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How To Get Dog Hair Off Couch Easily

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pet shedding hair on couch

Are you having a hard time removing dog hair from your coach? Or do you want to get some information on how to get dog hair off the couch for future reference? Pet hair can be a menace in the house, especially when the pet is shedding. Some people are also allergic to dog hair, check here to get the best air purifiers to prevent pet allergies.

Other than the couch, curtains and cushions attract hair. So this information may be useful in removing dog hair from the couch and those curtains and clothes.

To help you get through your pet's shedding season, we have compiled some ways to get the hair off the couch and give you an easy time with your pet. Here are some:


pet shedding hair on couch

If you notice that your pet sheds off pet hair easily, you can try the prevention method before it gets out of hand. Prevention includes brushing your pet's fur regularly or taking it to a groomer if necessary. Grooming of pets depends on your pet type; if your pet is hairy, they will require frequent grooming. Cat hair is normally thin so you would not need a lot of grooming. Also, if your pet removes a massive amount of hair around the house, you will need to groom them more.

During specific seasons, pets shed more hair, meaning you will have to groom them frequently. In most cases, dogs and cats go through a shedding season where they lose hair more than other times. When your pets lose hair at these times, it is important to brush them more than you would on normal days to get more hair off them.

While grooming your pet, make sure you are doing it correctly. If need be, use a slick brush on your soft pet fur, while if the pet hair is a little bit kinky, you may need a fur removal brush. Check on the specific grooming information of your dog before you start the grooming process.

1. Using Fabric Softener

Did you know that you can use a fabric softener to get dog hair off couch cushions? The answer is yes, fabric softener acts as a tool in removing pet hair from surfaces.

You can use both liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets to remove pet hair. The procedure is simple; with liquid fabric softener, mix equal portions of water and fabric softener in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture gently and spray it on your couch. Use a cloth to remove the loosened dog hair.

Rub dryer sheets on the couch to remove the annoying pet hair if you have dryer sheets. When a sheet fills up, discard it and take a new one. This method is effective but proves to be more expensive than the rest we will discuss since the dryer sheets are not reused once they are filled up. However, since dryer sheets are inexpensive, you will not spend much on them.

2. Using Furniture Polish

If you have pet fur stuck on the corners of your couch, You can use furniture polish to wipe it away or remove it. Furniture polish works by reducing static electricity, thus removing pet hair attached to the wood. To remove the part hair from the wooden furniture, you have to spray the affected area with furniture polish and wipe the polish using a soft cloth.

You only need to do this process once a month since the polish can function for a specific time. However, please avoid using this method on laminate or fake wood since you can damage them. On the wood mentioned above types, you can use water instead.

3. Using Rubber Gloves

Another easy procedure of removing pet hair from the couch is to use rubber gloves. Put a pair of rubber gloves on, dampen them with clean water and rub them over the couch so that the hair pulls up. You can do it with water when the glove gets filled with hair. Make sure you do not clog up your sink while rinsing off the hair.

This method works by creating tension with the furniture surface, making the pet hair roll in chunks, and you can throw it away. As much as the glove method is effective and cheap, it will not get off all the hair, but it will be low effort and fast.

4. Using A Vacuum Cleaner

Most people with pets are fond of using a vacuum cleaner to remove dog hair from surfaces. Surprisingly, some vacuum cleaners are good at this job than others. Here are some best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal. You may find brands specifically for pet hair removal, which can remove pet hair easily from the couch.

Most vacuum cleaners have a brush attachment specifically used to clean couches. You can go for these types as they are equipped with big hair fighting capabilities.

To put this method into practice, go over the sofa twice in opposite directions so that you remove much hair as possible. While doing this, dog fur might stick on the bristles, and you will loosen them with your fingers to remove them.

5. Using A Pumice Stone

If you want to quickly remove dog hair off your couch, try using a pumice stone. A pumice stone is a type of volcanic rock with a rough texture that allows it to remove hair by grabbing it.

The process of using pumice hair to remove pet hair is quite simple f you have a pumice stone lying around your house. However, you would need to take precautions if your couch materials are cloth as the pumice may tear it off.

As you use the pumice stone to remove dog hair, detangle the hair off and throw it in the trash as you continue with the process. It can be uncomfortable since you can easily poke your fingers on the pointy stone.

6. Using A Damp Sponge

Pet hair is prone to stick on damp things, making a damp sponge a tool for removing dog hair. To use this method, you must remove the excess water from the sponge and make sure it is damp. Then, use the damp sponge to wipe over your sofa go through all directions to get off the stuck hair. This method is straightforward, but it is not the best since it gets your couch wet.

7. Using A Lint Roller

The most common way of removing dog hair from the couch is using a lint remover. The lint removers are handheld objects covered with duct tape on one end. The duct tape sticks to fur only. Ensure that the lint roller has a sticky tape or a sticky side to get pet hair off the couch. When one piece gets full, unroll it and detach it to reveal a new piece. This method is popular and effective; however, you might find the lint trap too large to get into small spaces. In addition, you can find it difficult to clean the crease in your couch due to the lint roller size.

Alternatively, you can use any tape to remove the fur if you do not have a lint roller. However, using tape will cost you more time than the worth of purchasing a lint roller. If you break out of a lint roller, try other methods other than using tape so that you save on time.

8. Using A Washing Machine

If you want to go the way, try the washing machine method. The method only works when you remove the couch cushion covers. If you try this method, you will save yourself time by throwing the covers in the washing machine. Before you embark on this direction, make sure you follow the directions of washing your cushion covers material as well.

Usually, it would be best to air-dry your cushion covers instead of using the dryer. After using the machine to remove the dog hair, make sure you clean the lint trap since it is likely to catch lots of pet hair.

9. Using A Squeegee

You have probably used squeegees in cleaning windows but are you aware that you can remove fur tumbleweeds using it? Here is how to go about it. First, run a squeegee over your couch as you would when cleaning a window. When you do this correctly, the squeegee pulls up the pet hair bringing it with it.

It comes out in small balls that you can easily collect and throw away. You can further use your hands to collect the clumps off the couch and discard them. This method proves cheap and effective as you can use the squeegee for other purposes.

How To Prevent Pet Hair From Sticking To The Couch

If your couch has a large section of wood and you don't want pet hair sticking all over it, you can try using an anti-static dusting spray. It will prevent loose pet hair from getting attracted o the wood. Start by spraying the anti-static dusting spray onto a damp cloth, then wipe it down the wooden areas of the couch. The spray on the cloth has some static electrical charges that make hair removal from the couch an easy task. It also prevents hair from re-sticking from the surface. To maintain dog hair from furniture, get regular grooming and use pet removal tools to catch stray hair and make your couch pet-hair free.

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