​​​​Giantex Manual Recliner Chair review

It was only after reading an article on Giantex Manual Recliner Chair review that I got insights on the importance of using a comfortable chair in day to day life. My first impression was that it was just another of the many armchairs I had tried from the local stores. Nevertheless, because I am ever curious, I thought should give it a try and so I ordered one!

The challenge of conventional chairs

Have you ever witnessed some plus size people struggling so much to fit into a chair, possibly the public chairs that are made without special considerations? Have you ever been to a movie theater where you need comfort and space to enjoy the value for your money only to be embarrassed by a small chair? Or try sitting on some plastic chairs and your super weight gets you on the floor?  I am one of them!

With my 200 lbs. it’s always hard to find comfort with typical poorly structured chairs. They are often constructed without any special considerations which can be disastrous for some of us. However, I recently found a solution recently which so far has given me perfect results.

Features of a comfortable recliner

Prior to my purchase, I read about the sleek look, coloring and comfort but I was amazed when I personally interacted with my order. It came with instructions so I could easily assemble it within five minutes. It is a typical giant chair and I fell in love with this plus size beautiful piece. It is well structured with a heavy-duty steel mechanism and foam seating. From the first time I sat on it, I felt safe and had ample space to turn, drool and swing around; thanks to its flexible arm pushback reclining mechanism. Personally, I have never been a fan of sleeping in the living room but that evening I tried watching some pass time TV and couldn’t help but get carried away by the blissful comfort that I took a long nap.

Life with a giant recliner in my living room

Since the purchase, I spend a lot of time with my giant friend, that is light and I can easily carry around the house to watch, relax and mostly sleep on it on those common lazy afternoons. It is good because this recliner is not bulky too, fitting into any setting of my rooms. Everybody in the house loves it and I often have a hard time with my young son who cannot get over it. It is a few weeks now and with its comfort, I feel like I got the value of my money already. Normally, I am never a fan of reading online reviews but in this case, the Giantex Manual Recliner Chair review that I read got it spot on as I am totally pleased with my purchase.

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