Coaster Southern Country Plantation Rocking Chair Review

Wood Rocker Arm Chair Warm Brown
  • Set includes: One (1) rocker chair
  • Materials: Rubberwood
  • Finish Color: Warm brown
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs

While on holiday last summer, I read through a list of the best rocking chairs on internet while seeking new styles to improve the look of my living room. I was amazed at the stylish look of the best traditionally set furniture available at a very cheap cost. I was so used to the modern styles mostly cushioned seats that are now common place and that come with known challenges of wear and tear. When I saw these traditional styles on paper, they were attractive and I decided to surprise my wife who was on one week vacation, so I ordered two just have a feel of these widely praised furniture.

Delivery and assembling

I ordered online and they arrived pretty quickly, better than I ever imagined. They came in separate parts and instructions on how to assemble them. It was easy to put together and took me and my junior who was so amazed by the process, about 15 minutes. I didn’t use any power tools or force to do this and when everything finally came together, it was just perfect! The parts fit perfectly well without any need of any adjustments.

Special features

The finishing on the wooden parts is great and the curves are spot on.  It measured about 21 1/2"L x 35"D x 38"H and it was just the size I wanted. It felt light too, hardly 30 pounds which is good for mobility within and outside the house. The legs that are curved up give it a good stability for my weight.

My experience

Wood Rocker Arm Chair Warm Brown
Set includes: One (1) rocker chair; Materials: Rubberwood; Finish Color: Warm brown; Assembly Required: No

I took them out in the balcony and we sat with my son in the lovely weather and it felt so comfortable and very solid. I have hardly ever removed them from the balcony; because that is where I spend most of my time. It was only when wife got back and was impressed that I decided to order more for our living room and they all never disappoint. To date, everybody that sets into my living room leaves compliments on how stylish and attractive it is. Most of my close friends soon bought them to add flare in their homes. So if you are looking for style and comfort with firm seat or some living room décor, this is for you. Personally, from the day I read the advice on the Coaster Southern Country Plantation Rocking Chair review, I have never turned back or thought otherwise; it is just what I wanted, class!