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How To Remove A Wall Oven Quickly and Easily

Tim Parry


Let me guess, are you struggling to know how to remove a wall oven without hiring a repairman? You may not believe it, but this article will show you how to remove that built-in oven without too much effort even when you are a first-timer.

Compared to a stand-alone oven, a built-in one is more challenging to repair. It might take more effort and it is best to call for help from a friend since while removing the oven, you want someone to hold the oven while you cut the electrical wires. If you do it alone, we’re afraid you won’t be able to finish the job quickly.

All the tools needed in the process will be listed below. Jay’s Beef will also clearly show each step and you just need to follow. Be prepared with your flexibility and join hands with us.

What Do You Need To Remove A Wall Oven? 

Electric ovens consume a greater amount of electricity than other kitchen equipment such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave. The latter is powered by 120-volt circuits, but an electric oven takes 220 to 240 volts, the same as an electric dryer.

Disconnecting an electric stove is quite similar to connecting and unplugging other appliances, but you need more caution. Compared to dismantling other single devices, you will need to buy a few things if you don’t have one at home so that you can play it safe.

Without further things, now just jump on the toolbox, there are a few items you need to gather before working on this project :

  • High-quality electrical tape
  • Normal tape
  • A voltage tester ( a non-contact one)
  • A pair of wire cutters
  • Screwdrivers ( flathead and spearhead ones )
  • Wrench

Let me explain a little bit about what these tools do. The electric tester will help you check if the oven is power while working, always make sure that the circuit breaker is off. Remember you are only allowed to work when the oven has no electricity inside or else there may be a danger.

As for the screwdrivers, they will assist you in disassembling each part of the oven such as the oven door, the oven tray. If you don’t have one at home, you can find other pointed objects to try to unscrew, such as a scissor. But we recommend you to get one because it will be used for a long time anyway and more convenient for you in this project.

For the wire cutters, you can use your knife instead. Electrical tape is also very important and you cannot replace it with regular tape!

These tools can be purchased at any electronics store or supermarket, and we haven’t found any replacement options if you don’t have the list above.

Step By Step How To Remove A Wall Oven 

Step 1: Disconnect electricity supply

The first step is the one that you will guess, never skip it or it will be dangerous to your life and the people next to you. Not only with the oven, even other small appliances you need to be careful with.

If it is solely electrical, the removal process would be a little easier. If it’s a gas one, you’ll probably have to turn off the electricity that powers the oven’s controls as well as the gas that runs it.

In both cases, you all need to disconnect the power supply to your oven. Then unplug the oven. Make sure the oven is no longer turned on. Take the electric tester and have a power check, if the power is off, the tester will not flash on the indicator light. If the warning light is still on, check that you have tripped the correct breaker.

If you don’t have a separate circuit breaker for the wall oven, you can turn off the circuit breaker for the whole kitchen. Switch the circuit breaker that powers your oven wall to the “Off” position. Inside of the box, this is where the breakers are usually labeled.

If this is a gas one, turn off the oven’s gas supply. The supply knob is generally situated behind or beneath the oven. To cut the power, turn the supplied knob in the direction indicated on the handle. With a wrench, remove the connection that connects the oven supply line to the gas supply valve.

Note to tell your family not to turn it on while you are working, to be the most careful, stick tape on the circuit breaker, and write a note.

Step 2: Disassemble the oven door

To do this step, you should first observe the structure of your oven to see if the door is off the hinges or slides up. If your oven door attaches to hinges, you need to use a screwdriver to remove it.

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the gap between the lock and the wall. Pry the oven lock apart and turn it towards the oven door and raise the oven door. Look carefully at which screws you need to remove, set those screws aside because they will be so small you could drop them or mistake them for other parts’ screws.

Remove the screws that secure the oven to the door from inside to outside, using the screwdriver.

Next, you disassemble the frame with caution because it has numerous sharp edges.

If you are stuck in the oven door hinge, notice that the bottom of the door will have 2 screws, as well as 2 in the middle of the oven, carefully unscrew them, set them aside.

In case you want to replace the old door, with the door assembly in the outer, adjust the inner door frame.

You then replace and unscrew the screw assembly, the bottom of the frame will match the shorter screws.

To replace the door, you slide the hinges 45-degree angle into the corresponding hinge holes.

Lower the door to the maximum position and then move the lock of the hinge so that it is forward.

After you have removed the oven door, gently set them aside, put them on the ground because it is easy to touch and drop.

Instruction for oven door removal:

Step 3: Remove screws from the trims

Now look for the separate trims around the oven, you may notice where I circled on the picture or on the bottom of the oven. Once you find it, look at the screws used to attach those trims and remove them from the wall.

Use a screwdriver to remove the trims left on the oven, or even the fake wood pieces attached to the oven, next to the oven. You can use a sharp knife, insert behind the pieces to pry and chisel them up, being careful not to injure your hand.

Now proceed to remove the nails and pins with the diagonal pliers. You can buy a mini trims kit, which will include these, and they usually include the control panel as well.

Ask a helper to assist you in removing the oven off the wall far enough to reach the electrical wiring.

How to remove a wall oven-step-3

Step 4: Cut the electrical wires

Next, it’s time for dealing with the wire cutting part. In this step, you need to use an electrical tester and a wire cutter. First make sure that the power is off when you cut by testing the oven with an electric tester twice for the active current, if the pen does not light up the warning light, then start to cut the wire.

If you do not want to repair the unit, you can connect the wires to the electrical box on the wall. Remember which wire color connects to which wire before cutting, as you may need to reconnect them after fixing. A good tip is to take a photo of the wire before cutting.

How to remove a wall oven-step-4

Step 5: Remove the oven

It’s almost done! The next step is the final step where you can freely remove the oven from the wall. Picking up the screwdriver again, you need to remove the screw that attaches the base cover plate to the electrical box on the wall behind the oven.

You will then untwist the oven wires that connect to the electrical box. You need to pull the oven towards you, but be careful to both pull and align so that the oven does not pull too far and cause the wire to break. Reach out your hand and unplug the back of the oven. You should have someone else hold the oven while you unplug, that’s why we recommend asking for help.

It is rare that ovens are connected to the electrical backbone of the home. It is significantly easier for a contractor or appliance installer to install outlets on the wall.

Watch this video for more detailed instruction:

Step 6: Clean the wall cavity

Your cavity wall has definitely not been cleaned for a long time, because it’s a wall oven, it’s not easy to remove, isn’t it! The best way to clean it is to wipe the dust with dry paper first and then absorb it with wet paper, do not pour water on it because it contains the wire you just cut.

How to remove a wall oven-step-6

Step 7: Secure the wires

After cleaning the wall cavity, you will deal with the electrical wiring. Use electrical tape to secure the wires together or if you want to replace it with another oven, consult your dealer for proper power adjustment.

What To Do With An Old Wall Oven

Turn to a storage container

A wall oven usually has a fairly large capacity and can help you store a lot of things in the warehouse, in case you don’t want to throw the oven away. Instead of spreading it to the warehouse, you will store some miscellaneous items in this oven. So it will look remarkably compact

Give away to charitable organizations

In case your oven is still usable but you have no need to sell it. Please donate to reputable charities, and you may receive a tax deduction.

Those organizations will know how to donate it to people in need or do other charitable work without you having to spend time figuring out how to get it to someone in need.

Pay the store and ask them to take it

When you buy a new oven, you can pay the staff a small amount to help you take the oven away. Although that amount is not too much, you will not have to think about what to do with the oven. Usually, when the staff of the electronics store brings the oven to you, they will have a service to take the old one away, you can ask if this service is available in your area.

Sell ​​it for money

Often, old things that can be used still have people who need them. If you don’t know where to post it, the fastest way to find it is on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, you just need to post your old stuff and those in need will receive the information.

Or right in your town, you can sell it at the garage sale, and remember that to sell it, clean the oven carefully and make sure it’s still usable.


After completing the above steps, you can bring the oven to repair or replace the new furnace in place. I believe this tutorial on how to remove a wall oven is worth a reference, helping you to get the job done yourself at home. If there is a damaged or defective part of the oven, such as the door, just take it apart and exchange it. Did you find our guide useful? If you have any questions, please comment below, we will use those comments to make better tutorials.

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