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How To Tape In Hair Extensions At Home – Detailed Guide

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how to tape in hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are ideal if you want to add some faux highlights to your hair or lengthen it temporarily. The amazing thing about tape in hair extensions is that they are relatively easy to put in and do not require any special tools or chemicals. In this write-up, we will learn how to tape in hair extensions at home without the assistance of a stylist.

What are tape-in hair extensions?

Tape hair extensions, tape hair or tape on are hair extensions with taps. About half inches of the hair extension section is pre-tapped with medical-grade glue to your natural hair. The tape hair extensions usually give you long, voluminous, natural-looking hair.

Tape-on extensions are usually available in different colors, lengths, textures, and qualities. So, like your own hair, these tape-in hair extensions can become a part of your look, so you can style them whichever way you want.

The extensions need to be applied on clean hair to ensure that the adhesive sticks onto the hair when it comes to the application. But, amazingly, the tape-in extensions installment does not require special heat tools or chemicals.

Let's go ahead and see how you can apply for tape hair extensions at home without the assistance of a stylist.

Step 1: Wash your hair

Before installing the hair extensions, you need to ensure that your natural hair is clean. You can use any shampoo to clean your hair, but it is advisable to use Rapunzel Shampoo. Also, it is requisite to note that you should not use any other hair products like conditioners or hair treatments.

Step 2: Make a part across your scalp

When your hair is utterly dry, use your fingers or a comb to make a horizontal with the tips of your ears. Ensure that you start from the neck to make it easy for you when applying for the tape hair extensions.

Then section off the hair and use a hair tie or hair clips to tie all the hair above the line. This will prevent any hair from falling and getting in your way as you are applying hair extensions.

Step 3: Apply tape hair extensions

You will need to sandwich a thin strand of the non-clipped hair and the extension to apply tape hair extensions. So grab a very thin strand of hair from the non-clipped part and start by placing the first set of tape hair extensions into your hair gently.

Take the top tape in hair extensions, remove the adhesive tape covering the extension, and press it on your own hair. Then lift the strand with the extension up a little, remove the strip covering the adhesive on the bottom extension and press it onto the hair. This way, the top and bottom extensions will stick together.

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Your natural hair gets taped between two strips of hair extensions. The strand of the hair you are sandwiching should be thin or about 1⁄8 inch. This way, the two adhesives tape on the two strips of the extension (the top and bottom extension) will stick together through the hair.

Be cautious not to apply the extension too close to the root of the hair because it will not allow the extension to move and sit properly. Again there will be too much pulling which could cause friction between the root of the hair and the scalp. Again, if hair extensions' tape is not sticking, you are using too much hair in your strand.

Step 4: Repeat the process for the upper hair

You will then move across the side part and repeat the process until you have applied the hair extensions to the back and upper hair. Remember, the number of extensions will depend on your hair's size and the volume you are looking for.

While applying the tape extensions, keep in mind that if you are positioning your extensions too far onto the right or left sides of your head, they may become visible. Ideally, you should ensure that the tape extensions remain covered by your own hair.

How Do You Care For Hair Extensions?

When you have added all the extensions, you will need to learn how to maintain and care for your hair. Tape-ins are prone to tangling, so to keep your hair looking more natural, gently brush your hair at least twice every day. Though you should note that synthetic extensions are more prone to tangling than human hair extensions.

Again it is advisable that you use sulfate-free hair products to maintain the hair and improve its appearance. Securing your hair overnight while wearing extensions will also reduce hair tangles.

When cleaning the hair with tape in hair extensions, you will also need to use dry shampoo. This will ensure that your hair and extensions stay in place and appear more beautiful.

How to Remove Tape in Extensions

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As we mentioned earlier, installing and removing tape-ins is very simple. To remove the tape-ins, you will need to ensure that you expose the extensions by moving your natural hair away. Then you can apply a generous amount of your remover over the tape until the top hair is saturated with remover. After a few minutes, the tape in hair extensions will peel. So you will only need to peel the extension gently away from your hair.

Also, if you don't have the remover, you can use your fingernails to peel the tape off. Generally, the weft should come out easily with the tape still attached to the extension weft. However, if you have a hard time with this method, you could try applying for an extension release.

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