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Simple Tips on How to Repair Lawn Chairs

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how to repair lawn chairs

Lawn chairs are the best investments you can make for your mental health and the general well-being of your family. Lawn chairs bring people together and make working from home fun. However, when the sling chair or the patio chair breaks, you need to have a general idea of how to repair lawn chairs without much hassle. We are here to show you just that using the methods below.

Patio Chairs

Patio chairs take a beating from the weather, especially in sunny seasons and rainy seasons. When the frames accumulate rust and nicks, the seat may need some repair. However, the one rule with outdoor furniture is never to throw them away. Letting the patio chairs age brings a vibe full of stories. Here are some of the tools you will need to repair a patio chair.

  • Utility knife
  • Screw driver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Wire cutters
  • Cloth tape measure

Here are the DIY patio chair repair steps to get the chairs in good condition. (The methods below are for mesh sling chair repair. You need to order new straps for vinyl replacement, ensuring the tension is right once you are done).

Step 1: Get New Sling

You might need a new replacement sling if you have a sling chair. Sling chairs with old straps are not safe for anyone and might be a falling hazard. The sling fabric you will get should be water-resistant and should have enough tensile strength to pull heavy weights on patio chairs.

To find the width of the patio chair frame, measure the center of one side rail to the center of the opposite rail. The rails should have holes that will make measuring the chair width easy. To get the length, lay the tape measure along the face of one of the rails to follow the curvature of the rail on the patio chair. You want the new fabric to fit just as well as the old one.

Step 2: Cut the Old Sling

Using the knife, cut off the old straps from the patio chair to create room for the new ones. The straps may be dry rotted, and you will not need them anymore. Next, remove the end caps from the ends of the rails.

Step 3: Remove the Old Straps from the patio chair

Slide the straps out of the rail of the patio chair. Loosen the bolts without removing them from the ]patio chair frame. Pop up the spreader bars on the patio chair and remove the fabric completely. This might be a great time to repaint the patio chair frame without being covered by the fabric. If the frame of the patio chair is aluminum, it might be free of rust, but ensure you paint the patio chair for aesthetics.

Step 4: New Sling

Slide the new sling into place by removing the whole rail on the patio chair. Slide the nylon rod into the track of the rail and let it slide down. The rail should still be attached to the patio chair's frame as the screws were only loosened and not entirely removed. This is an easy way of securing the new fabric for the sling patio chairs, especially if you are alone. Patio chairs are lightweight, and you will not have any trouble.

Step 5: Trim the Rods

Trim the rods using a wire cutter, and you will be done with the sling chairs. You will have successfully done a DIY patio chair repair on your own. Patio chairs are easy to go about, and you do not have to throw away the old sling patio chairs.

How to Repair other Lawn Chairs

Apart from the patio chairs, you have other outdoor furniture like swivel chairs and other patio furniture. The four swivel chairs that you have outdoors might age simultaneously, and you can not afford to throw them all away. You do not really need any special tool to get rid of the dryrotted fabric from the chairs. Using the same tools like the ones you used on patio chairs, here is how to repair other patio furniture;

Patio Swivel Chair

Patio swivel chairs make for great outdoor furniture. Here is how to repair them;

  • Inspect the chair for any rusted parts especially on the existing holes.
  • If the gas or manual mechanism is damaged, remove the chair from its column by twisting it.
  • Place the parts on a piece of newspaper and spray them with WD-40
  • Allow the parts to soak for twenty minutes before you can wipe them and reassemble the parts
  • See if the parts have loosened and the chair works properly once more.
  • Get into the habit of covering the chair's frame to avoid rusting in the future.
  • Swivel chairs (and other outdoor furniture) in general need a lot of care.

Final Take

Most outdoor furniture has the same problem, and you do not need to replace the whole chair when the slings or the material used to make the chairs have developed holes or the strap has worn out on given handles. When repairing, ensure you get durable fabrics and stretch them to form a tight seating area. Bolt any nuts tightly and paint over them. Loop or wrap whatever material you have correctly to have a solid finish on the chair.

When doing a chair repair, reattach the spreader bar correctly. Use a little muscle to get the parts well-tightened. You can use soapy water on the mesh if it is more difficult to slide the bar through it. Hopefully, you will not need to drill any new holes but do so if you must. You will end up with patio chairs as good as new if you follow these tips.

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