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Havenly Design Review – Pros and Cons

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Designing a room in the house can never be easy. There are several things to consider, such as your budget and time from your busy schedule until you finish the project. For some, getting an online interior designer can be a luxury, yet they are the experts who can help you in achieving the best room that you like. Luxury for some yet still enjoyed by many folks, and they even find it a bit practical as well as cost-effective to count on a talented interior designer. Among the favored and most budget-friendly websites nowadays is Havenly.

If you opt to know more about Havenly, you are on the right page, before signing up, take time to read all the things you need to understand about Havenly.

How Does Havenly Work?

Havenly was launched in the year 2013. Lee Mayer was the man behind this online design service, an entrepreneur based in Denver. This is popularly known for sticking to an effortless design process that is able to help users perceive less submerge.

To begin with, you need to select which room you would want to design. Next to it is that you will be advised to share video and photo, and you will be asked to answer a train of questions associated to your peculiar style. Established from your answers, Havenly will now pick a professional designer who will schedule a talk with you on the phone in order to understand more your vision about your space. Through this, you will be able to share with the professional designer the things, which seem to be useless in your present layout. Also, on how you scheme to utilize the room, your favorite color palettes, the patterns you like, the furniture styles that you tend towards, and a lot more concerns about room designing. In preference, there is also an alternative for completing the brief design.

Once you are done with the direction of design, the interior designer will now deliver the comprehensive concept which you can review. The interior designer requires honest feedback as the key to good results. Convey what you like about the concept, as well as what you dislike about the recommended design schemes. Your inputs regarding the suggested designs will be used in order to finalize the concept, and this will incorporate how the items will count on your space.

Afterward, the fun will now start! You will have your personal Havenly account where you can visit and select the accessories and furniture that you want to order for your space. Different choices based on the design aesthetic you have will be recommended as well. You will surely be amazed by Havenly since they will be the ones to handle your orders from orders to the delivery schedule. Feel free to shop from brands such as CB2, West Elm, Anthropologie, Surya, Serena & Lily, and Pottery Barn. In addition, in case an issue came up after the project was done, you can still call your interior designer since they will remain contactable for all their previous clients.

How Much Havenly Will Cost You?

The whole design interior package is being offered for 129 dollars for a single room.

Havenly package comprises a concept phase, ideal phase, design phase, unique shopping list, as well as pointers from an expert and professional interior designer. Select this particular package if your aim is transforming an absolute canvas, or you wanted to redesign a certain room fully, finished with customized floor plans, as well as layout visualizations.

Timeframe: The client will get an option of the design plan of action recommendations two working days right after Havenly interior designer starts your project. Then the design concept will be two working days after getting the ideas. Once you shared your feedback, they will give you a time extension for revising in order to have your dream room a reality. Then the last concept will comprise pointers for furniture placement as well as styling tips.

The Mini interior Design Package is being offered for 79 dollars per room.

If the client is already gratified with the current layout of the room and simply asking for assistance in identifying stylish accessories such as art, throw pillows, lighting, and curtains, well, this specific package is perfect for you. Far from Full Package, this particular offering is made in order to refresh the space though this package does not come with space planning and layout suggestions.

Timeframe: The client will have few inceptive design ideas after two working days. After that, your interior designer will now share the design concept after two working days once done, sharing their concept regarding your space. After the client rate the suggested design, they will now give the final concept as well as start shopping for the chosen space.

Some Customer Reviews: Havenly

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textile Lab cross-question several Havenly users regarding how they loved and enjoyed Havenly service, if ever there is any glitch, or if they will ever use it again. Below are their answers;


“What I liked most about Havenly is that I can freely select the designer as well as communicate with them easily throughout the process. Being able to work on one with an expert designer was the amazing part”.

“The professional designer understood what I want, and collaboratively partnered with me in order to produce a room that reflects who I am.”

“It is cost-effective compared to hiring a private individual. The good thing about them is that Havenly listens to my suggestions and also considers my working budget.”

“Very easy, can work with Havenly on my precious time. I like the fact that I could possibly link to purchase”.


“There are times wherein it is difficult to fully communicate your personal style vs. having someone who can visit your home.”

“Space was not required to scale; I had some problem in purchasing as well as returning through their website.”

“Maybe If I have selected to invest in a much expensive package, maybe I could have a more extensive or personalized experience.”

Other Havenly Reviews

Here in Havenly, users will be given free tools as well as suggestions. They will first introduce you to an interior designer whom you will be working with. The services include creating some mood boards, a layout, and a useful shopping list that will aid in implementing an easy design. All are offered at a flat rate per hour instead of an hourly bill of an in-person interior designer. For a consultation, Havenly will cost you 19 dollars, while for full experience will charge you for 169 dollars for a single space of course with some help on where you can layout all piece.

Havenly begins with a series of questions wherein you will be asked to share your personal style or taste for a room, and you will also be asked to select pictures of rooms that you like most. You can freely choose whether you like to get yourself involve one hundred percent or not. You may screw it, or you can just let your interior designer drive the wheels for you. Meaning, you will just wait until the project is done. The most exciting part about Havenly is that you can surely have a room that will best suit your needs as well as your style. The in-house designer will be working with you hand in hand. Rest assured that your suggestions about the design concept will be acknowledged and followed if necessary.

The interior designer that will be paired to work with you has the needed knowledge in order to create a spare room that will be suited for your needs. The user can freely relay their feedback whether they like the design, or if there is something that needs to be modified. The designer will present the final layout, depending on your taste. Once the design concept is approved, that is the only time that they will start the project.

Time Frame

One month is considered the fair timeline for the room project to be done most, especially if you get the service of a real-life interior designer. To avoid changing of plans, you and the designer must agree with the final concept presented, never start unless you think everything looks good if not perfect. Even a side table matters, the color scheme is also important as well as the coordination of the furniture that you will be using. Another good thing about Havenly is that they present multiple design concepts, varied floor plans, and the color scheme for any gender. If you worried about your budget, feel free to select the Havenly plan that will work for your budget, but the quality is not compromised. Rest assured that with Havenly, you can have the room that will be perfect for your style and need.

Bottom Line

Working with Havenly can never be a wrong decision. If your goal is to have a room that is stylish and classy, you have to consider hiring an interior designer coming from Havenly. Several Havenly reviews reveal how good the partnership they had with Havenly. Yes, every company may have pros and cons, but its cons will surely outweigh all the cons of Havenly. This one of the best online interior design which is popularly known in house designing industry. An online interior will be the one to guide you with the perfect designs that will be suited for your spare space.

Once you work with Havenly, you will feel like you have the best room in the world. The designer from Havenly is sure to offer a happiness guarantee and a level-up experience in house or room renovation all over all designing. If you want to have the room that you like, be sure to get in touch with the best and professional interior designers from Havenly. Set a schedule and get their service in order for you to have the best interior design online.

If you are in need of a budget-friendly home space designing, feel free to hire Havenly online interior designer and get ready for a fun and exciting way of designing your space!

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