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How To Convert Swivel Chair To Stationary Chair

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convert swivel chair to stationary

Are you having trouble with your swivel chair that rocks and would like to turn it into stationary? Or do you want to convert your swivel chair to stationary to upgrade the look of your living room? Either way, in this article, we will offer you a clear guide on converting a swivel chair to stationary by following some simple steps.

Swivel chairs are one of the greatest styles of chairs as you can use them in doing office work and blend them in your living room. However, if you sit on them for long hours, you may have back pain, neck pain and even shoulder pain.

You don't have to buy a new one since you can modify your old rolling chair to a more comfortable one by making the chair upright. If you convert your swivel chair to a stationary chair, you will have extra support for your lower back, hips and shoulders.

How To Convert Swivel Chair Into Stationary Chair

Start by turning your swivel chair to face the front of your desk. Then, get under it and use a screwdriver or a wrench to loosen and unscrew the four bolts on either side of where you are going to place the footrests.

Next, remove the armrest, if there are any and remove the screws holding the additional parts of the seats in place.

Place the two pieces of lumber{ the ones you had unscrewed} against both sides of the back legs. You should use a wide wood to cover most of the leg, but not all. Also, each of the four legs should be long enough to touch up against the bottom edge of the desk when you place them flush with one another.

Use nails or screws and attach these boards to hold them firmly in one place as you screw them into the leg. You can place your feet on top of these edges to help you line up their edges. Placing your feet in the front of the edges will help keep the rolling chair steady as you drill screws through each corner of both pieces to secure every piece together simultaneously.

While you are at it, ensure you do not drill any screws close to where you will be placing your feet to avoid getting stabbed. If you have additional parts holding the set in place, you can remove the screws here and ensure the surface is flat.

You also make sure that the screws are tight and hold themselves into position without moving around. For example, while fixing the swivel feature in office chairs, make sure not to make the screws too tight you may end up causing discomfort while you sit on it and could warp the lumber if it is held by nails only. To test if the seat is too tight, you can wiggle it around to gauge how tight you want to make the screws.

Once you have finished screwing the four pieces together, you can test how comfortable the seat is. Place your feet on the chair and sit on it slowly. If you feel that the bolts holding the chair are still loose, you can use a ratchet wrench to tighten the up or a screwdriver to create to release the tension of how secure your chair feels or how sturdy you can make it.

How Can You Remove The Swivel Base From A Chair

Since we have already learned how to convert swivel chairs to stationary chairs, it is time to know how to remove the chair base of a swivel chair.

Start by removing the bolts from one of the legs by unscrewing them to detach the leg. Do this for all four legs and separate your chair into two pieces.

Take a screwdriver or a wrench and loosen up the bolt that holds the swivel motors. Loosen both sides carefully and et both sides without damaging any chair parts.

You can use a screwdriver to undo the tight bolts on each side until they are finally loose before taking the motor bases individually. If you do the procedure correctly, you will have a footed office chair.

How To Convert A Swivel Chair To A Footed Chair

Person dissassembling the footrest of a swivel chair

The swivel chair you want to convert should be at least 12 inches high. Start by removing the wheels of your swivel chair and placing them in a safe location to avoid tripping or stepping on them. If no screws hold them, you can unscrew them by hand and set them aside.

Remove all the bolts from your swivel chair set cover and place them safely. The bolts should be four in total for the seat to work correctly. Slide each bolt through each hole of the footed base and tighten them using an adjustable wrench to avoid snugging.

Place the bolts assembly back to your newly converted footed chair in reverse order from the steps above. Next, position the feet of your newly converted foot chair frame to be on top of the metal brackets and tighten them. You should tighten the bolts and leave no wiggle room but not too tight to damage the bracket in position.

Thread up the two more bolts in position and adjust them until they are snug but not overly tight.

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