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How To Use A Toaster – The Complete Guide

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how to use a toaster

Have you recently bought a toaster and wondered how to operate the small appliance? Or do you want to gain general knowledge on the best way to use a toaster and boost your personal experience?

Either way, you are on the right page; in this article, we will discuss some of the best ways on how to use a toaster to ensure you do not damage your appliance while you get crisp toasts. However, before we get into the article, let us give you a brief description of what a toaster is so that you can get a clearer understanding of this article.

What Is A Toaster?

A toaster is a small classic modern appliance found in most modern homes. You can use a toaster to cater for most needs apart from toasting bread. A toaster is quick and easy to use, so if you learn the skill of using it, you can enjoy delicious waffles, toasted bagels, toaster strudels and even English muffins.

The best way to utilize a toaster is to place the food you want to toast on the open slots of the toaster. However, before doing so, you need to adjust the toaster's settings to your preference and how you expect your food to be done. Once your food has finished cooking, it will pop up. This guide aims to get into details on how to use a toaster effectively at home.

How To Use A Toaster

At this point, we will discuss the specific uses of a toaster plus offer you some general advice on using a toaster properly. Although, in the process, you will gain basic information on how to toast, you can adopt different methods of toasting and how to achieve different types of toasts.

Toaster ovens are different in size and shape, thus making their functions and settings different. To be accurate in toasting, you will have to consider other factors. You can also adjust your settings a little based on how you want your bread slices to come out.

The following factors are key to achieving the best toasts:

Ensure the toaster oven stands on its own on the kitchen counter and does not touch anything.

1. Plug In Your Toaster

Plug the toaster into the socket once you are ready to use it. An average toaster uses up to 750 watts. You can use your toaster with any standard GFCI-protected outlet.

2. Place Your Sliced Bread In The Toaster Slots

An average pop-up toaster comes with two slots to toast more than one slice of bread at once. But you can get other models that have the capacity of toasting eight slices of bread at once.

It would be best to avoid using butter on the bread before you toast it since it can be a fire hazard when the butter touches the toaster's heating elements.

3. Choose The Toast Level

Most toaster ovens have a sliding bar that allows you to change the heat levels of the toast during the toasting cycle. The dials range from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. So, if you prefer a lightly soaked toast, you can toast at 1 or 2, but if you prefer your bread heavily toasted, you can choose 4 or 5.

4. Turn The Toast On

An average toaster has a vertical lever that you must pull down to engage the appliance. If you pull the lever down, the toaster produces radiant heat causing the bread to toast.

5. Wait For The Toaster To Finish Toasting

Wait for the toasting process to finish, and the lever will release automatically, causing the bread to pop up. If the lever releases without popping the bread up, you will have to use a plastic tong to pop it loose. Before you pop it up manually, you should turn the toaster off since the toaster could be hot, it could burn you, or the electric current can shock you. Let us learn some new tricks of using a toaster.

How To Use A Toaster To Toast Bread Slices

Most modern toasters were originally designed to toast bread, but new models have come up that can allow you to toast other food items.

The simplest method of toasting a bread slice is to add the bread to the toaster and then press down the lever to allow it to heat. Learn how to toast your bread in the toaster oven by following the simple instructions below:

Place your toaster on a steady surface, then plug it in the socket.

Place the bread slices appropriately in each toaster slot. Most toasters can hold one or more slices of bread, so you can toast just one slice if that is your preference.

Adjust the toaster settings to how you want your bread to be toasted. For example, if you want a more toasted loaf, you can raise the number from 1 to 2. Use the middle setting to compromise between the highest and the lowest settings.

The bread will automatically drop into the toaster if you move the lever to lower it. You will need to raise the level higher for an average toaster to lift the bread out. But if your bread has been heated up, you can remove it using plastic or silicone tongs. However, if the toast is not quite done; you can repeat the toasting process without damaging it. If you are toasting your bread for the second time, you can adjust your settings so that the bread does not burn.

How To Use A Toaster To Toast Bagels

Crop person using a toaster oven

If you toast bagels often, you should ensure that your toaster can toast bagels. Since bagels are big, you need to slice them carefully to fit in a small toaster or toast them in a toaster slot that can fit. The good news is that most modern toasters come with a bagel setting button such that when your toaster senses that you are toasting something other than bread, it activates.

Since bagels are thick, they may require extra heat or time to toast. This is what you need to do when toasting a bagel.

Cut the bagel in half or slice it to make the center smooth.

Place a half bagel in each slot of your toaster. Position the toaster so that the inside of the bagel faces the inside of the toaster.

Choose a bagel setting according to our preference. Your toasted bagel may turn out dark or light-based, depending on your chosen setting. In general, if you choose a lower setting, your bagel will be light, but your bread will be dark if you choose a higher setting.

If your toaster has a bagel setting button, press it before you start toasting.

The toasting process starts when you press the lever down to lower the bagel. Next, Wat for your toaster to finish the toasting process, and once the process is done, your toaster will display a message.

If your toaster has a bagel setting, you need to set it slightly higher than the settings for toasting a slice of bread. You need to purchase the best retro toasters with the bagel settings if you want to toast bagels. Do not settle for a new toaster without confirming if it has the settings since there is no guarantee that a new toaster wil have the settings.

How To Use A Toaster To Toast Waffles

You can heat frozen waffles in a toaster or a microwave, but if you want to achieve crispiness and not soggy waffles, you should use a toaster. Prepare your toaster to toast a frozen item by using the frozen setting. The toaster will warm the waffle and defrost, cook, and toast it. To make a toasted waffle, you can follow the following procedure:

Place each waffle in its slot in the toaster. There is no limit to how many they can go in at a time for waffles since they are all in size.

Adjust your settings and get ready for the waffle.

If your toaster has a frozen option, you can select it.

Once you are ready, you can lower the lever and toast your waffles. When your waffles get crispy and are cooked, the toaster pops the waffles out. If you feel the waffles require more time, flip them over and toast them again but do not use the frozen setting function.

Most modern toasters come with the frozen setting function, but it is not a guarantee that you may buy the one with the settings. So it would be best if you confirmed before purchase. However, if your toaster does not have a frozen setting, you can cook and toast through your toaster. In this situation, you will have to toast your waffle twice. It could also help if you set the level a little higher, but it also depends on your preference on how you want your waffles to come out.

How To Use A Toaster To Toast English Muffins

Most people enjoy taking toasted English muffins for breakfast but cannot make their toasted English muffins.

The most likely reason could be that your toaster does not have a setting that allows toasting English muffins. You can get the same results if you use the bagel settings, but you need to use a higher setting to ensure your muffin toasts well. Follow these steps to know how to use a toaster to toast muffins:

Cut your muffin into half to toast the inside of your muffin. You can then proceed to toast the thin parts of the muffin.

Drop your muffins in each toaster slot and switch on the bagel settings. Move the dial to the darkest setting and lower the lever to let your English muffin toast.

The toaster will pop up as soon as the muffin is toasted. If your muffin needs a little more toasting, you can put it in the oven at a low temperature.

If you have a toaster with a bagel setting, it is best to change it to an English one since English muffins take longer to cook in toasters with bagel settings. However, if you do not have an English setting toaster, you can toast using the bagel setting one but ensure you toast in on a high, then use a lower setting to finish off.

There are a lot of toasters in the market; choosing your preference in terms of what you want to achieve is optional.

Toaster Safety

If you are careless while using a toaster, you can get electrocuted or even burned. It is important to put your safety first while using a toaster oven. To ensure you are safe while using a toaster, avoid poking metal or conductive objects inside your toaster.

Putting a metal like a knife inside your toaster while it is operating may risk getting shocked. It is best to use tongs with coated ends or even silicone or plastic tongs to remove food items from your toaster.

Also do not use cheese or butter in toasting as they can cause a fire hazard when the oil burns. Furthermore, the toaster's heating element can get extremely hot during the toasting process and burn your fingers if you touch them directly.

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