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How to Wash Tape in Hair Extensions (Avoid Damage!!)

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how to wash tape in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are some of the best and most useful hacks that will save you time while you keep your great look. Guys have learned this secret, too, and this article is not only for ladies. Regardless of who has these extensions on the head, it is important to know how to wash tape in hair extensions to maintain a clean look throughout the week and confidence when hanging out with friends. Tape extensions can come at a cost when they do not last you as long as you should. For this reason, you should treat your hair carefully to avoid any damage using the following steps.

How to Wash Tape Extensions

You can either wash the hair extensions while they are on your head or wash them separately. You can remove the hair extension, and therefore you can choose which way is the most comfortable for you. We will highlight both methods for you to choose from. The bottom line is to leave tape extensions as good as new.

a) Showering With Tape Hair Extensions

You can shower with your natural hair, so can you shower with the tape hair extensions. The tape hair extensions are not hard to clean as you shower using the following steps.

Step 1: Brush the Hair

Brushing your hair extensions ensures that your natural hair and the extensions do not tangle. Gently brushing the hair extensions will specialized bristles will care for your bristles in the long run. Your hair extensions will stay attached to your hair longer when you use the correct brush.

You need to gently brush your hair extensions between two to three times a day when you have hair extensions to keep them tangle-free. When you get this step right, washing the hair will be a walk in the park because you will not have trouble with tangled hair.

Step 2: Apply Shampoo

Shampooing is a very important process when washing hair. When you use a good quality shampoo and the right process, you will enjoy your hair extensions for longer. When using shampoos, start from the root of the hair and work your way to the rest of the hair. Avoid using any circular motions as these will create tangles on your hair.

Use shampoo that has been specially formulated for tape hair extensions. When shopping for a shampoo, look for a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates have properties that remove natural oils and cause dry hair over time.

Step 3: Apply Conditioner

You need healthy-looking hair extensions. Leave-in conditioner has a great effect on the type of hair extensions you have. Like you applied the shampoo, apply the conditioner from the mid-shaft down. However, you want to avoid applying the conditioner close to the roots as this may cause extensions to loosen and slip off.

Step 4: Towel Dry

Towel drying your hair is the next step after applying the conditioner. Use a towel to dry your hair extensions once you are out of the shower and your hair is squeaky clean. By starting from the top, make your way gently to the bottom to remove any excess water on your hair extensions.

You can gently brush through your hair extensions again to remove any tangles that might have been created when washing the hair by brushing through once more.

Step 5: Blow Dry

Use your blow dryer to ensure your hair is dry to prevent breakage and shedding over time. However, you do not want to reduce the hair length simply because you skipped the drying part. If blow drying can cause damage to the tape extensions and adhesive, use a heat protectant to keep dry your hair in sections when using a hair dryer.

Your hair extensions will be good to go when you follow this process.

b) Washing the Hair Extensions Separately

You do not have to wash your hair while you shower. Sometimes you want to wash the hair extensions thoroughly to get the best results. Use the following steps;

Step 1: Remove Extensions

Use a bond remover to remove the extensions from your hair. Do not pull or use harsh chemicals to remove your hair extensions. Once you apply the remover, give it some time before you start peeling off the hair. The adhesive will have come off easily. You do not want to lose the tips of your natural hair in the process, so be gentle. You can visit a salon if you are not comfortable removing the hair extensions yourself. You want to protect your scalp at all costs.

Step 2: Brush

Slowly brush through the hair extensions to make them easier to wash and keep in good condition. You do not want the hair to wear as soon as you buy them. Avoid pulling any tangles forcefully as this might break the hair. Instead, gently brush every strand to the tip. Hold the hair at the tapes to be able to brush them properly.

Step 3: Moisten Gradually

Adding moisture to the hair extensions avoids tangling. Avoid washing the hair in a lot of water all at once as this night cause immediate tangling. Instead, brush the hair gently as you add water.

Step 4: Add Shampoo and Conditioner

Thoroughly wash the hair before applying any conditioner. Tape hair extensions need careful handling, and you need to use the recommended leave-in conditioner.

Step 5: Dry

Wrap the hair extensions in a towel and apply gentle pressure to absorb excess water. Do not rub the hair as this can create tangles and damage the hair. Ensure all the excess water is absorbed before setting out the hair extensions to air dry. Letting the hair extensions dry naturally keeps them protected and saves you money. Tape in hair extensions can be a great experience when you do the right thing with them.

Final Take

Tape in hair extensions needs a lot of care. Every time you have tape hair extensions on your head, you have to be aware of what is going on. Use a shower cap whenever you are not ready to wash your hair in the shower. When going to sleep, you can tie the hair extensions into a ponytail before hitting the bed. Note that going to bed with loose hair extensions is a recipe for endless tangling.

When you wash your own hair extensions, wait for them to dry out. Do not wash the tape in hair extensions in a rush. Your hair extension is as good as the care you give it. Avoid throwing any strands on the floor or in the toilet.

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