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How to Make a Swivel Base in 6 Simple Steps

Tim Parry


how to make a swivel base
Most recliner chair models come with a swivel feature that lets you rotate the chair with your feet. This feature is handy for reversing the chair's direction. If you have a chair to which you would like to add a swivel base, this article will help you learn how to make a swivel base. Besides, adding a swivel to your chair is a simple way to show your chair some love, and we guarantee you'll sit in it more than ever before. Read on!

Steps on How to Make a Swivel Base

Step 1: Set up the chair

Place the chair on a flat or solid work surface. Flip the chair to make it more accessible. Then remove the black fabric from beneath your chair. Because we will attach the swivel base and ring, check whether the chair is made of wood or not since not all chairs are made the same way. You must understand how to work with your materials because one wrong move can ruin everything. 

Step 2: Make a base.

If your chair is not wooden, you will need to buy 1×4 plywood cut to the same depth as your chair. Then attach the plywood to the underside of your chair. You can secure the wood pieces to the bottom of your chair with some screws. Ensure that the screws are firmly embedded in the wood frame to stabilize the entire structure.

Step 3. Screw in the plywood

The most difficult part of this project is determining where to place the base. If you can't see the wood edge frame, you may need to cut away the plastic liner and use pliers to remove staples—Predrill holes in your plywood with a 1/8th drill bit. Then, place the wood pieces in the center of your chair, leaving enough room to attach the swivel base and ring.

Note: Measure the space between the pieces of wood before attaching them. Remember that your swivel ring will fit onto that wood. And after you have finished pre-drilling your holes, drill the two pieces of plywood into the bottom of the chairs with your no. 10 screws.

Step 4. Bolt and drill your guide holes

Bolt the swivel base and ring into the chair. To secure the swivel base to the plywood, you need four 1.5-inch bolts. You'll need four of them. Turn the swivel chair base into a star shape to reveal the four holes for the bolts. Then mark four spots on your plywood with a pen in the center of the base or ring.

Step 5: Attach the swivel

How to Make a Swivel Base

In this step, position the swivel on top of the base. Ensure to align the rocker base with the hole marks you made in the previous step. Pre-drill the bolt holes with a 1/8-inch drill bit. Then, secure the bolts to the swivel base with nuts and washers.

Step 6: Finishing

If your chair has legs, you will have to take them off for the swivel to work. Use a manual or power saw to cut them off. Finally, enjoy your new swivel chair and the fact that you just saved bucks of money by doing it yourself.

How to Disable a Recliner Chair's Swivel Function

  1. Turn the recliner so that the base is facing up. You can for help from a friend if necessary.
  2. Rotate the base of the recliner chair so that the holes on the swivel rocker base align with the holes on the chair's base.
  3. If necessary, insert spacer bushings into the gap between the holes.
  4. Tighten the screws through the swivel base, spacer bushings, and recliner base.
  5. Adjust the swivel chair to its maximum height. The swivel function is now disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make a Swivel Base

1. Is it possible to convert a recliner to a swivel base?

Yes, you can make a rocking and swiveling recliner. If you have a new baby in the family, a swivel and rocking chair will come in handy. You can make a comfortable chair to rock and swivel like a lane recliner.

2. Can you make a rolling chair stationer?

Yes, you can do this in two ways, depending on the chair. First, hold the chair tightly and pull the wheels out of the chair's legs/base. If the wheels are fastened with bolts, turn the bolts counterclockwise until the wheel is free. Ensure you glue on protection to the chair legs.

3. Is it possible to add a swivel base to a rocker recliner?

If you fall in love with a rocker recliner chair that doesn't swivel, you can upgrade your rocking recliner with a swivel base. Unfortunately, a swivel base for your La-Z-Boy Recliner will set you back more than $100. However, most people believe it is well worth it.

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