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The winter months are looming; the days get shorter, the mornings get darker, but your desire to look good is still alive and thriving. However, as fun as fashion is, sometimes the winter weather can be a serious downer and cause us to choose comfort over class. But what if I told you that there doesn’t have to be a compromise? What if you could find a way to stay as warm as possible, but at the same time maintain your style and love of fashion? That’s where I come in!

I have put together a serious guide on winter jackets and coats that will keep you cozy through winter, and you best believe these ideas will help get you through the chilly months looking your best. I’m covering everything from the right jackets to look good in winter, long coats that are trending, and of course, tips for making all of this happen!

Winter jackets for ladies that look good when it's cold

As someone who gets cold when there’s even the tiniest hint of a breeze, I know what a struggle it can be to find a quality jacket that keeps you warm AND that looks good too. The trick is to find a jacket that will allow layers underneath it, but that also has a great shape to it, so as to keep you from looking as though the jacket is wearing you. I would suggest a shawl-like, flowing coat.

This type of coat is very forgiving, in the sense that it allows for many layers’ underneath it, while still providing shape. The belt element of this jacket is great for accentuating your waist, which is extremely helpful when the layers underneath start to look slightly bulky. Finding a jacket like this in a print fabric will also take any attention away from possible bulky layers because of the interesting finish. 

If a printed fabric is not your idea of fashion, you don’t need to worry! Solid colours are also easy to style when you have many layers on, you just need to find one with the right finishes; whether that’s interesting buttons, bold zips, or flattering collars. A VIA Spiga mid-length coat can look extremely chic. The asymmetric zip on it is an interesting finish that quickly turns a jacket into something more than just “a plain black coat”. The belt again cinches in the waist to create shape, and while the fur collar is very sophisticated, it’s ultimately going to keep you snug all day!

Tips when buying a winter coat or jacket online

Shopping for clothing online can prove to be somewhat difficult, as sizes may vary on different websites, and pictures may not be faithful to the actual product, however, it can be done. More often than not, shopping for clothing online is very entertaining, though there are some tips to take into account, particularly when shopping for your winter coat.

You need to be weary of sizing. You are most likely going to have a couple of layers underneath your coat – if not more – so it may be worthwhile to go up one size from your usual. You can always send it back for a different size if needed, though if you know you’re the type of person to wear other jerseys or sweaters beneath, sizing up won’t be too risky.

Decide on whether you want a plain, solid coloured coat, like black or beige, or if you are leaning more towards a coat made from a printed fabric. Narrowing it down to something like this will make it slightly easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Although there’s no problem if you aren’t sure what you want, the thrill is in hunt anyway!

Lastly, it’s important to have an idea, even if only minimal, of what style is best suited for your body. For example, being too short may steer you more towards shorter coats instead of long ones, purely because it is easier to look even shorter and stubbier when a coat overpowers you.

There is no formula that is set in stone when it comes to finding a coat online, but if you follow these tips to an extent, finding your perfect match should be simpler!

Invest in really warm parkas this winter 

A parka is a jacket that has a hood attached to it. This is the only real difference between a parka and a jacket. Having a hood can be a very useful thing to have in winter because it can be used to cover your hair from rain or snow, or it can be used to warm up your ears. We all know how long we can spend doing our hair, so the more protection we’ve got for it, the better. Right? And also, I feel like as soon as my ears are cold, the rest of my body immediately follows suit.

This cream, short parka with faux fur  is a great starting point. The neutral tone makes it easy for the parka to by styled with any other shades of pants, leggings, skirts, or trousers. This parka in particular has knit cuffs that are made to keep your hands warm throughout the day – there’s an opening for your thumb and your fingers, so you don’t need to worry about being restricted. It’s perfect for those of you whose hands remain cold during the day. Polyester is often used as the fabric for parkas because of its strength and durability, making it able to withstand intense weather conditions. If this doesn’t ensure you of warmth and protection during winter, then nothing will!

Sometimes you want something a little more casual though, something that isn’t so “fancy coat” like. For those days, a shorter length parka, that’s lightweight but still incredibly warm, is key. I would go for something like Columbia Women’s Peak to Park Insulated Jacket.

It has the benefits of a longer parka, but it may just be easier for you to throw on as you run out the door. Again, waterproof fabric is an important element to look out for because you never know when the rain clouds are going to open up. For a little bit of style, even on your more casual days, this parka maintains a good shape when worn and this can make a huge difference to your appearance. Lastly, pockets are always a plus, even if you don’t use them.

They add something extra, something more interesting. It also never hurts to have more space for keys, lipsticks, change – the usual.

This jacket is great if you are looking to do some backpacking, as it will take up minimum space but still keep you warm when you pull it out!

Long winter coats are back in trend

You read that correctly! The days of ankle-length, dramatic coats are in fashion and are ready to be styled for the coming winter. It can always be a bit frightening for someone who is on the shorter side to wear longer coats, but when paired with the right bottoms and a good heel, you can do no wrong. For those on the taller side, you are the lucky ones who can get away with anything in this category! Revel in it.

You can’t go through winter without the word ‘cashmere’, it’s just not acceptable. Even an item that is a cashmere blend will do. There’s just something special about this fabric. Its soft touch on the skin, it’s incredible quality, and the pleasure of knowing that you’re wearing something so lush! This Calvin Klein Cashmere Wool Blend coat is one of those luxury items that you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. This is an excellent option, especially if you are picking out your first long coat.

The warm camel colour is so flattering and can be worn with a multitude of other shades and prints. If you want to maintain a sophisticated style, opt for a coat that has a good structure, such as this one. The collar is large enough to wear turned upwards if desired, yet still elegant when kept in place. Camel is also a lovely colour to go for in a more professional setting – it screams sophisticated and worldly!

With long coats comes a little bit of fun and games. There’s an element of courage and flair that accompanies a woman wearing a coat past the knees, purely because it can be difficult to pull off, and because when it is, it grabs everyone’s attention. Wearing a pastel-coloured coat like this maxi-length wool one can offer a perfect combination of courage and flair.

This coat is a statement piece, and just as long coats are trending once again, so are pastels. The unusual colour makes a statement of its own but add in the length and you’ve got yourself a winning outfit! A belt can be helpful in giving the illusion of added height, as it cinches in the waist making you look elongated. Hence, if you are still unsure about the long style on you, perhaps try a coat with a belt first to see how that works for you.

Why a fleece jacket for women should be considered

Fleece: one of the coziest fabrics to wear in winter. It can feel like you’re holding a cloud against yourself! And for this reason, there was no way fleece could be left out of this guide!

For someone who massively struggles with the cold, a fleece jacket would be a truly good option because of the level of warmth it provides. It really is like no other material! You can decide to go for a coat that is purely lined with fleece and has polyester on the outside, such as this Columbia Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket. With this combination you would be insulated pretty well!

You can play around a bit with these jackets since they come in many colours, which is beneficial if you are looking for something plain for every day, or slightly more adventurous in colour. Most of us are super busy during the day, with running errands, heading to work or school, or just dealing with everyday life in general, so it’s important to have clothing that can keep up with that.

A great characteristic of fleece is that it doesn’t cause you to sweat uncontrollably – it is known to be a breathable fabric. For the busy women wanting to keep warm and look stylish, this is a plus! 

Winter doesn’t have to be the long, dreaded season of darkness and dullness. There are so many ways to liven up your wardrobe – coats being one of them. Whether it’s a parka with faux fur on the hood, a very trendy long coat, or a neutral jacket with beautiful finishes, you can rock your coat the way you want to! When you feel good, you look good, and that’s the most important thing.

We couldn't make any room for any Nike jackets, but they are picking up in fashion and could be a great alternative - check them out if you did'nt find anything for you in this guide

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