How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table: Decorating Tips and Ideas

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To style and decorate a round coffee table is not always easy, and many things must be considered in the decor. The size of the table and the height of it are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Your style and preferences, as well as small exploring hands, may play a role in how to decorate a round coffee table.


First, you need to consider if you want to go with flowing lines, or do you want to break it? Breaking it simply means that you add straight lines or squares and triangles to break the curved circular flow. Are you going to add a square tray or round one with a round vase with the flowing curved lines?

Then, there is the option to create height inside the curves by adding a taller vase or pot to the decor. A tall, glass flower pot can be selected in many different colors, or you can go for a few neutral colors.

Mixed Lines and Shapes

A rectangular tray with a round or triangular flower pot will bring some contrast to the table for greater variety. This mixing of the lines and shapes can be quite eye-catching, and you can do it with different color tones and shades. Your favorite books can change the lines and bring contrast to the table and can be used to break the lines.

Coasters on the round table can be used to create interesting patterns for contrast and color, as well as shape. Depending on the final picture in your mind, you may play with different shapes when deciding on coasters for the table.

Keep the lines and shapes as simple as possible for the minimalist effect to create the picture of open space. To play with space is always a good effect and will add some visual impact from different points of view. Mild and neutral colors may also create space and openness from the center outwards to the edge of the table.

An off-center basis of decor will make the table look bigger, especially if done with the same lines as the table. If the table has spiraled, ringed patterns on the surface, this will cause an effect of flowing lines and will look more spacious.

An Example of Decor

If your table has a light shade of brown color on the surface, you would want to go with bright colors. Just off the center, you may add a round tray in orange and white colors, perhaps. Then, you can use a light green vase with some purple or yellow flowers in it to bring some color contrast.

This may cause an effect of space to make the table look larger if viewed from the side of the flowers. You may also play with darker, more somber colors and add some colorful coasters to the decor you are creating on the table.


The more you play with colors and shapes, the better you will get at selecting the right decor for your table. A round table may not be as easy, but it is more fun to decorate.

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