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Modsy Design Review – Cost, Pros, and Cons

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A house that has a pleasant and refreshing sight can never be compared in another cozy place. With the presence of online interior design services right now, you can have maximum space for your home with good designs and layouts. You would love the presence of designers that can help you where to start or even help you with the entire plan of your bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, and kid’s bedroom (junior one bedroom). 

It is always better to have a state-of-the-art interior design within your budget – the one that could fade your worries and hesitations. The service that comes in a package wherein you can directly purchase items for your walls, fireplace, and rooms.

Of course, the one that can provide you with an initial style quiz where you can explore your preferred room designs with your favorite sofa sets, single chair, table lamp, sofa pillows, chandeliers, table types, and many more. That' is simply where you can identify if you want to look at your house like a modern, retro one, and classic type.

Gladly, one of the best interior design providers is now available with the presence of Modsy. All the attributes as mentioned above stated above is only one of the services that Modsy offers.

What is Modsy?

Modsy is simply an interior design solution made personalized for your house. It uses a 3D model to enable you to virtually try chairs, tables, sofa sets, and many more before you purchase it. With online retailers, you can choose the best for your house. It is like a home makeover where you can plan and decide what to put best in your home.

How Does Modsy Work?

When you want to have your interior design with them, you will take several steps. First, they will ask for at least 8 pictures of your room with its dimension. Once you are done, they will convert it into a 3D version. Secondly, you will have to take the style quiz for them to know more about your lifestyle, budget, and anyone else in the family. After the quiz, in just two weeks, Modsy will send two 3D versions of your initial designs. From there, you can navigate at any angle as they provide you with a 360° angle and bird's eye view.

Now, they also have a swap feature wherein you can try to see new pieces in your room by yourself. If you are not satisfied, you can always have their designer work with you to know about new layouts, furniture, and decor.  Finally, if you have already come up with one design, you may now start to shop for your furniture with their retail partners.

How much does Modsy cost?

Modsy offers a friendly price environment. They never mark up with the prices of decors that they offer. Thereby you can save 100 USD among the top retailer’s prices. They work for packages for each room designs, not for sessions in just a few hours. Their company ensures that you experience the best service from designing up to the realization of your dream room.

Pricing For Every Room Packages

Your availability is one of the top priorities of Modsy. That is why they present a variety of packages with a different mode of communication within your budget. It includes the description of the designer and the number of updates you will have for your design.

Classic Package

If you are searching for an expert designer with the flexibility of exploring your own design ideas, the classic package is the best for you. It is coupled with an asynchronous mode of communication, which only means that you can contact their designer via email. This package goes with two versions of designs together with two consultation updates. As for the price, this package costs 89 USD.

Premium Package

Keeping for a more hands-on designer, their premium package is a way to go. Whether you are busy or not, you can always have things in the schedule. You can call or email their designer at your most convenient time. For that reason, apart from the two draft designs, you can enjoy unlimited updates from your designer. You can ask more and improve more about your room design. This package will cost you $159s.


When you are up not only for your bedroom but also for your kid's bedroom, living room, and dining room, their best deal is the multi-room package. In this service, you can have a one-on-one working time with their expert designer. Similarly, to a premium package, you can contact them via email or through a phone call. It also includes unlimited updates for two draft designs of your dream room. The price starts at 259 USD.

Luxe Package

If you are looking for a VIP treatment that covers one to eight rooms, their luxe package is the one for you. This is like a traditional way of having a room designer but with the convenience of online collaboration. You can able to work with their top designer without any hassle. You can also communicate with them through phone calls and emails. In addition, you can enjoy their paint and frame recommendations. For only 499 USD, you can have it all with them.

Pros of Modsy

When you are looking for the perfect pieces within your budget, you can always rely on Modsy. They are affiliated with more than 100 retailers in the market, such as JoyBird, Crate & Barrel, CB2, west elm, Wayfair, Ravine Home, and many more. Their designers adjust to customer needs and budgets. For that reason, you can always love to work with them as you save money due to their exclusive discounts. You can save up to 1000 USD from any conventional interior designers. When it comes to furniture, you can save up to 100 USD – no markups for any cost of furniture.

The range per bedroom only ranges from 89 to 159 USD. There’s no need for home visitation, and no pressure to purchase any product. With their package, you can indulge with endless free revisions for your design. You can clearly visualize the blueprint of your house as they do a 3D model for your house. With the discounts available for the furniture you can always get the best in their service. Of course, they also have a satisfaction guarantee for you to enjoy their service and commitment completely.

Based on Customer Reviews

All of the following feedbacks were source out by the Good Housekeeping organization. They have interviewed true Modsy users to know their satisfaction level, ease of use, and their recommendations about Modsy.

  • “I love the service, particularly when it comes to the 3D model design room. The floor plan enables me to see the whole picture of my house. This also helps me place every furniture in its best position.”
  • “It looks like Modsy does everything for me. I can save while having the best deals of furniture. When you order directly with them, you can have the products ship to you free. And before I pay, they always apply good discounts from the retailer site to my Modsy order.”
  • "The Modsy gives me the opportunity to picture the whole area of my house before putting any furniture and décor. This way, I can readily create better plans to maximize the space of my house.”
  • “I receive my house design in no time. Once I take up the style quiz, my preferred house design is generated. Through the process, I can now merely depict what type of room I like. After, my project is quickly set up. And the initial design was sent to me in just a few days."
  • “The 3D model and swap feature allow me to navigate to any angle I want to be. It is good that it can allow me to picture out the room once they are now decorated.”

Cons of Modsy

Modsy also have negative sides that make other competitors ahead of them. One thing that may bring problems is when you now select pieces of furniture. Since they profit from each furniture that has been sold, they will tend to expect more furniture from you. Based on our dependable research, Modsy is not every time consistent with their services. And this is timely proven by the following feedback by Modsy users.

  • “Despite the fact that they are partnered with various etailers, I still experienced a lack of items to put in my house.”
  • “I think that their design is not what I expected to be as my dream room. It simply does not match my own design ideas. They have also stepped out of my budget. And I can’t imagine why I can’t contact their designer easily.”
  • "I have asked for a big dresser once, but what the designer did is to provide me with a tiny dresser. Worst scenario, the designer had also gone over my budget. Within, in fact, there are just large dressers that are within my budget and available in their retail partner. I can’t get through why they did it, given the choice that I ask for them.”
  • “They disregard my budget and my preference. I want to include a long mirror and bookshelves, but they have not to go in detail based on what I like. They don't have a supply for a preferred chair, but I am surprised that on the store website, it is available. It looks like I must opt to get my pieces from an online design service or website store where I can get it quickly.”

Is Modsy expensive?

In contrast with other services, Modsy is quite expensive. So, if you are up to a strict budget, Modsy may not be the perfect one for you. However, with Modsy, you can remove items you don’t love. You can easily replace it with less expensive furniture. You can enjoy a lot of designs option for your space. They can also recommend how to arrange your decors on your wall. Modsy can also turn one room into a multifunctional room. For example, you can have your living room beside your working area.

If you want to have it all in your house, it is indeed a must that you level up each piece in your house. Of course, it would entail more prize, but for sure with quality, you will be satisfied. However, there are still options way better than Modsy, which also offers almost the same interior design service but at a lower price.

Is Modsy any good?

Overall, Modsy is an efficient online interior solution. With the combination of technology and human skills, Modsy has provided a fresh overview of a house dimension. It allows us to see the furniture that we can place ahead of time. The 360° visual navigator has contributed a lot of work as to how we can fill the space and what is the size of decors we can put in. With the presence of the swap feature, we can do trial and error to test any change in our design. We can easily delete or replace the item.

It is very easy to use and very recommendable for doing it yourself projects. It does take most of our time as it only needs 30 minutes or one hour to the project after you finished what you have edited. Their style quiz is very helpful to define what exactly design you want for your house. It generates a modern type, classic type, or retro type. From here, you can choose furniture among the options given in their retail partners.

We are just people who want to value each money that we had earned. In the long run, we want to save time and resources. Good thing that Modsy considers phone calls and emails when communicating with them. They also offer discounts on the furniture that we purchased.  In the end, it is the sense of balance between quality and beauty that matters.

Is Modsy or Havenly better?

These two online interior design company almost offers the same services. They offer style test to determine your preference and likes. They both offer 3D format and 2D rendering. You can deal with their 360° navigator to see any angle in your design. You may also shop with their online retail partners.

Yet, their difference lies in the price as Havenly starts with a cheaper consultation fee. For only $19s you can now start to work with them. Their mini design bundle starts with 79 USD for each room. In Havenly, customers have the freedom to choose their designers. Unfortunately, when your chosen designer is not available, you need to wait until that designer can do your interior design.

Laurel & Wolf – Best Option

If you are finding the lowest price, Laurel and Wolf are all you have. With their classic design deals, you can have one-on-one hands-on service from their designers. You can have two draft designs for one room, together with exclusive discounts and shopping lists—all of this for only 74.99 USD. In contrast, this is cheaper as compared with the starting deals of Modsy and Havenly.

As for the Luxe Service, you can afford it for only 449.99 USD – a lower price than the Modsy and Havenly, too. With this, you can keep in touch more with your designer. You can have 4 rooms with 2 draft designs. It comes with a unique floor plan per room, together with 5 rounds of revisions. You can also have your final design along with the shopping list and high-class discount like in the classic design.

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