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5 Amazing Types Of Toasters : Which One Grows Your Love With Bread?

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I realized one of the fastest breakfasts to do is toasted sliced bread with eggs or strawberry jam, but there are dozens of types of toasters on the market today. Then I wondered which one perfectly matches my needs. Some toasters are quite small and can only be used for one person to eat at one toast, some are too big that my kitchen is not roomy enough for it, some are so expensive that I am not willing to afford them.

Do you know how many types of toasters are on the market today? Options are more than you think. Let’s guess and read this article to choose the one that you love most. We will show the best types of toasters with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the key features for you.

5 Common Types Of Toasters

Standard Toasters/Pop-up Toasters

This type of toaster is the most common, they usually appear in every family at breakfast. I have tried it and I rate it as easy to use and ensures the most basic features. The feature of this type is that they are usually designed with 2 to 4 slots for baking at the same time. They can also be used to bake bagels, if you are a fan of bagels, you can rest assured about this, and often toasters offer this feature. Shade setting will also help you choose the shades of the cake, which can be light or dark shade depending on your preference.

This type of oven usually has an electronic front panel that lets you know the baking time, temperature, and other features. The lifts are also designed, as usual, when the cake is done baking, it will automatically bounce without you having to stand there watching. More specifically, some machines not only have a baking function, but they can also warm up bread for you, bake hot dogs, hot dog buns, and some other snacks. You should read the machine’s usage carefully before buying to check what kind of functions it offers

In terms of size, there are many types of sizes for you to choose from, so this depends on your kitchen space, but usually, it will be about 1.5 inches. With those machines that have the bagel juice feature, it will be a bit bigger. As for the material, usually, it will be made of stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and other hard plastic. Toaster ovens will be affected by heat a lot, so choose a material that is a bit durable, it will ensure you long-term quality and aesthetics.

Convection Toaster Oven

If the standard toaster is suitable for home water furnaces, the convection one is more suitable for commercial use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home. Compared to the above one, this type provides more heat during baking, and you can use it to bake a variety of cakes, and bake time is also faster. This type usually has 3 heat sources: radiant heat, warm air, and conduction. It can handle defrosting, keeping food warm, roasting vegetables and meat.

This type of machine dissipates heat quite evenly so you don’t need to stand next to the dish to turn it over, but just do it if you want. Another interesting thing is that many ovens have 2 grills, you can bake 2 dishes at the same time, saving both time and electricity.

Speaking of size, this is not a pretty small toaster because it’s big-sized and takes up a lot of space. If your kitchen is small and your only need is to bake bread, then you may have other options that are more suitable. The convection toaster also has many beautiful colors and designs, the material is mainly stainless steel. It’s quite huge, but if you study the manual carefully, it doesn’t matter.

Convection Toaster Oven

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Toaster Oven

A toaster oven can be said to be a fairly versatile appliance in the kitchen because it can toast, broil, defrost, reheat, warm, bake. That means you’ll be able to use it for a lot of things in the kitchen. If you are a person who likes to learn to cook many dishes, I think this is a reasonable option, considering the price, there will also be many options to suit your budget. Especially since it often has a self-shut-off feature, I know you won’t have to worry about the food burning in case you forget it.

With this device, there are large types for commercial use and small ones for home use. Usually, this type of toaster can cook a large amount of food at a time, which means that its size is also larger than a regular pop-up toaster, you should note this. Compared to the regular type that can only test about 500 slices of bread an hour, this type can bake up to 1500 slices an hour. If your home often organizes parties or has a large number of members, this one will be more suitable. And compared to the size, usually, the toaster oven will be about twice as big as the pop-up, so the question you need to answer here is how much space your kitchen has.

As for the material, there are many materials used to manufacture this toaster, but it will usually be heavy and durable metal. Once you invest money in this oven, you can use it for up to several years, and even many companies offer a very long warranty period, you can easily exchange it if there is a problem.

Toaster Oven

Countertop Toaster Oven

This is an option that customers often hesitate about with the standard one because compared to this, the standard one will consume more electricity and take more time. This countertop can bake about 4 to 9 slices of bread at a time. If your family often eats before going to the gym or you have to prepare breakfasts for your children and grandparents, this is a very suitable choice. Because to be honest, if you have to bake bread in two batches using the pop-up, that’s going to make you wait a long time for breakfast and it won’t save you much either.

The price of this oven is usually a little higher than pop-up ovens but not significantly, because actually with today’s improved technology, they have more features than you think such as baking pizza, cookies, muffins, and even toast whole bread. If you want to warm up your food from time to time, then this oven is just fine.

Countertop Toaster Oven

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Conveyor Toaster

The conveyor toaster oven is probably the most special on today’s list. You will see it consists of a normal furnace at the top and a chamber at the bottom. Its difference is that it includes a conveyor belt that helps carry bread through the chamber, giving you the ability to bake a large batch of bread at a time.

And after the cake reaches the end of the conveyor, the cake is finished and you can enjoy it. This is also the type of cake most often used for commercial needs because it can adjust the temperature, easy mode, and produce many batches at the same time. At every single rank can hold 3 slices of bread, usually like that. And if you want to toast the bread with a darker color, just adjust the knob on the side.

If you care about aesthetics, this conveyor toaster may not be a perfect choice. Because its design often has an industrial look, I think this design for a cake shop or a restaurant would be more suitable. Another point I need to note is that the machine can bake about 1000 slices of bread an hour, and it also has more control buttons than regular models. Many types now also integrate and grill both hamburgers and chicken

Conveyor Toaster

Toaster Selections Based On Personal Demand

After I’ve listed the specifics of the four most commonly used types of toasters, I know you’re still wondering which one is right for you, and I used to. Please refer to this section for more information.

You know, even the simplest machines like the pop-up, there will be hundreds of types you need to choose from, from style, size, function, price to material. Not only that, but the brand is also something to note because if you choose a reputable brand, the warranty and repair of damage are also much simpler.

The amount of bread you want to toast each meal

If you only need to have breakfast with 2 to 4 slices of bread per meal, then I recommend you to choose to pop up because it is light, easy to use, and does not take up space. The slightly larger version has a countertop with the ability to bake 4 to 9 slices at a time. If you want more, refer to the toaster oven.

In case you want to do breakfast business and make complex dishes to serve customers, I think the countertop and pop-up toaster are not enough, you need a larger capacity like an oven toaster. Not only that, the oven toaster also has many different sizes, so you need to measure the exact dimensions and capacity before buying to avoid confusing returns.

Kitchen space you have

This part is also quite important because you need to carefully consider whether you want to buy a versatile toaster or a simple machine with basic features. Usually, the pop-up type will design a compact size with a width of about 14 inches each. As for countertop, oven, and conveyor, there are many different sizes, but they will be over 20 inches and heavier, and more difficult to move. In return, it can bake pizza, cookies, and some other kind

Amount of money you want to spend

A standard machine with only use for toasting will cost about 20 to 100 dollars, while more versatile types will cost about 50 to 300 dollars. For both types, the price depends on the features and model of the device. If you want to buy a normal toaster then you should not only pay attention to features but also materials. Because there are some types, although the price is quite cheap, the material is easy to rust, peel, and not last long. Another thing about the price is that the higher-end machines can be more expensive but they have features you don’t need, you can also choose a cheaper model that meets your needs and budget.


If you just want to buy a breakfast toaster that is reasonably priced, easy to clean and use, then just buy the standard one. Either way, it will even bake bagels. If you want to bake bread but the quantity is large and for business, you can refer to the conveyor type. Finally, for other cakes like muffins, hamburgers, pizzas, and sponge cakes, you can refer to oven toasters and countertops.

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I am a person who takes breakfast very seriously because I used to have health problems when I skipped breakfast. And I believe that baking bread in the morning will help you have the fastest and most nutritious meal, you can make many things like avocado toast or avocado toast.

Although there are 5 different types of toasters, the selection of them is quite simple and you can refer to our guide below to choose the one you like best. I recommend that before buying you need to note the characteristics of space, your kitchen area, the needs of your family, the amount of money you spend on a machine, and the aesthetics. You can refer to this video because watching clips will help you to imagine things better:


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