West Vancouver realtor by laws summary

When buying or selling a house in Burnaby You can consult with your Burnaby real estate agent about the local by laws. There are several which need to be complied with and in order to not transgress any of these it is well to be informed about them.

Buyers and sellers need to be well aware of the by- laws pertaining to buildings and other features in the suburbs in the areas covered by the West Vancouver realtor.

There are laws with regard to the protection of trees and the preservation of the urban forest, you should know what these are when you purchase property in suburbia. Permits are required for the cutting of some trees and the protection thereof. There are other laws with regard to urban wildlife and still more that are in place about domestic animals and what is allowed. There are by-laws in place for pet owners.

Building alterations

Before you even consider transforming your piece of Burnaby real estate that is the dwelling you have purchased, into your dream space. You will need to know what would be allowed in terms of heritage buildings. There are very strict regulations about what may and may not be done to these structures. Whether it be the design and building of a simple patio, an extension or a complete renovation or subdivision of the land. There are also some by- laws about the maintenance of building standards and general building appearance.

There are by-laws in place with regard to zoning. Land usage is regulated by these zoning by – laws and when selling a property a Burnaby real estate. The agent should be cognizant of these. The by- laws also include the rules about business licences.   Traffic, parking and road closures are also controlled by a specific set of by-laws.

The nicest law is the one in Vancouver pertaining to Good neighbours.  These include the rules disallowing the accumulation of unsightly rubbish or allowing buildings to become this way. Also the ones about derelict vehicles and building materials which may not be dumped in the suburbs.

The By – laws are in place for the protection of the environment and the inhabitants. There are also a number of by-laws regarding general health and safety including fire protection and others for the greater good and enjoyment of the surroundings.

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