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How to Store Lawn Chairs in Your Home After Summer

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Summer days are the absolute best; you get to enjoy steak and other family cookouts in your yard, sitting on breathable and portable chairs and not worrying about making a big mess. But, when seasons change, you need to move your outdoor griddle and furniture indoors and store them well so they can serve you the next summer. So, here is how to store lawn chairs.

Where To Store Your Lawn Chairs

You can store your lawn chairs in the garage space using the best storage ideas. However, note that the chair's design and materials can dictate where you put them and how much space you need.

1. How to Store Lawn Chairs In the Garage

The garage floor carries everything you do not use daily, from motor parts, sports equipment, bicycles and toys, lawn equipment, etc. As such, you might not have a lot of chair storage space, so we will share some ideas to store folding chairs.

a) Stack the lawn chairs against a wall

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If you are worried about your lawn chair legs, you need to look for free space in your garage and stack your lawn chairs on top of each other. After stacking them, find a protective cover to run over them to prevent dust and elemental damage.

b) In folding chair storage bags

Image source: bags4everything.co.uk

If you have just a few chairs, it is also easy to use storage bags for storage. For this idea, you can put your chair in a storage bag and then keep them out site under other furniture in the garage.

c) In storage boxes

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You can also grab a few large storage containers to pack folding chairs inside. This idea is great when you have man folding chairs that you need to put away. If you do not find these storage boxes, you can also use large bins to provide a great storage solution.

Before buying any storage container, ensure you also have some free space in the garage where you can place them. The place needs to be free from traffic to avoid damaging the boxes or chairs.

d) In a loft space

Image source: countryliving.com

If your garage has a high ceiling, you can also create a loft space to tuck away the lawn chairs. You can use metal hooks to hang shelves or overhead garage storage racks that can accommodate the weight of the foldable chairs. This arrangement can allow you to store them away for months without any hassle.

e) Hang them on the wall

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If you are out of other garage storage ideas, you can hang your metal folding chairs in the garage. Drive in some metal hooks into the wall, then hang the folding chairs by the legs, and they'll be out of your way for months.

f) In giant cabinets

If you have more room in the garage for an awesome project, you can get your tools ready and construct giant cabinets on your walls. These cabinets or lockers are a versatile storage idea you can always use, even when not storing the chairs in the summer.

2. Other Places you Can Store Your Lawn Chairs

When you do not have enough space in your garage, you can turn to other clever spots in your house to hide folding chairs.

a) Under beds

If you have a few foldable and lightweight chairs, you can tuck them under the beds for a simple storage idea.

b) Behind dressers

If you have a sturdy dresser, move it a few inches off the wall, then sneak in your foldable chairs in that space.

c) Between appliances

There is almost always a little space between two large appliances, and these are great places to sneak in your folding chairs. A great example is between the washing machine and dryer.

How to Keep Stored Lawn Chairs Clean

It is usually months after summer that you get to use the lawn chairs again, so you need to find a way to prevent damage in storage. Some elements that can cause damage are water and dust. So, use the following tricks to keep your chairs clean.

a) Wrap them with protective covers

If you store your chairs in open places, it is best to wrap them in protective covers to keep dust, grime, and other elements away. In addition, go for a waterproof cover if your garage is prone to moisture.

b) Pack cushions separately

If your chairs have cushions, you will want to avoid storing them together, especially in rooms that can get damp or dusty. Instead, it is better to remove the cushions and put them in the closet or storage racks with good breathability.

c) Wipe them regularly

Even if you wrap your chairs in protective covers, it is good to wipe them regularly to prevent buildup and dust allergies. Also, if you store folding chairs in spaces between appliances or under beds, ensure you wipe them every time you clean the house.

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