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How to Fix a Swivel Chair Base: A Detailed Guide

Tim Parry


To repair the base of a swivel chair is not that difficult to do but can be a little bit overwhelming. That is especially true if you do not know how it works, or what to look for when it is not working. The best way to do it is to remove it and take a look at the base's parts.

But it can be done even if you are not technically inclined or if you do not have the technical experience. Let us take a look at how to fix a swivel chair base if it is not working properly.

Types of Swivel Chairs

Two basic types of swivel chairs are available. The first are those with an immobile base that can not be rolled to where you want it. The other one is a chair that runs around on casters or wheels for easy mobility.

The chances that the immobile one will stop working are practically zero as if it breaks, it only needs some welding. The one that runs around wheels is the one we are concerned about.

How to Repair a Mobile Swivel Chair Base

There is only one thing that you are going to do to repair the base of your swivel chair. And that will be to replace the old worn castors with new ones. To do that, you may remove the base from the chair or leave it on the chair while replacing it.

Removing the Base

To remove the base from the chair, you will need a rubber mallet. First, you need to put the chair down on its side and use the mallet to pound the base downward carefully. That means you need to hit the base with the mallet in the direction away from and opposite from the seat. Protect the base with a cloth or a towel draped over it if it looks like it may become damaged.

Removing the Castors

To remove the castors, you may need an adjustable wrench if the wheel stems are threaded. For the normal plugged-in type, you need only your hands to pull it out of the socket. When replacing the new unthreaded wheels, you only need to push it into the socket, like when removing the old wheels. For threaded wheels, use the wrench to unscrew them from the socket and replace the new ones the same way.

Putting it all Back Together

When you are done replacing the wheels, put the base back the same way you removed it from the shaft. This is done again by pounding it carefully with the mallet into its original position

Keep in Mind

When ordering new castors for your chair, make sure of the type of wheels your model takes. Also, make sure you are ordering hard wheels for a hard floor and soft wheels for a soft floor.


As you may have noticed, it is not that difficult to repair the base of your swivel chair. It is always nice to know you can do it yourself.

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