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Why Palm Trees Should Not Be Decorated: Complete Guide

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why palm trees should not be decorated

The popularity of tropical décor is growing, and nothing screams "welcome to Florida or Southern California" like a flourishing palm tree. The benefits of a live tree include improved indoor air quality and less trash. However, there are some obstacles when planning to decorate palm trees. Keep reading to find out why palm trees should not be decorated.

Can you Decorate a Palm Tree?

Yes. Holiday lights or Christmas lights can be placed around palm trees. If you live in Florida or Southern California and have a palm tree in your yard, put lights around it to make the holidays more festive. This also adds mood to gatherings with a tropical theme.

However, palm trees do not look well with Christmas lights, and that's why you should not decorate them. Palm plants, like Ryanair's, have unique snow sculptures that transform wonderful plant life into "rocket ships" that seem to explode when lit at the time of the photoshoot.

Palm Species to Consider for a Christmas Tree

1. Florida Thatch Palm

Due to its compact size, the Florida Thatch palm is ideal for use in urban areas. The blooms and fruit of Thrinax radiata are particularly appealing to birds and butterflies, and the palm has an elegant habit. It's a single palm that grows 6 to 20 feet tall and 6 to 7 feet broad and develops slowly.

2. Adonidia Merrillii

Adonidia merrillii, often known as the Christmas palm, is a common plant frequently found in groups of two or three. The palm's overall size is tiny for a palm; therefore, it works well in urban settings.

palm trees

Christmas palms may reach a height of 15 to 25 feet and a width of 10 to 12 feet. The common name originates from the fact that the plant produces much bright red fruit during the holidays.

3. Lady Palm

Lady Palm, also known as Rhapis excelsa, is a clumping palm with several thin branches coated in matted brown fiber and fan-shaped leaves that looks lovely inside. Lady palms thrive in full shade and are one of the best plants for indoor use.

4. Kentia Palm

Kentia palms, also known as Howea forsteriana, are excellent low-light plants. It grows pretty slow but can reach a height of 30 feet. The palm enjoys medium to brilliant indirect light, and its fronds are tall and feathery.

Frequently Asked Questions on Palm Trees

1. How long do Christmas palms live?

Tropical palms are self-cleaning, which means that when a leaf dies, it falls cleanly to the ground. So you'll never have to prune; all you'll have to do is clean up underneath the tree as it sheds its leaves. These trees usually survive for 20 to 50 years.

2. What kind of light do palms need?

The essentials for lighting outside trees and illuminating palm trees are mood lamps or bullet-type spotlight light fixtures. However, when it comes to lighting palm trees, the best outdoor lights, string lights and LED lighting units, especially the palm tree LED lights, give them a whole new appeal.

3. How do you put Christmas lights on palm trees?

Wrap the Christmas lights around the tree, starting at the base of your palm and working your way up. Use the light-duty staple gun to fix the strands of lights if they are sliding. Make sure you're straddling the wire rather than blasting your staple gun through it.

4. Are Christmas palms self-cleaning?

The palms are self-cleaning, which means that when a leaf dies, it falls off neatly. This property is ideal for lowering the amount of trimming required in the landscape.

5. How do you illuminate palm trees?

A light fixture with a beam wide enough to span the whole spectrum of the palm tree canopy is the best approach to light large, thick fronds and strategically position them. Place the lamp far enough away from the canopy to bathe it in light. The shadows and depth of the fronds above the palm tree will be enhanced with a warm light.

6. Can you eat Christmas palm fruit?

Practically all palm fruits are edible, though we wouldn't advocate eating most of them. Regardless, our local squirrels appear to enjoy them, and palm fruits are a staple in the diets of many Fox Squirrels in Southern California.

7. How much does a Christmas palm tree cost?

A tree at least four to six feet tall can cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 or more. However, if you want the California glitz and glitter that fully grown palm palms offer, costs might range from $500 to $2000+.

8. What does a Christmas palm look like?

The Christmas Palm has a smooth, thin grey trunk ringed with ancient leaf scars and somewhat swollen at the base. The Christmas Palm can be planted alone or in groups of two or three. A crown of 10-12 pinnate, or feather-shaped, fronds are supported by a bright green crown shaft.

9. What is the red fruit that grows on palm trees?

The palm pejibaye is a Costa Rican native. Due to the massive delicious red, peach-like fruits, it's also called the peach palm. Like that of other Bactris species, the trunk is covered with sharp, rigid spines.

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