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How To Clean Burnt Pan? 6 Easy Ways for You

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Nobody enjoys washing the dishes. So if you are confronted with a burnt frying pan, food that appears to be bonded to the skillet charred—all it would be too alluring to throw the pan completely instead of facing the catastrophe and learning how to clean burnt pan in this situation.

Of course, this isn’t the most ecologically or financially beneficial solution. Therefore what would you do? Immerse it nightly (perhaps endlessly) and hope the glommed-on oil lifts? Scrub till your arms hurt more than they did during an hour of spinning training? Nope, and also negligible. Below will be our sharing about how to wash a burnt pan without ruining your life or your entire evening.

We’ve split it down under the top successful techniques we’ve observed then you might pick the one, which feels right for you according to whatever is available at your home. And also, to help you can follow easily, we have a sum-up content here:

  • Look At This One Before Getting Started
  • How To Clean Burnt Pan – Clear Tutorial In A TikTok
  • Alternative Options: Some Best Cookware Cleaners For Your Problems
  • Sum Up

Look At This One Before Getting Started

The Testing Technique 

We set several criteria for this pan cleaning experiment in order to ensure that you get the highest consistent readings from this instruction. Every one of the skillets examined has been stainless steel as well as burned with comparable food products, such as eggs, as well as grape jelly.

Whereas if a technique called for immersion, we let every skillet sink for approximately fifteen minutes, monitoring every five minutes, then capturing whenever the burned leftovers started to peel cleanly. We additionally restricted any further active cleaning to ten minutes since who would like to scrape a skillet for extended periods than this one?!


Each approach is scored from the lowest point (1) to the highest point (5). Scores were given according to how considerable it took every approach to accomplish its trick. How much additional manual grease seemed necessary to eliminate the scorched foodstuff. In the perspective of the possible mess; that stayed on the burnt pan after washing within our defined criteria.

Now, you do not have to wait any longer. Let’s jump into our method suggestions below.

How To Clean Burnt Pan – Clear Tutorial In A TikTok

Cleaning a burnt pan might appear complicated; however, these do-it-yourself methods are straightforward and efficient. Continue reading to learn the perfect option since how to clean burnt pan and solve your burnt skillet problem.

Technique 1: Vinegar With Baking Soda

How to do: Mix one cup of water, plus one cup of vinegar for something like a simmer in a burnt pan.

Then, you turn the burner down and stir in two teaspoons of baking soda. Remove the water and scrub the burnt pan with a scrubbing sponge. Pour additional baking soda plus some water (to form a mixture) and leave to settle for several moments. After this, clean once more using a scrubbing sponge and dishwashing detergent when you’re still trapped with bits.

How it worked: Things quickly became smelly after the water began to boil. Nothing seemed to fall off as well as rise to the top throughout the heating procedure, as well as the liquid remaining reasonably take out the entire period. After adding some baking soda, we could not resist. But remove a part or portion of the skillet with our wooden spoon to test whether the scorched foodstuff was actually coming off.

This upper surface came off easily; however, the material underneath refused to budge. Finally, we applied additional baking soda plus liquid to the mixture and left it set for the next ten minutes until scrubbing it ever again. We seemed to wash the skillet after putting in a huge amount of work. From beginning to end, the whole technique cost us around twenty-five minutes.

While this approach produces outcomes, heating the vinegar mixed liquid did not appear to have much of an effect. Finally, this procedure needs more work and materials than some others. We do not really think anybody should be doing this. But if you would really like to, make sure you have enough time, a decent scrubbing sponge, as well as a sweatband on hand since this approach is time-consuming.

Rating: 1/5

Watch this clip to understand more:

Technique 2: Using Lemons

how to clean burnt pan with lemons

How to do: Add up to three quartered boiled lemons inside the skillet, then cover with some couple cups of liquid, then come to a simmer. Cook for five-ten minutes, until either bit of food, begins to come to the top. Drain the liquid and lemons, wash, then apply a scrubbing sponge to eliminate each and every remaining piece.

How it worked: Nearly instantly after the liquid started to boil, we noticed foodstuff bits rise to the surface. We let everything in the heat for another five minutes before removing the lemons as well as pouring the liquid down the sink.

We were surprised to see several little parts of charred chunks, which were readily cleaned off with liquid detergent, our sponge pad, as well as a fast rinse. We are not sure why; however, we did not have much trust that the above approach would perform – it sounded incredibly easy! — but somehow it worked.

To be truthful, this approach is wonderful, particularly when you’ve been preparing with lemons as well as having scraps. That is the simplest of the techniques, needing very little cleaning work.

Rating: 4/5

Technique 3: Using Boiling Water 

How to do: This washing method includes returning to the root of the major issue burner. Boil the pan with a couple of tablespoons of liquid, or just enough to cover the burned surface. Add the liquid to a simmer as well as make all of this run for five to seven minutes.

After that, take the burnt pan from the heat and leave it to turn off the heat. Take out the liquid after it has recovered to regular warmth. If necessary, cautiously scrounge all that much huge, presently softened, incinerated pieces into the trash can with a polyethylene ladle as well as a sturdy spoon.

How it worked: The detergent water might dissolve the burnt parts, as well as the temperature will release stuff, making it simpler to scrub away after the liquid cools. This approach is very useful for nonstick cookware.

Cleanup specialist Jolie Kerr advises avoiding applying everything except dishwashing detergent and liquid for them (particularly whether you’re heating with Teflon), even though it will scoop up the covering.

Rating: 4/5

Technique 4: Mixture Of Aluminum Foil And Baking Soda

Mixture Of Aluminum Foil And Baking Soda

How to do: Remove your filthy burnt pan after rinsing it in boiling water. Afterward, carefully sprinkle it with two teaspoons of some baking soda.

Return several tablespoons of warm water to everyone’s skillet to create a mixture with powdered baking soda before scraping with such a small ball-sized bit of folded aluminum. Wash till all the burned material is removed, then brush with warm water to complete cleanup.

How it worked: This approach produced excellent outcomes for us. Whereas a minor touch-up with more baking soda has been required after the preliminary scrape, we were surprised with how efficiently the aluminum truly scrubbed away the filth.

Finally, this approach is similar to the “deluxe” variation of the conventional baking soda plus vinegar technique we initially identified. It performs quite as well, except quicker and much more efficiently, owing to the aluminum for increased cleansing strength.

Rating: 4/5

Technique 5: Using Dishwasher Tablet

How to clean burnt pan with dishwasher tablet

How to do: Take a dishwashing tablet from your bottle, then stream boiling water over your filthy skillet. Afterward, using the dishwashing pad, carefully clean the burnt pan in boiling water. Wash till most of the material particles have been lifted, and after that, wash with warmed water.

How it worked: We never could imagine how effective this technique was! A completely clean burnt pan was achieved in much under five minutes without the need for additional cleaning. We utilized Final Twister Intensive Clean Tablets and discovered that leaving the plastic covering on the tablets while washing made the biggest difference.

Warm water may gently disintegrate the tab while you wash, allowing the tab to retain overall form instead of crumbling across your fingertips. Just a further disadvantage of this approach seems to be that we had to apply three entire dishwashing tabs to wash each filthy pan.

As a result, this approach may become costly. Nevertheless, because this is successful, we believe this is completely worth the investment.

Rating: 5/5

Technique 6: Using Dryer Sheet 

How to do: Dish soap and boiling water should be added to the skillet. Allow a dryer towel to soak throughout the liquid for at least an hour. Until one hour has passed, extract and replace the dryer towel as well as thoroughly rinse the skillet with a scrubbing sponge and dishwashing detergent.

How it worked: We weren’t thrilled about immersing a dryer towel in a skillet, which we use to make meals in, as well as we were far less thrilled with the outcome. This approach has been circulating available on the internet for a time, allegedly assisting folks in removing tough baked-on foodstuff off glassware and cookware equally.

However, for certain purposes, it didn’t seem to activate for us. Most foodstuffs slipped off the upper surface; however, the toughest things adhered towards the burnt pan’s underside.

When you may not have a lot of time to do the chores immediately, you can utilize this approach. Whatever else, this will begin to soften the scorched ingredients, trying to make your actions a little simpler when you’re fully prepared to do the dishes.

We’d recommend expanding the soak hours and potentially having some extra dryer pads. In any case, you’re already in for a long wait.

Rating: 1/5

Alternative Options: Some Best Cookware Cleaners For Your Problems 

If your unfortunate pan is still pleading for treatment, you should consider investing in a strong-duty cleaning solution. This may be the final suggestion for our section on how to clean burnt pan.

And that’s why some cookware cleaners are exciting to solve your problem. If you do not know which will be the best cookware cleaners to buy, we have a list of recommendations here to help you. So take a look below.

Some Best Cookware Cleaners For Your Problems

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Liquid 

If you’re searching for the ideal stainless steel skillet cleaning, we suggest this product. Aside from the component of stainless steel, this velvety item may be used on a variety of surfaces made of diverse substances such as copper, aluminum, porcelain, and etc. It may be used to wash items except for kitchenware.

This can wash cooktops, counters, faucets, showers, and even cars. Because there is hardly any chlorine composition, you may utilize this item with confidence. However, before applying this everywhere, that would be best to test this first.

All-Clad 00942 Cookware Cleaner 

Various stainless steel kitchenware cleansers are not like the All-clad cleaning. The majority of cleaners come in a liquid manner. However, this is a cleanser in the format of powder, therefore that is hardly irritating. Furthermore, because it is composed of organic materials as well as other environmentally beneficial components, you may use it with confidence.

When you are using this cleanser on any stainless steel kitchenware, this can eliminate filth, corrosion, dirt, as well as tough water discoloration. It should be noted that this seems to be incompatible with nonstick, harsh lacquered, and metal kitchenware.

Cameo Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner 

Here’s the next excellent tool for cleaning stainless steel kitchenware. This offers the capacity to both clean and shines your kitchenware. After you’ve used it, your kitchen equipment will appear spotless and brand new. You may also utilize it for washbasins, heavy burnt pans, ovens, microwaves, and many other appliances. It may also be used on other substances like aluminum or chromium.

Sum Up 

Professional experts and ordinary foodies equally frequently burn their equipment. However, you understand not to throw away burned burnt pans. There are numerous simple techniques to answer your problem of how to clean burnt pan and make them as beautiful as the original.

Though that might appear difficult initially, persistent char could be eliminated, and frequently without much work on your side. You simply have to comprehend what home basics you have to acquire as well as how to utilize those correctly. Ever since you realize it, the burned equipment may be gleaming and bright again!

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