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How To Get Dried Slime Out Of Carpet And Upholstery

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How To Get Dried Slime Out Of Carpet

Slime can be a fun activity for children and adults as well. Sometimes you will find the kids accidentally leaving slime out in places it should not be. However, with children, it is perfectly normal. There are many new and innovative ideas to get all kinds of things out of clothes and carpets. Let’s find out how to get dry slime out of carpet fibers in the sections below.

What Is Slime?

Slime is one of the most popular toys amongst children. It is very popular, and this is due to its delightfully squishy and malleable texture. Slime is also available in hundreds of colors. However, the appearance is what matters most to children. Slime is a non-toxic substance sold in many places all over the world.

The slime craze in children’s playgrounds has seen a surge in the purchase of slime. Slime also provides much-needed sensory perception to children in their daily life. Most slime products and toys are safe for children. However, there are others that are not. Before purchasing a slime toy, ensure it is safe.

Initially, slime was made from guar gum, which is sticky and malleable. It is also non-toxic. You can still get slime toys made with the original guar gum. There are other cheaper options now as well. Excess slime on your carpet’s fibers can be irritating because after it dries, it looks horrid.

So let’s find out how to remove slime from carpet backing in the section below.

How To Get Dried Slime Out Of Carpet

 Carpet Cleaning Method

Apart from the carpets in your house, when the children start playing with slime, well, you might also need to get it off everything. By everything, we also mean the kids’ hair, to the car upholstery and every other thing you can think of. Carpet staining is especially hideous. However, not to fret, here is how to get slime out of carpet.

1) Vinegar And Water Solution

By vinegar, we mean white vinegar. White vinegar has many amazing properties. And one of them is it makes an excellent cleaning solution. In a spray bottle, mix 2/3 cup of white vinegar and 1/3 cup of water. Before you spray the solution onto the carpet to remove slime, ensure to scrape all the dried slime you can.

Using a spoon or butter knife or anything that can scrape, remove as much slime as you can. After that is done, spray the solution on the remaining slime. You can use a stiff brush to work the solution into the slime stain. Then, let it sit for a few minutes. It should have already started to break off.

Wipe the slime out of carpet using a paper towel, and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results. This cleaning method is very effective due to the cleaning power of vinegar. In addition, removing slime should not be hard.

2) Baking Soda And Vinegar Solution

Mix water with white vinegar, preferably in a spray bottle, in the proportions as mentioned above. After that, proceed to use any scraping tool to scrape off and remove dry slime. After that, pour some baking soda on the spot where there is slime residue and spray the vinegar mixture directly on the baking soda.

Let it settle well into the stain. There will be some fizzing, but don’t worry, it is perfectly normal. After all the fizzing stops, use a cloth to wipe off the excess liquid. You can repeat the process as desired. However, it is important to take into serious consideration that there is a downside to using this method to clean slime.

This method will make the patch more brighter than the rest of your carpet. Therefore ensure you want to use this method before using it.

3) Carpet Cleaner

A slime spot is very irritating to look at, especially on a plain carpet. However, a carpet cleaner is a very helpful solution to getting any and all stains off of the carpet. After purchasing your carpet chemical cleaner from the store, follow the instructions on the label. So first you want to put a little cleaner on the carpet stain.

Let it sit for a few minutes. Wear gloves, and use a scouring pad and warm water or hot water to rub the slime stains. You can also use a sponge. When cleaning slime out of carpet, ensure to wear protective gloves. Household gloves are perfect. After waiting a few minutes, wipe the spots with a dry towel.

4) Club Soda

Club soda is a surprising way to remove slime from carpet or an area rug. Before tackling the slime stain, make sure to scrape off any residual dried-up slime with a scraping tool to make your work easier. After removing the dry slime, put the club soda in a spray bottle and immediately start to spray it directly on the stain.

Add more spray as you see fit. Allow the soda to sit for at least five minutes. You can then use a clean towel or a kitchen towel and soak up the club soda. You can repeat the process however you see fit. If you are unsure about any method, ensure to do a spot test on an inconspicuous area first before embarking on your DIY project.

5) Ice Cubes

We were a bit skeptical about this method. However, it works wonders. Whether slime time for your kids ended with dried slime in your carpet or upholstery, this method is perfect to remove slime from the carpet. First, you need to have ice cubes. Get your cubes and place a few on the stains.

Wait for ten minutes, then use an old towel to get slime out of the carpet. The slime will come right off. After that, you can vacuum the area, and it will be like there was never a slime stain on your carpet.

6) Rubbing Alcohol

Excess dry and wet slime stains are a nightmare. Another method to get slime out of carpet is using rubbing alcohol. After identifying the area, you want to clean on your carpet, soak the stain with rubbing alcohol and wait a few minutes. It will take a little elbow grease and a whole lot of patience, but it will work.

After a few minutes, the stain will start to dissolve. Rubbing alcohol works like a cleaning solution. It will make the slime dissolve, and you can clean slime with paper towels. You can also use warm water after the stain is gone and complete it with a final vacuum of the area. After that, it will be good as new.

7) Dish Soap

Liquid dish soap is helpful with so many stains. Even carpet stains. As usual, mix 2 spoons of dish soap in warm water and pour it into a spray bottle. This is an easy way to get slime from the carpet. Spray mixture until the stain is wet. Then, start dabbing all the slime residual silly putty from your carpet.

You might need a little elbow grease and more applications. However, dish soap works wonders for carpet cleaning with a little effort, of course. Additionally, if there is excess slime, ensure you use a butter knife to scrape it all off before you begin. Then, after wiping and drying, vacuum the area, and it will look as good as new.

8) Citrus Solvent

For carpet cleaning, a citrus solvent lies between home cleaning items and professional cleaning solutions. It is very strong and works wonders. First, you want to scrape off the slime. Then, wearing gloves, you want to carefully pour the solvent on a sponge. Finally, apply the solution to the stain.

After the stain has dissolved, you want to clean up with the same sponge, then use a dry cloth. It is important not to dilute the citrus solvent for it to work well. Cleaning slime using this solvent should be done by an adult. Vacuum the area, and your beautiful carpet will look as good as new.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Slime Out Of Carpet

The best thing to do with a slime staining is to clean it immediately. The earlier you clean it, the better for your carpet. However, sometimes you might not even see the stain until the slime has completely dried and bonded to your carpet. Here are some things to do so as to avoid making the stain worse or permanent.

a) Over Wetting The Area

Over-wetting in an effort to remove stains might dissolve the stain and make it larger. Especially when using a cleaning solution or agent. It can also take longer to dry, which will lead to mildew problems. Therefore we encourage thoroughly drying the area after cleaning it.

b) Using One Towel To Dry

Using only one towel to dry or absorb the stain is a mistake. As you blot, the stain gets transferred to the cloth. Using the same cloth will transfer the stain back onto the carpet. Therefore, you should use multiple absorbent cloths, towels and kitchen towels.

c) Rubbing

Rubbing is the worst mistake. Because rubbing spreads the stain. Instead, what you should do is gently blot the stain after applying the cleaning solution. This ensures the stain is contained in one place, and this makes it easier to remove.

The Bottom Line

If all the cleaning methods above fail, then it might be time to call the cleaners. Our guide is to help you get rid of slime stains from your carpet and house. They are cheap and ultimately do a beautiful job of giving you stain-free carpets.

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