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Different Methods On How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes

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How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes

If your children love making or playing with slime, there is a high chance you have wondered how to get slime out of clothes and carpets. Unfortunately, slime tends to make huge and hard to remove stains which can be a nightmare to clean. However, you don't have to worry; you could get slime stains out with a few ingredients and a bit of patience. Read on to find out how!

Why do Kids love slime?

Slime is a sticky and mesmerizing substance made from readily available ingredients like glue, baking soda, borax, shaving cream, food coloring, and contact solution. This means you can easily make homemade slime at the comfort of your home over and over.

Besides children learning science, slime keeps tweens and kids entertained for hours, especially in winter. Most kids find it satisfying to watch the slime turn from solid to liquid. Again squishing the slime can be a great way to relieve stress. Some enjoy playing with it because it is gooey and delightful to stretch.

The only issue is that slime tends to get stuck on clothes, carpets and hair very easily. In this guide, we will look at the different methods of removing slime from clothes, carpets and hair.

How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

As we have mentioned, there are numerous ways of removing slime stains from clothes. We will use different ingredients and items to get slime stains off each method. It is necessary to carefully consider the method you choose to avoid damaging your clothes. Let's get started.

Method 1: Using Vinegar

Using vinegar to get slime stains off from clothes will work perfectly when the slime stains are still wet. For this method, you will only need White vinegar and A soft toothbrush/scrubbing brush.


  1. The first step is to place the cloth you are cleaning on a flat surface for easy cleaning.
  2. You will then remove excess slime from clothes by scraping it using your thumb.
  3. Then pour white vinegar on the stained area of the cloth and make it slightly wet.
  4. Let the white vinegar sit and soak for more than five minutes. However, it would help not to let the vinegar dry out.
  5. Then use your soft toothbrush/scrubbing brush to gently scrub the remaining bits of slime out of clothes. Using circular motions will help; scrub until all the slime is removed.
  6. You will then rinse the area you cleaned using hot water.
  7. When that is done, you can now clean your cloth as usual.

Method 2: Using Dish Soap

Using dish soap to get slime out of clothes is another technique that works on wet slime. It is important to note that nonconcentrated dish soap will get the slime off better than the concentrated one. Again you could also use laundry detergent if you don't have the dish soap. The only ingredients you need are dish soap and running water.


  1. First, gently scrape off the excess slime using your thump or dull knife. Here you want to lift as much slime as possible.
  2. Then squirt the dish soap or laundry detergent you are using with the slime.
  3. You will let it sit or soak for a few minutes to soften the slime.
  4. Then you will rub the cloth together under running water until the slime is removed from your clothes.
  5. Then you will wash the clothes as usual. You could also machine wash clothes according to the label.

Method 3: Using Ice Cubes

If you want to get dry slime out of clothes using a few ice cubes will work. However, you could also use this method to remove slime that is still wet. You will only require an ice cube or a freezer bag for this technique.


  1. First, you will want to place the cloth you are cleaning on a flat surface for easy cleaning.
  2. Then scrape off or remove slime that is loose on the cloth.
  3. Then you will place the ice cube on the dry slime to remove all the remaining slime out of clothes.
  4. The other option would be to place the stained cloth in a freezer bag. Then put it into a freezer for a couple of minutes.
  5. When the slime is fully frozen, you will peel off the slime out of the cloth and wash it as usual.

Method 4: Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you are looking for dried slime, vinegar and baking soda will work. However, you will need baking, white vinegar, water, and a spoon or dull knife for this technique. Vinegar contains acetic acid that will dissolve the slime, while the soda contains organic compounds that will eliminate the stick components in the slime.


  1. First, you will remove slime from clothes by gently scraping it off using a spoon or a butter knife. Make sure you do it super gently to avoid damaging your favorite shirt or cloth.
  2. use a damp cloth with lukewarm water to carefully blot the surface
  3. Then you will take a container and make a mixture of vinegar, baking and water. You will add a generous amount of baking and put an equal amount of cold water and vinegar.
  4. You will then pour the mixture or paste on the areas with the slime. The idea is to apply as many layers as possible until you can no longer see the slime.
  5. Then you will let the paste sit until it is completely dry.
  6. Remove the dried baking solution using a clean and dry towel or paper towel.
  7. If there are any slime remains, you could repeat the process.
  8. When the stain is all off, you could clean the clothes as usual. You could also use a washing machine to wash the clothes according to the label.

Method 5: Using Acetone, Nail Polish Remover or Rubbing Alcohol

If you are wondering how to get slime out of clothes, using Acetone, Nail polish or rubbing alcohol is a great method. This method will remove glue-based slime. The most important point to note about this method is that you should use the ingredients in very small amounts. You will need Cotton wool balls and Acetone, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover to remove slime from clothes using this method.


  1. You will need to remove excess slime from clothes
  2. Apply the liquid to the fabric by gently dabbing a small amount at a time, using a cotton wool ball.
  3. Pour a very small amount of the solution you will be using on a cotton wool ball. Also, you might need a little elbow grease to clean along with the solution you use.
  4. Then dab the solution on the clothes to remove slime from clothes.
  5. When all the slime stuck on your clothes is gone, you will need to clean the clothes as usual.

How To Get Slime Out of Carpet

With the above methods of how to get slime out of clothes, you could choose one of the methods and use them to clean the slime out of carpet fabric.

The best method will be to use the vinegar method. First, you will start bet scraping off the excess slime out of the carpet. Then soak the affected area with white vinegar and warm water for a few minutes. However, it would be best not to let it dry off. Then, you could use a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the area until you remove slime from the carpet.

When the stain is off completely, pat the area using a clean, dry towel, but you should not use a paper towel. Then you could vacuum it to get slime residues out.

How to Get Slime Out of Hair

How to Get Slime out of kid's hair

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In most cases, you will notice that you will not only need to know how to get slime out of clothes or carpet fibers, but you will need to remove slime from your kid's hair at some point. Thus it is necessary to know the simple method to remove slime from hair. Here are the few steps you could follow in cleaning slime from the hair:

  1. You will start by removing slime. Unlike when you remove slime out of clothing using a spoon or dull knife, here you will need to use your fingers and do it very gently.
  2. Then you will remove the slime left by washing the hair with warm water.
  3. Before you add the shampoo, you will use a hair conditioner. Gently massage the conditioner on the slime stain.
  4. With the conditioner still on, you could gently comb the hair by hand and then use a comb when the large clumps are removed.
  5. Then rinse the hair conditioner if the slime stain has been removed.
  6. You can now proceed to clean the hair with your favorite shampoo.
  7. You will use a teaspoon of oils on the hair when you are done. You can use olive oil or coconut oil on the affected area.

Tips to prevent additional slime stains

To reduce the possibility of having to remove slime from clothes, these tips will help:

  1. Ensure the kid's clothes are covered whenever you play or make slime. For example, you could wear a plastic apron or an old T-shirt.
  2. If you want to use food coloring or dye, you could use water-based or food-grade coloring.
  3. Consider using a soap flake and water slime for smaller kids.
  4. Keep slime play in kitchens or open rooms to prevent creating a mess
  5. Ensure that you cover your hair or tie them at the back in a ponytail

Final Verdict

Some parents have become skeptical about using slime because of the mess they leave behind. However, there are several methods that you could use to remove slime from clothes. Again there are different types of slime, and you could consider getting or making the non-sticky slime, especially for the smaller children.

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