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How To Tie A Bow On A Gift Using Any Kind Of Ribbon

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how to tie a bow on a gift

Bows are a great accessory. You get to make little colorful bows using ribbons. It is a super impressive skill to have. It may look a little intimidating for those of us who are less creative. However, we will teach you how to tie a bow on a gift using different styles. Follow this article's methods to see how you can get your bow game looking good. This is your sign.

Why Should You Learn To Tie A Bow?

Tying a bow seems like an insignificant skill to learn. Nevertheless, once you get the gist of it, you will realize how a perfect bow can make your gift box look so elevated. Most of us would rather buy ready-made bows. Usually, this makes it look like you did not put in much effort into your gift when you learn to tie a bow, your gifts thoughtful and sentimental feel.

Whether it is the holiday season, birthday or Valentine's Day, you need to at least have an idea on tying a nice gift wrap. Your loved one will appreciate a pretty gift with a pretty bow. It is paramount to use a good-quality ribbon so that your bow looks great in the middle. Also, consider choosing a colorful ribbon that can be re-used to tie other gifts.

Most of us will sign into YouTube and type a search question and watch a video on how to create bows. But, worry not, many people said this article helped them with all they need to know and more on gift wrapping. Bows can be fancy and fun to create. But, it can also be a fun family activity that you can teach your family. 

How To Tie A Bow On A Gift

 Wired Ribbon

There are a variety of methods and ways you can tie a bow after gift wrapping. Despite using a small box or even a large one, you can successfully tie a bow and fill it for each. It is worth being informed that there are different types of ribbons available in the market.

These are stiff ribbon, wired ribbon, cloth ribbon and paper ribbon. We shall discuss tying these bows extensively.

1) Basic Bow

Place the ribbon of your choice horizontally on the box. Next, you want to extend a long piece of the bow to the side. This will be the end of the bow. Next, bring the other part of the bow under the box and back to the top. Here comes the important part. Cross the two ends of the selected ribbon over each other on the top part of the wrapped package.

Wrap the ribbon on the bottom part of the package and bring it back to the front. Lift the box gently while doing this. Pull the longer ribbon behind and back to the outer side. Ensure you knot the twisted part of the ribbon as you wrap the ribbon at the back. Measure the free ends of the bow and cut them with scissors ensuring that they are the same length.

Tie a knot and pull the ends of the ribbon to tighten the knot. You could as well use tape to make sure this part is secured. Fold the ends of the ribbon into two loops. Cross the left side over the other ribbon to make a smaller loop in the middle.

Lastly, bring the left loop through the smaller loop and tighten it. Knot the loops to fill and develop its shape. Trim off the other sections.

2) Floral Bow

This is a favorite of ours to make. You will use your fingers to determine the width of the bow. Firstly wrap the ribbon around your fingers. Ensure that the ribbon is not too tight. Next, wrap the ribbon over the first layer and continue making circle loops until you are satisfied with thickness. Finally, remove the ribbon loops off your hand gently and fold them in half.

Using a pair of scissors, your should cut the ends of the center cinch, ensuring that you leave the center alone. Open the loop and use another ribbon to tie a knot between the notches that you previously cut.

Separate the loops from the center by twisting and pulling each loop towards you. Adjust them so that they form a circular pattern. Fluff the loops to fill them into a perfect bow.

3) Diagonal Bow

Place a ribbon of your choice diagonally on the left side corner of your gift box. Wrap the ribbon diagonally on the bottom side of the box. The same way you did it at the top side. Continue tying the ribbon on the top right corner of the box. Adjust the ribbons, ensuring that they sit taut on each corner. The two ends of the ribbons should be at the same point they started.

Bring both the ribbons to the center of the top left corner and measure them so that they are the same length, and cut off the excess ribbon. Make two loops and join the left loop over the right side to make a ribbon bow like you would your shoes.

Ensure that the bow is secure and trim off excess ribbons. Fill in the bow fluff to make it fancy. Cut notches at the tails for that fancy feel.

4) Roses Ribbon Style

Create a rose using a ribbon to make your gifts stand out from the rest of the other gifts:

a) Make an 'L' shape at the bottom tail of the ribbon. Do this by folding the tails at a right angle, perpendicular to the top half of the ribbon.

b) Fold the top half over the corner of the 'L.' Hold the corner tightly and flip the other side from right to left.

c) Flip the bottom ribbon to the top.

Flip the ribbon at the left to the right. Bear with us. It is simpler than it sounds. Repeat this motion by flipping the bottom to the top and the left to right. Do this until you have folded the entire ribbon. Hold the ends of your ribbon while letting the rest twist. Hold both ends of the ribbon at the base of the twist. Pull one twist through the other to form the loops.

5) Woven Bow

This bow style gives the effect of a woven look. Therefore you cannot use wired ribbon when making it. Instead, you can alternate between a thin ribbon and a thick ribbon. First, cut four ribbons to fit the length of the gift wrap box and add a couple of inches more.

Next, cut four ribbons again, this time widthwise and add a couple inches more. Finally, on a surface, place the ribbons parallel to each other.

Place the gift box face-down on the ribbons. Wrap each of the ribbons around the box, making sure that they overlap each other. Use either double-sided tape or all-purpose glue to secure the ribbons. Do not stick the ribbons to the box. Instead, place the next short ribbons over the first ones. Secure them and ensure that they are perpendicular to the lengthwise ribbons.

Place the box on its right side and start weaving the width ribbons through the long ones. Pull the ribbons, ensuring that they loop through each other. Use them over and under technique until all the ribbons are woven. The over and under technique in the middle is how you would do your shoes. Add a floral bow to fill and make your overall package look perfect.


All of the different ideas and tips on how to tie a bow using tape should help you to make your gifts look great. As long as you follow the instructions extensively, you won't ever have to watch another video.

We are sure that your gift wrapping game has improved greatly after reading our article methods. Any research source we have used is a great source of information on this topic.

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