes look polished and decent events after a few hours of walking. With the breathable suede upper mesh, the shoe repels water and keeps dust, sand, or mud sticking to its sides.

The sneakers are incorporated with a Vibram rubber sole add an extra layer of stability and shock-resistance. They have color patterns that offer a retro appeal that is easy to match with. If you are not into high-ankle shoes, then you can wear these shoes with a shallow profile.

These 100 waterproof shoes are super comfortable, very light, and extremely durable, making them perfect for walking, running, and hiking.

People who love exploring need these pair of shoes because of its waterproofing properties. The waterproof body comes with taped seams, making it more suitable for all sorts of weather conditions. In addition, you will not hesitate to jump into the puddles.

The rubber outsole of Range Low is built for the ultimate grip on different types of terrains. The antibacterial insole linings and odor-resistant can keep your feet dry and odorless. These sneakers are available in three dark color options for men and women.

  • Has antibacterial insole linings and odor-resistant footbeds for dry and odor-free feet
  • The outsole provides ultimate grip on varied terrains.
  • Designed for adventure and outdoor activities
  • Looks polisheddecent style and design
  • Built with breathable suede like upper mesh to repel water
  • Has a retro appeal and easy to match with
  • Some customers complained that the lacing system is a bit complicated.

4. La Sportiva Wildcat

La Sportiva Mens Wildcat Trail Running Shoes, Carbon/Opal, 9.5
  • WELL CUSHIONED - Stable and neutral, the Wildcat is La Sportiva's most...
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION - High-cushion midsole delivers all day comfort...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE - Vented AirMesh uppers keep your feet cool on...
  • FULL CONTROL - Grippy FriXion AT sole with Impact Brake System and...
  • ANKLE SUPPORT - TPU transkinetic heel stabilizers and UreTech...

The La Sportiva Wildcat is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. The company has designed the uniqueness that no other brands like Adidas can provide.

Through the weatherproof and water-resistant synthetic mesh of this shoe, your foot stays dry and warm in snowy or rainy environments. The slightly curved soles offer shock-resistance and increased grip when jumping on any treacherous surfaces.

The construction of the La Sportiva Wildcat brand is as sturdy as most trail shoes have, making it nearly indestructible in the urban setting. For an eye-catching and attractive look, this sneaker comes with a textured pattern on top with a discreet reflective logo found on the sides. You can choose between two color options, blue or black camo.

While these water-resistant shoes are primarily designed for jogging over rocks and dust, they also excel in long-distance backpacking. It might be a little bit heavy for a trail runner, but it is still lighter compared to the traditional boot or shoe. It has a medium amount of cushioning to keep your feet comfortable even in long treks. This shoe has no rock plate that lessens the overall protection of foot on rocky hikes. On the bright side, the excellent outsole and decent cushion can make up for it.

  • A near-perfect blend between beauty and functionality
  • Has weatherproof and waterproof mesh to keep the feet dry and warm
  • Shock resistance with increased grip
  • Has a medium amount of cushioning
  • A beautiful, attractive style and design
  • A little bit heavy
  • The toe cap could be more supportive.

5. Nike Classic Cortez

Nike Men's Trail Running Shoes, Multicolour Black White Metallic...
  • They made you feel cool. They made you feel hip. They made you feel...
  • Leather upper for a comfortable, lightweight fit.
  • Low-cut collar for a natural fit and comfort around the ankle.
  • Traditional lacing with metallic decal for lock-down fit and feel.
  • Fabric lining with a cushioned footbed for comfort.

The Nike Classic Cortez is a savvy mid-range and efficient shoe that excels on the streets, shine, or moist and at the gym. With its classic old-school design from the company, blending these shoes in different social situations is not a problem.

These Nike waterproofing sneakers have aerodynamics in bullet shape and flat sole to keep them lightweight and functional. In addition to outsole rubbers that are reinforced with herringbone for better traction when stepping on frost or mud, the shoes have improved nylon upper mesh for repelling water.

Available in men and women sizes, these pairs of Nike sneakers are also available in kids' sizes. They feature a traditional lacing system for fit customization. With different styles and color options, finding the one that suits your needs is not difficult. Just like other footgear like Converse Chuck Taylors and Adidas Stan Smith, these sneakers go well with any outfit.

  • Fits true to width and sizeOffer moderate arch support.
  • Comfortable with eye-catching styleLeather upper for the stylish look
  • Features a traditional lacing system for easy fit customization
  • Has reinforced leather overlays for increased upper’s structural integrity
  • Has lightweight foam midsole
  • The outsole features a herringbone pattern.
  • The leather is not very well-ventilated
  • The fit is narrow

What are the best waterproof walking shoes?

Go for water-resistant walking shoes that provide both comfort, gore-tex properties, and functionality. Other than classic Cortez, forsake range low, Adidas, and La Sportiva wildcat, the vessi cityscape is also a perfect choice.

What sneakers are good for the rain

Your sneaker should have waterproofing protection to ensure that your foot stays warm and dry regardless of the condition. You can go for Vessi Cityscape and other sneakers from the list above.

What are the best waterproof running shoes?

Vessi has a line collection of waterproof running shoes for men and women. Those shoes are designed to be waterproof to support active lifestyles. Besides, they are 100% vegan. You can also try running shoes with gore-tex to ensure protection against weather elements.

Final Thoughts

Come muddy trails, puddles, or shine, upgrading your conventional sneakers into a new pair of best waterproofing sneakers can give you the freedom to move and explore. The waterproof sneakers are dedicated to those who are into sports, passionate about outdoor hobbies, or just someone who loves getting out even if it rains. In addition, you can pursue your health fitness goals with these shoes.

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