Top 5 Socially Acceptable Rocking Chairs in 2020

A home isn’t quite a home without certain furnishing elements. Obviously, pieces of furniture like coffee tables, couches, and dining ensembles are essential in almost any home, but there are also other elements that really do their part in completing an ideal picture.

I know I’m not the only one who believes in the ability of a quality rocking chair to truly put the finishing touch on the dining room setup to take it to the next level. And, as a matter of fact, despite the fact that the rocking chair may generally seem like an antique, there are still tons of great options still being designed, manufactured, and sold today.



1. Coaster Rocking Chair with Carved Detail in Medium Brown Finish

Windsor Rocking Chair Medium Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings - Kitchen


This is about as classic of a rocking chair as you can find freshly made in the modern day, in both style and function. This new, traditional rocking chair is complete with beautifully detailed carving and medium brown, walnut finish. The arm and leg supports are stylishly curved to complete the aesthetic.

Although assembly is required with this purchase, the instructions are very clear and the process does not take a substantial amount of time or effort, especially if you consider the length of time in which this durable, well-built chair will be a feature in your dining room! After it has been fully assembled, the chair weighs less than 20 pounds; this makes it very easy to reposition and move.

I would recommend using a cushion with this chair, but that is true for most wooden chairs that come without one! This is still a great height, and has all of the elements of a fine rocking chair!

My Coaster Rocking Chair with Carved Detail in Medium Brown Finish Review

2. Coaster Southern Country Plantation Rocking Chair

Wood Rocker Arm Chair Warm Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings - Kitchen


This is another traditional style rocking chair, bringing to mind the sensory impressions of the deep south. With an oak finish, this wooden rocking chair has a very interesting design within its seat, which is firm, but curved, to create a unique and comfortable experience.

Some assembly is required, but it is not exceedingly difficult by any means– no power tools are required for the process, and it won’t take most people more than about 20 minutes. The chair is well-built and high-quality; it can hold up to about 300 pounds before showing signs of a potential break.

I think that this is a gorgeous rocking chair with a lot of potential for a living room or a porch.

My Coaster Southern Country Plantation Rocking Chair Review

3. SoBuy New Relax Rocking Chair

Okay, so this is a bit of a departure from the previously listed rocking chairs, and definitely doesn’t fit your desire if you are looking for a classic, traditional, wooden rocker. However, if you’re looking for something slick and modern that just happens to have rocking capabilities, as well as all sorts of other features, this could be the chair for you. It’s in a higher price range than most basic wooden chairs, but it’s not hard to argue that this ultra comfortable lounge chair is worth every penny.

This cozy, PU leather-bound rocking chair rests on a sturdy birch wood frame and is ultra comfortable in every way. Not only is it thoroughly cushioned, but there is a footrest which is adjustable to 5 different levels. Conveniently, there is also fabric on the bottom of the legs of the chair to prevent them from scratching or damaging any floor surface that the chair finds itself on. It only weighs 22 pounds, and it can bear a load of about 330, which makes it an efficient, sturdy, and notably well-built rocking chair. There is also a pocket on the side which can be used for storage of books, magazines, remote controls, and other such smaller items.

Again, this is not your grandmother’s rocking chair, but does that matter? With all sorts of comfort and extra features, this thing rocks in more ways than one. If you’re willing to spend closer to $100 on slick looking, stylishly comfortable piece of furniture that effectively brings the rocking chair into the modern day, don’t hesitate– this SoBuy product is for you!

My SoBuy New Relax Rocking Chair Review

4. ACME Furniture Sharan Rocking Chair

Acme Furniture 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair, Cherry

Acme Furniture - Kitchen

$483.12 - $286.22 $196.90

This ornate rocking chair comes equipped with built-in cushions, integrating convenient comfort into the chair’s stylish design. Aesthetically speaking, this is an elegant and classy cherry-colored wooden rocking chair. The carved, well-designed woodwork is very ornate and visually beautiful. It is definitely well built and engineered to be quite durable. It is sturdy, to be certain, weighing in at about 35 pounds.

Some assembly is required, but it should only take about 15-30 minutes, and it is not an especially difficult process. The allen wrench required to put the chair together comes in the package when it is delivered.

The cost is a lot higher than many other rocking chairs, but the combination of classic, traditional design with the built-in comforts of the cushions is a unique touch, and it is basically a fantastic piece of furniture in every way imaginable.

My ACME Furniture Sharan Rocking Chair Review

5. Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair

Christopher Knight Home Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair, White

Great Deal Furniture - Kitchen

Currently not available

Another atypical rocker, this totally modern and stylish chair is totally sleek. Beneath the soft, comfortable leather and cushion arrangement is a solid stainless steel frame that makes this a dependable, durable chair. The foam within the cushion and backrests is a single piece of dense, soft polyurethane. Extremely cozy, this is a pronounced fashion statement in comparison to what we typically imagine when we think of a rocking chair, but it does a noble job in combining the rocking chair and the lounge chair to accentuate the best of both worlds

At 35 pounds it is reasonably heavy, but definitely not to an impractical measure, and this weight is just an another example of how sturdy this chair is, not to mention the fact that it can hold nearly 300 pounds without an issue.

This is a visually unique rocking chair that is incredibly pleasing to the eye and comfortable to sit in. The price tag is very high, but this is truly a luxurious piece of furniture, and the value is there if you are looking for something that rocks and is also exceptionally more comfortable than a typical rocking chair.

My Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair Review

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