Best Zero Gravity Chair – Reviews with Comparison

 February 2, 2021

By  Tim Parry

Sitting seems like a great idea but isn’t always the happiest thing we do. In the wake of kicking our feet up, we can begin to encounter lower back pain, leg stiffness, and all-around uncomfortableness — that is when a good zero gravity chair can ride in and save the day. This chair is intended to distribute your weight uniformly for relief of that pain (and posture). Zero gravity seats are a definitive must for quality relaxation.

In this review, we will take a look at three of the best zero gravity chairs of 2019 in order to help narrow the choices down for you.

Comparison Chart

Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair

Best Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

Would anything be better than to collapse into the comfort of a high-quality zero-gravity chair after a long hard day of work? The design team at Sunjoy thinks not, and that is the reason they crafted this chair and why we had to add it to our list.


Designing a chair that helps eliminate pain and stress from aching bones and muscles of people across the globe is hard. But that is what the design team at Sunjoy did, and they did this by adding these features into the design:

  • Designed with a premium mess that is coated for UV resistance
  • Crafted with high-quality steel, for better durability
  • Built-in folding mechanism for enhanced portability
  • Adjustable reclining mechanism that locks included in the design
  • Multiple color variations available

Everything about this chair is designed for longevity and comfort, including the mesh used in the seat construction and its ability to resist the harmful rays of the sun. Not only is that great for your skin, but it also allows for a decreased heating of the material as well. The reclining system is impressive, and the chair itself is lightweight and easy to transport. This chair is good in the backyard or at the tailgate.

There are a few issues with the design, though. The first is that there is no full recline motion, and for some, that may be a point deduction. The other is that there have been a few complaints by recent buyers that the locking mechanism is not as durable as they would like. 

  • Designed with UV resistant material
  • Built-in lockable reclining mechanism
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to transport
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Limited reclining motion
  • Issues with locking mechanisms durability

AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

The seat includes a top-notch texture that is fit for extended use and a stylish appearance. Its climate-safe Textureline texture empowers it to weather the storm and elements. It also offers breathability, and that is why we chose this next entry on our list.


This chair from Amazon Basics is crafted with high-grade materials and designed with features that optimize the comfort of the chair itself. These features include:

  • The steel frame is powder-coated for improved durability
  • Crafted with a lightweight, easy to store build for better transport capability
  • Bungee support system attaches the mesh to frame for increased comfort
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Available in multiple color choices

The overall design of this budget-friendly zero gravity chair is meant for comfort. The bungee support system used to attach the mesh the frame allows for the chair to conform to your frame as well. The chair is durable, sturdy and easy to transport so you can be comfortable no matter where you go.

There isn’t much to find fault with when you are considering this chair. The one thing to take note of is that it does have a limited warranty, which could be a problem for some.

  • Offers stress-free weightless feel
  • Support system
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Warranty is limited

Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Set

Our last entry, the Best Choice Products 2pc. Zero Gravity Chair, comes with a high-grade build and may just be everything that you need to relax in comfort.


In order to make a chair that is more comfortable than the rest, you need to include specific functions and features in the design. This chair does that with these features:

  • Designed with a 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • Uses a mesh that is designed for UV resistance
  • Ergonomically designed locking mechanism
  • Designed with a tray and cup holder
  • Headrests are adjustable and removable
  • Folds up and is easy to transport and store

This two chair set is not only a steal because of that fact alone, but when you look at what you get, you soon will understand why we included this zero gravity chair set on our list. It is designed to be durable and easy to transport on top of the versatility of use. This chair is, by far, one of the most benefit-rich options available.

There are a few issues that we would be remiss if we didn’t mention. The first is that some have had to deal with rust in more humid, wet climates, which can affect the integrity of the durability of the chair. Then another common complaint is about the durability of the armrests. There have been many cases of the armrest falling off and breaking with very little effort.

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily adjusted to your frame
  • Two chairs included
  • Issues with rust
  • Durability of armrests


There are so many options to choose from that we truly hope by looking in-depth at these models that you have been able to either find your chair or narrow the field down to just a few. A zero gravity chair will help you relax, and that will inevitably lead to a healthier, happier life.

Zero gravity chairs may just be the answer for your aches and pains. With the chairs above, we hope we have helped you find the perfect choice for you that offers you remarkable body support. Now there is no compelling reason to continue sitting in that uncomfortable chair, especially when you now know about some of the best zero gravity chairs.

Tim Parry

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